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Rules Questions / A Couple of Buy Phase Clarifications
« on: November 06, 2018, 09:43:13 am »
1) The rulebook says:
A token [on the Coffers side of your mat] can be removed in your Buy phase, before buying anything, for +$.

Does that have the same "any time" implication that Villagers have? Like, if I play a Capitalist Vassal during the Buy phase and he turns over a Storyteller, can I spend Coffers at that moment in order to get Storyteller to draw more cards?

2) The rulebooks say that after you "buy something," you can no longer play treasures or spend Coffers. Now that you can play Black Market in various ways during the buy phase, you can technically buy something at a time that would normally be "in the middle of" playing treasures. Does buying something from the Black Market this way serve to prevent you from playing any more treasures? Or is it only "normal" buys that do that?

I'm sure this has been answered at some point years ago, but... what happens here?

Buy Sewers.  Use Chapel to simultaneously trash a Catacombs and an Estate.  You now have 3 pending triggered effects: Catacombs, Sewers, Sewers. Decide to order a Sewers effect first.  Use it to trash a Rats.  This produces another pending triggered effect.

Which is true at this point?

   A) You may order the Rats, Catacombs, and Sewers effects any way you like.

   B) You must resolve Rats' effect immediately after the instruction that triggered it, so you cannot resolve the Catacombs or Sewers effects until after that.

   C) You must resolve the first set of effects (Catacombs and Sewers) before you can resolve the new one from Rats. (In which case there would have to be some follow up questions to about what that actually means.)

   D) Other.

In other words, and more generally, is there only one set of pending triggered effects at any given time, or can there be multiple sets, which have to be handled in a certain order themselves?

Dominion Online at Shuffle iT / Nocturne Previews and Load Old Game
« on: October 24, 2017, 08:15:08 pm »
Is there a way to use "Load Old Game" to view the logs of games using Nocturne preview cards? When I try the usual way, I get the error: "More cards required than available."


Oh, I bet it's because I'm not a subscriber and the game uses cards I don't have access to. That sucks that it's the only way to look at logs.

Never mind.

Variants and Fan Cards / Event: Liberate
« on: October 02, 2017, 02:48:52 am »
Liberate (Event) $16

Once per game: At the start of your next turn, return the removed Kingdom card pile to the Supply.
Setup: Remove a random Kingdom card pile from the Supply. (Players cannot buy or gain cards from piles not in the Supply.)

Just a thought I had.  Probably somebody has a better version of this out there already.

The idea is that there's one kingdom card pile that can't be accessed at the beginning of the game.  Anyone can pay a large amount to unlock access to it later on.  Whoever pays to unlock it gets first dibs on it on their next turn, but they're also paying to unlock the pile for their opponents. Maybe sometimes it's worth it, and maybe sometimes it means you just work with a smaller kingdom.

I'm not sure what the price should be. I had it at $20 for a while. I knocked it down to double the price of a Province so it'd be relevant in more games and become available a bit earlier.

(Rules things: While removed, the pile is not "empty" for the purposes of ending the game; it's just not there at all.  After it's returned to the supply, it can of course become emptied and thus contribute to ending the game.  You choose and remove the pile after deciding all the piles that are present in the game.  You can remove any kingdom card pile, including the Bane pile.)

Dominion Strategy Wiki Feedback / First Edition Recommended Kingdoms
« on: October 01, 2017, 01:04:57 am »
I don't like that the first edition recommended kingdoms got completely wiped out from the wiki when the second edition ones were put up. I'm considering making a new page called "First Edition Recommended Kingdoms." It would contain recommended kingdoms as they existed just after the release of Empires.

I would probably include all kingdoms involving the Base Set and Intrigue, even if there were no changes made to them, and make small comments indicating what, if anything, changed about them. I'm assuming that all recommended kingdoms not involving Base or Intrigue remained identical from first to second edition, but if I find some that did change (anyone know of any?), I would include them also.

I was going to just go ahead and do it, but then I figured I'd better check whether people are ok with it before I put a ton of work in.  Or maybe something like this already exists and I just need to find it.  So... thoughts, objections, comments?

Rules Questions / Fortune and -$1 Token
« on: June 11, 2016, 03:24:35 am »
When Fortune doubles your money, does it do that by giving you +$N where $N is your current coin total, meaning a -$1 Token would reduce that to +${N - 1}?  Or is it really a multiplication and somehow different from "getting" coins, letting the effect bypass -$1 Tokens?

If a -$1 Token does reduce the $ gained, does that mean you didn't quite double your $ and can play another Fortune and get the doubling effect again?  Or is merely attempting to follow the "double your $" instruction sufficient to disallow you from getting the effect again, regardless of whether it was completed successfully the first time?

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