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Dominion General Discussion / Duchies
« on: April 16, 2017, 01:04:01 am »
Man, I struggle with Duchies. I always have, but I noticed recently that this has really been hurting my play. Can you guys offer general tips for when to buy Duchies?

-When do you buy them in an engine deck?
-What about BM?

-What are some cards that don't obviously effect when you buy Duchies but you should look out for?

-Duchies vs. Distant Lands vs. IGG vs. other 5 cost cards that offer points?

-Tips for Duchy dancing?

-How important is it to keep track of your opponent's points (this sort of has less to do with Duchies)

-When should $10 with two buys be a Province? When should it be 2 Duchies? When should it be Province/Estate?

-In general, is Duchy considered a good card for its price, a bad one, or an okay one?

Dominion Online at Shuffle iT / How are people playing?
« on: December 31, 2016, 09:35:22 pm »
So it's about 9:30 PM EST. How are people playing Dominion if Making Fun's contract isn't up yet? Isn't an 'illegal site' for the next few hours? They're using copyrighted material and their contract hasn't started yet. I'm very concerned! It's not January 1 yet! Don't get sued!

I'm trolling obviously

Dominion General Discussion / 30 Reasons Scout shouldn't have died
« on: December 13, 2016, 04:18:03 pm »
1. It's not even that underpowered.
2. Adding +$1 to Scout could make it a power $4 instead of replacing it.
3. You're making the world think that Dominion is just another fighting game where cards constantly get buffed and nerfed.
4. People will feel ripped off because now they're stuck with 'weak' Intrigue.
5. You'll have to deal with Roadrunner's crap.
6. Scout has become an invaluable part of the Dominion community!
7. Instead of messing with Scout, mess with future expansions. Simply add 2-3 cards that compliment Scout pretty well.
8. Scout will become retro, making it harder to obtain*.
9. Now it looks like Donald 'messed up,' even though Scout was just fine.
10. The cost of Scout could've been lowered.
11. +1 Action could've been added to Scout.
12. Intrigue doesn't need more terminal draw*.
13. Hiring an artist to make Patrol art is costly, right?
14. Secret Hideout is Fugitive.
15. Coppersmith isn't that bad, it didn't have to get dragged down too!
16. Intrigue doesn't need more terminal cards*.
17. Patrol isn't thematic. It's not intriguing, it's walking!
18. Someone could've bribed you.
19. Other people could've bribed you.
20. Kickstarter ^
21. Intrigue doesn't need more $5 cards*.
22. Patrol can draw 7 cards. Three Platinum and 4 Nobles. That's too much power!
23. Roadrunner's lengthy posts and others expressing sympathy for Roadrunner will cause the forums to run slower*.
24. Scout generates interesting discussion on the forums.
25. Some weird cult that sacrifices Patrols to The Great Scout Lord might pop up. Why risk it?
26. You could get sued. Somehow. And by 'you' I mean anyone reading this thread.
27. No one avoids Intrigue because Scout is in it and 'it's underpowered*.' So why spend time and money making a change like this?
28. Scout will be unimplemented from online Dominion*.
29. Scout will no longer be allowed at tournaments*.
30. When I pull Scouts out of my sleeve people will know I'm cheating.

* I have no idea if that's true.

General Discussion / Entrepreneurship
« on: October 24, 2016, 04:12:57 pm »
Last year I sold a wide variety of candy at school. My profits were very low but I didn't care because I made a bit of money and I didn't really need that much money back then. Nowadays, I spend a bit more and I'm considering going back into business. Is this illegal? Is it worth any potential risks it might cause?

Would I be better served to sell candy a few feet off school grounds after school? Would I have to get a permit for that?

Dominion Videos and Streams / Roadrunner's Youtube Channel
« on: October 10, 2016, 05:25:20 pm »
Hi everyone! I've had a Youtube channel for a little while now, but I haven't shared it with the forum. It's Dominion related, but it's not exactly gameplay videos. I uploaded a video recently that I decided was good enough to share with you guys (you're a tougher crowd than most) so the links will be below. Hopefully I don't get roasted.

Here's the channel itself.

Here's the recent video that I thought was okay.

Edit: The links didn't work how I expected them to.

Dominion General Discussion / Dominion Events 2016
« on: September 25, 2016, 10:36:08 pm »
Was the thread title a bad pun or clickbait? The world may never know!

Anyway, what has happened with Dominion in 2016? Significant events, sort of. I could only think of a few but there have to be more:

-Empires getting released.
-Intrigue and Base Cards getting redesigned.
-Yoshiball winning at GenCon
-That new Finnish promo card.

What else has happened this year?

General Discussion / 'Bad' Rap
« on: September 13, 2016, 10:16:50 pm »
So we talked about rap for about a second in Random Stuff III. It was suggested that a RSP thread be made. I don't actually think we need to go to RSP. We need more RAP and less RSP!

Anyway, a few general questions:

1. Is there such thing as good rap?
2. What makes rap goods? The lyrics? The video? The voice/artist? The beat? A combination?
3. What are some rap songs you listen to that would you consider 'good?'
4. Is there amy rap that you consider 'bad' but still enjoy listening to?

I'm going to tackle question four and post a few rap songs that I regularly listen to:

Coolio-Gangster's Paradise
A little bit of Rae Sremmurd
Some Waka Flocka Flame
Future I guess
50 Cent
Kendrick Lamar
DJ Khaled
Denzel Curry
Keven Gates

I think all of those besides Coolio are 'bad.' You could make a case for a few of them but it wouldn't be super strong. However, I still enjoy listening to all of the above.

General Discussion / Thank You Moderators!
« on: July 29, 2016, 12:57:47 am »
Thanks guys. Theory is pretty great and I'm pretty sure there are more unsung heroes among the masses. Why am I being so patriotic towards f.ds, you might ask? It's because we have it great here!

I recently joined the Royal Oak Forum ( That's the city town I live in, and I saw the programming waa exactly the same as this one, so I made a quick little account. Boy was I in for a surprise.

Tons of helicopter moderation! You need approval from a mod to make a post! They claim this is to prevent spam. But if you have the moderation power to approve every single post, wouldn't you have the power to shut down a few bots and issuea few warnings to anyone typing like their head's cut off?

Second of all, it's incredibly inactive. 3,100 members and barely any active threads (literally like three), with each thread probably getting ~5 replies. Did a bunch of bots slip through? Or is it simply a dead forum? Either way, we're lucky to have the active and prosperous Dominion forum!

Third of all, it's a tight knit communiy. People are on first name bases, and no one seems to differ in opinions. I already know I'll get ripped into for my views on my first point.

Fourth of all, THEY HAVE NO FUN STUFF! No Random Stuff III. No forum games. No RSP. Their general discussion board is deader than that guy above who was typing with his head cut off. It's a bunch of people (probably all 45-70) talking about new buildings and shit. Having an organized debate about the election? Nah. Talk about our public schools? I guess not. But Tom just opened a shrubbery shop? Let's jump on that!

Sorry for the misleading title. It probably should be 'Roadrunner's Late Night Rant Part One: I Like to Complain'

General Discussion / Chromebooks
« on: July 03, 2016, 02:12:15 pm »
90-93% of my forum posts have been from an iPod. That could change if I can find a laptop/Chromebook. This forum is full of computer scientists and engineers and witty college students, so I figured I'd ask here. Does anyone know of a laptop that satasfies these requirements:
-Under $250
-Has 6+ hours as a battery life
-Can support games
-Can support Adobe Flash, Illustrator, etc (not a requirement but preferred)
-Keyboard that lights up when it's dark (is that called backlit?)

I've looked at the Asus Chromebook Flip, it seems alright.

Dominion General Discussion / Rebuild Revolution!
« on: May 31, 2016, 11:22:05 pm »
Presenting an all new way to lose against Rebuild! Or I might be onto something...

Until the Duchies run out, mill Duchies.

I'm on mobile so I won't explain my 'elaborate' thought process behind this.

But think about it, man!

Rules Questions / Storyteller...?
« on: May 25, 2016, 11:10:19 pm »
What even is this card?

1. Bank?
2. With Quarry, you can play Storyteller, then Quarry, then gain an Adventurer with your Workshop, right?
3. Relic still attacks, right?
4. Crown? Like, what?
5. Can you still Counterfeit another Treasure? If so, does the Counterfeited treasure draw you cards or give you moola?
6. If you play Royal Seal with Storyteller, Can you topdeck cards from your Workshop?How about cards you buy?
7. Does Loan do the Loan thing?
8. Rocks?
9. Does Hoard do the fun Hoard Gold gain?

General Discussion / GenCon 2016
« on: May 12, 2016, 08:56:24 pm »
Will f.ds be well represented at the World Master's tournament?

Will f.ds be well represented at the rest of GenCon?

(For those of you close to Indianapolis who don't know what GenCon is, check this out:

I've been doing quite a bit of research, but I can't seem to find answers to the simplest questions. I've even reached out to real people on Instagram, but to no avail.

So here are a few basic questions about GenCon that no one can seem to answer:
Where can I just sit down and play games for free?
Where, outside of tournaments, do I need to spend the generic $2 tickets?
Does GenCon take place outside of the exhibit hall?
What can I do at the average publisher's booth?

Thanks for any answers, and I hope to see you all there!

Dominion General Discussion / Scout in Intrigue
« on: April 14, 2016, 11:15:53 pm »
Wow, I'm making two topic in one day.

So this poll is important. If you want to be extra helpful, please comment which option you chose. Thanks!

Dominion General Discussion / When did you start playing Dominion
« on: April 14, 2016, 09:05:38 pm »
When did you start playing Dominion? Any horror stories (village idiot, Thief is a good card, etc)? What order did you buy/play with the expansions? Did you at first not like Dominion?

So many questions!

Come on, we knew it was going to happen.

Disclaimer: You are not voting for the card that combos the best with Scout, you are voting for your favorite card to combo with Scout!

These are in order from best to worst, but remember, you are voting on your favorite card to combo with Scout, not Scout's best combo.

Victory League
1. Apothecary 1
16. Duke 1

8. Trade Route 1
9. Island 1

5. Baron 1
12. Warehouse 1

4. Tournament 2
13. Storeroom

6. Explorer 2
11. Lost Arts

3. Harem 2
14. Cellar

7. Herald 2
10. Fairgrounds

2. Great Hall 2
15. Upgrade

Action League

1. Mystic 2
16. Gardens

8. Distant Lands 2
9. Silk Road

5. Prince 2
12. Training

4. Crossroads 2
13. Vault

6. Wishing Well 2
11. Pathfinding

3. Inheritance 2
14. Vagrant

7. Conspirator
10. Tunnel 2

2. Nobles 1
15. Farmland 1

The number to the left of each card/event is its seed. The number to the right is how many votes it has.

I'm only going to vote to break ties. Good luck and happy bracketing!

Mafia Game Threads / M80: Fruit Ninja Mafia (Game Over!)
« on: March 28, 2016, 08:03:57 pm »
Welcome to M80: Fruit Ninja Mafia by Roadrunner7671!

This game is for 13 players, and is classified as a normal, invented setup. It was designed by Roadrunner7671 and is an open setup.

Spectators: Ashersky, Axxle, Shraeye, Faust, SirMartin 

Player List:
1. Gkrieg13
2. Awaclus
3. Haddock
4. Pingpongsam
5. Silverspawn
6. Joseph
7. Iguanaiguana
8. ADK
9. 2.7
10. Chairs Yuma Liopoil
11. EgorK
12. J Reggie
13. Seprix

The Rules:

The Golden Rule:
This is a game. Everyone who signs up to play must be considerate of each other, never get personal, and focus on having fun. Once the game starts, having signed up is a commitment: inactivity is just as inconsiderate as rude comments.

The Standard Rules:
1. No communication between players outside of the game thread or shared QTs at any time. This includes passing references, jokes, or cases in other games or threads, whether in context or not.
2. If the game thread is locked, do not post! If you are unsure if something is locked, asked the mod by PM. If the mod forgets to lock the thread, still do not post!
3. Direct or verbatim quoting of mod-provided information is strictly forbidden. Paraphrasing is okay.
4. Actions with instructions that do not specify a game state will be resolved in the order they are relieved.
5. All night actions must be submitted within 24 hours of Twilight ending.
6. Players must post approximately every 24 hours.
7. Do not edit or delete posts, ever. If you need to clarify or correct something, post again.
8. Invisible/white text, font size less than 10 and spoiler tags are not allowed.
9. Cryptography is not allowed.
10. The time between a lynch being reached and a flip being provided is called Twilight. All players may continue to post during this time, including the lynched player.
11. Dead players may not post in the thread or any game-related QT, aside from their Role QT and the spectator QT.
12. Personal multimedia, such as video or audio recordings, are not allowed in the game thread.

The Voting Rules:

1. Votes should be in this format: Vote: Playername. Unambiguous nicknames are acceptable.
2. Unvotes should be in this format:
Unvote or Unvote: Playername
3. Unvotes are not required if changing your vote from one player to another.
4. You may
Vote: no lynch
5. Lynches occur when a simple majority (rounded up) of living players is reached. Once reached, a lynch cannot be undone.
6. Lynch rules may vary by number of players alive. With 10 or more players alive, the player with the most votes at the end of the day will be lynched. Ties are broken by a coin flip. With nine or less players alive, if a majority lynch is not reached by the deadline, no lynch occurs.

The Rest:
1. Bold, purple text is reserved for the Mod. Players may not use it.
2. If you have an issue or problem with the game, please post in your Quicktopic. Do not post complaints in the game thread.
3. Mods make mistakes-please point them out gently. If they can be corrected, they will. If irreversible, they will stand as final to be commiserated over after the game.
4. If a mod error disadvantages one faction greatly, the game may be called off.
5. Ask all questions and make any requests directly to the mod via your role QT.
6. One prod will be issued after 48 hours without posting in the game thread. Players are subject to replacement or modkill after one prod.
7. All rule violations will be dealt with according to their severity, as determined by the mod.

1. Days will last 10 IRL days.
2. Nights will last two IRL days.

General Discussion / Electric Cars
« on: March 26, 2016, 02:00:50 am »
I've been thinking about a potential first car for a few weeks (I can dream, right?) and I've decided that for a miser like myself gas is far too expensive. This means I've been looking into other options, and a used electric car is looking better and better. There are charging areas locally (close enough to walk to from my house) and it's not like I'll be going on huge road trips anyway.

I have plenty of time to think about getting a car, much less an electric one, but what are some things to consider? Are there any enormous cons to a used electric car? Does anyone on the forum have an electric car?

EDIT: I did a little more research and electric cars in my state can be bought used for under $10,000. Sure, they might not be the best, but I can realistically raise that much money by myself. Now we have to find out how they run in snow/sub zero temperatures.

General Discussion / Clash Royale
« on: March 20, 2016, 12:10:01 pm »
Does anyone play this new mobile game?

I've found it's very similar to Hearthstone, but with much less variety and the minions are actual creatures that move around and attack (leading to no turns). Starting to play now would be a good idea, as a lot of the players are inexperienced and quite easy to beat.

However, this game does come from Supercell, the company that also developed Clash of Clans, so you can expect that many people will be clogging the arenas soon!

Non-Mafia Game Threads / Dark Dynasty I
« on: March 12, 2016, 11:14:50 pm »
Welcome to Roadrunner7671's Dark Dynasty I

This is a game similar to Forum Mafia, but I don't want the end product to be very similar to Mafia or Werewolves of Miller's Hollow. Signups are open, there is room for 12 players:
1. Gkrieg13
2. Jack Rudd
3. Chairs
4. Kuildeous
Spectators: 2.7, SirMartin, Faust

The Standard Rules
1. This is a game.  Everyone who signs up to play must be considerate of each other, never get personal, and focus on having fun.
1.  No communication between players outside of the game thread or QTs at any time.  This includes passing references, jokes, or cases in other games or threads.
2.  If the game thread or QT is locked, do not post.  If you are unsure if something is locked, ask the mod by PM.
3.  Direct or verbatim quoting of mod-provided information is strictly forbidden.  Paraphrasing is okay.
4.  Town night actions must be submitted by PM to the mod within 24 hours of day's end.  The most recent order will always be valid.
6.  Players must post once every 24 hours.
7.  Do not edit or delete posts, ever.  If you need to clarify or correct something, post again.
8.  Invisible text, fonts size less than 8, and spoiler tags are not allowed.
9.  Cryptography is not allowed.
11.  Dead players may not post in thread or QT.  A lynched player is not "dead" until a flip has been provided.

The Deadlines
1. Each morning will last 24 IRL hours.
2. Each day will last 5 IRL days.
3. Each twilight will last 24 IRL hours.
4. Each night will last 48 IRL hours.

The Game Phases
1. During the morning, each player gets their income, both Status Points and Gold Pieces. You may not post in the thread during the morning. 
2. During the day, anyone can post anything they want (provided it doesn't violate any rules). For any Villainous roles, their posts are encouraged to deflect suspicion from themselves and onto others. Any Village roles should try to make posts encouraging people to vote for certain other people, as they are more likely to be Villainous than other players for some reason or another.
3. During twilight, the thread will be locked. Each player should, in their QT, submit a vote in the format Vote: PlayerName or Vote: No Lynch. This vote cannot be changed. After 24 hours, anyone who has not voted will be randomly assigned to vote for a player or a no lynch. The votes will then be tallied and reported by the moderator in the thread. Whoever got the most votes will be lynched or killed. If 'No Lynch' got the most votes, no one will be lynched and the game will enter the night phase.
4. During the night phase, any player with a night action has the option to perform it. Night actions must be submitted before 36 IRL hours pass after the lynch.

Other Rules
 1.  Bold, purple text is reserved for the Mod(s).  Players may not use them.
2.  If you have an issue or problem with the game, please PM the Mod.  Do not post complaints in the game thread.
3.  Mods make mistakes - please point them out gently.  If they can be corrected, they will.  If irreversible, they will stand as final to be commiserated over after the game.
4. A player may post as much or as little as they wish, but by signing up, you are encouraged to post!
5. All rule violations will be dealt with according to their severity, as determined by the mod.

If you have questions before the game because I wasn’t clear enough, please ask!
Also, please keep in mind that this is a learning experience and I would be pleased with feedback from the players and any spectators.

Other Games / Dark Dynasty
« on: March 09, 2016, 07:21:44 pm »
Hi everyone,

I considered putting this in advertisements but I decided against it; I'm not telling you to buy my game, I'm asking for feedback.
Over the last few moths I have been working on a party game called Dark Dynasty. I've been tweaking it quite a bit, but before I start to playtest, I want to see if I missed anything big or did something in a 'bad way.' I'm also worried that it's too complicated, seeing as it's a party game.

I've been playing quite a bit of Werewolves of Miller's Hollow, and I've noticed several flaws with the game. I've set out to make a game similar to it, but better. There are many more qualified people who could do this, but they all have day jobs.

The premises of my game are pretty simple: The citizens must protect their lives and their city itself against many threats. I've called this game Dark Dynasty, that should change in the future.

This game would be different from Mafia and Werewolves because it brings forth a town. Each person has a role card as well as their house card, which is where they live and it generates status points for them (depending on how good their house is). No one knows what type of house you have, so the marauders and orcs can't just attack all the mansions and ignore the shacks.

There are also currencies: Some sort of dollar (probably gold pieces) and status points. Your profession and your house can give you status points, and they are used for purchasing land and workers of any kind.

The gold pieces are used to purchase goods and services, which can give you more gold over time, protection from kills at night, status points, and more.

There are also roles that can destroy buildings, which passively kills anyone inside. But these roles are not limited to just houses, there are other buildings as well (a lawyer would add a courthouse, a blacksmith would add a forge, etc.). These buildings are required to perform any night action, and if they get destroyed, you're out of luck.

Land, laborers and additional buildings can also be purchased, but we won't dive too far into that.

Finally, the roles are much more diverse. Each player can have an individual role, and there are endless possibilities to the different setups. I am also planning on designing expansions for fun, because there is a lot of design space left over, and a lot of good ideas that I don't want to throw away.

Does this game seem similar to a game you've played? The ones that come to mind are mainly Werewolves, Mafia, Dominion and Magic the Gathering. Is this too similar? Is it too complicated? Any feedback is appreciated, but I'm not planning on releasing this into the market until the summer, if ever. 

Dominion General Discussion / Dominion Paintings
« on: March 05, 2016, 07:26:31 pm »
I have excellent news! My mother has been wanting to repaint my room since early 2015. We have been fighting a constant battle, she likes boring colors like eggshell white and extra light tan. I guess you could call them 'mild pastels.' I like awesome colors, like violet and brightish orange.

Recently, she has offered to paint the Dominion logo (the word 'Dominion' that you see on the back of every card) on one of my walls, and she will paint the art of one Dominion card! She's not a professional painter, so we went through all the cards and determined if we liked the colors, simplicity, etc.

We managed to narrow it down to seven cards: Forager, Spice Merchant, Swindler, Tactician, Noble Brigand, Scout and Messenger.

She wouldn't paint the backgrounds of any of them, that includes the dark faces in the foreground of Tactician.   

She will paint the berry on Forager's card. She'll paint anything in their hands, like Noble Brigand's bow and Tactician's knife.

Messenger's satchel will be included.

But I have to choose between them. So I've come to my favorite forum for input: is there anything about these cards that would make them better or worse candidates?
We've already considered trying to fall asleep with a hooded figure pointing a notched arrow at me (the painting will be on the wall across from my bed).

Thanks in advance! 

And Donald: Is there any copyright things that we should worry about?

Other Games / Werewolves of Miller's Hollow
« on: March 05, 2016, 06:03:57 pm »
Is anyone familiar with this game? It's very similar to Mafia, but a far as I know, people only play it in real life. There aren't a ton of differences, but I think they're different enough that Werewolves deserves its own thread. I play this quite a lot with college students and alum, it's always a hit.

I have read about it online, and apparently people have different systems for voting on who to lynch. My system is at the end of the day, I count down from 10 and then everyone points at the person who they want to lynch (I'm the moderator). This ensures that every day is the same time length and people can vote for whoever they want.

Are there any combinations of roles that you like to see or hate to see? Combos such as Witch and Little Girl in the same set break the game, but Little Girl is generally pretty broken. I have the expansion set that includes the cards Elder, Scapegoat, Village Idiot, Pied Piper and Bodyguard. I really enjoy the Pied Piper.

Finally are there any advanced tips and tricks that you'd like to give? I've recently started the game during the day instead of the night, as it's frustrating to be killed before the game even starts.

Tournaments and Events / Gatekeeper Games Tournament?
« on: March 05, 2016, 05:37:13 pm »
Hi all!

At the beginning of this year, a game store called Gatekeeper Games opened in my neighborhood. Nice local business, we loe game stores, yada yada yada. Today, we went out there for the first time. My mom was interested in me holding a tournament there, so we chatted up the owner for a little bit.
His store has gotten off to a slow start, not to say he's going bankrupt anytime soon, but as we all know, handheld games are rapidly replacing the board games we know and love. Because of this, he seemed thrilled at the prospect of a 'weekly Dominion night' at his store. I can't commit to a weekly thing, but hosting a tournament once and a while or having a monthly Dominion night or something similar might be nice.

Would anyone from the forums be interested in driving to 3127 W. 12 Mile Rd Berkley, Michigan 48072?

My local paper has a section for community events and such, I might contact them if there is interest. The manager of the store (Tim) thought that getting this potential tournament sanctioned by Rio Grande Games would be an excellent, doable idea, and I would agree.

To summarize what I wrote above, would anyone be interested in a tournament relatively soon? You can look at the store's website at, and they have a Facebook page that you could find easily.

I hope to get some feedback!

Dominion General Discussion / Copper or Ruined Market?
« on: February 09, 2016, 08:43:17 pm »
I was thinking about Dominion, and this thought struck me. Abandoned Mine is supposedly the best Ruin, but you'd almost always rather have a Copper over an Abandoned Mine. Ruined Market, however, has the potential to fill the much-needed-+buy gap. In my situation, please pretend that Ruins are in the supply not because there is a looter on the board, but because your gaming group wanted to have them in the supply to jazz things up a little. So, given the choice between Copper and Ruined Market (assuming buying nothing is not an option) which one would you rather buy/buy more often? I included Survivors and Ruined Library because I suppose I could see someone justifying Survivors over either Copper or Ruined Market. Ruined Library is sort of there for anyone who thinks, somehow, Ruined Library is better than any of the other options.


Puzzles and Challenges / Dominion Puzzles
« on: February 07, 2016, 08:33:30 pm »
Can you name every card in Dominion in 20 minutes or less?
Can you name cards with certain functions/certain things in less than seven minutes?

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