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Rules Questions / Order of Resolution with Imp and Royal Carriage
« on: August 29, 2018, 02:17:30 pm »
I had a scenario come up last night that appeared to have two plausible paths to resolution.

With a Royal Carriage already on my Tavern Mat, I played an Imp, drew 2 cards and then using Imp's ability, played a Border Village.  I then wanted to call my RC to replay the just resolved action, but wasn't sure which of the 2 action I had just resolved.

--Imp as a trigger for the play of BV
Was Imp fully resolved as soon as I put BV in play, but before BV was resolved, meaning that RC could only replay BV?


--Imp as a container for the play of BV
Was Imp not resolved until after the card it allowed me to play was resolved, meaning that RC could replay either BV or Imp?

We went with the first option, but agreed it was worth looking into further.  RC's use of "Action card" rather than just "Action" makes me think we made the right call, but when I think of similar scenarios with Golem, TR or KC, I'm unsure.

Thanks in advance.

I finally completed my new storage solution and got Empires fully integrated into it, so I thought I'd share it for those looking for a new solution (and also because I'm pretty happy with it and just want to share).  I've posted some of this info before, here on f.ds and on /r/dominion, but here's the whole solution, all in one place, with pictures.

Little bit of story first, so if you'd rather just see the pictures, skip to the bottom.

I used the Hobby Lobby box for a long time and really liked that type of solution.  I carry my cards with me a lot of places, so the portability and protection it offered were ideal.  That case wasn't designed to carry 25+ lbs of cargo, however, and I'd had it pop open a couple times and spill my cards.  Even after replacing the hinges and latches with sturdier ones, I was still worried when carrying it.  The Hobby Lobby box was also nearing capacity and Empires would have been the last expansion I could fit in it.  It is with these things in mind that I began looking for a new, larger solution.  I originally imagined a metal or plastic solution, like a briefcase or camera case, with a foam insert cut to fit the cards.  I looked for something like that but couldn't find anything that matched my cost and quality requirements.  During my search, however, I had come across a canvas case that I initially passed over because it wasn't a hard case.

Storage Case -

Coming back to that case, I realized that it was the perfect size (22 x 15 x 5), it was portable and, because it closes with a zipper, it was unlikely to pop open and spill everything.  It did have some issues though.  First, the clips on the shoulder strap and the d-rings on the case to which it connected were plastic and I wasn't sure how much weight they would take.  Second, it didn't have enough structure or padding, so I worried about how well it would protect the cards.

The first problem was easily solved with the below shoulder strap and some 1 in. d-rings from the local hardware store.

Shoulder Strap -

To add structure I cut a dry erase board I found at a craft store and put it in the bottom of the case.  It's light and sturdy, and gives exactly the structure I need.  For padding I found some 1/2 inch speaker foam to lay on bottom and put in the pocket in the lid.

My original idea to use foam to hold the cards did't work so well. After cutting out space for the cards, too much of the mass was gone so it couldn't maintain its structure.  Instead, I ended up using two 3200 count, 15 x 12.5 in card storage boxes.  Each has 4 rows, but after cutting one row off one of the boxes, the fit in the case perfectly.

So that's the case, but I also wanted a better way to store tokens than the plastic bags I'd been using.  I saw this picture ( of Adam Horton's plastic token storage containers and really liked that idea.  After much searching for just the perfect thing I found the below.  Teh tops screw on, so there's no chance of them popping open during transit.  I added some color-coded stickers so I know what's inside and there you go.

Token Storage Tins -

Each of the rows in the storage boxes have 72-74 sleeved kingdom piles and could hold a few more if needed.  So given that A) I have one row completely unused, B) I could take out the randomizers (which I never use), C) I could take out 1, or even 2, of my 3 sets of base cards, and D) as much as I like my token storage it is not space-efficient and could be replaced with something smaller, well I should have room for more new expansions than Donald could ever possibly make (why, yes Donald, you may indeed consider that a challenge).

Finally, I've been using Sumpfork's Dominion Tabbed Divider Generator ( for my dividers for quite a long time.  I had them professionally printed and laminated, and they've held up wonderfully.

There are a couple of obvious and expected drawbacks.  It is large and, therefore, a bit cumbersome.  Also, it weighs 30 lbs.  I don't mind either, but I can see how they would be issues for some.

TL;DR - Hey, look at my new Dominion storage case.

Pictures - (apologies for the quality)

Introductions / Hello F.DS
« on: April 15, 2016, 06:28:45 pm »
Hi all,

I'm not entirely new here.  I've posted a few times and have been lurking for quite a while.  I've never introduced myself though and that's just rude, so...

I've been playing for a few years, almost exclusively IRL (I've played a grand total of 1 online game).  I was introduced to the game by a co-worker who wanted to start a weekly gaming group at work.  I didn't even play board/card games at the time, but it sounded like fun.  We played two games of Dominion at our second meeting and I was hooked.  I bought the base game on the way home from work that very night and played another game with my wife.  She also fell in love with it and we bought all of the expansions within 6 months.  Three years later I'm still playing 6-12 games a week (with my wife and others) and I'm not tired of Dominion in the least.

I think I'm a decent player, but I've never tested myself online to see where I really stand.  I do know that I still learn new things about the game regularly so I've got plenty of room to grow.

Anyway, I think this is a great online community and I look forward to being part of it.  I don't typically post a lot, but when I do, I'll try not to be stupid.  No promises though.

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