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Dominion Online at Shuffle iT / Dominion for Lazy People
« on: January 15, 2017, 10:19:30 am »
(thread format shamelessly stolen from, and largely motivated by the mod by Breppert)
So I'm kind of a lazy guy, and some times I just don't feel bothered enough to move the mouse to play Dominion. It's those times that I think - why not keyboard shortcuts? After all, Prismata's a similar enough game, and it's almost entirely playable by keyboard, so why not Dominion?

- Play any card (in play, discarding, trashing, whatever) by hitting its corresponding hotkey string. For example, Laboratory's in the above screenshot is AR.
- I know what you're thinking. Two keys? How is that convenient at all? Well the thing is, the first key in each string (the prefix) is always preserved, unless you hit a different prefix. So, if we were to play a string of Labs, we could just hit ARRRRRR.
- Sometimes you want to click on something from the supply instead of from your hand, say if you want to buy a silver from the supply. If you didn't have a silver in your hand, hitting the QW hotkey will still buy it for you, but if for whatever reason you don't want to play a silver in your hand, simply hold down shift as you hit W (I'll find some way to put this information on screen.)
- End actions/turn with [space].
- When interacting with lists of things (buttons, revealed cards, etc.), if you wish to play, say, the third card from the left, you can just hit 3.
- If you want to input larger numbers (like if you want to play 12 coin tokens), you can hold down shift, type 12, then hit [P] to submit the number. If you messed up, just hold down shift again and type a new number.
- Some menus (like the traveller return menu) can be traversed with the arrow keys. Use [P] to select/submit things.
- Hit ` to activate the menu buttons (resign etc.). This also pulls up the icon menu in the bottom right, which includes search, and cycling through mats.
- Activate start-of-turn things with the corresponding number buttons.

Things to implement:
-Visualizations for sliders (especially Secret Chamber's place somewhere in deck)
-Autoplay ala MMF.

How to install:
1) Install GreaseMonkey for Firefox (I'm only officially supporting Firefox, though you can make it work in other browsers)
2) Install my script:

Game Reports / Possession, Ambassador, Messenger, Lost City
« on: November 01, 2016, 06:27:20 am »
Code: [Select]
Pathfinding, Ambassador, Hermit, Sage, Envoy, Messenger, Remake, Lost City, Margrave, Pillage, Possession
And why remake is great. From my FDS Ro16 match last week.

Game Reports / A cautionary tale
« on: October 01, 2016, 02:23:26 pm »
Log here:
I'm sure we've all had those games where we get really frustrated. Maybe it was some terrible mountebank/marauder slogfest, maybe it was an awful 60 turn possession game. In my case it was a terrible Ghost Ship engine game. Maybe you're even more ticked off because somehow your opponent's god-awful deck keeps churning out provinces after provinces due to sheer dumb luck. You just want to rage out, you just want to quit the game, don't you?

Even so, don't resign the game when your opponent was about to hand you a tie. Yeah, read that log a little closer. My opponent resigned seconds before I was about to concede a draw. So, just a reminder: dominion's just a game, no need to get too worked up and impatient over it.

(also, my turn 18 is a cautionary tale about how to not 3 pile, miscounting my coins by 1 for a finish on the Ghost Ships. Nearly resigned myself there because of that, but decided to keep playing on just to see how it went)

Game Reports / The Best Secret Chamber
« on: July 18, 2016, 09:27:55 am »
(Ft. Anna and cultists being lame)

Code: [Select]
Seaway, Secret Chamber, Menagerie, Swindler, Wishing Well, Noble Brigand, Cultist, Knights, Rogue, Royal Carriage, Stash

It's so rare that secret chamber's bottom is impactful that I couldn't help but share when I stumbled upon it.

Naturally I've won the game on the first shuffle, opening 2/5 against 3/4 with Dame Anna as top knight on a cultist board with no trashing, but of course if the opponent could kill her off quickly via more knights or swindler (both of which he went for quickly), victory wasn't so guaranteed. However, I later (didn't open with it immediately, not noticing its strength) realized Secret Chamber utterly cockblocks knights and turns Swindler into pretty much a beneficial card, cycling away estates and later silvers while protecting Anna. If that wasn't enough, the 'sifting' of the reaction critically helped set up menagerie numerous times (it being the only nonterminal)
It's sad that I'm never going to see such a game defining secret Chamber ever again, though.

Also, interestingly this game shares the cute Knights/Rogue interaction from my other thread here.

Game Reports / Knights/Rogue/City
« on: July 15, 2016, 11:43:05 am »

Rules Questions / Can a Princed Crown Throne a Treasure?
« on: July 11, 2016, 06:31:31 pm »
Or must 'the start of your turn' necessarily be an acion phase?

Game Reports / King's Court, Poor House, Trade Route
« on: July 06, 2016, 02:14:03 am »
(Edit: No clue how prettifier works any more, here's the raw one)

Thought this was a pretty interesting kingdom. The KC/PH backbone is pretty obvious but tactically it was interesting as to how to pick up the critical +buy / work in outpost. I was trying to think of how to make my engine last two turns of greening but it seemed one was enough. Didn't even need my outpost turn in the end.

Game Reports / The Worst Game of Dominion Ever Played
« on: June 27, 2015, 02:16:32 pm »
I'm not kidding. This is probably the worst game of Dominion I've ever played.

Not because of misplays or unfun cards or anything, but rather it was the only game of Dominion I've ever played that made me feel physically exhausted after it ended. It's not even that long compared to the worst of slogs, topping out at 27 turns when I finally found a three-pile.

Behold, the log (I'm Islacchi):

Code: [Select]
Black Market, Watchtower, Bishop, Militia, Moneylender, Young Witch, Apprentice, Explorer, Market, Torturer, Prince

I thought the play was rather simple. The kingdom was devoid of villages, but full of trashing, so an engine was possible, and I looked in the Black Market for villages. I noticed quickly that my opponent didn't, though, giving up quite a few villages as they passed by. Also in the BM deck were several power cards: Highway, which allowed Princed Markets as villages, and Goons, which I didn't even notice until it came out with the Highway.

My opponent quickly went for a Bishop strategy, trashing most of his deck, even Princing one to trash every turn. I was convinced this was a terrible idea, but after he collected 2 provinces and over 20 VP chips, I began to get worried.

I realized that there was only one way out: Goons. I knew, though, that once he Princed his Bishop, with my Princed Militia, he was never going to spike Province ever again, so I only had to fear a 3-pile. I was extremely lucky that my opponent had neglected all the markets, going pretty money-heavy, allowing me to collect the entire stack after trashing down. However, the game had already become incredibly sloggy, with Princed Militias on both sides. Watchtowers were difficult on defence due to the lack of villages.

Sure enough, on turn 21, almost 40 VP down, I had the fortune of collecting the Goons.

And I entered the second stage of hell. I knew I was going to win, but I wasn't going to enjoy winning.

Because my opponent was trashing *every single turn* with his Princed Bishops (yes, he princed a second later), I had to look forward to endless turns of buying treasure, revealing watchtower, and tossing it into the junk. It was at this point I truly understood the resentment for Goko's Watchtower implementation. Because it was a Black Market Goons, I was earning VP way slower than a normal watchtower goons deck. Which sucked. Oh wow did it suck. At some point I even feared running out the coppers before I could catch up in VP, mixing in silvers and golds, though I might have overestimated the Bishop gain rate.

All in all, it was an experience I never wish to repeat.

Yeesh, venting felt great, though.

Game Reports / Watchtower 3-pile
« on: May 29, 2015, 01:10:35 pm »

Incredible fortune gives me a very pretty 3-pile. Opening felt pretty slow but I'm quite proud of the end, even though it did require quite a few lucky draws ;).

Code: [Select]
Poor House, University, Storeroom, Watchtower, Woodcutter, Rats, Throne Room, Butcher, Stash, Torturer

Game Reports / Wharf BM vs Engine
« on: May 18, 2015, 01:16:02 am »

Code: [Select]
Cellar, Secret Chamber, Masterpiece, Shanty Town, Conspirator, Coppersmith, Jester, Library, Treasury, Wharf
Came down to the wire and a few lucky (?) draws. I feel like the engine was the correct call (given that I went for it), but were there flaws in my execution?

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