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Looking at the Kingdom cards category page I can see that it includes all the Event cards.
Am I wrong in thinking that Events are not Kingdom cards?

Adventures Previews / Adventures Non-standard Openings
« on: April 20, 2015, 12:15:28 am »
I have noticed that cards and events that mess with the standard 5/2 and 4/3 openings seems to be a bit of a theme in Adventures.
Here's the ones I have identified.
Let me know if I have missed any and please share your thoughts on how these might play out.

Kingdom Cards:

Messenger On a $4 (or $5) opening, this hands out an extra card costing up to $4 to every player.

Port Gain two of these on a $4 (or $5) opening (Village Idiot enabler!)

Those two can gain extra cards for you and your opponent in the opening turns, but otherwise the opening should play out as normal.

Lost City If you open with this on a $5 it can drastically improve your opponent's opening, amongst other things you can potentially give your opponent a 2/6 opening or get their turn one buy into their hand for turn two.

I think the drawback for opening Lost City means that it's an obvious mistake, so we probably won't see it much.


Alms This turns your 4/3 opening into a 4/4 and your 5/2 into a 5/4. Very nice.

Borrow The drawback is a bitter pill in the opening, but getting a 6/2 (or 6/1) opening or a 5/3 might prove tempting.

Quest Very unlikely to open with Quest, but the presence of Lost City at least makes it a possibility for a turn one Gold.

Save Allows you to open 0/6 instead of 2/5 or 1/5 instead of 3/4. The latter is particularly good if there is a key $5 card on the board.

Scouting Party On a 5/2 opening, this lets you discard all three Estates and still buy a $3 card (which has a chance to make it to your hand for turn two).

Travelling Fair Most likely use in an opening is to top-deck a $3 card on a 5/2 opening, so similar to Scouting Party opening but less cycling and more reliability. Top-decking a Chapel or other trasher could be interesting.

Bonfire You can trash two of your starting Coppers instead of buying a card. Probably not a great move.

Expedition Opening this turn one of a 3/4 gives a 90% chance of having $5+ to spend on turn two. Maybe worth the risk if there's a key $5.

Ferry I can see this being a very popular opening, particularly on 3/4. Hireling is an obvious target, but there are plenty of key $5+ cards that will land this one.

Plan Open with this turn one and start trashing from turn two.

Mission Could be used with Expedition to turn a 4/3 into a 70% chance of having $5+ to spend on turn two. A bit too risky for that and I can't see any other opening use.

Ball Turns a 5/2 opening into a 4+4/1 opening. Could be handy. Maybe even better on a 2/5 opening, depending on what you're gaining.

Raid Very antisocial opening, given it will gain you nothing but will hurt your opponent's opening.

Trade Baker or Lost City make it possible to use this on turn one or two to trash an Estate for a Silver. Probably not a great opening.

Inheritance It requires a crazy confluence of events (or cards) to get a first or second turn $7 (a Mission/Expedition opening can get there 0.8% of the time, but Lost City shenanigans seem more likely). But, hey, if you can open Inheritence you have managed to turn your starting Estates into something useful. Kudos.

There you have it.
Most of the Events can, in one way or another, change the dynamic of the usual 4/3 or 5/2 opening.
Any I have missed?
Any that seem really worthwhile?
Any that seem like they will really change the game in a big way?

Introductions / Bureaucrat checking in
« on: December 14, 2014, 07:07:42 pm »
Hi everyone

I already jumped in on a bunch of threads but I figured I would introduce myself.
It's great to read Donald's answers in the Interview thread and I think it's amazing that he has given so much of his time to this community.

I dig the Bureaucrat card because I'm a bureaucrat IRL.
I should start wearing a pink shirt and a beret to work and doing all my paperwork with a quill.

~ Jake

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