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Help! / Pillage/Chapel/Tournament
« on: November 20, 2014, 05:58:32 pm »

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Chapel, Scrying Pool, Storeroom, Bureaucrat, Moneylender, Navigator, Tournament, Catacombs, Mystic, Pillage

Okay, so this combo was on the board and I opened 5/2, which looks to me as basically being gg. I also discarded opps Chapel T3, so that was pretty neat. But I think I overchapeled somewhat, as I ended up using spoils for getting silver. Should I get a Tournament with CCCC asap, even if it means no chapeling? I had Pillage/Hovel/Necropolis/C/C T3, so I could have gone for trashing only my Overgrown Estate in T4, getting Tournament with the drawn copper, but I'm slow on trashing in this scenario. I think in retrospect it is still worth it, as I really felt I had a shelter/copper ratio which was too equal to get a Tournament reliably, so I had to use my Spoils on T5 anyway.

Could I have done this any better, in the aforementioned way or another way?

The rest isn't really interesting as I still easily won the province rush, and opp. resigned T10

Dominion General Discussion / Treasure Map annoyance
« on: November 15, 2014, 08:30:35 am »
Dunno if this is actually the right place for this.

So, I own just Intrigue and Seaside to play for fun IRL, but one of my friends always tends to go for Treasure Maps (on 2-player games, I actually think it's viable on 4p when you want to just try your luck.), and seems to either make the right choice in this, or he's just being lucky. I feel that when Haven, Tactician or Warehouse (maybe Caravan, but it conflicts at 4) is on the board, going TM should be the right choice usually, but even without these I can't seem to win these games.

Which way to counter the maps best? (With these sets) Should something like Wharf/Big Money, Torturer/Big Money be enough or is it only viable to not go for Treasure Maps when there are curse-givers (Sea Hag, Swindler, Embargo, Ambassador) or a really strong and quick engine is on the board? Or is it just tough luck?

It's not even just a single case of losing, it's always a loss for me. Should I just go for the Maps?

Introductions / Uh, yeah, hi
« on: November 15, 2014, 05:09:51 am »
Hello guys,

Name's Amac, I'm a dutchman who plays dominion for... like, a year? But I feel I'm still pretty sucky at the game. So I'm sticking around to learn something... hopefully.

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