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Rules Questions / deleted
« on: April 01, 2020, 01:41:19 am »

Dominion Videos and Streams / Dominion: Up the Ladder
« on: May 14, 2019, 04:48:43 am »
Dear f.ds!

I would like to introduce those of you who are still not annoyed by my videos popping up all over the Discord
to the new series!
Questionable plays, weird laughs, sneaky pileouts, it's all there.
Please welcome to Dominion: Up the Ladder!

Dominion League / Season 24 - Results
« on: October 14, 2017, 04:59:27 pm »
Please post your results for all Season 24 matches here.
  • Make it a simple post with one line. Include both players names and the final score.
  • This thread is only for finished matches. Partial results go here.
  • Always play exactly 6 games.
  • We score games, not matchpoints.
  • First-player order is irrelevant, as long as both players end up going first 3 times.
Please also post in this thread whether you want to play next season rather than your scheduling thread.

Dominion League / Season 24 - Game Reports & Discussion
« on: October 14, 2017, 04:58:16 pm »
If you want to write about a game you or someone else played during the league, or post links to video coverage, please do so in this thread.

If you've lost a game and want to ask for advice, you can also post it here

Dominion League / Season 24 - Announcing Matches/Streams
« on: October 14, 2017, 04:57:32 pm »
Announcing streams:

Announce your season 24 league match live streams in this thread.

If you don't want to miss any, use the notify button on the top right.
(also a good plan for your own scheduling thread)

Per streamed match, please post at most twice in this thread: Once to announce a couple of days in advance, and once to announce you go live right now.
If you want to discuss streams that have already finished, use the game reports thread.

When announcing, please (also) include UTC times - or you could work with the [time] tag as being described here. Keep in mind that people from around the world frequent the forums and they might not now what their offset to Pacific, CET, or Ruritania time is.
Providing a link in your announcement or signature really helps as well.

If you're also interested in non-league streams, enable notifications in this thread as well.

Announcing Matches:

If you don't want to stream but want to give others the opportunity to spectate your match, you can announce your match here, too.

Some things to keep in mind:
  • Please give us the correct Shuffle names so people can find your table.
  • Turn the "Spectator can talk to players" option off on your table.
  • If you want to talk to other spectators, you can try joining the Dominion Discord server:

Dominion General Discussion / Heralds are not so hot as we thought?
« on: September 14, 2017, 12:38:30 pm »
I would like to share an obsevation/provoke discussion.

After Guilds came out everybody became a Herald at heart. Community opinion on Heralds was pretty high, and stays so.
Which is I think is not exactly correct anymore.

In a lot of games recently I tend to skip/(be passive about) Heralds when any kind of other option is available.
This comes from the fact that latest expansions added a lot of ways to be in a precise control of your deck, and Heralds more frequently than not don't fit into the concept.
Obviously sometimes you just go for them because the exact order in which you play your actions doesn't matter all that much (no remodellers, no gainers, etc), and well, with a good action density they are Lost Cities most of the time.
Also, obviously a lot of combos remain (Apo, Cartographer, Minstrel, Secret Passage etc) where they are still super amazing.

Anyway, if in the past I was glad to have Heralds sleeping all over my bed, now they must be satisfied with a much more modest place on the rug.

Dominion Videos and Streams / How to Base Dominion
« on: July 31, 2017, 02:45:49 pm »
So, I've started recording a series of base games for newer players to learn how to play.

Those who don't want to be overwhelmed with all the new cards at once,
or the ones who don't want to buy a subscription yet and are stuck with a lot of base games
might find these videos useful.

My current plan is to add a video per day.

Give it a try!

Questions on strategy, constructive criticism, pointless nitpicking, suggestions on how I can improve those are all welcome!

Dominion General Discussion / The swingiest card ever
« on: June 26, 2017, 07:35:44 am »
You are a true King of Dominion. Your plays are 93% correct all the time.
You park the limo in front of your palace and head inside, waving to peasants, who are blinded by your beautiful golden teeth and leopard leggings.
With an aristocratic gesture you put your shades on and start a new game, sure of your inevitable victory even before seeing the kingdom.
Few minutes have passed and OH MY GOD, what is this? You've lost the game!!! Your palace burns, your are on your knees, barking like a dog, crying, chewing paper.
Peasants are all around, they are happy, they pillage, they laugh, they find you and hang you in the ball room, beforehand letting you know they never actually thought you are a good Dominion player.

So what led to this terrible disaster? Were there maybe some bad choices you've made in the game? Impossible, you are the King after all!
It must have been luck! What card did this cruel thing to you?
Was it a Chapel, missing the shuffle and colliding with a freshly bought Duchess? Was it a Bag of Gold, which your opponent stole from you in a Tournament? Or was your entire deck Swindled into Curses?

What is this unholy abomination of a card, which will serve you as a tombstone?

-bad English
-talking a lot of nonsense
-imprecise play
-trying to look smart

YES I'm back with my Youtube videos!!

And that's gonna be a Hermit/Market Square thing. Enjoy!

Dominion General Discussion / Sexiest mat bracket
« on: April 12, 2016, 07:41:57 am »
What are the most sexy parts of a solid, mature game of Dominion?
You are right, mats are!

So let's decide once and for all which one is the hottest!

1. Native Village mat
2. Island mat

3. Pirate Ship mat
4. Trade Route mat

5. Victory token mat
6. Tavern mat

Dominion General Discussion / Favorite basic treasure bracket
« on: April 08, 2016, 07:01:20 am »
Inspired by other threads I'm creating a favorite basic treasure bracket!

Since there are only three of them Copper will be put in both brackets (thus I'm also boosting my personal favorite, but tssss)

1. Copper
2. Silver

3. Gold
4. Copper

Dominion League / Season 14 - Announcing Livestreams
« on: April 04, 2016, 10:50:06 am »
Announce your season 14 league match live streams in this thread.

If you don't want to miss any, use the notify button on the top right.
(also a good plan for your own scheduling thread)

Please facilitate notifying by posting at most twice in this thread: once to announce a couple of days in advance, and once to announce you go live right now.
If you want to discuss streams that have already finished, use the game reports thread.

When announcing, please (also) include UTC times - or you could work with the [time] tag as being described here. Providing a link in your announcement or signature really helps as well.
If you're also interested in non-league streams, enable notifications in this thread as well.


2015 / Week 4 - Losers' Bracket Signup
« on: October 27, 2015, 04:19:49 am »

Edit: or wait, I lost R4, not R3, so that's probably not the right place to apply?

Dominion General Discussion / Urchin/Urchin vs Urchin/Swindler
« on: August 31, 2015, 09:05:05 am »

Code: [Select]
Smugglers, Swindler, Urchin, Advisor, Caravan, Horse Traders, Nomad Camp, Procession, Mint, Hoard

I would like to discuss openings in that game (League match season 10).

Both Mic and Adam opened Urchin/Swindler here.
So. Let's look how opening Swindler affects turns 3 and 4.
Pros of opening Swindler:
  • you have about 1/6 chance of hitting opponent's Urchin/Swindler, thus slowing him down significantly
  • with Swindler being a terminal Silver, you have a better shot at hitting or maybe even
  • and, surely, you might hit a Copper with a Swindler and turn it into Curse (OH MY GOD)
Cons of opening Swindler:
  • you cycle (a bit) less
  • it (slightly) decreases your chances of getting Mercenary
  • in 5/6 cases you will take a crappy card out of your opponent's deck and put it into his discard, thus speeding him up (it seems important!!!)
  • No useful fives here (Well, you don't want to buy Mint with virtual money anyway). So +2 coins doesn't help a lot (With Swindler you might have a shot at buying a Hoard, but you hardly want it this early).

So, that being said, I think the better opening here is Urchin/Urchin.
The only thing that stands for opening Swindler is that you will want it in your deck eventually, so might as well open it.


Unfortunately I was not able to see it live, so no chat, so maby I'm repeating something someone said about it already.

Help! / Something went wrong and I'm not sure why
« on: July 28, 2015, 05:30:09 am »
I have a problem with understanding why I lost this game from our league match with yudai214.

Code: [Select]
Moat, Chancellor, Scheme, Farming Village, Worker's Village, Catacombs, Ill-Gotten Gains, Junk Dealer, Farmland, Peddler


The game starts at about 01:03:30 in the video

So. Look at our decks after turn 10. My opponent still has 7 Coppers and 3 Estates, meanwhile I only have two Coppers left. He has more Peddlers, yes, but is it really enough to overcome my huge advantage in trashing? Or maybe it was a mistake for me to load on Golds? Seriously, I'm a bit confused.

General Discussion / A post of pure happiness
« on: July 08, 2015, 11:00:24 am »
Hello f.ds!

I'm in Jaromerz now, in Czech Republick. Waiting for my friends to arrive at my favorite bar, drinking Meshtansky Pivovar. Personaly, I think that's one of the best beers in the world. It is not as popular as Krushovize or Budveiser, or Urquel Pilsner, but it doesn't make it worse than any of these. Had anyone tried it?
Anyways, I arrive at that place every year for six year already for Brutal Assault festival. It's a bit early for that right now, but I'm in Czech anyway, so decided to come to that place before I go somewhere else.
I consider Czech people to be very friendly and it is so cute that you can come to a bar at ten o'clock in the morning in the middle of the week and it is going to be full with some old guys reading newspapers and drinking beer.
It is a bit pity that no one speaks english here, so I can't really socialise, just winking wisely hehe.
The problem is, my friends are going to arrive in three freaking hours, so I'm not sure if I'm going to meet them in a good health.

Dear f.ds, I sincerely wish you all some good summertime. Never mind the spelling in that post. :)

Dominion League / League calculator
« on: June 29, 2015, 06:49:05 am »


Here is a simple tool to play with league outcomes.

I have not styled it at all, and that may be changed later.
All constructive criticism and suggestions are welcome.

P.S. That's my first attempt at js ever, so please let me know if I'm doing something suboptimal.

General Discussion / Plans for the summer
« on: June 24, 2015, 06:00:15 am »
Hello fellow forumites!

For quite a number of years I enjoy spending a significant part of summertime attending to some metal (-ish?) festivals.
This year I'm going to Hard Rock Laager (small crappy festival in Estonia), Obscene Extreme (grindcore madhouse in Czech Republic) and Brutal Assault (my all-time favorite, also in Czech).
I still have some time left and can possibly add something else to that list, that's mostly the question of finding a nice company.

I consider my friends and myself to be nice and open minded folks, and I'm always glad to meet new people (especially when they share my other obsession: Dominion! hehe).
So, if any of you is interested in seeing me on some of these events (or maybe you can suggest some others, and they do not necessarily need to be metal festivals :) ), feel free to discuss it here or PM me.

Love, Igor.

Dominion General Discussion / Possessed
« on: January 10, 2015, 08:02:13 pm »
I just thought.. Life is actually a monstrous Dominion game with huge piles.

Some get very good starting hand, some are not that lucky, but in the end, the game is so big and you have so much control you can still do good and overcome bad luck if you are smart and try hard.

You do something good and useful for yourself or for somebody and you get something decent - like Ironmonger or Caravan, or so.
If all you are doing is fulfilling your immediate need of entertainment - that means you are greening way too early, you are a weak player.
Like, you can go shuffle with some silly Duchess, but how do you explain it to your Princess then, who is still the only one in these endless piles..

And it is so sad to play Big Money,, turn after turn, and you feel you will never ever reshuffle.

I'm confused.

General Discussion / Happy New Year!
« on: December 31, 2014, 09:42:53 am »
Happy New Year, my fellow f.ds nerds!

Thank you for becoming a significant part of my life in the last year!
I wish all of us good luck in the League matches, as small amount of Possession games as possible, and the great new expansion.

Help! / Confused
« on: December 10, 2014, 04:54:16 am »

Code: [Select]
Courtyard, Moat, Oasis, Island, Nomad Camp, Sea Hag, Spice Merchant, Spy, Cultist, Merchant Ship

How come I've lost this one?
Is it just really good Moat luck for my opponent, or he had superior strategy?
I mean, you don't ignore Hag here, right?

Puzzles and Challenges / who needs gokoins though?
« on: May 15, 2014, 08:18:24 am »

1. 1,000 Gokoins
You've just bought yourself a Dominion expansion. There is a pile of Counterfeits in it. What is written on the box?
A. Swordsmen And Mages
B. Dark Ages
C. Raise The Wages!
D. Burning Pages   
2. 2,000 Gokoins
Which one of these cards gives you negative amount of VP?
A. Scout
B. Confusion               
C. Province
D. Curse
3. 4,000 Gokoins
What is the common reference to a player performing that strategy: "Play a Village, draw a Village, play a Village, buy a Village"?
A. Junk dealer
B. Village degenerate
C. Village elitist
D. Village idiot       
4. 8,000 Gokoins
Which of these is a name of popular big money strategy?
A. Double Jack
B. Triple Moat
C. Lonely Chancellor
D. Outpost Rush       
5. 16,000 Gokoins
Which of these cards can't give Coppers to your opponents?
A. Swindler
B. Ambassador
C. Coppersmith
D. Jester       
6. 32,000 Gokoins
What is the maximum amount of cards can be drawn by playing Apprentice?
A. 8
B. 11
C. 13
D. Unlimited
7. 64,000 Gokoins
What do you do with two Silvers gained by playing Beggar as a Reaction?
A. Put both in hand
B. Nothing
C. Topdeck both
D. Topdeck one

8. 125,000 Gokoins
Your deck consists of 16 cards. You start your turn by Throne Rooming Goons, then you play Silver and Copper, and buy three Coppers.
How many VP do you get through that turn?
A. 3 VP
B. 6 VP
C. No VP at all
D. Depends on cards in my deck.
9. 250,000 Gokoins
You Procession an Island, having two cards in your hand. What happens before you gain a five-cost Action card?
A. You trash the Island.
B. You put one card from your hand on Island mat and trash the Island.
C. You put two cards from your hand on Island mat and trash the Island.
D. You put Island with two cards from your hand on Island mat.
10. 500,000 Gokoins
You gain an Estate with Ironworks and use Trader to gain Silver instead.
Which Ironworks bonus do you get?

A. +1 coin
B. +1 card
C. Both of it
D. None of it       
What is the maximum amount of VP you can obtain by buying the Province in four player game?

A. 52
B. 56
C. 64
D. 70

Dominion General Discussion / Merry songs and verses
« on: April 09, 2014, 09:19:41 am »
Thought it would be cool to write some Dominion related songs and verses.
Anyone caring to join is utterly welcome!

Here is my first degenerate attempt at that:

Grotesque and unwanted I am
Dwelling in shadows of pain
Wind blows and the rusty door slam
I'm drinking the potion again...
Transmuting your curses to dust
Watching they melting in vain
No future and darkness in past
I'm drinking the potion again...

Puzzles and Challenges / Name the list!
« on: April 07, 2014, 06:05:30 am »
  • Apothecary
  • Apprentice
  • Band of Misfits
  • Cellar
  • Courtyard
  • Crossroads
  • Followers
  • Jack of all Trades
  • Library
  • Madman
  • Mercenary
  • Ruined Library
  • Scrying Pool
  • Storeroom
  • Trusty Steed
  • Watchtower

These cards have something in common. No card out of that list has that property. Name that property!  ;)

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