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I don't understand the new matching system, I suspect.  I click "Good Match" and nothing happens; no one joins.  (I am not sure where I can put the settings for this.)  I try "Quick Match," and I am instantly put in a room with someone, but nothing happens.  I click "Ready," and they don't, or (in one instance) the other player was UNABLE to click "Ready," it was grayed out.

What gives?  I've been playing on there for a couple of months now, but I guess maybe I just don't understand the proper means of getting the matching to work now.  Is there a tutorial for the matching feature somewhere?

Edit: I've now had a second player tell me that they cannot click "ready."

Dominion Online at Shuffle iT / "Features" threads
« on: April 26, 2016, 10:59:32 am »
Hi all--

The "main thread" has gotten long and meandering, and it chiefly contains discussion of the pricing model (and recently music / graphical effects).  I thought it might be productive to have separate threads dedicated to hashing out specific features we'd like to see in Shuffle iT's new version of the game.  Ideally, we could have a "hub" thread that provides links to individually-dedicated threads, each of which could contain discussion specific to that feature (and how it might be best implemented).  For example, some features (and thus, threads) that I would like to see under discussion concerning the "pace of game" for the new version would include:

1.  Ability to see opponents' ranking, stats, etc., during the game.  I need something to do while waiting for my turn!
2.  Ability to force a resignation after a very short waiting period (< 30 seconds?) when an opponent has connection issues.
3.  Ability to select "timed game" as an option.  One way to implement a "timed game" would be to enable the players to set a base time (i.e, 5 minutes, whatever), and an increment (i.e., 2 seconds).  Each player starts with the base time, and during his or her turn, it ticks down, while being increased by the increment with every action taken.  So the opponents' base time is the "dead time" I'm willing to invest in the game, since the increments offset the time spent by the opponent actually playing and taking action.  Players could even set separate (personal) base times and increments (perhaps as a profile setting), and the matching feature could enable the ability to accept only opponents meeting a chosen threshold for base time / increment.  In this way, players could be operating with different starting "base and increment" times, while all players are satisfied with the timing setting.

In my opinion, it would be good to have threads individuated for the discussion of options like these (and, I'm sure, many others that we can come up with collectively).  I'm simply not sure whether it would be better for us to each start threads for the topics, or whether it would be best for SCSN / Stef to create "official" ones that they could format in the way that would be most useful for them regarding future reference / implementation as they work on Shuffle iT's version.


Goko Dominion Online / Does this mean anything (good) for us?
« on: August 08, 2013, 10:21:51 pm »
It looks like there is some sort of shakeup at Goko:

I didn't see this posted anywhere else in the forum (though admittedly my search was brief).  Could this mean that some of the severe deficiencies in the Goko implementation are on the way to being fixed (looking at you, 1000-room system), or do you just expect more of the same?

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