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Goko Dominion Online / Reliable information about Goko
« on: January 06, 2014, 07:25:32 pm »
It seems that I don't really know much about the current state of Goko or their plans. The fact that they are silent and the fact that they have failed to deliver the tablet version "this fall" created much speculation on this forum, but no reliable source has confirmed it (AFAIK). I understand that we are all angry, but maybe we are a little unfair. Maybe their silence is some kind of convoluted business strategy. If anyone has definite answers to these questions, please share them with us:

  • Should we still hope that the tablet(offline) version will be released?
  • What is the current relation between Goko and the vietnamese company that originally wrote the source code? If the partnership was terminated, who is doing the coding?
  • Who maintains the servers? It looks like when they crash, someone reboots them manually the next working day. That doesn't look professional.
  • What is the agreement between RGG and Goko?

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