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Other Games / Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
« on: May 05, 2017, 07:02:16 am »
Anyone playing this?  At first I thought it was dumb, but "eh might as well play around with it once and a while".  Then I thought it was dumb but played a lot.  Now I like it :/

It has the annoying limited time-based resource (doing stuff takes Energy, which gets periodically restored), and progressing take other earned resources. It's free to play, but of course has in-app purchases that let you progress much faster.  I've never spent money, though.

It's the same template as a bunch of games (none of which I've played), but basically you summon units (using one of the earned resources), which are characters from (basically) all the final fantasy games ever, and some new ones.  You level them and select a party to use at any given time.  Some characters are more powerful than others, and the more powerful ones are much more rare.  There is a main story line you go through, and also lots of side events and special (limited duration) events.

Other Games / Final Fantasy XV (No plot spoilers)
« on: December 06, 2016, 01:54:38 pm »
Anyone playing FF XV?  I picked it up over the weekend.  I was going to wait until I finished The Witcher 3, but there is so much side stuff in that game that it was taking too long.  FF XV actually has a very similar play feel to Witcher 3; they're both open-world exploration type games.

I've finished the first chapter of FF XV, which is more or less an introduction.  Moving around takes a very very long time, though that does add to the sense of immersion.  Apparently Chocobo access is opened up a little later, which speeds up exploration.  The areas are very large.

I miss the menu style for combat, but I guess I'm okay with this system.  (It's similar to Witcher 3.)  The advancement system looks interesting; I'm not sure about magic yet---it feels a bit tedious.

The only thing that I've found detestable so far is that there is a fishing system.  Seriously, fuck fishing.  It's like the most boring thing you can do in real life (besides watch a baseball game, I guess); why would we possibly want to spend our recreation time doing it?  And it's the stupid mini-game mechanic.. cast a line with the controller command, reel in, lose the fish, etc.  I wouldn't mind so much if it was set up in a menu interface and you didn't actually have to 'play' at it, or if there was some auto mode, but it's more of this stupid 'press the right buttons at the right time' kind of game that has been plaguing Final Fantasy games since FF VII.  (Snowboarding was fun once, then it was annoying.  Boxing was stupid.)   I mean technically combat is 'press the right buttons at the right time', but there there is strategy, decision making, preparation, and the novelty of fighting something.

Some things get to feel tedious because so many mundane things are shown (for realism/immersion, I suppose).  Like it's novel that you fill up your gas tank, but you don't really need to see someone stand there with the nozzle every time.  And various other things that add realism but mean you have to wait for the resolution.  Maybe you can cut down on these scenes in the settings; I haven't checked yet.

General Discussion / Remove
« on: July 29, 2016, 11:58:45 am »
Wrong board~!

Dominion Strategy Wiki Feedback / Page/Peasant pages
« on: June 03, 2016, 10:26:21 am »
Small suggestion for the wiki page for Travelers.  I think it would be convenient to have a subsection with the progression line clear.  Something like

Traveller Progression:

Page -> Treasure Hunter -> Warrior -> Hero

Peasant -> Soldier -> Fugitive -> Disciple

with either the card graphics or just the hyperlinks (whatever is considered better).  The Page page lists it in the text, though I think it makes sense to have it standout.  The Peasant text doesn't actually explicitly state the progression, though it does mention all the cards in the line. 

I'd do it myself, but we all know wereothegreat runs the wiki all on his own.  Also I'm lazy.

General Discussion / Dominion Set Bracket
« on: April 12, 2016, 11:41:45 am »
Update with current status:

Round 4, finals

Final Vote:

12. Dark Ages 5
3. Adventures 4

Dark Ages wins!

I guess no one's done it yet.  Seeding was random, promotion cards were thrown in as a set because why not and there were byes anyway.  Empires is included, too, so you can speculate or maybe you're special and you playtested, or maybe you're very special and you designed the game.

1. Prosperity
16. (Bye)

9. Alchemy
8. Empires

4. Cornucopia
13. (Bye)

12. Dark Ages
5.  Base Game

2.  Seaside
15. (Bye)

10. Hinterlands
7. Guilds

3. Adventures
14. (Bye)

11. Intrigue
6. Promotion Cards

General Discussion / Old Computer Games
« on: November 16, 2015, 04:28:44 pm »
For some reason today I just remembered this old game I used to play on my first PC back in the 90's, called Escape From Hell.  It was like an RPG where you were in Hell and have to find a way out.  It was meta and hilarious, and I remember dying a lot.  I don't think I ever got through it.

Anyone ever play it?  Or have other interesting early games

Other Games / Software type question/LaTeX
« on: October 22, 2015, 10:56:01 pm »
So I know there are a lot of software guys and LaTeX users on this forum, so I wonder if anyone has ever tried to do something like the following. 

We have a software project that does a bunch of things, and one of the functions is to do report generation based on some dynamic results.  I've worked out the logic of how to write a LaTeX file in the right way based on the outcomes of other stuff the program does.  Then it can be generated into a PDF using the LaTeX engines. It's neat, but it requires a LaTeX installation on the machine running the application in order to make the PDF.  This is not a complete show-stopper, but it makes the whole thing a lot heavier. (Installing the standard Windows MiKTeX with the required packages makes the whole thing much bulkier.)

So basically, we want to package up the LaTeX engine (specifically, xelatex) into the installer or as some small program that can be called without a full-on installation.  I think at a minimum it needs the base packages and the other packages the document requires, and I'm not sure there's a way around including all those files in the installation.  So anyway, my question is: does anyone have any experience trying to bundle up some kind of minimalistic LaTeX  functionality in some other software?  I haven't thoroughly checked out stack exchange or other forums yet; I just thought I'd see here since I know we have a lot of programmers.

General Discussion / Python editor
« on: September 08, 2015, 10:35:22 am »
Just a question: what editors to people use to write Python code?  I tend to do fairly short-ish (from 100 to 1000 lines, including white space, comments, etc.)  scripts, nothing advanced or fancy.  Right now I use IDLE, which is okay.  I would use Notepad++, except that the carriage return on Notepad++ tends to mess up the indentation levels (the tabs are not the same, or something).  I guess the main thing that would be nice to have is line numbering (like, along the left-hand side of the window, not just the current line/column displayed at the bottom) and text wrapping to window width.  Also vertical lines to indicate indentation level, so you can tell if you're lined up with something further up.

Anyway, just want to see what's out there and what advantages there are.

General Discussion / Punctuation inside or outside quotes?
« on: June 01, 2015, 09:40:46 am »
So my primary job is making up various documentation on our quantitative models and methods.  Basically, I edit and author math-type papers in LaTeX.  But technical grammar and style guides are pretty relevant, too, as these are published to our clients and need to look professional, etc.  I had this big argument with my boss that putting punctuation inside quotations is fucking retarded, because it is.  I know that it's a rule in American English, but seeing as it's a stupid-ass rule, I choose to ignore it.

I basically think that, since the rest of the English-speaking world does this correctly, and we only have some bastardized form of the rule inspired by outdated typesetting, we should be able to choose whether or not we want to use it.  (Like you would choose whether you want to follow a style that uses the Oxford comma or not.)  Moreover, because we're a software company, we may want to refer to literal strings inside quotes, and in some cases those literal strings could contain punctuation.  (In general I would usu some other syntax highlighting and not use quotes for this type of thing, but it could potentially come up.)  It seems natural to me that any punctuation not part of the literal string should go outside of the quotes that contain the literal string.

Has anyone ever come across this "rule" being ignored in American publications?

(If any non-Americans are confused, we have this stupid rule where commas and periods that immediately follow quoted text are moved inside that text.  So where as you would say:

This phenomenon is referred to as the "twin paradox".  Blah blah next sentence.

A third-grade English teacher in America would make their students write:

This phenomenon is referred to as the "twin paradox."  Blah blah next sentence.

It seems pretty clear to me that the former is correct, regardless of what textbooks say.)

Dominion General Discussion / Trading Post
« on: April 28, 2015, 01:04:46 pm »

I never thought of this before.  What is that guy doing?  Is he going to attack the trading post?  Rob it?  Could be a guard, but he's eyeing the encampment pretty suspiciously with his hand on his sword hilt...

General Discussion / Paris Mini Meetup Saturday May 9
« on: April 22, 2015, 09:51:48 am »
So I'm going to be in Paris from May 6-10, and Teproc is going to be in on the weekend (Saturday the 9th).  I thought I'd check if anyone else is in the area and interested in doing a get together.  We can play some games or do whatever it is that Parisians do.  I will probably have a copy of Adventures and I should be able to find a way to pack the cards with me.

Dominion: Adventures Previews / Adventures Retailers
« on: April 18, 2015, 04:14:18 pm »
Does anyone know retailers in Manhattan that would have (or, better yet, are verified having) Adventures in stock?  I'm not having the best of luck searching online.  People in other areas can use this thread to post who has it in their region.

Also, I'm sure this is stated already, but does Adventures come with a set of Base (Treasure and Victory) cards?  That is, is it playable standalone with just its box?

General Discussion / Visual Studio 2010
« on: April 10, 2015, 02:55:27 pm »
Does anyone actually use this program?  It's a real pain.

But anyway, I need to add some locations to my include and library paths. You can do this for each project, but I would like to do it in a way that applies to every project.  You would think that you could Google this issue and follow some instructions, but apparently everyone else has some magical version of VS2010 that has these things that mine simply does not, so no instructions that I have been able to find can actually be followed.

Anyway, there exists a file, Users/(username)/AppData/Local/Microsoft/MSBuild/v4.0/Microsoft.Cpp.Win32.users.props, and this is an XML file that can be edited and will allegedly apply to all projects.  There is a node


which I suppose actually sets the include path, but this is the only node that is there, and I can't find any information on how to edit the file otherwise.  For example, is library path just


?  Also, in the project properties window in VS2010 itself, there is VC++ Directories, where you can add library, include directories, etc., and there is also "Additional Include Directories" under C/C++ -> General.  What's the difference between adding "Additional Include Directories" and simply appending "Include Directories" under VC++ Directories?

Will this file automatically apply to new projects, or is there something you have to set up? 

Also, isn't adding your own header files like, kind of a very standard thing to do in C++?  I'm not a programmer, but from the little I've done it seems like something you basically always want to do.  Why is it such a challenge?

Dominion Articles / The Haiku Card Challenge
« on: March 26, 2015, 05:41:20 pm »
So counting words in this thread reminded me of counting syllables in haikus, and I thought, why not explain what a card does in a haiku?  Because that would be awesome, right?

For clarity, "haiku" is meant to be American haikus in English, the standard 5-7-5 structure you learn about in elementary school.

Advisor by Elanchana
Non-terminal draw
Just try to make sure that you
Only show good cards

Bureaucrat by scott_pilgrim
Gets you free Silver
And puts it atop your deck.
It's unstoppable!

Chapel by Robz
Thinning is winning
This trashes faster than most
Always buy early

City by Elanchana
Expensive village
Level up and it becomes
Pretty damn awesome

Cultist by Donald X
the first frost of fall
we sit in the cold kitchen
and race for cultists

Duchess by schadd
infinite value
duchies are for the cool kids
she will find her place

Duke by theright555J
Goofy-looking dude
Crafty like used car salesman
Outscores provinces

Expedition by werothegreat
Sail the seven seas!
For three small payments of one
Coin, draw two more cards!

Golem by theright555J
Cost is a challenge
But really kicks off darn well
Caution with trashers

Harvest by WalrusMcFishSr
Autumn approaches
We rejoice for the Harvest
But it kind of sucks

Haven by schadd
cheaper orange card
if you can draw your deck you
Haven a good time

Highway by Elanchana
Costs reduced by one
A cantrip action to boot
Stack 'em with plus buys

Hunting Grounds by werothegreat
Well, it draws four cards
Condescending to say that?
We were all newbs once

Knights by ConMan
Buy the better ones,
Which ones depends on the board,
Mogami River.

Magpie by wereothegreat
One for sorrow, two
lead to a summer flock of
Treasure-drawing birds

Mandarin by werothegreat
Ching chong ning nang nong
Racist stereotypes are
Not that amusing

Mine by scott_pilgrim
Trashes cards on buy.
Making jokes with mine and mint
Gets you free upvotes.

Mission by werothegreat
Deck on a mission
Trash junk, alt gain, but no buy
More of a crusade

Moat by scott_pilgrim
Draws and blocks attacks.
Answer to ev'ry puzzle:
Ozle: "Is it Moat?"

Mountebank by Elanchana
Junk your friends up twice
Give them curses and coppers
Games can get nasty

Oasis by schadd
discard 'state, i guess
will it be the better choice?
i just watch others

Pawn by Elanchana
Pick two bonuses
But please don't take forever
Just to say "cantrip"

Peddler by Robz
When plus-buys abound
They disappear like snowdrifts
At Spring's first sighting

Rabble by eHalycon
season of green dies
rabbles rise to chill your deck
winter is coming

Rebuild by Witherweaver
Beats most strategies
All but the strongest engines
But not with Shelters

Rebuild II by eHalcyon
Per this article
Rebuild is not any worse
Even with Shelters

Rebuild III by GeoLib
Lonely juggernaut
Beats all but strongest engines
Even with shelters

Saboteur by Elanchana
Seems like a strong card
Throws their high costs in the trash
But where's the bonus?

Sage by SheCantSayNo
Clever as a hare
Seduced by sunny green lands
Wisdom crawls him by

Scout by ashersky
Reveal the top four
emotions from your stone cold
heart, discard the rest.

Steward by schadd
have this guy join you
make the most out of spring's $3
junking sets standards

Stonemason by werothegreat
Overpay is neat
Trashing bit is fine, sometimes
Gain all the Actions

Swindler by schadd
why you have a scout
your turn 1 buy was nice, bud
but how 'bout a duch'?

Tactician by Elanchana
What? Give up my hand?
But I would have hit Province!
(next turn) Oh, I see.

Tactician II by Erick648
An autumn harvest
Means a sacrifice in spring
Unless you cheat it

Trade by werothegreat
Have I got a deal
Better than Trading Post! But
Just once; buy again?

Watchtower by hvb
caterpillar butterfly invert
summer squire trashed
winter witch will hurt

Watchtower II by scott_pilgrim
I feel bad for you,
I got 99 problems,
but a Witch ain't one.


Wishing Well by Arctic Penguin
Atop wooden deck
You spy me, peer inside, and
Wish for more wishes.

Tournament by Arctic Penguin
O' landed knight come
Claim thyne prize! To puzzled looks
You choose horse, not gold.

Torturer by Arctic Penguin
Once fear'd tormentor,
Thy rival mutters curses.
Alas, they've run out.

Shanty Town by Arctic Penguin
Night finds you alone,
In a dismal town. Fearful,
You call for more friends.

Harem by Arctic Penguin
Poor choices brought you,
Still, you wonder, why pay to
Be objectified?

Lighthouse by Arctic Penguin
On the horizon,
Hope shines bright. To spectral ship
You say, "Not today!"

Transmute by Arctic Penguin
Alchemists dream of
Making gold from lesser coin,
Instead, get more junk.

Counting House by Asper
Fiendish Mountebanks!
How to reach Colony now?
This weakling can do.

Jester by schadd
fun in 4-player
sure, have another smithy
nay, i merely joke

Jester by werothegreat
It's only turn five
But all the piles are empty
Six-player game: why?


This thread by Elanchana
How can we explain
In seventeen syllables
What ev'ry card does?

General Discussion / Travel!
« on: February 04, 2015, 09:12:27 pm »
So I kind of was awarded a trip, and I can go wherever I want and have it covered up to some amount.

I'm leaning towards going to Germany (Munich?), because I really want to see Europe, and I've always thought I would like Germany.  So that's where I'm leaning, but I'm open to other ideas.  I know this is a widespread group of people, so I thought you might have input.

Also, I think it's best to minimize travel (air) cost so that I can maximize a nicer place to stay, food, events, etc.  Any ideas on the best time to travel, or tricks?  I assume it's pretty dependent on where I go.  I can pretty much take the trip whenever I want to this year, but I think I'd prefer around the spring time.

General Discussion / Video Games that You Just Couldn't Beat
« on: November 13, 2014, 02:36:59 pm »
So anyone have a game they played as a kid that they just got stuck on and couldn't figure out?  I guess this is more appropriate for those born in the 80's or early 90's, before you could just Google any question you had.

I had two:

1) Legend of Zelda II (NES).  All I remember about this game is a ton of confusion on why they moved from top-down to side-scrolling, having no idea what I was supposed to be doing, and constantly dying.

2) Breath of Fire II (SNES).  I really liked this game, a ton.  I actually never owned it, but I remember continually renting it from the store like every weekend and playing it a lot. But I could never get through one of the final dungeons.  I'd get to some plot scene, and the NPC would auto-kill my party (without even moving to battle screen, if I recall correctly), and I'd die.  I could not figure out anywhere else to go. I remember walking around the dungeon trying to figure out how to progress and not being able to find any alternate route. 

I guess if I played either of those games again today they probably wouldn't be an issue (I'd still probably dislike Zelda II though).. when I was playing them I was fairly young so I couldn't necessarily figure everything out. 

General Discussion / Supplements
« on: November 11, 2014, 09:35:12 pm »
So even though we're a community of nerds, I know some of us to physical things.  As I've mentioned before, I play volleyball (fairly regularly; 1-3 nights a week in leagues/practice and then tournaments on the weekend, maybe 2 a month).  I also lift in the gym to stay in shape for (and be better at) volleyball.  So a couple weeks ago I was at a tournament, and I didn't get a whole lot of sleep, had worked out (legs, nonetheless) the night before and played volleyball 3 other nights that week.  So my legs were shot and everything was tight, and I could not stretch out, and my performance was just bad.  I was sluggish moving and jumping, and my timing was all off for hitting. 

About halfway through the day one of my teammates offered this little chew thing she brought.  Turns out it was glutamine.  The next match the pain started going away from my legs, and by the end of the tournament I felt energized and felt like I could even keep playing.

Anyone ever take glutamine?  It seems like a miracle supplement from my experience.  I take protein powder after workouts, but not too much else other than vitamins.  The following week (I guess it was last week), I went out to GNC and bought the glutamine chews, as well as some creatine chews.  I've definitely been less sore and able to be more active with taking the glutamine daily.  Creatine seems to give me more power/energy as well.  Though I feel like my body gets hot really quickly when I take it, and I worry a bit that I may push myself to an injury without realizing it.

Anyway, anyone have good/bad experiences with supplements for working out or general athletic performance?

General Discussion / On Other HBO Shows
« on: July 01, 2014, 05:34:06 pm »
So since we can't talk about the weekly Game of Thrones episode, I thought I'd start another thread.

The Leftovers pilot, I thought, was really, really good.  I was engaged and intrigued the entire time. (Though my cable messed up  half-way through and the picture/sound cut out and got choppy.  Had to resort to HBO Go.)  The acting was great, especially from Justin Theroux.  Also really happy to see Chistopher Eccleston.  The show felt a bit Lynchian, just not quite so quirky and stylized. 

True Blood could not possibly get worse.  Okay I'm sure I'll be proven wrong.  I thought it couldn't get worse after the last couple of seasons, but they manage to keep on reaching new lows.  The acting is soap-opera bad.  And the writing is just.. well maybe it's the writing that makes the acting seem bad.  Every time they swear (every other line), it's just like the most unnatural and awkward thing I've ever heard.  Was it always this bad?  In the first couple seasons, it didn't seem this way.. of course the material is fantastical and a bid hard to swallow, but in the first couple of seasons, it seemed possible to get engaged into the story line.  Last Sunday I started watching some and kept trying to fast forward.  I continually was disappointed when I couldn't, so I eventually just turned it off.

I hope they get started on another season of True Detective so I can break the lull between The Leftovers (assuming I like the rest of the season, which I think I will) and Game of Thrones.

In non-HBO news, I started watching Orphan Black.  I actually caught the Season 1 Premier when it aired, but I didn't have the opportunity to keep up with it as it was airing, and I finally remembered to go back and watched them.  Watched up through Episode 5, I think.  Really good.  Acting by the main character is great, and the storyline is interesting.  I think Season 2 just finished airing? 

Dominion General Discussion / Dominion Expansion
« on: June 06, 2014, 10:50:15 am »
Looks like they're going a whole new direction with it: preview

Dominion General Discussion / Dominion in the Classroom
« on: May 20, 2014, 03:47:39 pm »
So, I have a friend that teaches math at a local high school.  (He's also the guy that introduced me to Dominion.)  He has a math honors section, and he called me up a couple of days ago and said that he had been pushing the kids pretty hard lately and wanted to do something different for the last week (or whatever) of the school year.  He wanted to explore some probability/combinatorics, but he wanted to do it in a way that was both hands-on and could be applied to the external world.  His idea was to introduce the kids to Dominion.

I think he'd take one or two periods to introduce them to the game rules and have them play against each other.  Then once they understand some of the mechanics, he could start introducing some calculations that could be interesting.  Or at least standard math calculations applied to Dominion.  Like, what your average money density is, what the probability of colliding terminals might be, what the probability of spiking $5/$6 on turn 3 or 4 is, etc.

There are only 8 students in the class, so it's pretty manageable to have everyone playing in pairs (using just Base and Intrigue, probably a couple copies of each).   My main concern was that the part of learning the actual game may be too rushed, and the math involved wouldn't be so tangible as it would if they were experienced with the mechanics.  But I thought it would be pretty cool for students to learn something fun, and also to get in the mindset that they should be using basic mathematical skills in their every day lives. 

Anyway, I thought I'd pose the idea to the community here and see what you guys think of it.

Dominion General Discussion / Jack BM vs. Jack pseudoengine
« on: May 05, 2014, 01:03:37 pm »
I'm not sure if this should go in Help! or not since it isn't an actual log.  I played a game in real life with a friend, but I remember what the board was:

Shanty Town
Spice Merchant
Jack of All Trades
Silk Road
Trading Post

I made the deck on deck builder to look at:

I'm interested in seeing what people think the best strategy is.  It seemed to me that Jack was good here.  Since it draws to refill your hand it seems a decent defense against Margrave.  Plus Spice Merchant can trash your Copper and Shanty Town, Pawn, Haven seem like they would all work well.  My friend and I talked about strategy before the game, and he hasn't played a lot with Hinterlands cards, so in general he doesn't see the power of Jack.  He wanted to go Trading Post for faster trashing and more immediate money.  After we discussed this, he saw my point, but wanted to play it out where we tried different strategies.  I disagreed on going the Trading Post strategy, but I wonder if pure Jack (double-Jack) and money is best.

So I tried Jack with Spice Merchant and Shanty Towns, and eventually a couple of Margraves.  He went Trading Post and early Margraves with a lot of Shanty Towns.  He also got a Smugglers and used Havens while I neglected to. 

I ended up losing, but I think I made a card-handling mistake (after I had played Jack twice and was certain I trashed both times, I still had 2 Estates) and possibly some game-playing errors.  But I'm more concerned with the best way to play Jack here. Shanty Town as a village is not that great, but the downpoint is somewhat mitigated by Jack drawing back up 5.  I was envisioning Spice Merchant getting rid of the Copper, and eventually extra Silver if I had to, but it may be too slow.  And with a lot of Silver you may not be mostly drawing your deck all the time.   Margrave isn't a huge issue, because Jacks and Shanty Town both counter.  The problem is, though, if you keep just a Jack in hand you're drawing actions dead.  So you need to have a Shanty or you can't kick off drawing. With just Jack+money, I don't think the Margrave would be a problem at all.  With enough Golds on $6 hands or a Jack in hand, you could hit 8 after being hit by a Margrave much more easily (because now if you have a Jack, it will replenish with mostly money instead of actions). 

What's the best strategy here?

General Discussion / Hannibal
« on: April 12, 2014, 09:31:44 pm »
Anyone watching this show?  I think it's spectacular.  It's, like, what I look forward to on Friday nights.

General Discussion / The Stormlight Archive
« on: April 06, 2014, 04:09:24 pm »
Anyone read it?  The first book came out a few years ago, called The Way of Kings.  It's by Brandon Sanderson, the guy that finished up the Wheel of Time series.   The second novel, Words of Radiance, came out recently.  I just started reading it, so I'm still at the very beginning.

I like Sanderson.. I thought Mistborn (at least the first three, didn't read the latest one(s) yet) was good, as well as his stand-alone novels.  Actually his stand-alone novels were probably best.  I don't think his writing is as engaging as Jordan's, but most people didn't really like Jordan's writing, so maybe people might like this better.  Anyway, Stormlight Archive is more of an epic fantasy series, with at least five books planned.  I'm guessing he won't let it get so.. expansive as Wheel of Time.

General Discussion / True Detective
« on: March 04, 2014, 10:59:13 am »
So any of you guys watching this?

Personally, I think it's brilliant.  The acting, dialogue, symbolism, and general visual tone is amazing to me. 

I also have fun reading all the message boards about crazy theories.  Many are, of course, off the mark (not that I know what will be revealed in the final episode, but all the theories can't be correct), but I think it's a testament to how well the show is done that there are so many different theories that are, in some way, supported by evidence in the show.

It's also really clever that a detective show, which is primarily a character study of two characters, is causing hoards of fans to dig deep for little clues and details to support their theories.  And in some cases, to twist the clues to fit their own narrative (which is something that is exactly advised against in the first episode). The show works on a meta level in a lot of ways.

Goko Dominion Online / Adventures and Failed Games
« on: January 22, 2014, 05:59:53 pm »
So I decided I'd like to play around with some cards like Governor and Black Market on Goko, which means finishing adventures, which is a little frustrating.  The design of the adventures seems like it should be a trial and error kind of thing.. try it out, if you fail either adjust your strategy or zap to equality (or super-equality). 

However, I can only successfully start an adventure game some fraction (maybe a third) of the time.  After choosing the battle and applying zaps, sometimes a game starts and sometimes it black screens.  So then I have to restart and try again.  This is particularly annoying because the zap process is tedious.  And it basically compels me to zap myself to all silvers so that I don't risk a loss.  Even so it's really tedious because the game doesn't start most of the time.

I'm mostly just complaining, but is everyone else having this problem?

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