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Forum Games / why I had to leave
« on: July 02, 2013, 07:03:24 pm »
This will be my one and only post addressing this issue have no intention of coming back here for any games and intend on leaving entirely once the last game I'm playing is over. 
I have to get this off my chest because I don't think how I was by treated by Robz and Galz was either fair or appropriate. It sets a bad precident that people here will never know about because they hide it behind a wall of secrecy.   I will not debate robz or galz or respond to any more negativity

Let me make this entirely clear:  I have appologized for and am in no way making any excused for whst happened in innovation. I lost my cool (I wasn't the only one!) And I immediately offered up myself for modkill.  This has NOTHING to do with the Innovatiom game. I appologize again now

The admins for this board, robz and galz have claimed that multiple complaints were lodged against me and my "meta" PRIOR to the incident in innovation.  They claim MULTIPLE people complaining from MULTIPLE games (prior to innovation) didn't want me to join their games, or didn't want to play if I was in. I have no way of knowing if any if this is true, because they refuse to present any evidence against other words: if you don't like a certain person on this board or their style of play, you can get them booted (or get then to change their style if of okay through threats)through a completely anonymous and uncontestable complaint process. So Ash, Yuma, andothers here tthat are fairly aggressive beware. 
But not really, right? Because a different set of rules seems tiapplies to people who heve been here longer than me. Take Robz.  When I asked that he not be a part of the decision making for a game he was involved in---[hint robz: recusal is not a knock on you, it's a matter of basic fairness and when you refuse to recuse yourself, you make it clear that fairness or even the appearance of fairness is not a concern

No. Basic fairness and civility dictate that if you are going to accuse someone, you at the very least present them with exactlynwhst they were doing wrong (i have a problem with the anonymous complainants too---if you have something to say about someone say it to them directly.

In the end I told robz and galz I was willing to be called on the carpet for my behaviour in innovation...but not for back to basics or any other previous game (not counting the game that shall not be named which we all agreed to move on from)... i do not believe the nameless accusations.

I get that robz and galz want to have a happy cheerful community. I understand that I'm different and don't always fit in so great. My play style is different. As Yuma puts it:I can be stubborn.  But making players that don't fit your mold feel unwelcome...and worse accusing them of basically wrexking the community.  If aggressive play is outlawed then say goodbye to s lot of other folks here too...

But I don't believe that's the, I was singled out (not without reason)...but I deserve to have those reasons presented to me. Galz and robz refused that request and made it clear I'm not welcome here anymore.

To those of you who showed me kindness, even when I didn't deserve it thank you.  It broke my heart to be forced out of this community.  I only hope the next player that comes along and doesn't fit the mold is treated s little different.

So, when I processioned a Goons on Goko, for some reason I didn't recieve any of the victory points [ed:  FROM the Goons] for that turn:

---------- SpiritBears: turn 23 ----------
SpiritBears - duration Wharf
SpiritBears - draws Silver, Copper
SpiritBears - plays Squire
SpiritBears - takes 2 actions
SpiritBears - plays Procession
SpiritBears - plays Goons
Villager Bot - discards Duchy
Villager Bot - discards Silver
SpiritBears - plays Goons
SpiritBears - trashes Goons
SpiritBears - plays 2 Copper, 1 Silver
SpiritBears - buys Province
SpiritBears - gains Province
SpiritBears - buys Copper
SpiritBears - gains Copper
SpiritBears - buys Copper
SpiritBears - gains Copper
SpiritBears - buys Copper
SpiritBears - gains Copper
SpiritBears - draws Wharf, Copper, Wharf, Silver, Copper

Any thoughts?

Forum Games / The Wire?
« on: February 25, 2013, 05:33:10 pm »
Just an idea, and I'm still unsure just how these things work.....but a game based on the Wire would be great!  (Cops v Dealers;/ season 1/2/3/4/5, etc)!

Introductions / unLurking
« on: February 24, 2013, 10:47:23 pm »
Hi folks! 
I've been lurking here for quite a while, but coming out of the dark now (why?  why not?). Played IRL for a couple of years before being introduced to iso and now goko.  For me Dom is a way to connect with my good friends and family, and I never seem to get tired of it.  I have problems with my hands so I don't play irl much anymore, and am able to play online less and less.  Am quietly and anxiously awainting an ios version that I can play on an ipad..... 
Anyway, I still can't wait to get my broken paws on guilds!

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