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Variants and Fan Cards / Design Challenge: Synergies with Captain!
« on: August 02, 2019, 05:07:44 am »
Hi I´m going to run a small design challenge.

The task is to design a Card or Landscape that works well together with the new promo Captain.

It could be a card costing 4$ or less but maybe someone can come up with something else too.

The synergy should not be broken like a Band of Missfits that costs 4$. Just something that makes the 2 cards together better than each on its own.

This will be running a week.

I am looking forward to what you can come up with.

Greetings from your Captain,

Tournaments and Events / German Nationals 2019 report
« on: March 18, 2019, 11:37:39 am »
German Championship 2019

Crossposted this from the ds blog in case there is discussion.

On March 3rd I attended the finals of the national Championship of Germany and Austria (also known as “Jubiläumsmeisterschaft”) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our beloved game. This shall be a report of my experiences and games I played during that competition.

Arriving in Altenburg

The finals were held in the castle of Altenburg which is the residence (Altenburg, not the castle) of the German dominion publisher (ASS). After a 3 hour drive on the day before, I arrived at the hotel and and met with some community members in a local restaurant. This was a real great start to this trip as getting to know some of the people I often played with online in person was really awesome. We had a nice evening and played some filler board games too.

Round 1

So, the tournament starts and the first pleasant surprise is that it’s held in a 2 player format. Which is great since I enjoy a 2 player dominion game much more, and it also decreases the randomness of the game. Out of all the players who qualified through preliminary tournaments or games played at “Hotspots”,  50 people showed up to the tournament.

The first pairing matchups were randomly drawn and each couple gets to pick (without seeing the cards) one of 8 different kingdoms to play with. The cards used were a mix of all expansions without Alchemy, Prosperity, Dark Ages, Hinterlands and Renaissance (not released in German yet). A heavy focus of the kingdoms appeared to be on Nocturne cards, maybe to promote ASS’s newest release.

The first board was this little gem with a nice engine to build. An interesting twist was that Tragic Hero is the only +Buy but it’s pretty hard to keep since you are starting most turns with 6 cards in hand due to Ghost Town. My opponent was a woman who didn’t know any of the Nocturne cards yet. She opened Farming Village/Ghost Town and proceeded to buy a lot of Sacrifices to trash them to each other. Eventually she got a Tragic Hero and started actually doing some things but the game was long over by then. A neat trick on this board was “killing” the Tragic Hero for a Gold and then Stonemasoning the Gold into 2 more Tragic Heros (or Labs once the Heroes ran out). Storytellers were not touched, and I think rightfully so. You can trash your Coppers anyway and want to trash the few Gold you get with Stonemason or actually buy things.

Round 2

From this round on the organizers started to do the pairings based on previous performance; that is winners played other winners and so on. So, as it turned out they used a variation of the Swiss style tournament format.

This game was a Bridge megaturn board. My opponent didn’t know the power of stacking Bridges and mostly bought a lot of Silvers and Chariot Races. She also was too afraid of playing Cursed Gold and thus got her Sentry way too late. I finished it with a big Megaturn in which I played a Ghosted Lost City to draw and play all my heralds and bridges. Oh, and the board also had the Landmark Museum and the Event Seaway, which were pretty irrelevant other than boosting up the endgame score for tie-breaking points. (Yes, they decided to use some weird calculation of points relative to your opponent as a tiebreaker).

Round 3


This was basically a game about rushing to Champion and winning the Nobles Split. Goat allowed for that to happen pretty quickly. My opponent also realised that, of course. He opened Smugglers though and I carefully bought my own Smugglers turn 3 (as second player) when I knew he had his Smugglers in his turn 4 hand. He neglected to gain another Smugglers and chose to not play his at all. His only big mistake was an early Fortune Teller that really helped me get to my Champion a few turns faster than him. I also got a nice tactical Doctor trash in once, cleaning up a lot of junk at the end of my shuffle. I won the Nobles split (with the help of my two Smugglers) and, by playing multiple Sacred Groves each turn, the game ended on the Province pile.

Round 4

In this round I encountered one of the people I met with the day before, and arguably the strongest one: Till (Sicomatic) who also plays in the Dominion League A division. The board though was not really that exciting. While you could theoretically build some engine here there just is no +Buy or extra gains other than some boons;  money just closes out the game super fast with Baker and Lucky Coin support. Luckily I was first player here and did build a kind of one of everything deck aiming at Fairgrounds as a potential Province substitute. Till just got a bunch of Bakers and trashed a little with Raze. He piled up a huge amount of Coffers. We both started greening at the same time though, and without an extra Buy there’s really not much use for the tokens. I sometimes missed $8 and could only buy a Fairgrounds. I was at 14 uniques at the end of the game but Till bought the penultimate Province thinking he’s enough in the lead (online Dominion made us weak) and I am able to buy the last one for a 1 point win. It turned out he miscounted how many starting Estates had been trashed, thinking we had both trashed one where really he trashed two and I kept all of mine. Unfortunately that already kicked Till out of the tournament since he had tied a game in a previous round before.


After the Qualification rounds the top 8 finishers advanced to the quarterfinals. Having won all 4 games I probably finished first or second in the qualifying rounds since only one other player managed to win all 4 matches as well. Unfortunately that was of no use, since the QF pairings are for some reason purely random again.

I played this one with Wolfgang, another member of our group (Watno). And boy is that a board. We have great trashing with Monastery and Butcher. We both opened with that since Borrow allowed everyone to start with a 5 cost card. By the way, all 4 Quarterfinals played that same board which I found was a really nice thing for a tournament to do. I heard that in a a lot of the other quarterfinals they opened Baron instead of Butcher which I don’t think is as good. If you buy Ports on your Monastery turn you get to trash even more cards so we both got thin really quick. We did build a Port Faithful Hound engine that was aiming to play a lot of Horns of Plenty as  payload. But before we could start scoring, piles have started to become really low and I was able to find a tricky pile-out on my turn by throning a Butcher to gain and later play 2 more Horns (I had to trash Horn into Horn for it to work). So I was able to win with just one Province against no victory points at all.


This was such an awful board for a IRL tournament. Originally it even included Swindler as an 11th card but since that’s too many cards it got removed at random. I was so happy about that swingy card being gone. But imagine if Lighthouse would have gotten the axe instead. *shivers* The board still was full of nasty attacks to really punish you for not having a Lighthouse down every turn. And to top it all off there is Keep to make the tracking of VP really hard. Fortunately I got a really amazing head start. We both opened 5/2 and got Vampire/Lighthouse. On turn 3 I gained a Cursed Village with my Vampire which flipped the Hex War. But, my deck didnt have any cards costing between $3 to $4 yet so I got a free Chancelor effect instead. I also got to trash my Magic Lamp for three Wishes very early on. Actually building something on the board is really messy, but I bought a lot of Cursed/Blessed Villages, Bridge Trolls and Secret Caves. I didn’t draw that well in the end so I couldn’t really close it out. I delayed the end of the game multiple turns to make sure to win most of the Keep splits beforehand. I didn’t want this game to end in a unpleasant surprise because I really was far ahead. In the end I won every single Keep split (other than Magic Lamp) and won the game on the back of that with a big points lead.


So I made it to the finals! This is where it gets exciting right? Honestly I was already very happy to have made it this far. For this game one of the organizers sits with us at the table acting as a “judge”. That basically meant that he picked up cards every now and then to read the text on them closely; sometimes even directly from play. Like once I played an Imp and thought about what to play with the Imp after drawing, but wait … where is my Imp gone? Well it’s in the hands of the judge.

And of course there were a lot of the other players standing around the table as spectators. My final boss was another member of our group: Lukas (tufftaeh).

We both were in great mood for this final and had some amazing banter. At the start I messed with all the spectators and the judge and did pretend to read all the cards as if I didn’t know them. At catapult I said out loud: “Man that’s a lot of text. I am not going to read all of that now.” Ah, we had a good time. So about the actual game: the kingdom has no +buy so all we have for gaining is Artisan (and Leprechaun). Catapult is a nice attack and Guide a pretty nice counter. We both opened with a Tormentor to gain some early Imps. Lukas hit an early Artisan while I get Plaza and Catapult. Lukas delays his Catapult a little too long and was thus a bit behind in trashing. He also had some sad draws where all his estates landed in the same hand and he couldn’t buy anything but a Pearl Diver. Skipping a whole buy like this hurts a lot in a single buy kingdom. One time I played my Catapult commenting it with the meme: “I am going to play my Catapult to trash a Copper and gain a Lab.” (Judge starts to read Catapult again) Even Pearl Diver had its time to shine as a card to play after your Imp. Once it saved my catapult form being bottom decked early on in the game. We both gained our Plazas and two Idols from Artisan. At one point I got hit by Envious and pretended to read Envy: “This card allows me to ignore Silver and Gold.” So we both try to hit $6 for the Nobles now. The big difference here I think was that I used 2 Guides to move through my deck much more quickly and to fight off the Catapult attack. There probably was the potential to gain a Leprechaun with Artisan and play it right away for a Wish but neither of us noticed that in time. When I am buying the 5th Nobles and with that winning the split Lukas offers a handshake as a sign of resignation. At that point I also had 7 Coffers compared to his zero so it’s basically impossible for me to ever miss Province. I also have my deck way better in control than he did so the resign was reasonable for sure.

So I actually did it. And the Prize was … a participation certificate. (and a 250€ voucher for their online shop) But seriously as far as prize support goes it was kind of disappointing. Not even a trophy for my shelf or a big unique Certificate. Anyways, I hope the biggest prize is yet to come and hopefully its for the joy of all of you.

Dominion General Discussion / Results: Most hated attacks
« on: August 23, 2018, 05:56:22 pm »

    1. Ghost Ship50

    2. Swindler46

    3. Mountebank42

    4. Torturer41

    5. Cultist 36

    6. Knights26

    7. Urchin24

    8. Ambassador21

    9. Minion19

    9. Militia19

Dominion General Discussion / Most hated attacks?
« on: August 17, 2018, 08:05:58 am »
Hey everyone.

I´m trying to find out what the most hated attacks from the community are. Please Vote for yours in the following survey.

Thanks :)

Dominion General Discussion / New Dominion Song: Jack and the Bonfire
« on: June 23, 2018, 05:23:34 pm »

Dominion Videos and Streams / RTT on Youtube / twitch
« on: February 03, 2018, 05:07:45 pm »
So after a long break i posted new Videos on my Youtube channel.

You can also check out my twitch channel

Most recently from the Dominion World Cup 2018.

Check them out if you are interested.

Hy everyone,

to shorten your wait for the Nocturne previews i thoght i´d do something fun for all of you.

Enjoy the listen

Has someone done the math? How likely is if i have all cards and play all random to have 0,1,2 or more events?

I´d be interested in the numbers.

Dominion General Discussion / Fun Fact: 2 official cards have the same name
« on: February 21, 2014, 07:45:57 am »
In the German Version the 2 Cards : Fortune Teller and Soothsayer are both translated to: Wahrsagerin  ;D
just noticed that a few weeks ago and wanted some tips how to play when both of them are in the Kingdom with something like Mystik, Wishing Well, Doctor, Journeyman, Contraband ... (all Cards where you name a card ) ;)

I wrote the German Facebookteam about it and they answered that they told the publisher about it so that they can think about changing that in future Versions.

Variants and Fan Cards / A Simple trasher with a ontrash setup rule
« on: February 20, 2014, 07:34:59 am »
Hi guys.
I had the following idea:
charburner - 4$
trash a card from you hand
Setup: Place a Trash token on a random Kingdom Pile that costs at least 4$ All Cards in these Pile get an additional on trash effect :When you trash this each other player gains a curse

I think this card will lead to interesting and fun games :) i imagine this on feast or mining village or Pillage will be very strong.

for the card at itself i think its a interesting though very simple effect that is not in the original game(closest may be spicemerchant) and fits the costs of 4$ (like moneylender,SpiceMerchant)

And it provides an unblockable(except WT and trader) curse giving like IGG while beeing more interesting than IGG.

Tournaments and Events / 3-Player Tournament?
« on: February 03, 2014, 07:35:00 am »
As the title says, is there interest in a 3 Player DominionTournament?

3 Player games can be a lot of fun and open up some different strategical space than 2 Player.
This tournament would be for those people who are looking for fun more than competitive play.

The problem with playing 3 Player on Goko is often that you have on player who leaves or is new to the game. A tournament could help to find some nice games that are different from the normal 1v1 games.

I could imagine hosting such a tournament and come up with a interesting tournament mode, but i would like to know if there are more peole who would like to play such a thing.

greetings RTT

Variants and Fan Cards / Attack mucker : confessor
« on: January 24, 2014, 04:24:10 am »
confessor 5$
Each player (including you) reveals cards from their deck until they reveal a card costing 3 or more. you put yours on top of your deck and discard the rest; each other player discards his and shuffles the revealed cards back into his deck.

Is this to strong or weak ? should it give +2$ or only cost 4$ ???
I think its pretty powerfull in the earlygame but fades in power lategame when provinces and duchys are bought and it could become a deck mucker for yourself so its a tricky call when to get it.

Variants and Fan Cards / Funny Card idea involving the trash pile.
« on: January 10, 2014, 03:55:30 am »
basicly the idea is to have a trasher that gives different benefits for the trashing based on the size of your draw pile in comparison to the trash pile size. so the trasher gets  a different feel in the early game than in the mid to end game.
what the bonuses exactly are is debatable.

Trasher - $3
Trash a card from your hand.
If the trash pile contains more cards then your draw pile: +1 VP-token +1 coin
otherwise: + 1 Card

Goko Dominion Online / How much are your coins worth
« on: November 19, 2013, 04:09:57 am »
By just playing multiplayer dominion on goko i have collected almost 19500 coins by now.

They sell 18200 for 100$ so i have coins worth 107 $

i guess you can easily top that ;)

I hope noone ever pays real money for their coins...  :o

Goko Dominion Online / Black Market and Stash available
« on: July 23, 2013, 03:41:47 am »
hi guys just read a message from the goko staff in chat that in about one hour we will be able to buy the remaining promos for 100 VP each.
the question is will there be enough adventures to reach all 5 promos? ;)

Variants and Fan Cards / derelict - ruins are his home
« on: July 19, 2013, 06:39:09 am »
choose one:+1  action,
or +1$;
reveal cards from your deck until you revealed 2 ruins
play them in any order.
discard the rest.
you may gain a ruins.

action-looter 3 $

Variants and Fan Cards / Victory cost reduction
« on: July 19, 2013, 06:29:37 am »
lord chamberlain
Victory cards cost 1$ less this turn but not less than 0$

Action 4$

basicaly a silver with a bonus for victory cards.
it allows nice tricks with trash for benefit cards like Upgrading a Gold in a province or stonemasing a Peddler for 2 provinces.

Variants and Fan Cards / Hunter - a bigger courtyard.
« on: June 30, 2013, 06:09:01 pm »
Hunter 4$
+4 Cards
place a card on top of your deck
discard a card

Do your think this is powerfull enough at 4$? I think its at least as good as smithy, though not strictly better.

So that´s the link to the playlist.

I tried out to comment in english and hope its understandable.
maybe i will comment some games in german too.

Dominion General Discussion / Advisor - HuntingParty
« on: June 19, 2013, 06:10:08 pm »
A small Combo i noticed.

Advisor draws all your Crap and Hunting Party then skipps them and draws the good cards.
So if you have 4$ and cant buy another HP and there is no 4$ that is particulary stronger for HP (Monument,Bridge etc...)
you can get an advisor.

Dominion General Discussion / Use Coin Tokens or spoils?
« on: June 19, 2013, 02:06:17 pm »
So that is a new question that we have to think of. Both things are one shot resources.
need 3$ for a province(or something else) and you have 3 tokens and a Spoils in hand i think the choice is easy.
But how about beeing2$ short or 1$ short for a province.

The 2 times I had this situation i used the spoils because the tokens are more flexible. Even if I just needed 1$.

Is this usually the right move?

Goko Dominion Online / Is there someone who never has freezes?
« on: June 12, 2013, 02:06:57 pm »
Well the game pretty often freezes for me and im interested if that happens to all of you or is it only because of my slow connection?

Is there anyone who never recently had a freeze lag out or something?

Dominion General Discussion / Comparing Fishing Vilage and Caravan
« on: June 12, 2013, 08:18:03 am »
although these are 2 totally diferent cards i want to compare their costs.
Fishing Village costs 3$ while Caravan 4$.

Let´s Compare the duration part and the on play part:

On Play

FV : +2Action +1$ what is worse than a squire so a worse 2$ but with +2Actions often usefull.

Caravan: +1 Card +1Action a cantrip wich is worth less than 2 and almost never usefull. (edge cases: peddler conspirator...)

Duration Effect:
FV : +1Action +1$  as a duration effect is like a previously played bazaar which costs 5$

caravan: +1 Card is like a Laboratory which costs 5$

so why does FV cost only 3$? I think it could even cost 4$ and be strong enough to compete with scout caravan

or could caravan cost 3$ too? i dont get why they have different costs.

Dominion: Guilds Previews / How many days till release?
« on: June 09, 2013, 03:42:05 pm »
So Guilds will be available at Origins.
and in the Stores shortly after.

but when is that and How Many days.
Lets make a countdown to guilds.

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