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Dominion Articles / Festival updated
« on: March 04, 2019, 08:55:09 pm »
Well, I added a section to Festival.  Maybe some of the old stuff could be edited down or something, idk.  The last time I mentioned some ideas for a wiki update, I was told that it's a wiki and I should just go for it.  But it could probably be better still.  idk.

Let me know what you think I guess.

Variants and Fan Cards / Town Drunk/Bartender
« on: December 01, 2018, 08:02:03 pm »
How much should these cost?  Maybe $3/$2?  Any other comments?  (Bartender was originally a standalone, but clearly it would be a pure Cantrip on many boards that way...)

Split pile, 5/5.

Town Drunk
Cost: $2 $4

Place this on your Tavern mat.
You may Call this during your turn for +$2.

Cost: $2

+1 Card
+1 Action
You may put a Reserve card in play into your hand Tavern mat.

EDIT - First thought - Bartender might be ok with most Reserve cards, but is way too strong with this one.  But nerfing Town Drunk down to +$1 would make it a fairly weak standalone for the first half of the pile (unless that's also underestimating things).

EDIT 2 - Returning it to your hand instead of the mat would be a huge change that might work?

EDIT 3 - I implemented EDIT 2 and strikethroughed the places where the original was different.

Dominion General Discussion / Pearl Diver buff acceptable?
« on: November 28, 2018, 02:32:14 am »
I posted this in RBCI a while back, but really, Pearl Diver 1e is the true RBCI, when it comes down to it...

Useful Pearl Diver
Cost: $3

+1 Card
+1 Action
Look at the bottom card of your deck.  Put it on top of your deck or discard it.

Or as an even stronger buff, you could throw a "you may" into the last sentence, but it wouldn't necessarily need it.

I think Donald is opposed to actually changing what cards do, and would rather introduce a brand new card.  And so far, they've always been full reworks, and not anything like what I posted here.  The only exceptions I know of are making things explicitly optional if they would lead to "or prove you cannot" situations.

Aside from that, I could see actually paying $3 for this card some of the time, and for $2 I would get them often.

Question in title.

Part of the problem in Dominion Base Set v1 was that you often could have gotten a $5 card on your Feast turn regardless (e.g., if your $4 card were a Militia or Moneylender instead), but then you would get to keep your $4 card that you would've had instead of Feast on top of having your shiny $5 card, and spending a spare $3 on a Village or Silver is sort of not super great as a trade.  This problem would not be solved by making Feast into a Night card or giving it +1 Action.

But another part of the problem was that if you got Feast later in the game and drew it with Smithy, it's a dead card.

Artisan is really cool and flexible.  It sort of replaces Feast, even though the "gains a $5 card" similarity is overshadowed by massive differences.  It's a better card for overall game design for sure.  I love it.  But anyway, yeah.  Is Feast as a Night or Treasure card closer to being ok?  Or is it just not worth even revisiting regardless?

Bare minimum:  Name a card combo that has a better (love?) story than Twilight.

Extra credit:  Tell their story.

Extra credit pt 2:  Editor's note.


Prince of Rats - There once was a Prince who had too much junk.  So he bought a pet rat to clean up the mess...  (Ed. note:  Caldicot medal winner, 2012.  Highly recommended, grades 2-5)

This thread is about defaming your least favorite cards for whatever reasons.  Hyperbole is expected and encouraged.



Some cards you can tell right away that they're there just to amplify shuffle luck and fuck you over.  Before you've even looked at the prize pile, you can tell that Tournament's card art might as well be a piece of buttered toast falling through the air superimposed with the face of Murphy laughing at you.  Even if Baker is on the board and you open double Tournament to play it as a Peddler, you know that they're going to land on the bottom of your deck together and the player to your left is going to hook up Vassal with Horse Traders and shuffle the Province into their hand on the turn you play them.  You're just totally fucked no matter what, and you already knew there was going to be some dumbass junk prize like a Diadem left over for you to get stuck with with no fucking Villages on the fucking board.  Like seriously, fucking Diadem.  I knew there was going to be a turd in the prize pile somewhere, but this one exceeded the limits of my imagination.

Some cards are sneakier than Tournament, subtler.  Some cards look cute and harmless, but you grow to hate them a little more every time you play with them.  Sauna/Avanto is one such card.  At first, it looks cute.  You're just some rich dude dicking around.  I want to warm up, but now I want to cool down, and now I want to warm up again.  Look at all this free time I have because I am a rich dude who owns stuff that helps me dick around.  But there is a dark, random, game-wreckingly awful demon lurking in the cold and hot places.

This split pile - or perhaps should I say shit pile - is the stealth Tournament of Dominion: 2nd Edition.  Once you realize how shitty and unfair this stupid fucking card is, all you can ever do is pray that there's a strong combo on the board that beats it.  Otherwise, you can just kiss your buttered toast goodbye as this no-skill piece of shit ruins your game, and there's nothing you can do about it.  That toast is landing face down in a pile of dirt, and you're out of paper towels, and that's just Murphy's Law.

Everyone will open Sauna/Silver.  The player to your left will collide them, and you won't.  You will lose tempo, and the player to your left will have increasingly favorable odds of favorable collisions, rapidly ascending to probability 1, and will be drawing their deck every turn by the fifth shuffle if not sooner.  There won't be any villages on the board, but there's this cool thing where Sauna/Avanto/Sauna is equivalent to two fucking Laboratories and a Village, but you can't fucking collide them because you're not the lucky ass motherfucker who was able to collide your Silvers with your Saunas every fucking shuffle and now everyone else is drawing their deck every goddamned turn and you still have five dumbass Coppers and two motherfucking Estates.  Like fucking seriously.  Strap me on an Acme rocket and fly me into the side of a mountain full of rabid dingos.

If you're player 3 or 4 in a multiplayer, you can fucking forget about ever even getting a second Sauna anyway.  You'll just have to decide whether you want yet another Curse from Torturer or not, as your odds of colliding multiple Silvers with a Sauna slowly declines as your Curses fill the spaces between your Sauna and your Silvers because you're Player 3 and you didn't get to trash anything on Shuffle 2, and now there's Curses.

An extra insult is in store in online play to sour the experience, win or lose.  If you somehow manage to become the lucky bastard who actually gets to run your engine, you'll get rewarded by constantly being asked whether you want to trash your fucking Provinces four times every fucking turn.  Getting the notices to go away is worse than trying to remember how to get Siri to shut the fuck up when you turn off the highway three miles from your house and you know where the fuck you are, fucking stop it Siri my hands are full of coffee and steering wheel!!! while the other players keep texting "hurry the fuck up so I can kill myself ffs" in the chat box.

I mean, Pirate Ship was never fun, but at least it had the decency to suck balls power-wise.  Tournament had the decency to wear its general RNG fuckery on its sleeve.  Rebuild is mercifully quick, if nothing else good can be said about it.

From the view of player enjoyment, Sauna/Avanto is the worst of all possible worlds.

Variants and Fan Cards / Flavor text thread
« on: August 23, 2015, 11:15:41 pm »
I decided we needed a thread for writing flavor text.  Canon cards only, please.  RBCI can easily accommodate discussion about flavor text for fan cards.


Having completed the first of his two tasks, for him the question remained whether this giant penis sculpture was worth $1 more or $1 less than what used to be there...

Adventures Previews / Thoughts on Miser?
« on: June 13, 2015, 06:34:09 pm »
Does anyone have some thoughts on Miser?  I'm having a really hard time figuring out when and how to use it.

Sure, you could get Miser-Silver on a 3/4 start, but then what do you do?  At least with Moneylender, you're looking at a pretty safe $5 hand that could easily be $6 sometime next shuffle.  Miser is so backloaded that you might get something like 3-3 after the first reshuffle, but Miser will do poorly if you delay it.  When and how do you offset how slow it is?  When do you just ignore it?  Is it worth risking a terminal collision if you can 4-4 with Baker or Borrow?

Clearly you would want to pick up a Miser or two on a Mountebank board in the absence of a better counter.  Cleaning up after Cache or Treasure Trove is maybe an option, but 7 Coppers is already plenty and eventually you want to play it for money instead of trimming.  Do you just get Cache/Treasure trove and 2-3 Misers and just try to rush for the $8 hands?

Dominion Strategy Wiki Feedback / First wiki edit
« on: June 12, 2015, 07:07:59 pm »

Been hanging out mostly in RBCI and Homage, but I thought I'd give editing a shot.  I added my humble opinions about Adventurer to the board.  (tl;dr: Yes, it's bad 85% of the time you draw $6, but it can be a late Province gainer)

I didn't see any information or stickies one way or the other about how readily new input should be added, but the info that was on the Adventurer page before looked really old and didn't say much about best-use cases - it only that Adventurer sucks, more or less.

I might do more edits if the veterans think I'm on the right track.  (The thing about Procession might not be notable enough to list as a synergy, but I was on the fence and decided to add it)

This thread is not a joke thread.  I love Scout jokes.  I really do.  A little too much, actually.  But this thread is about quirky combos that make one of the worst cards in the game stand out as doing something in a sort of above average kind of way.  Since this is a tall task, I might overestimate a combo, but I'm trying the best I can here.


The "Scout + Intrigue" combos have been sort of meh in my experience.  This combo actually makes Scout medium-strong in context.  Open with Warehouse and Tunnels.  Pick up a Scout or three eventually, but have more Warehouses and Tunnels than anything else.  You'll have Provinces to draw pretty early, too.  Gain more Golds, and have enough money in hand to buy Provinces on turns where you gain Golds.  Yay.

If you can get a Crossroads or two in the mix too, then it can get crazy (if not totally consistent).  Ideally, you'll be trashing your Copper early as well.


I read about this in another thread once.  Not exactly a combo, but Scout is one of the best cards to have in your hand when you want your *next* turn to be a lot better than *this* turn.  That's a backhanded compliment to be sure, but in a Possession game, this has been reported to be a legitimate strategy.  Slog through the Duchies and alt VP.  Maybe snag a Possession for yourself too - I'm not sure or it depends on the board.

Admittedly, this isn't as good as Rats/Bishop or Militia when it comes to cards your enemies won't want to play goes, but oh well.  You have to take what the board gives you.

Dominion General Discussion / Dominion on the big screen.
« on: January 07, 2015, 07:12:06 pm »
Terminal Collision

In a world overrun by 55-year-old men with guns who still think it's 1995, only one can emerge victorious.

"What're you going to do now, Count?  Put me on top of your deck and gain a Duchy?  I'll be back."

"No...  You're wrong."  *discards two Provinces*  "I'm gonna trash my hand."

(cue hip-hop remake of It's My Life, because man, we were so young and built back in the early-to-mid 90s!)

Shuffle Luck - obviously a romantic comedy.

Topdeck - Nautical grossout comedy starring Ryan Reynolds and Dane Cook.  (Not sure who should play the naughty Navigator, though.  This is a support role for some derpy and badly-treated underling.)

Three-pile - Direct to DVD, not rated.

Garden Estate - Zach Braff and Natalie Portman have grown up and now run a mildly successful exterior decorating business, complicated by unusual circumstances and well-meaning but misguided friends and family.  It's no silk road to success, that's for sure. 

Variants and Fan Cards / DimOnion highlights
« on: June 25, 2014, 10:08:28 am »
I recently blogged about my DimOnion sets a little.  I picked out the cards which were the most "finished" and also included some interesting ones that need work.  Modern Times has its own forum thread, and it's the biggest set, a sort of self-sufficient parallel Dominion universe which could potentially sustain themed expansions of its own.  The others are struggling to be large enough to be a full expansion, but there are a few fun cards here and there.

Anyway, some of these cards I haven't posted anywhere before, and out of the old stuff, I only picked out ones I felt were worthy of promotion above the others.

Modern Times,
Flying Circus,
Star Trek,

Any thoughts?

EDIT:  Printable Modern Times complete card pages here:
Still no transcriptions of the card text, but that's on the agenda for sometime or other, maybe soon.

EDIT:  Ok, I appended them finally:

Dominion General Discussion / Dominion rap battle thread
« on: February 28, 2014, 04:05:46 am »
Man, I got the flow, don't you know?
I got the get up and go, but you?
They call you Mr. High-five-on-the-side-now-down-low
'Cause your engine's too slow.

You gonna cough and hack
on my stack of attacks,
Your deck is so outta wack
Not even Jack can help you come back.

Your game is bad, that's why I'm writin' these verses.
You play your three Villages, draw an estate and two Curses.

Man, you just like Leo from Inception,
You ain't learnin' your lessons
I let you build up your engine, now I King's Court Possession
You'd see it from a mile away if you could stop and question, fool

I'd try to help it all click, but you're too thick
You can't teach an old dog how to be a trick
You'd just be a pug wearin' lipstick
Time to call the Bishop, 'cause this dog is too sick

Variants and Fan Cards / DimOnion: Modern Times
« on: November 01, 2013, 06:31:19 pm »
EDIT: (7/30/2014)  I updated some cards, made text versions of everything, and made a post about some of my favorite cards from Modern Times.  The second link has all of the content now.  I deleted the outdated content of this post so I won't have to update multiple posts at length:

Updated card list:

Flavor text:

You have to spend money to make money, they say. Preferably, someone else's money, or money that you don't have yet. Or maybe the only way to pay off a debt is to go into debt. Or was it the only way to make money is to go into debt so you can spend money to make money for collateral to go into debt to make money?

The quaint aphorisms of ages past just can't keep up with the complexities of modern times, it seems. To get ahead, you will need to leverage every asset, win every sporting event, ride every wave, and escape on a golden parachute on an inside tip. You might even gerrymander your apartment if it'll put you one step ahead of the next guy.

You come from a very long line of shrewd rulers, after all. And just like in ages past, ingrates flood the streets, only this time, instead of pitchforks they wield cardboard signs and iPhones, which they use to Tweet and Facebook their petty grievances.They have iPhones and they're complaining! Those ingrates! You're sure they would make a U.N. resolution against job creators if they could, but luckily, your man's on the inside and not theirs. To hell with them. If they won't work for minimum wage, someone in another hemisphere will for half that, hopefully less. Health Insurance? Over... someone's dead body, preferably theirs.

You could buy up every foreclosed house in town, and that may make you content for a while, but there are bigger fish to fry. And to fry fish, you need oil. Not vegetable oil - no, what you need is sweet, succulent petroleum, mother's milk, honey of the gods, ambrosia, aqua vitae, dino juice, Arabian gold, Tehran Tea... it has many names, but with any luck, it will serve only one master: you.

Those oil fields might only last another 10-20 years, but that's half a lifetime from now and you're pushing 50. They say the meek will inherit the Earth (or what's left of it), but that's not your problem. Live it up while the living's good, chief executive. These modern times move fast.

EDIT:  Card text cut from here, see links at top of this post for cards and card text.

Variants and Fan Cards / Circus
« on: October 31, 2013, 02:07:57 pm »
I didn't see a thread where this particularly belongs, or have any idea for a larger theme right away.

Cost: 5*
+2 actions
When you gain this card, put a Showmanship token on your Circus mat.
During your turn, this card costs an additional 1 coin for each Showmanship token on your Circus mat.

1VP for each Showmanship token on your Circus mat.

(Question: Should I try 4* instead? Seems borderline to me, idk.)

(EDIT: Cost was originally 3*, see first comment. It's probably "worth" somewhere between 5* and 6*.)

(Originating at )
It started with

Sexy Scout
Cost: 5

+2 Coins
Reveal the top three cards of your deck. Draw the Victory cards and put the other cards on top of your deck in any order.
2 VP

Then there was

Sexy Torturer
Cost: 6
+2 coins
Each other player chooses to either discard a card or gain a Curse in hand
2 VP

But why not have Sexy Everything?

Sexy Peddler
Cost: 12
+2 coins
+1 card
+1 action
During your buy phase, this card costs 1 coin less for each Action card you have in play, but not less than 0.
2 VP


Sexy Harem
+2 coins
2 VP


Sexy Bishop
Cost: 6
+2 coins
+1 VP
Each player may trash a card from their hand.
2 VP


Sexy Fishing Village
Cost: 7
+2 coins
Now and at the start of your next turn:
+1 action
2 VP

Variants and Fan Cards / Halloween fan cards
« on: October 27, 2013, 02:29:45 am »
Quick, do some!

Here's one for starters. (I added a clause to prevent the possibility of infinite loops with cards which could hypothetically exist; this clause is not on the image yet):

Cost: 4

You may trash a treasure from your hand. If you do, you may trash a Curse from your hand.

While this card is in play, any other player who gains a treasure also gains a Curse. Each time this card is in play, it can cause each player to gain at most one Curse.


(I could give this the Action-Attack-Duration type, but there aren't any cards like that, and I suspect it would be confusing or even inconsistent with some reaction cards.)

Dominion General Discussion / Fan art
« on: September 26, 2013, 02:20:54 pm »
Duchy Island!

(Now in color!)

Here, external link:

Added: A Better Love Story Than Twilight!

Variants and Fan Cards / Parody cards
« on: September 16, 2013, 06:54:15 pm »
I've been enjoying the Holy Grail board, as well as going slightly off-topic to touch on other Monty Python productions. This one is totally out of bounds, though, so new thread! :)

Cost: 6

Now and at the start of your next turn:
+1 card
+1 buy
Reveal cards from the top of your deck until you reveal an attack card. Draw the attack card and discard the other revealed cards.

Alright, here's a pick/ban method that I've been using as my go-to kingdom card selection method. I'll give the 4-player version, but you can modify it however. I'm not sure if anyone else has suggested similar already.

Shuffle whichever randomizers you may want in the kingdom. Each player gets six randomizers (which only that player sees), and then two are played face up from the deck; these are in the "tentative kingdom". Each player takes turns. Each player has up to four picks and up to four bans.

To pick a card, less than ten cards must be in the tentative kingdom, it must be your turn, and you must play your randomizer of choice face-up.

To use one of your two bans, play one of your randomizers face-down on top of the card you want removed from the tentative kingdom. Put the two cards in front of you as a visual reminder that you used a ban. No one needs to see which randomizer you used to do this.

If you have picks remaining and there are less than ten randomizers in the tentative kingdom, then you must use a pick or a ban during your turn.

If there are ten cards in the tentative kingdom on your turn, you may use an unused ban, or you may pass. But you may not add an eleventh card to the kingdom.

Whenever a tenth card is added to the tentative kingdom, each player gets a chance to ban (if any remain), including the player who picked the tenth card. If no bans go out, then the tentative kingdom becomes the kingdom for the game, which is played as usual.

This method tends to lead to player X's least-favorite card never making it into the game. However, it also tends to lead to semi-random games where stupidly redundant cards do not make it into the kingdom. Playing with this method all the time will tend to cause half the cards to almost never get played, but it generally leads to fairly satisfactory games for all involved.

(picks per player - bans per player) * number of players + number of initial tentative kingdom cards = 10, and two bans is probably a good number generally, unless you want to go crazy.

Variants and Fan Cards / Minotaur's card concept thread
« on: January 30, 2013, 05:34:16 am »
This one is mostly for fun, since it massively breaks the whole Dominion theme.

Cost: 6
+1 VP
If Antarctica is in play during your clean-up phase, do not discard it. Discard Antarctica at the start of your turn. While Antarctica is in play, any player wishing to use an Action must first discard an action card from their hand.

(I considered making this an attack, but... no, Antarctica isn't an attack. Antarctica is just Antarctica. I could see making it a Victory card rather than generating tokens, though. Villages are great against this card: either you get to play an extra action, or you discard the Village to play the action. Alternately, Big Money. But if a 5-action card can be use to beat Big Money, then the choice whether to get Antarctica becomes relevant again... I have doubts about this one, though. Then again, is it really any more of a pain than Goons?)

Extravagant Feast
Cost: 5 (EDIT: Originally, this costed 4, which was OP.)
Trash Extravagant Feast and discard up to three cards from your hand. Gain a card costing at most (4) more than the number of discarded cards.

(After a moment's thought, I realized that "any number of cards" was going to lead to idiotic games where the winner is whoever has enough luck to alternate 4-coin hands with hands that are dead except for this card. I changed the cost from 4 to 5.)

(Holy cow, the version of this that cost 4 was broken. If you buy the 4-cost version early in the game, discarding one card to break even with vanilla Feast is virtually no opportunity cost whatsoever, leading to easy Golds or even Banks wicked early, and you can still buy Silver or an action those turns. Way too good. When it costs 5, then by the time you can actually play it, it may actually be a meaningful decision whether/how many cards to discard. It's still good enough to buy too, but it rapidly becomes obsolete *unless* attack cards are making it difficult to get 6-7 coin hands in a reasonable amount of time. But now that it costs 5, how does it compare to Vault? Well, Extravagant Feast can get you those cool 7-cost cards guaranteed, so that's cool. And if you discard two, you might have spare change to buy a Silver or something that turn, if you really wanted to EF for a Gold or something; it would probably take a few more turns before a Vault in the same turn would likely bump you up to buying a Platinum. So the new version looks like it depends on the board, but typically becomes relevant at a certain point and then ceases to be worth it. But ymmv, only tested it 2-3 times so far.)

Lucky Penny
Treasure - Reaction
Cost: 3
When you play Lucky Penny, reveal the top card of your deck. Draw it, or return it to the top of your deck.
If you have a Wishing Well in play during your action phase, you may discard Lucky Penny and return Wishing Well to your hand.

(The reaction effect is an optional feature to include, but... yeah, it belongs, I think. This card is sort of alright even without Wishing Well, but probably not great or an automatic buy. A sort of watered-down Venture that sometimes makes your next turn a little better. Probably too good if it costed 2, not sure.)

(EDIT: This card is really strong, actually, maybe even worth 4, but I don't know. At 3, it's strong when your deck is mostly a mix of green, gold, and/or purple, when it will almost always be doing good things for you every time you see it, acting as either a self-spy or a Venture each time. When there are strong white card combos on the table, then it may be hurting you, but really... that's the only time it's worse than Silver. I really don't know what to do about this card. I like it, but it makes for some really breezy games. It's not broken like 4-cost Extravagant Feast, but it might be a little OP. Also, the test game had Bureaucrat, and I shouldn't really have to explain why that was insanely good... Seriously considering a cost of 4 here. Either that, or it can cost 2 and have an "optional trash-when-played" precondition to the special effect for more drama/strategy. y/n?)

Variants and Fan Cards / Dynamic draft mode
« on: January 29, 2013, 07:04:36 am »
Hi all,

Just wanted to share a method for picking kingdom cards that somewhat changes the rules of the game, but not too much. Here goes:

1. Before the game starts, assemble a deck of randomizer cards from whichever games/expansions you wish. It is sufficient to have one playable game to pick from, but you will need at least 21 randomizers (more than 50 is perhaps overkill and pointless, but doesn't harm anything). Also decide in advance whether you are playing platinum/colony or not.

2. There are only basic money and basic victory cards available for purchase at the start of the game (including platinum/colony, if you chose to use them.)

3. Players start with 3 estates (or shelters, if you have a significant number of Dark Ages randomizers) and 7 coppers as usual.

4. At the start of each player's buy phase, reveal the top three randomizers. The player to the right bans one card, which is removed from the game. The current player picks one of the other two and adds that card's supply to the kingdom, places the remaining revealed card on top of the deck, and then proceeds with the remainder of the buy phase as usual. Perform additional set-up steps as needed (there could be civil disagreements about what makes the most sense to do with Trade Route, though). The ban and pick cannot be skipped.

5. When ten supplies have been added to the kingdom, the remainder of the game is played as usual.

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