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Rules Questions / Wine Merchant + Debt
« on: October 23, 2018, 04:47:27 am »
Pretty sure I know this answer, but I suppose paying back debt doesn't work during the "end" of your buy phase? Otherwise you could first discard Wine Merchant and then pay back debt.

Dominion: Renaissance Previews / All Renaissance names revealed
« on: October 20, 2018, 08:49:47 am »
In the German forum, somebody posted what appears to be all the names of the Renaissance cards.

Edit: Apparently the names are real. Here they are:

Kingdom cards:
Acting Troupe, Border Guard, Cargo Ship, Ducat, Experiment, Flag Bearer, Hideout, Improve, Inventor, Lackeys, Mountain Village, Old Witch, Patron, Priest, Recruiter, Research, Scepter, Scholar, Sculptor, Seer, Silk Merchant, Spices, Swashbuckler, Treasurer, Villain

Flag, Horn, Key, Lantern, Treasure Chest

Academy, Barracks, Canal, Capitalism, Cathedral, Citadel, City Gate, Crop Rotation, Exploration, Fair, Fleet, Guildhall, Innovation, Pageant, Piazza, Road Network, Sewers, Silos, Sinister Plot, Star Chart

Dominion: Renaissance Previews / Renaissance name BINGO
« on: September 25, 2018, 08:11:22 am »
Renaissance name BINGO!

First time trying to start something like this, so please bear with me.  ;D

1. Create a Bingo board with 3x3 fields like the one below, and fill it with names you think might end up in Renaissance as the names of card-shaped things.
2. Post it in this thread.
3. When one of the names is revealed, strike the name. Do not edit your original post! Instead, copy it and strike the name in a new reply.
4. Plurals and Singulars of the same noun count as the same name.
5. The first player to strike three in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line AND post "BINGO!" in this thread wins. No winning without posting, posting serves as a tie-breaker.
6. Playtesters and others who know the card names are allowed to post in this thread, but should try not to spoil the game.
PS: I realize real Bingo is 5x5, but I felt the chances are slim that anybody will win that way.

I'll go first:

Theatre | Patron | Scribe
Replica | Scientist | Opera
Statue| Backup | Student

Edit (for future reference):
7. Posting a board containing already revealed names is cheating. Duh.
8. Like plurals, competing spellings of cards are considered the same name, as long as they are pronounced the same.
9. If, after all cards have been revealed, no player has actual Bingo, everybody who has 2 names in a line can win by posting "Almost BINGO!".

Rules Questions / Infinite Tunnel reveals on a Possession turn
« on: June 27, 2018, 04:11:49 am »
Usually you can reveal a Reaction infinite times to the same trigger. Judging from the online implementation, when you react with Tunnel, it is revealed from your discard pile and returned there before the Gold is gained.

Before in a discussion on the forums I argued that Tunnel can only gain one Gold because it is subsequently covered up by Gold, disabling you to reveal it again as it lost track of itself. However, in games with Possession, that Gold may never visit your discard pile...

So, why can't I reveal Tunnel infinite times on a Possession turn? Is that because in Tunnel's case we know it's the same copy? Or is it just Possession being weird?

Dominion General Discussion / Night cards speculation
« on: August 06, 2017, 08:28:52 am »
So, as the thread title says, I want to speculate about Night cards.

My main point: Nights might be another phase besides Action and Buy phase.
Problem: To be worth introducing an additional phase, there must be a relevant difference between the old phases and the new one.
What I'm trying to look for is what options exist to make a new phase besides Action and Buy phase worthwile. By finding out about these options, we might be able to narrow down what Night cards could do. Let's go!

Option 1: Resource production:
Given that Night cards are played after both the Action and Buy phase, and assuming you can't just go back (as the flow of time would imply), Night cards can't produce coins - simply because there is no buy phase to use them at.* However, Night cards might set up stuff for next turn, attack opponents, gain or trash. Neither of these however is sufficiently different from standard actions, as Actions already offer these options. Personally, I can't think of a resource Action cards couldn't just also produce.

Option 2: Leftover use:
At the time you play Night cards, you already produced some good stuff, like coins. So, Night cards could use these, to transform them into something. However, if we just talked about a card that takes leftover coins or Action at the end of the turn to do something, I'm pretty sure a "When you discard this from play" would've worked. Unless the leftovers are what lets you PLAY the cards in the first place. Which leads us to...

Options 2B and 3: Play limitation:
Treasure and Action cards are not only different in what they do, but also in how they are played. Action cards are used by expending Actions 1:1, Treasures can be played in unlimited numbers.
So, maybe Night cards are special in what they cost to be played.

There are some obvious options here:
  • Night cards could be played using up Money
  • Edit: Night cards use up cards in play
  • Night cards could be played using up something entirely different.

I think leftover Actions won't work. A night card might translate leftover Actions into something else, but requiring them to be played would just make them Action cards. Also, I briefly considered using cards (in hand) to be played, but that just won't work most of the time. Cards in play are another resource that's best available after the buy phase, and some of you have mentioned it already. So about the reasonable choices:

Option 2B: Night cards cost coins to play.
There's some potential here: Do I buy that Gold, or do I rather buy a 5$ and play that Vampire? The fact that Nights happen after the buy phase and after you played Treasures means that the fan-favorite "-1$" instruction actually becomes possible now. Night cards would basically be Events that go round in your deck. To some degree, you could have approximated this with nonterminal Debt cards (check out my Scientist, yo!), but of course this is cleaner. On the other hand, it means you pay twice for these cards: Once when you add them to your deck, and then each time you use them.

Option 2C: Night cards use up cards in play
This is an option I had not considered in my initial post. Just like you could use up coins, you could use up cards in play. Perhaps not each play, but it's a complementary option to coins.

Option 3: Night cards cost something entirely different to play.
So, how about using something that was NOT produced earlier in the turn. What could that be, you ask?

One idea would be to just have them be a second Action phase, that starts at 1 "Night-Action". Basically, two Action phases that don't affect each other.

Another idea I had was to use a unit similar to Actions, but instead of having each card cost exactly one, have some cards cost more of it than others. For example, each Night could last 6 hours, and each card costs a set amount of hours to play. So do I play three Ghouls costing 2h, or just one Ghoul and a Vampire for 4h? I'm sure you get the idea. Probably such a unit would get relatively complex if you had cards that re-add hours, or cards that put new cards in your hand mid-night**. So the cards would basically have to be stop cards. After thinking for it a while, I'm not sure how fun this would be.

There are a lot more options here. What do you think could make Night cards special? Feel free to add your own ideas or pick apart my analysis/speculative rambling.


*Obviously this could be wrong - feel free to suggest how this could be solved.
**See what I did there?

Hi folks!

A friend and I have recently unleashed our first ever video game on the unsuspecting citicens of the world. Hooray!

What's the game about?

RoboTraps is a Virtual Reality puzzler in which you're working as a small employee in a factory producing deadly traps. Your job is to make sure the robots working there don't accidentally destroy themselves, and if you do your job well, you'll be rewarded! With coffee mugs for your desk, encouraging(?) words, and promotions that don't do anything. Just like in real life.

Check out the trailer to see some gameplay (and witness the highly sensual voice acting by yours truly):

Features of the game include
  • silly robots
  • excentric humor (surprise)
  • 12 colorful levels made with Asper's arguably amazing (AAA) level design skills
  • rather mild movements to keep you from going dizzy
  • rewards and a tutorial
  • text & voice acting in both English and German

So how do I get this game of yours?

Being a VR game, RoboTraps is currently available for both your Android smartphone or the Oculus Rift.

In case you're not so sure whether your smartphone can keep up with the game, we're going to release a free demo of RoboTraps very soon (hopefully tomorrow). The free demo only has a fraction of the levels the full game has, but it's perfect to try out whether you're suited to work at an established company like Death Trap IncTM. Versions for the Vive, Daydream, IOS and others are currently being prepared.

Check our website,, or visit us at facebook to always stay updated on this. Or just, you know, post in and/or follow this thread.

But Asper, VR is sooo expensive! How could I ever afford it?

I hear you, high-end VR devices (like the Oculus Rift) aren't really something you just throw in your basket when shopping groceries. However, if you already own a smartphone, you could just get a cardboard and the Android version of the game. Cardboards are far more affordable, with decent ones being available already at around 5 bucks. So forget about roses and chocolate for Valentine's, there's nothing more romantic than working in a virtual monorail-cubicle and saving robots from buzz saws or flamethrowers.

Rules Questions / Stonemason + Knights
« on: August 03, 2016, 06:01:40 pm »
If i overpay $5 for Stonemason, can i gain two Knights even though the first covers the second? I would assume yes, as i have to gain the two cards in sequence.

Rules Questions / Possession vs spending tokens
« on: June 10, 2016, 10:57:51 am »
The new Possession errata states that i get all tokens the Possessed player would have gotten, so, obviously, i get VP tokens, coin tokens or debt tokens the possessed player would have gotten. So much for that. But what about spending tokens? From my reading, these are the official Possession rules by now:

  • I may make my possessed opponent spend his coin tokens (in addition to getting my own for his Baker), but may not have him spend mine
  • I may make my possessed opponent pay off his Debt tokens, but may not have him pay off mine
  • I may make my possessed opponent buy any number of Debt cards (regardless of my own debt) as long as he has no Debt of his own

Edited to make clearer who does what.

Feedback / Am i the only one getting aggressive PMs?
« on: April 11, 2016, 10:01:22 am »
So, there's this user whose name i'm not going to say, who sent me quite a few PMs in which he insults me. What do i do? I assume theory has better things to do, and probably it's petty, but on the other hand i can imagine him doing it to more people than just me and would like to let those people know they are not the only ones.

Also yes, i'm still here. What's with that?

No seriously, come closer. I can hardly see you back there. Woha, is this a new Dominion concept behind your ear? Where did that come from?

These are a quick idea i had when i thought about what Donald might do next. It's partly inspired by 461.weavile's Medallions (Warlords and Wizards):

Spells are effects similar to Events, which you can buy during your buy phase. They don't go into your deck. Instead, you have 5 tokens in your colour, which you put on (or next to) the Spell card. That Spell is now "prepared". Either way, to actually use a Spell, you have to play a kingdom card that tells you to cast them, and by casting a Spell, you lose the token again. Naturally, you can have up to five Spells prepared, as many of any as you like. Each time a Spell-casting kingdom card is in the supply, 3 Spells are chosen at random to be available. I decided to include a new type after some feedback convinced me it was reasonable.

Be aware, dear observers: For the novelty and pure magic of this new concept, several prices will be off.

Variants and Fan Cards / Fixing Dominion... again.
« on: July 08, 2015, 07:17:36 am »
Here are some mockups i made that can be used to replace some original cards that strike me as being off-balance or boring. I completely removed Rebuild and, by genetic engineering, made one card out of Chancellor and Woodcutter. With the absence of Vanilla Woodcutter, it would be possible to cost Nomad Camp at $3 and give a buy to Fortune Teller, both of which i considered but decided against. If you start doing stuff like this, you'll go on with removing the attack from Scrying Pool, or the passing from Masquerade, and then it's just a small step until Dinosaurs return and we have to allow them to marry.

Be warned that Spy STILL is slow and annoying, but fixing that is beyond the scope of what i'm trying to do here. Also, with the last bonus below the text, it's not as base-friendly as it used to be. The same goes for the Woodcutter replacement i threw in, but hey, instead of two awful attacks it now has one decent one, and instead of an awful +Buy for $3 it has a... mediocre one? So, everybody wins. I just wish there was free Pizza to celebrate.

Let me know what you think.

Note: Cards in OP have been updated

Variants and Fan Cards / 2 ideas on IGG
« on: April 21, 2015, 04:11:20 pm »
The fact that Port has 12 cards in its pile made me think: Would IGG be a better card if there was another number of them then 10? Don't get me wrong, i don't mind the card, but i feel IGG is (as competitive players use it) too little about the decision when to spend money to curse your opponents, and too much about cutting the game short.

Another option that would remove the rush ability completely would be an IGG-Event, where you just pay some coins, maybe gain something for balance (Copper, Silver), and everybody else gains a Curse. As i said, the difference here would be that this makes the rush (nearly) impossible, not just harder, like a 12 (or 9) card IGG pile would.

What do you think? Is IGG rush an interesting strategy and i'm just missing the point? Or, asked differently, do you think IGG should or should not be about the rush? Would it maybe be imbalanced without the rush ability?

Adventures Previews / Important poll on Adventures
« on: March 27, 2015, 04:32:52 pm »
I know you are all exited for Adventures. So, i made a poll to finally answer the one question that we all have been pondering for the last few weeks.

Variants and Fan Cards / Fan Card Shuffle App
« on: November 12, 2014, 07:27:18 am »
Cheers, guys. I created a fan card shuffle app a while ago and thought i could share it with you instead of letting it rot on my PC.

It's far from perfect, but contains all the cards currently available and has room for 3 sets of fan cards you can add to shuffle in (yes i know, 3 is an arbitrary limit - i might fix this some time). Also i know the Navigation inside the app is terrible. I will fix this some time, and not too far from now, too (probably). For now, i hope you can put it to use for what it is.

Also if you encounter any bugs, please let me know. Enjoy:

Dominion Blender

Edit: Forgot to mention, it's Android only.

Other Games / Which Smallworld game to get?
« on: March 09, 2014, 01:42:59 pm »
Folks, i need your help.

I consider buying a Smallworld game (original or underground), but i can't make up my mind which one to get. The original game appeals a bit more to me because it seems more diverse and colorful thematically (and i think the expansions were mostly designed for it). Then again i read that SW Underground was something like a 2.0 version of the first game, with deeper gameplay and more interesting abilities.

Can somebody help me decide which one to get?
As i will buy some of the expansions sooner or later, it matters a bit whether the game mixes well with those.

Thanks in advance :)

Variants and Fan Cards / Deliberately political cards
« on: January 19, 2014, 06:43:12 am »
I know Donald doesn't like political cards, and i personally am not a fan of political games, either (Catan, yuk!). But if we had a card that deliberately centers around the theme of politicalness (so obviously that everyone notices it), would that change things? For example:

Politician, Action, 4$
For each other player, choose one he may do (choices must be different):
Gain a Silver; Put his deck in his discard; Trash a card from his hand; Draw a card; Take a coin token;

The vanilla bonus is just a placeholder, and maybe not a good one. I just wanted it to be terminal (because some of the bonuses stack and some don't). The fact that it lacks a 5th bonus so that in 6-player games someone will get nothing is intentional  ;D

Edit: Card wording.
Edited again to better working version.

Game Reports / Was it the Bot or was it me?
« on: January 18, 2014, 05:30:52 pm »
I guess some of you know the situation that you just won a game against a bot, used a clever little strategy to do this, and now you wonder whether it was actually a good strategy or whether the bots just were too stupid.


I play against two bots. Both of them go for Ambassador and for Rebuild in the next step. Obviously good cards. I go for Secret Chamber(!) and Islands/Gardens. Interestingly i don't lose. Their constant playing of Ambassadors floods my deck with Coppers, which pushes my Gardens, makes me see Money more often and as an attack helps me settle my hands with my SC. Also they harm each other with it and my SC is a great help in making sure i always get to 4$, which allows me to green like silly. I win against them (by a few points), with both having 6 Provinces each and me swimming in Islands and Gardens.

So: Can it really be that two of the best cards in Dominion fail so miserably against Gardens and *cough* Secret Chamber? I see the synergy with the alt-victories as a 4$-enabler and that Ambassador is weak against Gardens, but isn't Rebuild supposed to make the game shorter? How could i get so much green in the first place? I wish i had a Log to at least make sure they didn't ambassador their starting Estates away or something like that...

Anyway, has this ever happened to you? And what do you think of my unexpected win?

Variants and Fan Cards / Fixed draw Village
« on: January 18, 2014, 05:08:47 pm »
A very small idea that i am pretty sure somebody had before:

Action, ??$
+2 Actions
Draw cards until you have 5 cards in hand

My general concern is what it should cost. Obviously it's a good counter to discard attacks and allows you to play a terminal just to draw up to your normal handsize after that. But then again it's pretty bad for Drawing engines, so maybe 3$ is fine? I haven't spent much thought on it, so forgive me if the idea is inherently stupid. Also i didn't spend too much thought on the name.

Rules Questions / Thought on Attacks and things happening at the same time
« on: September 25, 2013, 07:55:53 am »
I just noticed the following:

By Dominion convention and rules, if somebody plays an attack, players resolve its effect in turn order.
Also the rules state that if several things happen at the same time, you decide in what order you have things happening.

So consider "each other player gains a Curse", which is actually a case of several players doing something at the same time. If it wasn't for rule 1, i think the active player could decide which player gets his Curse first (it's his card), and so if they run out in the middle (due to Embargo, Ambassador, Trader...) he could do a political decision. The same applies to non-junking attacks, though not as notably.

Personally i believe Donald X never thought of rule 1 as an exception to rule 2, because rule 1 came first. Still it feels like one to me. Any thoughts?

As some of you might have noticed by looking at my "personal text" at the left, i am currently working on a randomizer app that will allow adding your selfmade fan cards. I am doing this for android devices, and most of it is allready done. This is the status quo:
  • Complete random choice of cards from the sets you choose
  • Option to bundle Potion cards, that is, either 0 or 3-5 show up
  • Option to play without attacks
  • Sort chosen cards by cost, Set or name
  • Exchange chosen cards by click on them
  • Exclusion list and favourite list
  • Add own cards, where a card has:
    • A name
    • A cost from 0 to 99, any number of Potions and possible overpay
    • Any combination of types excluding Shelter, Ruins and Knights
    • Any number of setup rules and additional materials, including mandatory Platinum/Colony/Shelters, Potion (without having Potion cost), a Bane card (if Young Witch is used, both share the bane) and any material used by other cards, including tokens, mats and non-supply-cards, as well as any completely new material. The only thing not implemented yet is an automatic "additional pile" option.
  • Storing those cards in up to 3 different fan sets that can also be renamed
  • English and german language

Right now i am working on an option for biased randomization (if that combination of words makes sense).
Edit: The bias is not very good right now, and i'd appreciate input on what i should probably change. Actually, that's the main point of this post. These are some ideas i had:

If "biased random is chosen",
  • at least two 5$ cards are included
  • if there are at least 3 terminals, a Village is added
  • not more than 3 attacks are on the board
  • Thief and Noble Brigand only show up at the same time if Platinum or a Kingdom Treasure is used
  • Woodcutter and Nomad Camp don't show up at the same time.
  • Chancellor and Scavenger don't show up at the same time.
  • Shelters are used when Rebuild is chosen

What should be added here? What are bad ideas? Halp!

Variants and Fan Cards / Asper's Cards
« on: August 24, 2013, 12:25:40 pm »
I created these over the course of several years with the main goal to bring original but relatively easy to understand concepts to life. The cards can be split up into several groups:
  • Dominion Legacy: Cards and Events using existing game mechanics, but in new ways. This is the biggest bulk. (Cog icon)
  • Fame cards: A minor mechanic about cards that get better if the player fulfilled certain "Feats" tracked on a board (Also cog icon).
  • Spellcasters: Cards that allow you to "cast" Spells that you previously bought. (Wand icon)
  • Seasons (created by Co0kieL0rd and me): Cards that change over the course of the game. (Hourglass icon)
  • Team Dominion: Cards created for a Dominion variant that has players team up against each other. (Shaking hands icon)
  • Edicts: Sideways cards that introduce straight-up rules changes. These predate Projects, by the way.
For work in progress concepts, check out the current discussion. Click images to embiggen.


Extra cards:


Fame cards and the Feat board(check for rules below):

Spellcasters & Spells (check for rules below):

Seasons (check for rules below, go here to check out the original thread by Co0kieL0rd and me):

Team cards (check for rules below):

Edicts (check for rules below):


Individual cards:

Normal Kingdom Cards

A very, very old idea that predates Dark Ages. It has never been a problem and is surprisingly fun to play in my experience. Few tests with serious Dominion players but a classic with the family.

A Silver that forces you to topdeck cards. Making the topdecking optional would have created a boring old Silver+ for , so i went with mandatory. Not really inspired by any particular expansion.

Guilds was the only expansion that didn't have a junker which used an expansion-specific mechanic back in the day. Sheriff is my attempt at one. I suggest to use Embargo Tokens for Sheriff, because they don't get enough love. Might be a bit too powerful even...

A Ruined Village or Village now, a Herald next turn. It might be a bit strong at , but its unreliability is quite some downside. Also i suggest you build your deck first if you want to turn over more than just Coppers.

Spooky! Imps, Wisps and Ghosts haunt these here Swamps. Probably too great with Wisps currently and not so great with the other two. I considered a version that gives +2$ instead, and I would have used it, but Sheriff kind of took that spot already :/
Consider this a bit half-baked for now.

A Reserve-Island. I dropped the cost to 3$ for now, but may have to cost 4$ after all. Probably best with Workshop variants.

Similar to LastFootnote's Wanderer, in that it moves from player to player. However, I made my version give a nonterminal bonus so it's never harmful to a player, and increased the on-gain bonus to something that's always useful. Also allowed me to do the "coin token for pay" concept with a natural limitation on how often you can do it. Predates Renaissance.

Based on GeeJo's Gambling Den, Sawmill is a Workshop that can gain cards and cycles, but trades reliability for that. It was called Mill before an official card took that name.

I wanted a card that uses Debt as a drawback. Originally this was a Lab+ (with +3 Cards), but somehow the smaller versions always seem easier to balance. I tried this at $2, but it was just too easy to pick up that way.

Shrine is the illegitimate child Secret Chamber and Chapel tried to hide from you for so long. For a while, I considered giving it a Reaction against Militia-type attacks or an overpay variant of Expedition - it ended up being nonterminal instead, which enables some cute tricks with draw-to-X and looks so much less cluttered. I think it's cute.

A card that exchanges one card from your hand for another card. It only gains differently named cards to make sure Well isn't abused to burn down the Province pile. The top part is just something that wasn't there at that time. +3 Actions on their own are hard to cost, but this version works decently. Was named Fountain before Empires came along.

A workshop you can play again and again and again. Made this somewhere in 2018.

Farmer is a Smithy variant that draws less, but better cards. Or at least they are better if your deck has a lot of variety. In case the wording confuses you: You don't have to pick up the duplicates, it can be any 2 cards revealed while searching for a duplicate. Less duplicates, more choice, more Cornucopia. One would assume it can go really bananas, but has worked out fine so far. Part of that is that, when your engine is fully set up, Smithy will likely draw the same cards, just more of them. It was called Blacksmith before Royal Blacksmith came up.

"Those Witches are giving our Villages Curses! Let them hang!! No, not the Witches, the Curses!"
~the Villagers who built these Gallows, apparently.

I'm giving this another shot because it used to be relatively popular. Will the Baron's and/or Duchess' kid finally break through?

Before Wine Merchant was revealed, i assumed a Reserve would need you to buy a Victory card so it could return from your Tavern Mat. When that didn't come, i made Hunter. As the play effect sifts, it counters the VP gain.

This is based on an idea eHalcyon had. It's a milder Swamp Hag that makes cards more expensive by adding debt to their cost.

Originally a kingdom card, Road has become non-supply to make sure there's always a Village to play it with, as kingdoms without one would really have made the card look bad. Also, as it's not in the supply, you can't put your +1 Action token on it, hooray! Champion still works, though.

This started out as a suggestion for Kudasai's Barbarian Village. Originally I wanted it to gain a Copper in order to be topdecked, but the obscure lose-track rule makes this impossible.

Assemble had to be nerfed for the endgame by putting its cards on top. Originally it just allowed you to gain two cards that together costed 3$ more than the trashed card, but boy, was that hard to word. Also, nobody ever did it. It's now one of the few base-inspired cards.

I first wanted this to cost 4$, so I considered a version that gave each other player a Coin Token on buy. Maybe debt would also have been a solution. It's a very strong 5$ without the player interaction, but would still have implied interesting play, I think. Now it's a tiny bit more board dependant, but I think the slight increase in strategical depth is worth it.

Still not loving them Night cards, and honestly, this could be a Treasure. It does have its perks, not to need "When you play this" and two (or three?) zero-value-coin symbols on the card, though.

This started out gaining you Silvers, which usually couldn't compete. Now it has you gain any $3, which still includes Silver. Was called Paddock originally, then Artisan, until an official card... Well, i probably should get used to it. Also, it wasn't optional for a long time. Why the hell was that?

I wanted a card that adds an additional card to your deck at startup, and it had to be a cantrip to keep openings the same. The rest more or less came by itself...

I wanted a Victory-Attack, so here it is. It's very, very simple, and the bottom part interacts ever-so-slightly with the top. I like it, even though it doesn't look as special on first glimpse. Fun fact: Maze in german is "Irrgarten", which translates to "Insane Garden". Just in case you wondered where the name comes from.

Werothegreat complained there was no card starting with Z, so i made Zombie. Obviously, you need a Necromancer first, who resurrects Zombies, which in turn kill your opponents' cards so they can again be resurrected by Necromancer. The fact that Necromancers can't play Necromancers is mostly to avoid a situations where several players trash each other's Necromancers, and the first to play one gains them all.
This was created before Nocturne came along.

Used to be "Olympic Village" (designed to look like a promo), but I decided to make it a bit more Dominion-y.

You won't believe through how many versions this went before it became the simple thing you see here. Might be a bit too Big-Money-ish.

An attack that lets you choose whether your opponents can keep their hand or have to draw a new one. For a long time I was convinced that it enabled you to make your opponent's hand too much worse, so it had a complex second part to avoid pins. I'm trying it without that now. At least it cycles...

Yet another really simple one. Making a Werewolf card that you can reveal Silver to has been in my head a long time, but only recently it came together in the most obvious way.
This was created before Nocturne came along.

What can I say? Some people just want to see the piles burn.

Cost reduction and gaining on one card is good. So good i had to salvage my old idea from Vampire and make Minister a card that curses you. I'm happy to had a use for this idea, after all. For a while this gave out VP every time you gained a card, but uh, that wasn't fun and the VP on gain is already discouraging enough. I did this long before Renaissance, of course.

Being an optional cantrip trasher, Homunculus is slowed down in how you gain it. On a board without other cards, you practically buy this in two steps - first when you buy the Potion, and secondly when you exchange that Potion for the Homunculus. This went through a lot of versions, and at one point got nerfed by being set aside on buy to be gained after your next shuffle. Later i realized that i could avoid introducing a new mechanic by costing it at and trashing the Potion when you got it. The name just had to be - after all, it hatches from a bottle.

Alacazam! That Copper in your hand is now a Potion. Incantation "sacrifices" a card in your hand to call in another card. For Curses, it chancellors your deck and triggers all your Tunnels. Looks like those alchemists finally found a way to make Gold, after all.

This started out costing 5$, and some people complained it was strictly better than Duchy. Well, it is, but so is buying Duchy in a Duchess game. You still get the Duchy. Anyhow, it was also too strong, and that was no fun. So now we can all be at peace.

New Throne Room variant. Totally bonkers, might be annoying and broken. Might throw it away.

Events & Landmarks

Trashers and junkers rarely are skippable. Let's make it a bit harder for them once in a while. This started out as an Event, then became an Edict, then went back to being an Event. Being an Edict means that buying order isn't important anymore, but it can be done as an Event, so I decided to stay with my principle of doing stuff with existing mechanics, if possible.

This started out as a Duchy variant that could be paid with debt or by trashing an Action.

Not much to say here...

All Villages gone? Time to move to the City.

Allows you to buy a more expensive thing in two steps, hence the name.

Started out as an Edict. It got the token to be easier to remember, and then I decided that being able to move it would be more interesting.

The Remodel-Event... Didn't work. I mean, if you have 4$ in your opening, it's a no-brainer to use it on Estate, and 5$ seems a bit too much for that. The solution was to make it an Expand and cost it higher.
This used to be named "Improve" before Renaissance came along.

This started as an event that costed $2 and gave a buy as well as a coin token. It ruined the game. Not giving the buy helped, but not that much. This would work, as you can't just stack up tokens that easily without actually playing the game. Also, yes, I'm aware this is the fourth of my Events that allows gaining 5$ cards. Ah well.

Just a little thing I thought of when doing Edicts.

A cost Event, simply because i thought it would be something interesting to try. This one makes any card you played this turn behave like Alchemist, but of course you need to include that Potion in your deck. Will that be worth it? You tell me.
This used to be named "Research" before Renaissance came along.

Fame cards and Feats
When a Fame card is out, each player gets their own Feat board to put in front of them. Fame cards care about how many of the "Feats" tracked by the board a player achieved. Whenever they fulfill one of the conditions on the board, players put a coin token on that spot of their board to mark the Feat as achieved. However, only the bottommost feats can be achieved at the start. To achieve a higher level one, a player must first achieve one of the lower level that points towards it. If a player fulfills a condition too early, they will have to re-do it again later to check that feat.

Spellcasters & Spells
When at least one Spellcaster card is in the kingdom, add 2 random Spells to the game and each player gets 5 Spell tokens. Spells can be bought like Events and take one buy to purchase. When you buy a Spell, you "prepare" it - this means you take one of your five Spell tokens and place it on the Spell card. Each Spellcaster allows you to "cast" a Spell. This means removing one of your Spell tokens from a Spell and then doing what the Spell says. Spells are not cards and can never be gained, and you can have a max of 5 prepared. Generally, they are relatively strong effects to add on your card, but you have to re-stock on them regularly - make sure to not run out of buys.

Seasons is an expansion Co0kieL0rd and I did together. In it, you use the Season board above (left), which spans 4 Seasons wih 5 sections each. The Season Token starts on the first section of Spring, and is moved forward after the last player in order did their turn (if you want to be picky, it's actually right before the first in play order does their regular turn). Therefore, Spring marks the opening and early phase, Summer the buildup phase, Autumn the late phase and Winter the part where the game will probably end. The cards do different things depending on the current Season. Use the Season Reminder above (right) to make sure you don't forget to move the token.
The cards in this thread are my re-takes of Seasons. Check out the original cards (some of which are more similar to the current take than others) by following this link.

Team cards
These cards are designed for players who'd like to try out team Dominion. Just seperate the players into teams before the beginning of the game, with the team with the most total points at the end winning. You can also have single players participate, so if your family thinks you're all too good a Dominion player and wants to gang up on you, by all means, let them. The single player may buy these cards, but won't get as much out of them. I know this isn't something everybody will want to play, but hey, here it is. Have fun.

Edicts are rules changes that go further than Events or Landmarks, triggering at any possible time. Just treat them like Landmarks apart from that.

This first one makes Estates pseudo-Moats at the start of your game. You can only defend once with each Estate, but that should greatly increase your chances of keeping an early Militia or Witch at bay.

A newer one. Originally it removed the Estate pile to shorten the game, but this goes a more strategical way.

Maybe this should be mandatory? It might throw a bit too much of a wrench into engines, though. It still harms them quite a bit.

Diplomacy gives you a bit of sifting during the entire game. Why is it called Diplomacy? Ah well, some just get the name because of fun interactions they have.

A simple take on Alt-Curses. Certainly not the best idea, but well, some people like that kind of thing.

Now you won't have to worry about colliding terminals anymore. Just sucks if the Peddler in your hand drew a Village either way.

Do you have one of those relatives that ask you to play giga Dominion with more than 10 kingdom cards in the game? Make them happy with this Edict. Inspired by Nflicker, who suggested 2 additional cards. I went with 3, because if you are overdoing it already, overdo by a lot.

Nflicker also suggested to do an Edict that adds Platinum to the game, possibly without Colony. Well, why not? We already can have super-Colony without Platin thanks to Dominate, you see.

Not much to say here.

A simple one, except to make it once per turn it needed some tracking mechanic.

Oh well, these Dukes suddenly got a lot more time. And a few points more to challenge them. More turns = More time to build an engine = more junk to choke on = profit? Also, yes, in a hypothetical real edition this would come with 3 additional Provinces. Which still is just 4 cards, so I'm alright with that.

It's all really simple now, isn't it? Originally this just gave each of your turns +1 Action, but that was very redundant with Explore. Well, it still is, who am I kidding?

5/2 opening on a Mounteband/Chapel board? Don't mind if I do. This used to be called Equality, but the picture didn't fit it and so I changed it to something else.

Noo!! Not my money!! Aaaaaargh!!!

Finally you can open double-Throne-Room! Hurrah! Well, actually this goes quite a bit beyond opening. Maybe you want double-Baron, instead? Just, where did those Estates go?

Variants and Fan Cards / A "Duration" attack that works
« on: July 08, 2013, 10:28:27 pm »
All this talking about a duration cost increaser got me thinking about how to make a working "Duration" attack. Here's an idea:

Action - Attack, 4$
+2 Cards
Each other player with 5 or more cards in hand puts a card from it aside face-down.
At his next clean-up phase, he discards it. If he does and would draw 5 cards for his next turn, he instead only draws 4.

Do you think it needs a Duration type (with a next-turn instruction that is not an attack) to avoid people forgetting what that set-aside card is for?

Edit: Okay... Nobody cares.

Game Reports / Awesome Scout
« on: July 02, 2013, 09:20:08 pm »
Disclaimer: I don't claim i had the best strategy on the board. Probably there were much faster ones. Still, i think a setting where Scout produces +1Action, +8$ is remarkable. There's no log because it was a real life game.

Story: We have all the expansions except Guilds, and decided to only use cards from two sets for a game. This one was Intrigue/Prosperity:
Kings Court

I opened 4/3 with Bridge/Silver and had 5 Coppers in hand turn 3. I felt lucky enough to buy a Mint and was lucky enough to buy a Harem turn 4 (though it would have worked out sooner or later anyway, as both opponents trimmed my deck with their Bishops). Turn 5 i copied my first Harem with Mint and bought a City. Soon i could trash my remaining money for another Mint and it didn't take long until my deck had no other money but Harem, and two Mints, a Bridge and 2 Cities as the only Actions (no estates). This was the time where i felt i actually wanted some Scouts. Using my Mints to gain up to 2 Harems per turn, my Scouts drew me ridiculous amounts of them. I more than once revealed 4 Harems, and being able to end a turn with a Bridge even gave me the buy i needed to make good use of them. It was absurd. In fact Scouts became so good that i'd rather discard two Harems for Goons then them.

Long story short, i still lost the game by two points, because i was stupid enough to reveal Mint and gain my 12th Harem, powering up my KC/City opponents. Still it was fun, and it made me see that while Scout is an awful card almost always, there are really specific games where it actually shines. Sad that there are so few of them.

Puzzles and Challenges / Guaranteed Familiar
« on: June 28, 2013, 03:13:58 pm »
Assuming you start the game with a 2 Copper hand, what is the earliest turn you can own a Familiar even with the worst possible shuffle luck? What cards are in the kingdom?

Edit: Thread title changed for reasons. You can assume what you want about your opponents (starting hand, good or bad will), only they have awful shuffle luck, too (meaning they will fail to help you whenever possible). The number of opponents is yours to chose, but only legal numbers for Dominion games.

If you want to know beforehand, it's turn 03.

Variants and Fan Cards / Old ideas that work better with Guilds rules
« on: June 18, 2013, 08:20:07 pm »
I don't know about you, but i found the new Guilds rules were able to strongly improve some older card ideas i had. Am i alone?

For example

Old version:New version with Guilds rules:
4$, Action - Duration
+1 Card
+1 Action
At the start of your next turn: + 1 Buy

While this is in play, at the start of each other players buy phase, he gets +1$         
4$, Action
+1 Card
+1 Action
Each player (including you) takes a coin token.

3$, Action
+3 Actions
+1 Buy

When you buy this, you may put a card from your hand back in the supply.
If you do, gain a card costing at most the same.
(No name yet)
2$+, Action
+3 Actions
+1 Buy

When you buy this, you may overpay for it. If you do, for each $ you overpaid,
put a card from your hand back in the supply and gain a card costing at most the same.

PS: If you have a good name idea (or any idea at all) how to name a Village-y card-changer with a bit of guilds in it and that fits in a set named "modern times", let me know.

PPS: Hooray for Tables!

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