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Dominion Online at Shuffle iT / Error when playing Displace
« on: May 08, 2020, 11:47:10 pm »
When you play Displace and exile a Province, shouldn’t you be allowed to get another Province as your card costing up to 2 more? Or if I use Displace to exile a Colony, shouldn’t I be able to replace it with a Colony? For some reason, Shuffle IT will let you gain a card less than than the exiled card or more than it, but not one that is the same price as it.

Rules Questions / Clarifying playing the action with Toil
« on: May 08, 2020, 11:12:09 pm »
If I buy Toil and play an Action card that gives me an action, can I continue to play more Actions from my hand? It doesn’t say you are back in your Action phase. So I am guessing that I cannot.

However, am I correct in thinking that if I play an Action card with Toil that gives me virtual coin, though I can’t play more Treasures after buying an Event, I can use the money from the virtual coin in my next buy?

Finally, is it true that if the Action card that I play with Toil allows me to trash or exile a card from my hand, or is an Attack card, I could trash or attack because it it part of resolving that one action I have been allowed to play? But if it lets me draw cards, I basically cannot use the cards I have drawn since they would just be discarded at the end of my turn, right?

In case anyone is looking to buy either Dark Ages or Alchemy, Miniature Market is having a big sale, and these expansions are included in it. Alchemy is $17.00 and Dark Ages is $25.50.

Dominion General Discussion / Images on Wiki
« on: May 15, 2016, 11:55:15 pm »
Perhaps this was already mentioned in another thread that I missed. If so, I apologize.

After seeing that JSH had decided to discontinue his art rankings, I decided to take a look at the Wiki to see the images on the next expansion that he would have reviewed, Cornucopia. First, there was Hamlet, but when I looked at Fortune Teller, she had been transmogrified into a common Peddler.  Menagerie is either a blurry 9 cost symbol or one of those UFO pictures you find on the web.  Tournament is a Platinum and Fairgrounds is a Tournament, along with other interesting transformations. Other expansions have similar problems. For example, Bishop has turned into a Militia.

So like I said, perhaps this has already been mentioned, but if not, what's up?

Dominion General Discussion / Any news on the list of $5 card rankings
« on: March 16, 2013, 12:41:05 am »
I know everyone is bummed out about isotropic going down. However, some good discussions on the $5 cards might lift our spirits.  So I was just checking when Qvist might start posting again.

Dominion General Discussion / How would you play this kingdom?
« on: February 13, 2013, 11:35:05 am »
My wife and I play IRL.  We had an interesting kingdom come up that we really enjoyed.  In fact, we ended up playing it 5 times, and each time it ended differently as we tried different routes each game.  These are the cards:

P - Vineyard, Familiar, Golem
2 - Crossroads
3 - Watchtower, Trade Route
4 - Tournament, Marauder
5 - Bazaar, Fairgrounds
It also included Potions, Ruins, Spoils, Platinums, Colonies, Shelters, and of course Prizes.

There are a number of routes to go with this.  Having Shelters and Ruins allows for you to make Fairgrounds worth 10 without even thinking about Prizes.  Then again, is it better to go for Tournaments and Prizes here?  Do you open with Marauder to give you the early Spoils to get to Golds quickly, or buy Potion to get the Familiar quicker?  Watchtower is great against the curser and ruins-giver, but how many do you want in your deck?  And Vineyards can be great with Ruins and Curses running out pretty fast, though the only source of +Buy is Trade Route or a Ruined Market, if you get one.  And then with 6 Victory cards in the game, Trade Route can be worth quite a bit especially later in the game.  It is definitely not a game that lends itself to a thin deck.  You end up with a lot of cards in hand.

Actually, if I had come across this deck before the Kingdom Design Challenge, I think I would have submitted it in the contest.  But I'm afraid I missed the boat there.  Either way, I would love to hear your opinions on how you would play this.  Thanks in advance for your comments.

Game Reports / Adventurer wins a game
« on: January 22, 2013, 10:55:49 pm »
I basically just play IRL.  So I never have posted in this section.  However, I thought this was at least a little interesting.

I usually do not ever buy Adventurer unless it has a good chance of pulling good treasures.  Well, tonight we found ourselves in a real slog.  The board was:

Ill-Gotten Gains

With Ambassador and Ill-Gotten Gains, we quickly were gumming up each others decks with Curses, Estates, and Coppers.  However, between Crossroads, Cellar and Embassy, especially with Bridge, we were both buying Golds, Farmlands and Provinces much more than I expected.  We were down to the last Province.  My wife had just given me two of her Curses her last two turns and returned one to the board, and I hit 5.  I should have bought a Duchy, but instead I went for the next to last IGG to give her back a Curse.  She had bogged down pretty badly.  She played a Crossroads, drew 2 cards, and then played an Adventurer.  With all of the coppers, IGG's and silvers in her hand, I was sure it would be a waste.  Wouldn't you know that she pulled 2 of her 3 Golds with that Adventurer and got the last Province.  She won the game by one point!

I play primarily IRL.  So since I have my cards sleeved, I was able to make up temporary copies of the new Dark Ages cards that were previewed by Donald X last week.  We have only played 2-player games with these cards between my wife and me.  We tend to play the same kingdom more than once to try different tactics or let the loser try to make up for previous mistakes or bad shuffles.  Here are some things that we noticed about each of the cards:

Poor House – It is a lot of fun to finally have a card that costs 1.  It certainly adds a whole new wrinkle to the game when trashing.  It is also good when you have 7 and two buys.  You can get that Gold and a Poor House together.  Though PH obviously doesn’t like you to have a lot of treasure in your hand, it really isn’t that bad if the treasure is Gold.  2 Golds and a PH gives you a Province.  Of course, you need to get rid of the Coppers to really make it good, and it works well with Actions that give you money, but we didn’t really have much in the way of actions that give you money in the games we played.

Hermit – We both love this card.  The trashing that it lets you do in the discard works great for getting rid of those pesky Rats you pick up every time you play a Rats.  It was also good for picking up extra Poor Houses, Squires, Silvers or Sages, which helped lead to almost every game ending with 3 piles, especially any where we used Colonies.  And turning this into a Madman is totally worth it.  You just grab a new Hermit with the Workshop effect and then trash him into a Madman.

Madman – As has been mentioned in the previews thread on this card, it is really crazy when you can play of couple of these in one turn.  One game I was able to buy 3 Provinces in one turn with 2 Madmen and the extra buys from a Squire. 

Rats – It works quite well for getting Coppers out of your deck, but they really will eat up your deck if  you don’t have something else to trash them out.  My wife had one time where she had to reveal a hand of all Rats.  (Not a pretty picture.)  As I mentioned above, Hermits is a good Raticide because it gets rid of it before you have to shuffle another one into your deck.

Squire – Since we didn’t have any villages in our setup, we used this primarily for the 2 Actions.  It works great with a drawer like Cultist or any other good drawers.  I also used the option of the 2 Buys quite a few times when I had multiple Squires show up.  And the Silver choice was great early game or if Feodum was in the kingdom.  I had a 5/2 a few times, and so I got a Cultist and Squire; then next turn with the Squire I got a Silver.

Feodum – I like this card, though it really is going to need silver-givers to shine.  We played one kingdom with Jack, but it really didn’t give enough silvers quick enough to make it worth a lot.  We also played a kingdom with Trader as one of the cards.  This gets really crazy with Trader.  One game I got my Feodums to be worth 7 each.  I loved Tradering Cultists after the Ruins were gone since I got 3 cards for trashing the Cultist and 5 silvers from the Trader. 

Cultist – I’ve already mentioned this card a few times above.  It can be really devastating in giving out the Ruins because of the multiple play affect that you get when you can play more than one Cultist in a turn.  And it doesn’t cost extra actions to play the extra Cultists!  After I pummeled my wife with Ruins the first game using the multiple Cultists, she quickly learned to buy plenty of this card and turn the tables.  (For Ruins I made cards that were +1 Action, +1 Card, and +1 Coin to go with the Ruined Market that Donald had revealed.)  And once the Ruins are gone, being able to string them together still makes a great drawing engine, or they can be trashed for extra cards, which I did many times.  Now that we know the other 2 Looter cards, I would say at this point that I think this one will be my favorite of the three.

Sage – This is a nice card for sifting through your Coppers and Estates to get to your early Silvers, Golds, Hermits, and Cultists.  I never bought or gained more than two of them in any game.  They definitely start to lose their effectiveness late when they find Provinces or Duchies instead of Golds, but overall a nice 3.

Graverobber – I have to admit that we probably underutilized this card in our games.  With the kingdoms we had, the only real cards of value that you wanted to get out of the trash were Pillages or possibly a Cultist.  With other kingdoms, there are going to be some nicer cards in the trash to dig for.  And it did work nice with Cultist late to trash the Cultist from your hand, gain a Province, then get 3 cards from the Cultist.  Overall, I think this is going to a great card once I get a better feel for it.

Pillage/Spoils – The attack on Pillage can be quite annoying when you lose the great action card you had or when you lose the money needed for a Gold or Province.  However, since it only happens once per card gained, it isn’t a big problem.  Getting the 2 spoils early in the game can be a real boost to get you good 5’s or Golds, especially if you have a source of +buy with them.  My wife won one game by resurrecting more than one Pillage from the trash with Graverobber since you get to put the resurrected card on top of your deck and thus be able to get to your Spoils the next shuffle rather than 2 shuffles later.

Shelters – Nothing overly exciting to say about them, though I do like them better than Estates.  I especially like Necropolis for allowing you to open with two good terminals with less worry about collisions between them.

I am sure that there are many other things that could be said about these cards, but these are just some things we noted as we tried them out.  I look forward to adding other Dark Ages cards with them when I get my copy of DA.  I am sure that we will discover many more interactions and benefits.

I thought about adding this to the thread about new expansions, but since it is titled "News" about the expansiond, I decided to post a bunch of suppositions in a new thread.

I am anxious to hear more about the theme of the expansion, but until something more definitive is stated by Rio Grande, I thought it might be fun to try to come up with a list of names that we think would be used on cards in this set that would fit with the "Dark Ages" theme.  If you want to suggest what the card does also, feel free to do so, but I am mostly looking for ideas for names.  It will be interesting to see how many of them become a reality when it is released.

Here are my suggestions for some possible card names:

Monk (some sort of trasher)
Abbot (Probably there won't be both Monk and Abbot, but I bet at least one of them will be there)
Abbey (another trasher?)
Minstrel (a card drawer)
Knight (an attack, or maybe a reaction)
Dragon (definitely an attack)
Barbarian (another attack)
Feudal System (you would think there would be some card that would use the word "feudal" in it, but not sure exactly what would be more likely)
Courtier (or possibly Courtesan) - some type of alternate victory card
Fief (or Fiefdom)
Medieval Village (We know there has to be at least one village in there, though with over 40 cards, there will probably be a few)
Coat of Arms (a type of treasure)
Baronet (Has some connection with Estates, like Baron)
Count (or Countess) - maybe both?

Any other ideas?  And if some of these sound like good possibilities, what type of card might they be?

My wife and I were playing earlier today and we had this random setup:
Courtyard, Workshop, Scheme, Mining Village, Gardens, Pirate Ship, Royal Seal, Stables, Farmland, Bank.

My wife went for more of a modified BM approach, eventually with 2 Banks in her deck, and I went for Gardens.  I was thrown off guard at first when I realized there were no +buys to help in getting the quick 2's.  I used Pirate Ship to get a few coins to help with my purchases, though of course, it helped thin out some of her coppers. At least it hit one of her Banks along the way.  At first I was focusing on Mining Villages and Workshops.  For some reason, I forgot to add some Schemes early in order to put my Workshops back on top and use them to keep grabbing Gardens and Mining Villages.  (I'm still getting used to the Hinterlands cards.)  So by the time I got a couple Schemes, I didn't get much benefit out of them in the long run.  My wife got two of the Gardens.  I also managed to get 3 Provinces.  I had a deck of 42 cards.  So I got my Gardens worth 4 each.  My wife got 5 Provinces, a couple of Duchies, and even 2 Farmlands.  She also bought one extra Estate on her last turn.  (I ended the game buying the last Province.)  We had run out Gardens and Mining Villages.  The final score ended up 46 to 45 in her favor.

So what is a good tactic to winning a Gardens game when there is no source of +Buy, especially if my opponent has a facilitator like Bank to strengthen her purchasing power.  Is the Pirate Ship a real waste of time, providing too much help to her and not enough to me?  As it progressed, I twice had hands with double Pirate ship and was able to buy 2 Provinces that way.  So it seemed to pay off in the long run for me even though it helped give her some early trashing that she would not have been able to get otherwise.

No one bought Royal Seal.  It didn't seem to really add anything to the game in any way, and I never bought a Farmland since it would require me to trash something to get something, which works against the idea of Gardens to keep adding as many cards as possible.

I look forward to your comments.  Thanks.

AJD’s thread about how the cards in each Dominion set relate to the theme(s) of the set started me thinking about the theme in a different way – that is, how does each set/expansion relate to its basic theme or title.  For example, how well do the names of the cards in the base set connect to the basic premise of the game, that you are creating a dominion, a united kingdom?  With Intrigue, how do the cards there relate to that theme of intrigue within your dominion, and so on with each expansion?  Some connections are obviously easier than others.  It will take a while for me to work it all out, but here is what I came up with for the base set:

Your Dominion will have to start small and grow.  Along the way, there will be much Intrigue. Still, as improbable as it may be, (perhaps as improbable as Alchemy ever actually being proven to work), you know you can eventually bring it all together.  To do so, you will definitely have to Expand in your Prosperity.  As a result, your dominion will reach from the Seaside to the Hinterlands, resulting in a Cornucopia of possibilities for you.  For now, though, you have taken those three small Estates your father left you and that pittance of an inheritance of 7 chests of Copper, and turned them into so much more, including Duchies and Provinces.

First of all, you had to give attention to your castle.  What would any self-respecting castle be without a Throne Room, where as you sit upon your throne you can make judgments that will double the strength of your actions?  And there is that Cellar you have, where you can discard the things that you don’t want.  Maybe someday, you could locate a good Torturer, and make better use of that space.  For the pious members of your court, you also have designed a beautiful Chapel, where people go to have their sins removed.  There is also an excellent Library, where multiple volumes can be found to fill your needs.  There is even a Laboratory, where that Alchemist you plan to hire will hopefully be able to make all of the Gold you need to be able to prosper.  And then there are the Gardens of which you are so proud.  When they are in full bloom, they are worth more than even the nicest Duchy in your kingdom.

Of course, it is also important to have a Council Room, where you can meet with the stuffy Bureaucrats who are always trying to get in the way of your next deal.  You also have to continue to work with the Chancellor you appointed who is never satisfied with how things are working out.  He always seems to want to start over with every project.  Though you often wonder why you even have him around, there are times when he has proven to be very useful.  Even the Bureaucrats, Silver-tongued devils that they are, have their benefits when you are able to use them for your own purposes.

Truly, it is a great castle, but there are some parts that could use a good Remodel, like the dining hall where you hold a big Feast each month.  You hope to turn it into a Great Hall someday.  Speaking of that monthly Feast, it is becoming so popular, you are probably going to have to trash that idea and move on to something bigger, like a Festival.  Of course, if you do that, you will have to start holding it in the meadow outside of the local Village.

Speaking of the local Village, it certainly is the place where all of the action is.  For example, at the Market there, people can find a little bit of everything they need.  Someday, you hope to turn it into a Grand Market, but this will do for now.  It is plenty popular when it is open.  The village’s Smithy is very productive.  He keeps your horses supplied with plenty of horseshoes.  The Moneylender there has a good business going, though he seems kind of limited in his scope at this time.  You have to keep your eye on him, though.  You’ve heard through the grapevine that he hopes to eventually set up a Bank, which will really allow him to turn his small coins into much more.  And then there is that very interesting little Workshop at the far edge of town.  They really can crank out a lot of cheap product in a short time.  One other thing you can say for the owner of the Workshop.  Though you wouldn’t expect it from him at first glance, he is very good at designing Gardens.

In the foothills on the other side of the valley is a very special Mine.  There they use the Copper tools to dig out the Silver, and they use the Silver tools to dig out the Gold.  They also use the Gold tools to dig out the . . . , well, you’re not really sure right now.  The mineralogist overseeing the work hopes to eventually find a Platinum vein, which sounds good, though you really have no idea quite what Platinum is, nor what you would do with it if he did find it.

Of course, life is not without its problems.  You know you have a Spy in your court.  You are sure you will catch him eventually, but until then you are stuck with him nosing around in yours and other people’s business.  There is also the money that keeps disappearing from your coffers.  Whoever the Thief is, he will be caught and punished appropriately.  Still, you have to admit that the damage he does seems to be minimal.  Sometimes he’s actually more of a help than a nuisance.  There’s also that old woman who lives in the strange house in that clearing in the woods along the main road who claims to be a Witch or something like that.  She isn’t happy if she isn't coming up with some kind of Curse on anyone that comes near her.  A lot of people are getting very nervous about her.  She definitely has a powerful effect on people.  You would be better off having her as an ally rather than an enemy.

Speaking of the woods, there is also the issue with those two stupid Woodcutters, who can’t saw straight even if their life depended on it.  They are so bad, they should pay you for their work, but at least the timber you get from them is valuable for use in your future expansion projects.  There is also the local Militia, which is getting better organized and more threatening.  In fact, they have been siphoning off some of the men from your army for their cause.  Fortunately, you have your Moat to protect you against your enemies, including any future Rabble or Goons that come along.   Still, since the Militia is proving to be such a pain, you might need to offer more money to some of the Adventurers in the area to get them to join your army and share in your vision for the future, your currently small, but soon to be grand Dominion.

Rules Questions / Gaining a Tunnel with Ironworks
« on: November 16, 2011, 01:55:38 pm »
I apologize if this has already been asked and I am not finding it.  I know that there was a lot of discussion about Ironworks interacting with Trader, but what happens if you gain a Tunnel with an Ironworks?  If I gain a Great Hall with an Ironworks, I get +1 Card for the Victory type and +1 Action for the Action type.  If I gain a Moat with an Ironworks, I get +1 Action because it is an Action-Reaction card.  However, Tunnel is a Victory-Reaction Card.

Before Hinterlands, all Reaction cards have been Action-Reaction, but now with Tunnel and Fool's Gold, the word Action does not appear on the card.  So it would seem then that if I gained either a Tunnel or a Fool's Gold with Ironworks, I would only get the one bonus from each card (+1 Card for Victory, or +$1 for Treasure), but I would not get an extra Action because the other type on the card is Reaction, not Action-Reaction.  Is that correct?

Variants and Fan Cards / Vineyard and University Cost Without Potion
« on: July 24, 2011, 09:06:23 pm »
I checked out the threads on variants for Alchemy on BGG.  There were a couple of discussions there about giving some kind of value to the Potion cost if you were to use the cards without Potions.  Admittedly, if you are going to buy Alchemy, it really doesn't make a lot of sense to try to make such a conversion.  Just play with Potions as it was designed.

Though I personally have Base Dominion, Intrigue, all of the other expansions, and will probably purchase future expansions, I have decided at this time not to purchase Alchemy.  However, I have some blank cards that I have put to use to create an Apprentice in my collection since it doesn't use potions.  I love the card when it comes up in our random decks.  There are a couple of other cards from Alchemy for which I would like to do the same thing, namely Vineyard and University.  Obviously Herbalist would be the easiest because it doesn't require Potion in its cost.  Perhaps I will do it also if I get more blanks with future expansions, but for now I am interested in the other two mentioned.  The problem lies in translating the cost of a Potion to a card value that doesn't include Potion in the cost.

I don't wish to cause a big controversy here.  I realize that some will feel that I should just buy Alchemy and use the Potions. If that is how you feel, you probably have an excellent point, but it won't change my mind as far as buying it right now.  However, if there are some of you willing to bear with me, I would appreciate any thoughts on my reasoning on how to translate the costs for the two cards.

First of all, a Potion costs $4, Silver costs $3, and Gold costs $6.  Since Silver is then worth $2 in buying power and Gold is worth $3, that would seem to put Potion as being a Treasure worth at best $2-1/2.  Obviously that is a ludicrous cost to try to translate over to a card.  But even if you consider it as being worth $3, that would mean Vineyard costs $3 to buy and University would cost $5.  Both of those costs seem to be too low when compared to other cards in the game.  If you make it worth $4, that is what you have to pay to obtain a Potion in the first place.  So I am looking as that as my starting point.  Now let’s consider the individual cards.

First, Vineyard: In Donald X's post about the Secret History of Alchemy, he mentioned that Vineyard was originally in the Base set and Gardens was in what became Alchemy with the costs switched.  That would indicate that $4 is an acceptable cost for Vineyard since that is what it would have been if it had remained in the Base game.  That fits with the $4 translation cost for Potion since a Vineyard normally costs $0 and 1 Potion.  So that all seems pretty straight forward.

Next, University: In the post “Combo: University/Watchtower/X” on this forum the point was made that with Potion in its cost, University is kept from being too crazy.  Certainly that would be a big issue if you translated the Potion cost to just $3 for University.  It would end up being a $5 card, which you could use to get multiple Universities and then use them for multiple purchases of other $5 cards.  However, if we apply the Potion cost as $4, then University now costs $6 to buy.  That would prevent someone from using it to get more Universities.  So it would seem that would be a good cost for it, but is there any reason to think that it is too powerful to be a $6 card?  On the other hand, $7 seems to be way too much for it, and would weaken it to an extreme.  So for me, it feels best to give it a cost of $6.

Any thoughts as to my reasoning or lack of it? :)

Dominion General Discussion / Combo: Horse Traders/Library
« on: July 07, 2011, 05:35:55 pm »
My wife and I were playing a game at home the other night which included colonies/platinums.  The deck was as follows:
3 – Masquerade; Fortune Teller
4 – Walled Village; Conspirator; Horse Traders
5 – Harvest; Library; Rabble
6 – Nobles
7 – Kings Court

We actually played this same setup twice.  I won both games because I was able to get a better KC engine going combined particularly with Masquerade, Conspirator, and Nobles.  I also made use of Horse Traders for needed extra buys and to help discard junk.  In fact, at one point, I was able to purchase 3 Colonies in one turn, which was pretty cool for me in my limited experience with the game.

Though my wife did not win, she hit upon a combo that worked very well for her, especially early in the game.  While I started out Silver/Conspirator, she started Silver/Horse Traders.  She was able to quickly buy a Library and Walled Village soon thereafter.  Those three cards worked together very well for her.  She played the Village, drew a card, played a Horse Traders, discarded two, then Library, which then allowed her to draw 6 cards, while drawing plenty of Treasures.  Early in the game, this meant a lot of Coppers, but it worked much like a Counting House without having to have all of the Coppers in the discard.  She was thus able to get Golds, Nobles and KC’s early.  All you need is a Village or other card that gives +2 Actions.

I did not try this combo myself.  I focused on Masquerade and Conspirator early, but it certainly worked well for her when it hit.  I believe one reason that it didn’t do as well for her as it could have is that she didn’t commit strongly to it by buying multiple HT’s and Libraries.  So as her deck grew, she wasn’t able to pull it up consistently.  In addition, I was able to thin my deck quicker with KC/Masquerade.  I have no doubt that there are other combos that are stronger, but I wondered if anyone else had tried this combo and found it to be effective.  If so, what would you think would be the optimal number of HT’s and Libraries needed to make it work?

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