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Dominion Articles / Combo: Seer/Vassal
« on: February 24, 2019, 11:04:27 pm »
Seer is hardly seen as a power 5-cost card. Compare Seer with Lab which is at the same price point. Lab is guaranteed to draw two cards, while Seer draws at least one, but can draw up to four. The caveat is of course, that three of the four cards must each cost between 2-4. So you’re not going to get four power-5 cards (or golds for that matter).

To make it worse, the 2-4 cost landscape is pretty… spotty. You have some gems like Ironmongers but also real duds like Chancellor (unless you’re running Chancellor/Stash). So just like almost any other card in Dominion, Seer’s use is Kingdom specific, and sometimes it feels like it’s only use is to pick up silvers. Luckily, one specific power card that matches with Seer is Vassal, especially in an action-heavy deck.

These two cards are almost made for one another. Use Seer to vacuum up Vassal, and rearrange the rest, putting the 5-cost actions at the top of the deck. Then play Vassal, and voila, you get to play that powerful action plus get an extra 2 coins to boot. Without Seer, Vassal would be flying in blind and likely a terminal action, and without Vassal, Seer wouldn’t generate much money by itself (although it can suck up silvers as mentioned before).

Of course, you need a bit of trashing before using this combo, or else your Seer will just be rearranging coppers. And cursers/looters aren’t ideal for this strategy – your Seers will also be stuck sorting curses or ruins and your Vassals will also be weakened significantly.

Seer-Herald and Seer-Mystic both also combo, but are slightly less effective than Seer-Vassal because of different reasons. Seer-Herald doesn’t provide the extra coin, and Seer’s scrying is pretty shallow; because Herald draws a card first before revealing for the action, that might be beyond Seer’s three-card scry already. On the other hand, Herald does guarantee that extra action already unlike Vassal. Seer-Mystic is an even better combo than Vassal, but then you must collect two 5-cost cards to use the combo, so this probably won’t be used until the later in the game.

-   Power 5-cost (or higher) cards, especially cantrips like Hunting Party, Grand Market, or Highway
-   Copper trashing
-   Thin-deck engines that need some virtual +coin

-   Cursers or Looters
-   Lack of trashing

Thanks for reading my first combo post y'all! Any feedback is either content or writing style is greatly appreciated.

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