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Dominion General Discussion / Dominion t-shirts available
« on: March 04, 2016, 04:59:36 pm »
*** See Reply #12 for shipping costs, you can order those now ***

Polish company Games Factory Publishing has started crowdfunding campaing for Polish translations of Intrigue, Seaside and Prosperity. After 8 hours the campaign is 94% funded, so it will definitely end with success. You can view the campaign here: (Polish language only)

The stretch goals are new box cover art. As an add-on, you can buy t-shirts with this art (4 designs available, core set and 3 expansions available in campaign). You can view the designs here: - I guess some of you may be interested in those. Front has only the picture, on the back there's also Dominion logo and place where you can add your name (or remove this sign altogether to make the art more visible).

The t-shirts cost 85 PLN (around 20), you can order them only to Poland, but if there are people here who would like them, I can take care of forwarding them to your place (shipping should cost around 10-12 for one or several of those). Let me know if people are interested, if yes, I'll check the details and will get back to you next week.

Dominion League / Season one - Game reports & discussion: D
« on: May 20, 2014, 04:03:26 am »
My match against pst

hsiale - pst 4-2

Game 1

Code: [Select]
Moat, Smugglers, Familiar, Herald, Monument, Plaza, Counting House, Embassy, Festival, Rebuild

I don't like the start: pst gets 5/2 and opens Moat/Rebuild, while I need to open Monument/Silver. But I get a great 2nd shuffle (getting Rebuild turn 3 and 4) and his Smugglers bought on turn 3 give him only another Smugglers instead of something more useful. After my turn 8 Duchies are gone and split 4-4, but I am left with only one Estate and have Monument, he is left with two Estates. Also at that time I already have 3 Rebuilds while he still has only one, this together with VP chips allows me to get a good lead so I can finish the game by trashing Provinces into new ones. 1-0

Game 2

Code: [Select]
Chapel, Embargo, Doctor, Oracle, Fortress, Smithy, Graverobber, Tribute, Upgrade, Harem

He trashes way better, I mess up my engine building, his Tribute works great on my Harem. The game takes long, I strongly suspect Smithy BM would win against either of our strategies. I fail to get $8 multiple times and finally he takes the last Province and wins. 1-1

Game 3

Code: [Select]
Fool's Gold, Moat, Sage, Armory, Gardens, Pirate Ship, Bazaar, Cultist, Margrave, Goons
Goons, Cultist, Margrave so this is going to be quite aggressive game. We both get Goons turn 3. I don't understand his Armory buy turn 5 - I don't feel gaining lots of Sages is going to be so important here. We're building towards more Goons, he gets Copper on Goons play straight away (probably expecting Sage to skip it), I get a Cultist to junk him and try to avoid extra Copper. He gets ahead, while I still build, then turns 15-17 I get Province, Estate and 3 Gardens to get the lead while still having a smaller deck. After this I can maintain the lead while closing the game. 2-1

Game 4

Code: [Select]
Death Cart, Talisman, Cartographer, Cultist, Inn, Journeyman, Merchant Ship, Mountebank, Saboteur, Peddler

I open Silver/Silver to go for $5 cards, he opens Silver/Talisman and gets multiple Death Carts with it, emptying the Ruins (which makes my Mountebank or Cultist choice easy). I curse him a lot while his Death Carts slowly clean his deck of Ruins. I get some good turns due to Inn buys just before shuffles, but in the end take way too long to close the game, his Death Carts start working, but luckily I finally manage to empty Duchies before he gets enough Colonies to get ahead. 3-1

Game 5

Code: [Select]
Native Village, Cutpurse, Rats, Silk Road, Trader, Count, Vault, Border Village, Goons, Possession

We both go for Native Village/Goons with Cutpurse support, the difference being he adding Vaults which I ignore as I feel they work against both attacks. Once I feel my deck works decently, I start greening by buying Estates and Silk Roads, emptying those piles to get a big lead before he can buy Colonies regularly and end the game (NVs were gone very quickly). 4-1

Game 6

Code: [Select]
Transmute, Shanty Town, Armory, Farming Village, Remake, Salvager, Bandit Camp, City, Harvest, Treasury

I though Remake will allow me to trash quickly and use Spoils the turn I gain them. It turned out this wasn't the case, he got a quick lead and due to having Salvager could trash Provinces to close the game before I could do anything. 4-2

Thanks for the games pst, if you want, it would be interesting to read how they looked from your point of view.

Game Reports / $22 Island
« on: April 02, 2014, 08:38:11 am »

Code: [Select]
Vineyard, Courtyard, Doctor, Wishing Well, Island, City, Mint, Rabble, Rebuild, Royal Seal
I ended up with more Cities than my opponents. But he was ahead on points. I had more Rabbles as well, so I was way more likely to draw my whole deck, but I needed +buy desperately and the only way to do this was emptying another pile. Luckily Islands were low and my opponent, probably not expecting my plan, helped a bit. Then turn 21 I had to spend $22 on the last Island, so that next two turns I got 3 Provinces, 3 Colonies and an Estate to finish the game 14 points ahead.

Game Reports / A game where I don't gain Rebuild but end up using it
« on: March 03, 2014, 05:41:38 pm »

Code: [Select]
Black Market, Fishing Village, Alchemist, Horse Traders, Militia, Scout, Young Witch, Butcher, Ghost Ship, Rebuild, Possession
Black Market was the bane.

Seeing Alchemist and Possession, I decided to not go for Rebuild. I opened Black Market/Potion (BM mostly in case he goes for YW), he went for Horse Traders/Black Market into Rebuilds. I got some Alchemists, a Gold, a Counterfeit from Black Market deck, got my Possession turn 7. He already had two Rebuilds and had some rebuilding done. Straight after my Possession buy he got Butcher. When I possessed him for the first time, I saw a hand containing Rebuild, Butcher, Province (2 Provinces for me). A bit later I got a good hand and managed to counterfeit my Potion to buy 3rd Alchemist and 2nd Possession, preparing to end the game quickly. I possessed him two more times, first seeing 2 Rebuilds, then unfortunately just Butcher with Duchy. But still I managed to get 28 points in total out of those three turns, enough to win the game.

I feel I was definitely lucky, both with early Possession and during the possessed turns. Do you think I was likely to win this game?

Game Reports / 13 Outpost turns in one game
« on: February 06, 2014, 07:45:28 pm »

The kingdom was: Scheme, Throne Room, Outpost, Steward, Pawn (main cards), Noble Brigand (main nuisance), Tunnel (used only during endgame), Workshop, Masterpiece, Embargo (not used at all, though maybe Workshop could be interesting to have some control over 3-piling).

The game was standard trashing with Steward, getting Schemes/TRs to have a village. I got Pawns seeing Noble Brigand on the board. He got some cash so I bought Noble Brigand. I stole his Gold and junked him with Copper, he responded with a Brigand of his own. More or less at the same time he realised that Outpost will be strong here, as small but schemed hand can work. I had to do the same and for some time, before junking made our engines less reliable, we both took two turns in a row repeatedly. Finally we went into endgame, I started greening a bit earlier and managed to get 8th Province while ahead.

Game Reports / Possession/Black Market crazy game
« on: January 29, 2014, 10:32:01 am »

I'm 99% sure we both were far from playing this optimally (any opinions on what's best here?), but it was fun. I thought we may even empty the Possession pile, but finally only 7 were bought. Black Market cards added to this game's unpredictability. My final two turns which I'm quite happy with (as before this I thought I'm likely to lose) were: use Governor and Soothsayer (which both I got from Black Market) to give my opponent 7 cards hand, Possess him, buy a Province with my money, then use his big hand to get lots of coins and buys, ending with Quarry making piles that were low cheap to run out while buying the Province giving me the lead.

Goko interface problem: there's no button to discard Treasuries so that your opponent's next hand won't contain them.

Dominion General Discussion / 206th card
« on: January 23, 2014, 06:46:46 pm »
Seems this year we will get something new, though not a lot.

Quote from: DonaldX
There will probably be a Dominion promo this year.

Game Reports / Anti-Cultist board
« on: September 21, 2013, 06:22:42 pm »
I have just played this game:

First thing I've seen was Cultist and my opponent opening 5/2 to buy one. Then I looked more and I saw a possibility of not joining the race where I was already behind: Menagerie to draw when I have many different cards, Warehouse to sift through Ruins and Graverobber to turn some of them into Menageries or Warehouses. I opened Plaza/Menagerie, got Loan to get rid of part of my coppers, later saw them work well with Poor House, so I got a few of them.

Finally I was one coin short of drawing the game. I feel I made quite many mistakes. I also thing my Graverobbers rarely colliding with Ruins was unlucky. On the other hand I think I was lucky to have 3 Ruined Markets amongst 9 hidden Ruins.

What do you think about this board? Was the engine I tried to build viable against junking and Treasury/Gold my opponent got, or do you see some other interesting plan? I feel my biggest mistake was waiting for Graverobber to collide with Ruins, I should have bought some Menageries earlier. Out of my 4 final turns 3 were good, but once I was completely stuck and couldn't do anything useful.

Dominion General Discussion / Custom Black Market deck
« on: June 04, 2013, 07:16:59 am »
I've been thinking recently about making RL Black Market setup easier. The idea I came at was making a Black Market deck to use all the time. The rules I invented are:
- there are 30 cards in the deck, they are alternate art versions of various Dominion cards,
- none of those cards can introduce extra setup rules or additional game components,
- cards should be of various cost and function,
- cards used should not be extra strong, but still decent, preferably above average,
- cards used should not need multiple copies to work.

Black Market setup rule becomes: take Black Market deck, remove all the cards that are already in the kingdom from it, use the remaining ones whenever someone plays Black Market.

Then I looked through the cards lists to choose the set. Initial composition I got is the following:

$2 Haven
$2 Crossroads
$2 Pawn
$3 Steward
$3 Watchtower
$3 Market Square
$3 Oracle
$3 Village
$4 Ironmonger
$4 Throne Room
$4 Smithy
$4 Workers' Village
$4 Horse Traders
$4 Cutpurse
$4 Spice Merchant
$4 Baron
$4 Feodum
$5 Vault
$5 Laboratory
$5 Haggler
$5 Upgrade
$5 Bazaar
$5 Catacombs
$5 Count
$5 Rabble
$5 Jester
$5 Counterfeit
$6 Altar
$6 Hoard
$6 Nobles

What do you think about such deck - will it decrease Black Market's variance (which was one of the thing I was aiming for) while leaving it playable often enough? Are there any problem cards I overlooked and should be removed or interesting additions you see?

Game Reports / Feodum vs Colonies
« on: May 24, 2013, 11:26:18 am »

I was a bit behind from the start (my opponent was first to Ghost Ship/Jester and used those to make it harder for me to get Goons), but he chose Gold or Bank over Goons when getting $6 himself. So finally I had some Goons but he already had a good lead, so I decided that, already having a few Silvers, I want a long game so that maybe I make up the loss. So I went for more Silver and Feodum.

The game finished after 42 turns, with lead changing hands several times over last few turns and one card left to 3-pile - but it was Goons and whenever I was in the lead I could not afford it. I ended with 7 Feoda (trashed last one to gain more Silvers) worth 9 points each, still 7 points short of winning against his 8 Colonies. No idea if he had the point tracker, I had and it was extremally helpful.

Game Reports / The ultimate Treasure Map board
« on: April 06, 2013, 02:08:58 pm »
I got this as a random board at Goko. My first thought was: Treasure Map with all enablers one could wish:
- Watchtower and Talisman,
- Warehouse,
- Armory,
- Band of Misfits.
Additionally: Treasure Map, Embargo, University, Alchemist, Trader.

I opened Watchtower/Talisman, had them collide turn 4 but didn't have $4 to get Treasure Maps. It was quite a chaotic game from then on, with both Lord Bottington and me colliding Treasure Maps turn 10 (bot via Warehouse, me via Talisman/Watchtower after using BoM as Watchtower to draw the real one into a hand with Talisman). I managed to get 5 Provinces, I think the main difference being lots of Silver in my deck (due to using BoM as Trader sometimes). Full game log:

Do you think there is a viable strategy that does not involve Treasure Map here? I thought about opening Embargo/Potion and going Alchemists with Embargo on Map in case of 2/5 opening, but I'm not sure if this would be consistent enough.

Rules Questions / Band of Misfits as Herbalist
« on: March 12, 2013, 08:30:09 am »
If I play BoM as Herbalist, should I get the possibility of topdecking one of my Treasures when I discard BoM from play?

Game Reports / Bridge megaturn
« on: March 11, 2013, 04:42:32 pm »

Important cards: Border Village, Bazaar, Bridge, Chapel, Library, Scheme (not so important, but fun addition and made sure I don't get screwed by a hand of 5x Bridge).

I opened Chapel/Bridge and went for Border Village into Bridge as soon as possible. After a few turns I got rid of all treasure and had the deck going nicely, getting all the Bridges, many Border Villages, adding Schemes when they costed 0 and I had a spare buy, finally getting 2 Libraries and 7 Bazaars. Turn 14 I ended with 11 buys, 17 coins and everything costing 0, too bad there were no Colonies in this game.

Game Reports / Poor House/Storeroom
« on: January 24, 2013, 09:11:04 am »
Full log:

My first try at this board was Poor House/Counterfeit (mainly because I opened 5/2 and could buy Counterfeit first turn), but it was too slow at trashing my Coppers. So next try I decided I won't be trashing them, but I'll use Storeroom to make some coin from them. The board had everything I needed: Village for extra actions, Hunting Grounds to draw lots of cards, Market for extra buys and Throne Room to just make things a bit more crazy.

I bought all the actions I needed in 12 turns. Then two next turns the engine didn't fire (I guess it could be built way better) but at least I bought a Province each of those turns, and also one turn 12 together with some Poor Houses. Then finally turn 15 everything worked, giving me 4 coin off Markets, 7 off Storeroom and 20 off Poor Houses, allowing me to buy 3 Provinces, 1 Duchy and 1 Estate, ending the game.

Help! / Why did I lose this Governor board?
« on: January 17, 2013, 05:07:19 pm »

I killed his turn 1 Silver with Noble Brigand, which I thought will be enough to win the race. I got 6 Governors, got Spice Merchant as he did, trashed Coppers faster (and handed him some with my Noble Brigand), but still could do nothing in the end while he played all 4 Governors he had from a 13 cards hand on his last turn, getting a lead of 9 points I could not overtake. Did I make some endgame mistakes that costed me the win here?

Game Reports / IGG to win Province split
« on: January 14, 2013, 05:30:02 pm »

I really like Ill-Gotten Gains. And when I've seen it on Goko for the first time, with original card art, I simply had to go for it. So I decided Shanty Town is my 3rd pile to empty and started. After a few turn I've seen what I had forgotten about: I don't only need to 3-pile, I need to have more points and Curses alone won't do it.

The bot went for Council Room BM. Bought first Province turn 6, second turn 8 (already with 3 Curses in deck), 3rd on turn 8 (with 6 Curses). My deck started to work nicely as it was big enough for Shanty Towns to not collide and IGG was a Silver whenever I wanted. So I decided it's time to make up the difference and I got two Provinces turns 12 and 13. The bot started to feel all the green and purple cards in its deck (12 in total at that moment) and it switched to Duchies. Then the game was practically decided - I sent remaning Curses to the bot so that it for sure could not get anything better than Duchy or Feodum and built some Provinces and Duchies of my own to end the game on 3 piles (IGG, Curse, Duchy) with 1 Province left and 4 in my deck.

Now I wonder how would I call my deck - a slog, a rush, big money?

Game Reports / Black Market madness
« on: January 11, 2013, 04:22:56 pm »

My opponent's Black Market finds:
- Walled Village,
- Farming Village,
- Throne Room,
- Crossroads,
- Forge,
- Saboteur,
- Mountebank
- Fairgrounds (!!!)

I played less Black Market (mostly due to getting worse cards or good cards that I could not afford at that moment), only got Moneylender but after I trashed one Copper Saboteur killed the guy. So I played some simple money deck with lots of Silver and a Merchant Ship. I should have taken Gold instead of Border Village into Silver twice, but still I somehow managed to get 4 Provinces by turn 17, when his Native Village/Ghost Ship/random Black Market things engine started to work (and clog my deck due to Mountebank he got turn 15). Luckily he lacked money, so he was making extremally long turns (twice in a row sometimes as he got Outpost) leading to not much because of low buying power.

With 4 Provinces taken, no Gold, regularly starting turns with 3 cards and having Curses/Coppers coming with no way to trash them, I had to go for Duchies. He nearly emptied Native Villages and I hoped he'd empty Curses too. This worked quite well, after 27 turns there were no NVs, two Duchies and two Curses left and I still had a good advantage. So on his turn 28 I put Province on top of my deck when he played the Ghost Ship, hoping Saboteur is coming. It did, I gained a Duchy, bough one on my turn, next turn he played Saboteur again, I got a Curse, buying the final Curse turn 29 to end the game.

Help! / Conspirator chain
« on: January 09, 2013, 04:37:37 pm »
I just got utterly destroyed in this game:

We both went for a similar strategy of Scheme-Conspirator-Market but since first turns I felt I am behind and had no idea how to recover from the opening. I started Chapel/Conspirator while my opponent got 2/5 and started Chapel/Upgrade, which allowed him to get 2 Schemes and 1 Silver from his Estates and from then on he was all the time faster than me - I somehow managed to get the Conspirator split 5/5, but by this time he had 3 Markets to my 1 so I was behind in buying power once again. Was there anything I could do in this game to have a chance to win against his 5/2?

Help! / Could I end this faster?
« on: December 26, 2012, 05:29:14 am »

Opening 2/5 with Familiar was not that great, I started Torturer/nothing against his Potion/Scheme. Then we both went for Familiars (I got Potion turn 3 and he could not buy Familiar until turn 7, so my opening didn't hurt as much as I was afraid of) and his worked better due to Schemes.

After 12 turns I was losing Curses 3-5 and with no Familiar in hand I was quite sure I'm going to lose the split, quite likely even 3-7 (he had Scheme topdecked). The only thing I liked about my deck was that I had some economy (Vault, Goons, 3 Silvers) while he had mostly cantrips doing nothing as soon as Curses ran out (3 Familiars, 2 Schemes, 2 Pearl Divers - all he could use to buy good cards were Apothecary and Philosopher's Stone, one of each). So, seeing that once he gets some economy he should be able to buy Colonies, my plan was to end the game before he can do it. I decided to empty Pearl Divers and Schemes - two cheap cantrips, already a few taken, and they will let my pseudoengine run at least from time to time despite all Curses and Coppers getting in the way.

Next turns I was:
- buying as many cheap cards as possible when I played Goons (Scheme, Pearl Diver, Copper whenever I had buys left),
- buying big cards that sped up my plan (second Vault, 2 Grand Markets) or upped my score (a Province 3 turns before I ended the game) whenever I got Vault or some money but no Goons,
- topdecking Goons whenever possible, if not, Grand Market or Vault.

And somehow this worked - I ended the game 7 points ahead, just after he bought his first Colony and had some working economy (1 Goons, 2 Vaults, 1 Grand Market, 3 Philosopher's Stones at $5). So I'm mostly happy with how the game went, but it gave me a lot to think about and I'd appreciate an opinion of more experienced players.

I'm sure that my turn 11 Familiar buy was wrong, I should go with Scheme there - it was sure at least 6 Curses will be gone before I have any chance to play it. Was there any other place where I could speed my game up? Were Coppers for 1 extra point from Goons (turns 13, 16, 19) worth it? Do you see some other way to cope with so many Curses I overlooked?

Introductions / Hi everyone
« on: November 08, 2012, 02:29:15 pm »
After a lot of reading and some posting it's high time to use this board :)

I live in Wrocław, Poland, currently doing a PhD in mathematics. This summer time I spend boardgaming went up significantly - mostly due to a misfortune - my girlfriend twisted her leg badly during an orienteering race, so she was out of outdoor activities for two months. So we played a lot of boardgames, mainly Carcassonne. I started to read BGG site, learning about various games. When I found out about Dominion, it looked interesting right from the start - nothing strange, as a few years ago I played Lord of the Rings TCG a lot. So I found a cheap, used set of Base+Intrigue, bought it, in the meantime started reading about the game, discovering this site. Both my girlfriend and my family liked the game, and I also liked it a lot after playing a few times, so I started playing online at Goko and reading this forum more often to learn the cards better.

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