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Game Reports / Strange game with Wall and Wolf Den
« on: September 13, 2017, 07:28:19 pm »
ShuffleIT ID:#6841097

Strange game I just played, including Wolf Den and Wall.
Upgrade and Altar as Trashing, other Cards being Farmer's Market, IGG, Hoard, Artificier, Sage, CotR and Shelters.

So, u basically want a slim deck, but no single ones. No 4 and 7 costs, so u can get slimmer with Upgrade a bit easier, which actually matters in this board a lot. Hoard is probably a trap here, because u get a lot of extra cards (and ur risking some even stay unique) In end game, we were just trashing stuff we thought we have only 1 copy of and mostly bought nothing or VP cards we already had. It was a unique endgame experience, still not sure though if a conventional strategy wouldn't straightup beat it.

Funny was, he had 7 Provinces and some Estates in the end, I won with like 5 Duchies as my only greens (Buying a single Estate in the end would actually lower my score by 3 points). The Wall penalty for him and my Farmer Market VP points gave me the edge in the end.

Introductions / Hello - again
« on: August 11, 2017, 02:06:03 pm »
My name is Marco Hermann, 21 years old, living in Lucerne (Switzerland) and I am currently studying Economics at the University of Zurich

Some of you may still know me, I was playing lots of Dominion a few years ago. It was about in the end of the Isotropic era and the beginnings of Goko, reached Top 20 at my peak. I recently rediscovered Dominion and try to get used to the 2 most recent expansions. Was very glad to see there are 2nd Editions of the Base Game and Intrigue now. Aside from Dominion, I started playing quite some games: League of Legends, Factorio and Civilisation 5 to name a few. I also play the drums, like to watch movies and go skiing in winter.

Game Reports / Beating Beggar/Gardens
« on: February 08, 2014, 08:24:49 am »

Just a thing I wanted to share.
I immediately saw Beggar/Gardens, but as 2nd player, my winning chances in a mirror were a little worse, so I went for contesting Gardens via Bishops (knew they are big counter against alt VP) and then adapting into a Governor thing. I was very surprised that this strategy could compete even if played not at all optimally (should have keeped that Loan longer for example) But of course, I don't know if I could have won if my opponent didn't miss Gardens t5, which was very unfortunately.
The funny thing is that here, Governor for cards is just very good because it helps your opponent only marginally and the otherwise superior Gold-gaining is very dangerous.

Do you guys think this was just a lucky shot or is Beggar/Gardens just the wrong choice?

Game Reports / Best opening for a Herald engine
« on: January 04, 2014, 09:47:13 am »

Just played this game:

Just got destroyed by a really nice herald engine, my opponent played the engine very well. The thing is, he probably just took the better opening right?

How does the power-opening Village/Herald do against Feast/Silver? :)

Really, I couldn't believe that my opponent made me gain 8 of the curses, playing a witch from t4 to t12 (with one break). I  had to play lucky and tried to rush the Duchies (which almost worked, 1 VP short of a tie at the end), but as said, he played the endgame quite well, imho.

Game Reports / Silk Road Slog with thousands of options
« on: December 19, 2013, 02:45:47 pm »
I just played this game:

For me it was obvious that it was Silk Road-Gardens, but what approach is the best? With Baron, Cache, Hoard, Smugglers and Hermit there are tons of options, I am quite curious how you guys would have played here. Was my Province buy instead of the second to last Silk Road wrong? Is Hoard a must-buy?

Code: [Select]
Hermit, Smugglers, Baron, Farming Village, Gardens, Silk Road, Cache, Council Room, Festival, Hoard

Goko Dominion Online / Is giving advice so mean?
« on: October 30, 2013, 02:19:35 pm »
I just played a game against a decent skilled player. I saw that he spent his coin tokens very fast and did rarely keep some for several turns. So I thought I say him he should probably save them a bit more than he actually did. He became really angry and insulted me a douche and a**h*** by selling myself for a better player than him and now giving dumb advice instead of being okay with my lucky draws and keeping calm. Maybe it was rude from me by saying what he should do better, but blaming luck (especially it was not at all a lucky game, from my perspective) and not accepting advice seems rude for sure. We discussed a bit and then he began with slow-rolling, and eventually I quited.

I just find this strange. I learned a lot from other peoples advice, as in Dominion as elsewhere. Sure, it's a bit depressing if you had unlucky draws, but even then you can learn optimising the situation.

What do you guys think about getting advice during a game? What would change if it's a quite luck-based game?

Help! / Apothecary+Ambassador+Mercenary, no idea...
« on: October 02, 2013, 06:59:38 am »

My play was very poorly, but in retroperspective I wouldn't know how to play this. Ambassador helped me like nothing, but not sure if it's because some bad luck or apothecary even don't mind the estates. Double-Expand was surely dumb, probably Province there?
BM seems weak against Amb and Mercenary, but the engine comes only through KCing Cantrips. Please help me here!

Game Reports / Is Trade Route that good?
« on: September 08, 2013, 12:06:47 pm »
Firstly, I won the game, so I think my strategy was still quite better, but...

I mean, there is Great Hall and Feodum, so Trade Route is able to reach 5$. But I don't see anything other than BM here, and Council Room is the fastest to do that, I think.
My opponent just buys the VPs to power up TRs. I had nearly perfect shuffle luck at the beginning, so I built up a bit with Gold/Silver buys at $9. Then my opponent can follow with 2 province buys and the duchy dance gives him more powerful TRs. I decided to buy one myself and my CR collided 2 times, so was even really lucky to squeeze out the win with my bought TR.

Is trade route unignoriable here or was it bad play from me or luck?

Just a few simple things not a single official card is like.

1. +2 cards +bonus (other than draw) for $4

Why isn't there such a card? Are they unlikely to doubleopen because of the collision to do everythink like taht at $3? I mean, there are several terminal Silvers for $4...

2. Attack for $2

Ok, obviously it's maybe too strong, the attack must be really weak or some kind of penalty, but still like the idea and wondering why there isn't an official card for it.

3. Reaction that deny to do something (for opponent)

Interesting would be a card that denies some kind of trashing.

4. On-Trash-penalty

Ok, sometimes Hunting Grounds' on-gain can be a penalty, but mostly it's a bonus. Maybe gain a copper or so when trashed?

There are still more types. What card type combination do you miss?

Dominion Articles / KC-Scheme - But how?
« on: August 14, 2013, 03:43:12 am »
It's not really an article, but I hope my questions will provide some kind of interesting discussion about the combo, so maybe it's right here, isn't it?

KC-Scheme + X or even KC-KC-Scheme-Scheme-X, is known as a quite powerful combo. But when is it worth to set up?

First, it might be important what's the X. I suppose terminal money and attacks are the man adress of thi combo, so you can either attack your opponent hard or buy a Province every turn quite constantly. Cards: Mandarin, Beggar, Possession (?), Ghost Ship, Torturer, Bridge, Monument...some other terminal Silvers

The strengh of this combo is, that you just need to buy Schemes, then KCs, and by the topdecking of Scheme, the cards will finallycome together, even in a 40 card deck. And after that, you don't have to mind about greening. But in an average game, I suppose this to be very slow, right?

So is the main purpose of KC-Scheme to play important cards frequently even you're deck is way to much junked to build an engine? 

Game Reports / Vault-BM vs Bishop-IGG
« on: August 13, 2013, 12:56:58 pm »

I got 5/2 and wanted to open IGG, but I thought Vault into IGG should be better. Then he opened Bishop and soon another one, so I skipped IGG and went Vault BM, profiting from trashing to connect Golds better. When he started to pick up IGGs I recognised his tfB-for-points plan, but the curses didn't hurt Vault that much and sometimes you can trash these because of the Bishop bonus. It came really close at the end, but he basically played Bishop-IGG-BM, without any engine or so, so he relied somewhat on luck too. And Bishop might be the worst tfB for IGG, because the retrashing of curses.

Do you think I just got lucky?

Dominion Articles / Combo: Graverobber+Border Village
« on: April 11, 2013, 04:39:51 am »
I noticed this nice combo lately and it seems like there isn't written anything about it.

Graverobber+Border Village isn't a game-changing combo la Chancellor/Stash where you can ignore most of other cards and go for it, but its maybe the most power combo of the "When-gain-cards+trash for benefit" ones.

How it works
Border Village let you additionally gain a cheaper card. In this combo, you mostly will take some drawers and/or thinners for get the engine working, later on you take graverobbers with the BVs. So now (in a engine with small deck or good draw), you can trash the BV with graverobber and gain a province/another BV+5$-card and with the second graverobber you can grab the BV back from the trash (what is neat if the supply pile is already empty) , gaining a further Graverobber/strong $5. So you can basically get Province+$5-card out of 2 Graverobbers.


At the and of the game, you have lots of options. You have a huge amount of cards, that you can graverob into a province (BV, Graverobber, other $5s from BV), and you can get Duchys by graverobbering back BVs.
And since Graverobber topdecks the gained card, you can almost ensure that you have some BV together with your Graverobbers, either for producing actions or gaining provinces.

Getting massable $5s quickly
Once your engine is running, you're able to grab many 5s for keep your engine going and later to trash them into provinces. Cities comes in mind. I haven't tried it because it's already a 3-card-combo, but it should work well, though. They make sure you have enough draw and actions and can lead in a megaturn buy turning multiple Cities/BVs into Provinces at once.

With special cards:

Embargo: Just put the embargo token on provinces and/or Colonies. The Tokens don't care you much, because you don't buy your important cards, you gain them via Graverobber or Border Village. The only card which can hurt you when being embargoed is BV itself. If there's some trashing, you could still buy some BVs, but not to much, then you're ruining your advantage by empty the curses.


Opponent's Graverobbers
If you are trashing much with Graverobbers, you're not safe to get them back. Your opponent (especially when he went the same strategy, but also as a little counter) can steal you the BVs from the trash and profit on his own.

Colony games
The combo works when the cards to gain are $5-$9, but $11 is unreachable for Graverobber. The only thing you can do is a province rush or end on piles after a few provinces, but you will fail most of the time against a wellbuilt colony-oriented engine

Have you any thoughts of this combo or additional comments to strenghts or weaknesses I've forgotten?

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