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Introductions / Greetings ... again
« on: April 28, 2020, 06:55:03 pm »
Coming back to f.ds after a looong hiatus from here and from Dominion.  Basically, 2012/3-ish I stopped reading Dominion stuff here, posted only in video game threads.

In the interim, I've had a lot more kids, gone to graduate school in my 30s for a doctorate, ... livin the dream?  Still hanging around on the east coast -- Virginia, a little bit outside of DC.

Been playing a bit on ShuffleIT, seems legit.  Plus my two oldest kids are getting into it, so we've been busting out the physical cards in the evenings during this covid super special family fun time.  ;D

Hello all, it's been a while since I've darkened the doorstep of this here forum.  I see some familiar faces from the olden times.

I am getting back into Dominion after a long hiatus -- I stopped playing actively sometime around the middle of the last decade, and I'm coming back to it now.  I'm looking for insight into opportunities within the community for reintegration.

My goals are:
1) update my knowledge of and competence with the sets/cards published since my hiatus began (I left shortly after Dark Ages)
2) gain greater familiarity/command of the ShuffleIT implementation and its advanced options (I have mostly only played Isotropic with a little bit of Goko)
3) explore the landscape of opportunities for structured competitive play
4) update my physical set of Dominion (my oldest two children have recently started playing and they are loving it!)

What resources exist to help me in these goals?  (see below for my notes/context of this personal update project, as well as a list of current questions/reactions)

Notes on efforts thus far:

goal #1) update my knowledge/competence
- I have just finished reading all of the dominion strategy blog posts.
- I am aware of the DS wiki, and I have started using that to learn about new cards/concepts/etc.  However, with some concepts, I have difficulty wrapping my mind around its context or significance (such as these 2019 rules changes).
- I think I "get" the basics of the following new concepts: Reserve cards, Traveller cards, Adventures Tokens, Events, Debt, Split Piles, Gathering cards, Night cards, Heirlooms, Projects, Coffers, Villagers, Exile, and Ways.
- I struggle to wrap my mind around the basics of: Fate/Boons, Doom/Hexes, States, Zombies, and Artifacts.

- I get the basics of Reserve cards, but it seems like they aren't Throne-able since the card doesn't stay in play.  Or has this changed with the changes to the lose-track rule (which I kinda got)?
- I get the basics of Travellers, but I see from Qvist rankings that they are both ranked VERY high.  What is it about this progression that is so powerful?  It seems like it would take quite a long time to make them come online...
- I get the basics of Debt, but it seems like Donate is game-warpingly strong and Capital is weak.  Can someone walk me through the significance of these cards?
- I get the basics of Split Piles, but several seem pretty underwhelming.
- I get the mechanics of Gathering cards, but Farmer's Market utterly confuses me strategically... when is this good?
- Nocturne seems crazy overwhelming!
- I get the basics of Villagers, but how strong are they?
- Renaissance seems like a little bit of a power-creep set... or am I missing something?
- Ways seem 'way' cool!  ;D
- Coming back, I hear that Butcher is considered one of the best cards in the game.  Can someone help me understand this?
- Also, it appears that the strategy space has shifted in favor of 'gainers' - what's the story there?
- Can someone point me in the direction of good Dominion content-creators on YouTube?  Twitch?  I hear there is a Discord?  Apparently Podcasts too?!?

goal #2) figure out ShuffleIT
- I have figured out how to log on, play bot matches, set cards as familiar, fiddle with some basic options, and (recently) play against other users.

- This seems like a nice implementation!  I was really bummed with Iso shut down, and I don't think I was ever pleased with Goko.  This seems like a really cool product that lets one be causal or a fanatic at their leisure!
- I am a little bummed by the limited options for subscribing.  I was expecting to just subscribe to the sets that I own instead of getting unfamiliar sets bundled-in or excluded.
- What does 'extra Menagerie' mean in the options?
- Is there a difference between ranked/unranked play?  How do you manage this with the automatch?
- When playing Isotropic, I would specifically try to play as random a kingdom as possible.  How do I achieve something similar here?  Do I need to create a table myself?
- I've been playing automatch with "prefer expansions" to try and include these daily-rotating expansions in my games (I am not yet subscribed).  However, so many matches have been just the base set.  Can I exclude base-only games without changing my preference to those with all of the expansions (as I still haven't really figured out the vast majority of Nocturne, Renaissance, Menagerie yet)?

goal #3) competitive play
- I have heard that this exists.

- How to get plugged into it (online)?

goal #4) update my physical set
- I own and have played Dominion, Intrigue, Seaside, Alchemy, Prosperity, Cornucopia, Hinterlands, and Dark Ages; additionally, I have the following Promos: Envoy, Black Market, Walled Village, and Prince.
- During the hiatus, I was gifted both Adventures and Empires.  (I have just opened these and started tentatively playing through the suggested sets of 10.)

- I never acquired Guilds, but it seems that it is now unavailable for purchase except in conjunction with Cornucopia.  Is there a stand-alone, updated Guilds set for sale?  Is the change from "Coin-tokens" to "Coffers" on the cards as they are currently being published?
- I have just bought the Intrigue 2nd-ed. update pack.  But I can't find the Dominion (base) 2nd-ed. update pack anywhere.  Other than re-purchasing the entire base game, any helpful suggestions on how to get these new cards?
- I have been using the Hobby Lobby artisan case for my storage - if/when I acquire Guilds, Nocturne, Renaissance, and Menagerie, plus the missing promos and 2nd-ed. update pack(s), I am concerned it may not all fit.  What all-in-one storage solutions are being used for the complete Dominion experience?
- Any creative ways of acquiring the promos that I am currently missing (other than BGG store)?

Hearthstone / Arena Help Requested
« on: September 10, 2014, 01:07:40 am »
So... maybe I'm not inculcating the stuff that I'm "learning" from reading all sorts of hearthstone arena guides and articles...  Because I suck at arena.  My max is 5 wins, my average is less than 3.  My last three were 0,2, and 0.

Is anyone willing to sit down with me and coach me?  I don't bite, and am very open to using something like skype. I know it's a time commitment, but if you are good at arena and good at coaching (i.e. explaining your rationale for certain decisions), please PM me or leave a reply here.

I know there are HS coaches out there, but a) I'm not willing to pay and b) I'd rather spend time with my f.ds peeps than some random person with whom I have no connection.

I'm here in Lancaster, PA now for the WBC.

Anyone planning on playing Dominion here later in the week?

Even if not, any other f.ds'ers around?

If so let's meet up!

1) Hi all been a while yes there is no punctuation in this line unless of course you consider the closed parenthesis at the conclusion of the point indicator to be punctuation i dont but you may

2) I honestly have never ever cheated the Dominion leaderboard, either on Dominion Online or Isotropic Dominion.

3) I've played a handful of games today after playing one yesterday, and that after not playing at all for probably six months or so.

My "Pro" ranking per goko: #2 with 6598 points
My Isotropish ranking: #60 at level 40

The difference is staggering!  I'm sure many of you already know this, but this is the first time I've actually been on Dominion since the Isotropish leaderboard was introduced, and it is quite nice.  Really brings my head down out of the clouds.  8)

Game Reports / Knights! 3 games in a row with ragingdukd / A.I.
« on: June 20, 2013, 03:02:27 pm »
Just played a 3-set with ragingdukd / A.I.

Nice guy.   8)

I always play slowly against players who I know to be especially good, so the set took a little while.  He was forgiving.

All 3 games (pro, so they were random!) had Knights.  Pretty crazy.


Game 1:
His 5/2 is pretty dominant here (Cultist/Chapel).  I try to get squirrely with an opening of Sir Martin/Fool's Gold, trying to trash his early Cultist with luck.  I do eventually bag 1 Cultist, but not before he gets rolling with them.

Game 2:
Another Knights/Cultist board... but also a TON of other attacks... and Lighthouse.  We both end up Upgrading Shelters into Lighthouses.  No +buy on the board.  Cultist was a non-starter here especially because of Vineyards for alt-VP.  I go for Provinces, he goes for a mix of Provinces and Vineyards, so I buy a Potion to try to deny him some.

Game 3:
Colony game, we both get a 5/2 and get Knight/Pearl Diver.  The opening Knights trash each other right away.  No clear engine here, except for cantrip chaining and only Wishing Well for any sort of handsize increase.  HoP turns out to be the key for both of our strats (which were different).

All in all, some fun times.  =)

(As a side note, this bumped me up to #20 on the leaderboard... I'm sure only for a minute or two....  Never been this high before, I think I'm getting a nosebleed from the altitude.)

Help! / I'm new to Dark Ages... please give me advice on REBUILD
« on: June 20, 2013, 12:51:55 pm »
Taken from this game between DominionKing and me.

I was around a low-30s isotropic player, and I seem to hover around 6000-6100 on Goko.

He lost connection, that's the only reason it lists me as the winner.  I may have ended up winning, but I have no idea how Rebuild really compares.  Brokoli recently posted about a Rebuild game we played where I just avoided it.


SO, my question is this: how might a good Dominion player play this kingdom?  ragingduckd / A.I. I'm semi-nudging you (as well as other expert players) since you seem to have a lot to say about Rebuild.

I went for Rebuild, he went for Double-Masq into Cultists/Saboteurs.  Who wins?

ECONOMY: I knew I was unlikely to hit $5 for more Rebuilds due to his Masquerade plays (I wasn't passing my Estates), and so I had to scramble to figure out how to hit $5.  I saw Poor House and Plaza and figured that there was some kind of synergy there... Poor Houses guarantee $4 for a Plaza > Plaza lets me save up coin tokens AND discard a treasure (helping any Poor House(s) in hand) AND a Plaza cycles better than a Silver while still helping my economy.  QUESTIONS: Was Poor House --> Plaza better than Poor House --> Silver?  Was Poor House the best bet for economy?  If not, then what?

REACTING: I decided since I was going for Rebuild that I wouldn't pass Estates to his Masquerade plays.  QUESTIONS: Was there any situation where I should have?  What would cause you to send an Estate away when you could otherwise send a Copper or Silver in a Rebuild game?  On his turn 8, I even passed a Poor House rather than any VP card or Plaza.

Additional Questions:

On my turn 8, I paid $8 for what was only my second Rebuild.  Should I have just bought a Province instead?  How many Rebuilds do you buy normally?  What about in my deck here, which was filled (and filling more) with junk, and with low economy?

On the turn before he lost his connection, he bought 2 Saboteurs -- his engine was already humming.  Am I about to get wrecked at this point?

Should I really be trying to get all 5 Estates (he trashed one of his, gave me the other 2) to end up as Provinces via Duchies?  When do I start killing Provinces for Provinces?

Please share your thoughts.  I want to learn about Rebuild, and I'm not afraid to admit it.  ;)

General Discussion / Just got an iPad -- HELP ME I'M OUT OF MY ELEMENT
« on: December 27, 2012, 09:52:43 pm »
Hey, I know I just said goodbye, but I figured I'd ask my online, tech-savvy friends a question:

I just got an iPad for Christmas; what do I do now?

I'm not even joking.  I've never owned a tablet or a smartphone before, and I'm totally new to iOS stuff.

What do I do with this thing?  Obviously looking for games.  Also not looking to spend a lot of money.  Should I get any accessories?  Wouldn't mind using it for work, but how does it synch up with my calendar, email, etc. (hosted by google)?

What do you do with your iPad?
Any recommendations for apps?
Any tips of what to avoid or what to pounce on?

Okay, that was more than just one question, but the first one is the most important one.  All the rest are just modifications of it.

General Discussion / Saying goodbye the second time for the first time
« on: December 23, 2012, 09:28:00 am »
I resolved to play out the matches as far as they led me, but now I'm done with that.

The first time I needed to do this, I didn't say goodbye and just deleted my account so that I wouldn't be tempted to keep checking for replies to my goodbye.  I'll check over the holidays for replies in case there is something more that needs to be said or that I want to say.  But then I'll slip away quietly.

So this time I say goodbye.  Goodbye all!  For the second time for the first time.

I haven't had many bright ideas for Dominion, but one that I want to catch on is this: you YouTuber commentators of Dominion -- PLAY AGAINST EACH OTHER.  There is a whole niche of commentary and strategy that isn't being filled; namely, hearing decent players comment on the same game from opposing sides.  Don't be shy, people.  Who cares if the other guy beats you!  Maybe you'll beat the other guy!  Either way, do it for science!

Will I be back?  Maybe.  But I think I really want to rebalance my gaming life by getting back into my pre-Dominion gamer's delights: the Card Driven Wargames like Twilight Struggle, Hannibal, and so many others.  I enjoyed those immensely without being addicted.

I mean, there is always Guilds.  And I still haven't even resolved Dark Ages in my Dominion world yet.  So the best answer I can give as to whether I'll be back is "we'll see."


In the meantime, you all are just going to have to get by without me.  In lieu of flowers, send +1s to posts where I would have +1'd, even if you wouldn't normally have done so.  ;D ;D ;D

Dominion Isotropic / Encountered an odd level for an isotropic player
« on: December 21, 2012, 08:37:43 am »

So what's the deal here?

Guy has played 5 games, losing four of them.  Yet he is level 28?

His one victory was against me, where I played a TERRIBLE strategy, ignoring Alchemists and the Bane card, getting stomped as I deserve.  However, he leaves the game saying "you suck, scrub".  Not one to take offense, all I do is laugh it off and then councilroom stalk him like any other normal person Dominion addict.  So today, I check him out and see his level and only 5 games played.

(btw, props to HME, aldaryn and braindead for making him resign!)

But seriously, why is he level 28 at 1-4-0?  Maybe if all of his games were against FEEDMEMORE I'd see some kind of argument for a level 28.

And the scrub comment, well... it reminds me a little of Bengoshi.  If it isn't his alt, then he's definitely channeling the Bengoshi rage.


Talk about winning by a nose:

  • Province game with Vineyards.
  • No villages.
  • Only +buy is Council Room.
  • Haggler and Workshop are around for pseudo buy.
  • Alchemist, Menagerie, and Hunting Party are only cantrips.

I go for Alchemist, he soon follows.
My first $5 is Haggler (mostly into Menagerie).
I'm a total idiot and don't connect the dots that there are no villages until after I pick up my THIRD terminal (Steward, Haggler, Workshop).
Whilst scooping up Alchemists, I don't see the "Haggler > buy Alchemist, gain Vineyards" combo.  Neither does my opponent.  (Is this a thing? I have never gotten the ontological subtleties of Potion prices.)
I switch from Haggling to Workshopping as soon as my buys are Vineyards (after Alchemist runs).
He switches to Council Room, buying PROV and VINEYARDS every turn, whereas I am just buying a Vineyards.

I gain my 21st action with Workshop, and buy the last Vineyard (3rd pile) on turn 16 for a 1 point win.  So incredibly close.

Council Room Feedback / Issue: Graphs at the bottom of logs not showing
« on: December 19, 2012, 03:54:06 pm »
Whenever I look at an isotropic log hosted on Councilroom, I don't see the graphs of the score and money, just blank spaces next to the words "score" and "money" (surprisingly).  The list of goals achieved (and their associated graphics) seems to be doing just fine, though.

Anyone else?

Council Room Feedback / Issue: "Record by Opponent" not loading
« on: December 19, 2012, 03:32:57 pm »
When I look at a player's page and click on "Record by Opponent" it always times out on me.  I tried a few other players other than myself.

It could be just with players who have a longer history.

Anyone else having this issue?

Council Room Feedback / Achieving a goal: the Flash
« on: December 19, 2012, 11:02:44 am »
So, I log on to find that council room is back!  Hooray!

Cool.  I'll check out my page, see what I've been up to.

There is this one goal I've always wanted to achieve -- The Flash.  I can never pull it off.

Oh snap!  There it is!  "Won in 8 turns, 14 NOV 2012".  Whoa.

Hmm, let me check out that game, see who I beat in only 8 turns.

Obi Wan Bonogi (log)

Wait, what?

My 4/3 opening beat his Wharf/Native Village opening.  And my Turn 3 purchase was a Talisman, one of my most hated cards.

OWB, I'm so sorry.  You didn't deserve this.  You're a way, WAAAAY better player than me.

Councilroom, I'm glad you're back.

EDIT:  Also, I've wanted to achieve the Golfer goal.  Turns out I've earned that one, too (twice)!  I had no idea.

And the second time I earned it, the game had Goons in it, and I was the only one to buy one!  Imagine that -- winning with a negative score with Goons in the supply.

Craziness.  My world is now upside down.  (Read: I just discovered something unexpected on my personal statistics page for this online implementation of this card game that I sometimes play as part of my hobby of strategy gaming.)

Title says it all.

This list will be different for each of us.  Share yours.  Bonus points if you put a little description/detail after the card name.

I'm looking for cards that you rarely buy BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT GENERALLY POWER CARDS, but when you do you have a TON of fun with them.  Cards that you probably buy a little more often than you should because it's so fun to make them work even though they aren't a power card.

Again, you can make a simple list, but like I mentioned above -- bonus points if you mention why.


I'm not asking for cards that you rarely buy but are powerful in some situations and then they win you the game.  Every card has its moment, so I'm not really looking for a list of bad cards.

For an example of what I'm NOT asking for:
Mandarin -- I can't stand Mandarin.  Even when I find a way to make it work (like I did yesterday against... umm... I can't remember who (maybe chwhite?), but it involved using disappearing villages and Watchtower for draw, so Mandarin's half-Ghost-Ship component was effectively neutered), I still don't really have "fun" with it.  It is just such an annoying/dull card to me, even when I force it down my gullet to make it work.

Dominion General Discussion / Stash in an IGG game. Discuss.
« on: December 12, 2012, 09:11:41 pm »
Looking to hear thoughts on using Stash in an IGG game IN THE GENERAL CASE.

(Played one today where there were no amazing IGG enablers on the board.  Nor amazing Stash enablers (i.e. enhanced cycling).  I bought Stashes for the first four times hitting $5, then followed Province > IGG > Duchy > Silver with more than 1 shuffle left > Estate.  I lost the curse split 7/3.  I won by 1 point.)

Please don't say "depends on the kingdom."  I mean, you can, but you aren't going to be adding anything substantive to this, admittedly, very un-specific topic.



Outpost, 2xJack, some FVs.

Opponent did something similar, except incorporated Markets, presumably for the +buy.  I think that was too slow?  Not sure, as I like +buy.

Game Reports / Seriously, I dare you to have this much fun in Dominion.
« on: December 04, 2012, 03:45:51 pm »

Kingdom: City, Coppersmith, Governor, Haggler, Ill-Gotten Gains, Mountebank, Native Village, Noble Brigand, Secret Chamber, and Walled Village.

I love finding uses for Coppersmith.  I considered opening with it as my second buy, but then went for another Silver instead (which was promptly stolen by his Noble Brigand buy!).

Read the log to see the oh-so-fun double Coppersmith turn at the end.  How often do you see Mountebank or IGG game go only 20 turns?  And see Governors go completely ignored until turn 16 of a 20 turn game?  Haggler completely ignored?

(hat tip to bhn1 for being a good sport... he even complimented me after the win.  good dude right there, no joke.)

Game Reports / Just played two Alt-VP games
« on: December 04, 2012, 02:28:46 pm »
For many reasons, I'm a fan of Alt-VP.  Finding when it is right, or making it work, are some of the most satisfying Dominion moments for me.

I just played two such games.


In the first, I played a similarly-ranked opponent, and won in 17 turns with:
5 Harems
6 Islands
7 Silk Roads [23 Victory Cards]
4 Estates
1 Province
= 67 points

Against my opponent's:
3 Harems
2 Islands
1 Silk Road [17 Victory Cards]
3 Estates
2 Duchies
6 Provinces
= 59 points

Harems, Islands, and Silk Roads were all gone.

Now, 17 turns may seem like long, but I wasn't racing Provinces, and forcing him to get more than 4 gave me the time I needed to drain the three piles for the win.  There were none of the traditional Silk Road gainers on the board (if there were, I would have been using them instead).  The only non-VP action card in my deck was a single Margrave.  Essentially, I played BM+X for Alt-VP instead of Provs.  And Villages were on the board (Bazaar).  Very fun!


In the second game, against a lower-ranked opponent, the exact kingdom was:


Counting House
Walled Village
Shanty Town

I opened Potion/Silver.  On first $5, I bought a Tactician.  On first P, I bought a Transmute.  Buying as many actions as I could to fuel a Rabble-draw engine.  Pawn for the +Buy.  The only treasure I bought after the initial two turns was two Platina.

The key component was the Transmutes.  I used them to gain two Gold from Estate-trashing, but after that, I trashed all of my Coppers so as to gain extra Transmutes!  Essentially, I was going for both Vineyards AND Colonies.

I won with:
4 Colonies
6 Vineyards [18 Action cards]
2 Provinces
1 Duchy
= 91 points

Against my opponent's:
4 Colonies
1 Vineyards [9 Action cards]
2 Provinces
3 Estates
= 58 points

Ended on Colonies in 25 turns.  I was amazed at how going for both Vineyards and Colonies worked out for me.  It was pretty fun to see it work.


Granted, both of these games could have been played better.  I'm not claiming that they were perfect, nor that my opponents played perfectly and that I out-strategized them.  Luck may have been a significant factor.  But Alt-VP is still fun.  ;D

General Discussion / A wild _____ appears!
« on: November 18, 2012, 09:54:46 pm »
Saw WW on iso today.

Haven't for a while, maybe it's just me.

I invited him to a game, he timed out.  :-\

That is all.  Back to your lives, citizens.

Council Room Feedback / Golfer Standard?
« on: November 15, 2012, 03:15:19 pm »
IF Councilroom was still up, would I be getting my first time ever "Golfer" achievement if my opponent resigned in a game where I had a negative score?

Phrased another way: would one be getting this achievement if one's opponent resigns?

General Discussion / Emulator(s) of Old-School Console(s)
« on: November 08, 2012, 06:14:35 pm »
I've been looking for a decent N64 emulator for my PC (Windows 7).  Anyone here use one and/or have one to recommend?

I've been using SNES9x for a while, I really enjoy it.

Dominion General Discussion / Talisman -- oh how little we meet
« on: November 03, 2012, 11:21:31 pm »
I never EVER use Talisman.  Even in situations that I probably should.  Something about buying a Copper-gainer-of-cheap-non-VP-cards just doesn't sit well with my style.

-- Even when there are cheap engine parts (Watchtower, Workers Village, Menagerie, Warehouse, Hamlet, whatever).

-- Even when there are Alt-VPs that like extra Silver and Copper (Duke, Gardens, Silk Road).

I mean seriously, I can handle getting the Quarry, Copper-as-good-as-a-Gold-when-buying-action-cards because when it works, it REALLY works!  Grand Markets!  Markets!  Border Villiage with a sub-$6 Smithy variant!  Governor!  Excellent...

And I actually buy Loan quite a bit... something about the Copper-trasher-of-Copper moves me more than the Copper-gainer-of-cheap-non-VP-cards.


And then today, I look at a board and think: oh laud, there's no way I can avoid Talisman on this board.  Throne Room, Workers Villiage, Courtyard, Peddler, Menagerie, Hamlet, Oasis, and VINEYARD!

Menagerie being my favorite card, and the card which (according to CouncilRoom as it is currently constituted) is my highest win-rate-when-bought (prove me wrong!), I had a field day.

Thanks for a good time, Talisman.

How about anyone else?  Does anyone else avoid this card 99% of the time?  (Yes, I know, "it depends.")  Any Talisman lovers out there want to expound on its great merits and help those heathens like myself?

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I know other Dominion Randomizers exist, even in excel.  Yes, I'm attempting to reinvent the wheel.


I'm having trouble coding the interactions of Young Witch (specifically the bane requirement) and Black Market.

As of now, I am:

Selecting the Kingdom
Checking for Young Witch, if so, assigning a bane.
Checking the new kingdom (which includes a bane, if there is one) for Black Market, if so assigning Black Market cards.
If Young Witch is in the Black Market, assigning a Bane which cannot be in the Black Market deck.

The red text is what I'm having trouble with, coming up with circular references.

Any help?

I'm good at Excel, and good at translating code into English and vice versa, so don't feel like you need my code to check for silly errors.  In real life when one plays with YW/BM, there are several "common sense" things that we do that don't easily translate into code.  Any thoughts?  Anyone know how iso/DougZ codes this interaction?

Introductions / Hi
« on: August 10, 2012, 01:15:34 pm »
Hi, I'm () | (_) ^/.

Some of you know me from before when I was paddyodoors.  Now I'm back (still paddyodoors on isotropic).  You can find my old intro thread here.

Also I love humor, especially dry humor like sarcasm and puns.

My new username is actually 1337 speak for an old username that I had created by just hitting a sequence of letters on QWERTY keyboard.  It IS pronounceable once you get the hang of it, as I am sure do many of you!

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