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Rules Questions / Smugglers + cost reduction
« on: March 10, 2016, 07:07:21 am »
In which case would my smugglers gain me a province?
A. Opponent plays two highways, then buys a province for 6. I play smugglers.
B. Opponent buys a province for 8. I play two highways, then play smugglers.
English not being my first language, I find this card's text difficult to parse.

Dominion Strategy Wiki Feedback / Card names in other languages
« on: January 27, 2016, 11:54:42 am »
Is there a list with all the card names in various languages? I've only found, and going to each individual card page to read it is a real pain.

I'm learning to make android apps and I'm trying to do a dominion shuffler/selector with multi-language support.

Variants and Fan Cards / Untested mechanic / theme
« on: November 02, 2015, 12:24:40 pm »
This may be a little too kingmaking-y for your tastes, but its an idea I've been thinking about since my first dominion game: having next player / previous player interaction. I submitted the first two cards to a contest previously.

1 VP
Worth 2 VP for the player to your right.
When you buy this, the player to your left gains it instead.
Cost 5$

+1 Action, +1 Card, +1$
The player to your right draws a card.
When you buy this, the player to your left gains it in his hand instead.
Cost 4$

Charity (was named alms, but then adventures happened)
The player to your right may discard a Treasure card to draw a card.
When you buy this, the player to your left gains it instead.
Cost 3$

+1 Card, +2 Actions
Trash this card. The player to your left gains it.
Cost 0$

Trash a card in your hand. Each other player may gain a copy of that card. Gain a card costing up to 2$ more than the trashed card.
Cost 3$

Action - Reaction
+2$, +1 Buy
When you gain a card in another player's turn, you may discard this. If you do, choose not to gain that card, or to gain an extra copy.
Cost 4$

Too much kingmaking? Too little design space? What does f.ds think?

Variants and Fan Cards / New Mechanic - Decree
« on: January 14, 2015, 03:26:12 am »
Thinking about new expansion's events led me to this and, although it doesn't exactly fit the description, I really liked it. So here's an idea:

Decree -

There's only one copy of each card, with a blue back, to be mixed with the randomizers. These are not kingdom cards so, when you randomly draw one just keep drawing until you have 10 kingdom cards.
Each one changes slightly (or not so slightly) game rules for this game, can't be avoided and won't be referenced by any card.
These aren't tested in any way, treat them as examples/placeholders.

Royal Pardon - At the end of the game, each Curse is worth 1VP more. (turning them into confusions)
Landholders - At the end of the game, each Victory card is worth 1VP more.
Golden Age - Gold costs 1$ less, but not less than 0$.
Discovery - At the end of their Cleanup phase, that player draws 1 card.
Taxes - The next kingdom card selected costs 1$ more.
Latifundium - Provinces are worth 1VP less.
City States - Each player starts their turns with +1 buy.

2nd batch.-
Barren Land - This game needs 1 empty pile less to end.
All-out War - Attack and Reaction cards cost 1$ less, not less than 0.
Barter - At any time, a player may discard 3 (2?) cards with the same name to draw 1 card.
New World - This game is played with 2 additional Kingdom piles.
Egg Hunt - Cards from the next Kingdom pile selected are worth 1VP.
Cultural Diversity (this one's a bit sketchy) - This game is played with 10 additional Kingdom piles. Remove half the card from each pile. This game needs double the empty piles to end.
Honey and Wine - Once the game is setup, add a copy of the cheapest Kingdom card to each player's deck. That player chooses in case of a tie.


These should be easily testable, as you only need to adapt some randomizing program to play with them. I'll try to test these this weekend and report. What do you think?

Variants and Fan Cards / Craft Fair - Help needed
« on: August 28, 2014, 04:07:12 am »
The idea is a mix of Bishop and Forge (woo mutants!):

Each other player may trash a casd costing at least 1$. Then you may trash a card (costing at least 1$?). Gain a card costing up to the total cost of the trashed cards.

Counts both coins and potions. Tentative cost: 4$

Does this need an incentive for other players or is the trashing enough? Is it too dependent on player number?

Variants and Fan Cards / Card Idea - Rules text question - Reward
« on: February 25, 2014, 06:28:40 am »
Reward, a treasure-reaction card worth a copper usually, but worth a gold when used as a reaction to an attack card.

When another player plays an attack, you may reveal and set this apart. If you do, at the start of your next turn, put it into play and +3$.

Is my current text, but somehow I don't think it's right. Does putting it into play trigger the 1$? How would you write it?

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