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Dominion Videos and Streams / Scoreboard for streams
« on: January 14, 2017, 01:36:57 pm »
I made a scoreboard to use when streaming championship matches, and now it is cleaned up, on the web and ready for anyone who wants to use it.

You can find it here:

Comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.

Game Reports / New Cards, Oh My!
« on: October 10, 2016, 11:40:42 pm »
Played some more games with our resident double lizard.


This one was pretty wild, but maybe it shouldn't have been. I have a hard time deciding how this should really play out.

We piled the Half-Distant-Lands Transmogrify pile. I did my best to make heavy use Lurker and Artisan for the extra Action gains to build up Orchard points. Found some synergy between Transmogrify and Lurker, being able to turn Artisans into something else I needed (e.g. Fairgrounds) and gain them back right away. Archive shined here as the best (i.e. only) way to get a little bit of card draw.

Dominion League / Season 17 - Standings
« on: August 28, 2016, 04:07:15 pm »
A (100%)
rankname                                  averagepoints#played2nd3rd     iso      season18?
1.Stef3.61850.0255.568.9   No
2.gamesou3.41750.0247.055.6   Yes
3.vsiewnar3.115.553.0222.850.9   No
4.Derg173.115.553.0218.854.3   Yes
5.Qvist2.713.550.0205.348.7   Yes
6.A Drowned Kernel2.110.550.0164.851.5   Yes
Stef - gamesou: 3 - 3
Stef - vsiewnar: 4 - 2
Stef - Derg17: 3 - 3
Stef - Qvist: 4 - 2
Stef - A Drowned Kernel: 4 - 2
gamesou - vsiewnar: 3 - 3
gamesou - Derg17: 5 - 1
gamesou - Qvist: 2 - 4
gamesou - A Drowned Kernel: 4 - 2
vsiewnar - Derg17: 3 - 3
vsiewnar - Qvist: 3.5 - 2.5
vsiewnar - A Drowned Kernel: 4 - 2
Derg17 - Qvist: 4 - 2
Derg17 - A Drowned Kernel: 4.5 - 1.5
Qvist - A Drowned Kernel: 3 - 3

B1 (100%)
rankname                                  averagepoints#played2nd3rd     iso      season18?
1.DG3.919.550.0272.346.2   Yes
2.Rabid3.115.550.0219.854.4   Yes
3.singletee3.01550.0223.045.7   Yes
4.SCSN2.914.550.0211.861.5   No
5.markus2.81450.0216.558.7   Yes
6.Jean-Michel2.311.550.0172.847.1   Yes
DG - Rabid: 4.5 - 1.5
DG - singletee: 3 - 3
DG - SCSN: 4 - 2
DG - markus: 3 - 3
DG - Jean-Michel: 5 - 1
Rabid - singletee: 3 - 3
Rabid - SCSN: 3 - 3
Rabid - markus: 4 - 2
Rabid - Jean-Michel: 4 - 2
singletee - SCSN: 4 - 2
singletee - markus: 1 - 5
singletee - Jean-Michel: 4 - 2
SCSN - markus: 4 - 2
SCSN - Jean-Michel: 3.5 - 2.5
markus - Jean-Michel: 2 - 4

B2 (100%)
rankname                                  averagepoints#played2nd3rd     iso      season18?
1.Mic Qsenoch3.81950.0261.864.1   Yes
2.Dingan3.61850.0255.354.7   Yes
3.aku chi2.914.554.5212.339.0   Yes
4.schadd2.914.551.5209.850.8   Yes
5.Polk54402.813.850.0202.945.2   No
6.Beyond Awesome2.110.350.0158.446.8   Yes
Mic Qsenoch - Dingan: 3 - 3
Mic Qsenoch - aku chi: 3 - 3
Mic Qsenoch - schadd: 4 - 2
Mic Qsenoch - Polk5440: 4 - 2
Mic Qsenoch - Beyond Awesome: 5 - 1
Dingan - aku chi: 5 - 1
Dingan - schadd: 3 - 3
Dingan - Polk5440: 3 - 3
Dingan - Beyond Awesome: 4 - 2
aku chi - schadd: 4.5 - 1.5
aku chi - Polk5440: 3 - 3
aku chi - Beyond Awesome: 3 - 3
schadd - Polk5440: 4 - 2
schadd - Beyond Awesome: 4 - 2
Polk5440 - Beyond Awesome: 3.8 - 2.3

C1 (100%)
rankname                                  averagepoints#played2nd3rd     iso      season18?
1.Seprix3.517.550.0258.351.1   Yes
2.Horist3.316.554.0238.853.8   Yes
3.gkrieg3.316.552.0229.042.2   No
4.tracer3.21650.0228.039.4   Yes
5.breppert2.41250.0182.553.4   Yes
6.amoffett112.311.550.0180.539.9   Yes
Seprix - Horist: 4.5 - 1.5
Seprix - gkrieg: 3 - 3
Seprix - tracer: 4 - 2
Seprix - breppert: 3 - 3
Seprix - amoffett11: 3 - 3
Horist - gkrieg: 4 - 2
Horist - tracer: 4 - 2
Horist - breppert: 4 - 2
Horist - amoffett11: 3 - 3
gkrieg - tracer: 2 - 4
gkrieg - breppert: 4.5 - 1.5
gkrieg - amoffett11: 5 - 1
tracer - breppert: 4 - 2
tracer - amoffett11: 4 - 2
breppert - amoffett11: 3.5 - 2.5

C2 (100%)
rankname                                  averagepoints#played2nd3rd     iso      season18?
1.drsteelhammer3.718.550.0256.349.9   Yes
2.E.Honda3.316.550.0240.852.3   Yes
3.MVP3.21650.0242.039.1   No
4.Mikey the great3.01550.0211.549.1   Yes
5.Micha19802.41253.0184.042.9   Yes
6.SearingSpear922.41253.0182.045.7   Yes
drsteelhammer - E.Honda: 2.5 - 3.5
drsteelhammer - MVP: 2 - 4
drsteelhammer - Mikey the great: 5 - 1
drsteelhammer - Micha1980: 4 - 2
drsteelhammer - SearingSpear92: 5 - 1
E.Honda - MVP: 2 - 4
E.Honda - Mikey the great: 4 - 2
E.Honda - Micha1980: 4 - 2
E.Honda - SearingSpear92: 3 - 3
MVP - Mikey the great: 2 - 4
MVP - Micha1980: 3 - 3
MVP - SearingSpear92: 3 - 3
Mikey the great - Micha1980: 4 - 2
Mikey the great - SearingSpear92: 4 - 2
Micha1980 - SearingSpear92: 3 - 3

C3 (100%)
rankname                                  averagepoints#played2nd3rd     iso      season18?
1.Saaket3.31344.0153.049.5   Yes
2.Aleimon Thimble3.31342.0151.543.8   Yes
3.Simon (DK)3.01240.0141.541.6   Yes
4.Burning Skull2.911.540.0140.345.6   Yes
5.tufftaeh2.610.540.0129.350.2   Yes
Saaket - Aleimon Thimble: 4 - 2
Saaket - Simon (DK): 3 - 3
Saaket - Burning Skull: 2 - 4
Saaket - tufftaeh: 4 - 2
Aleimon Thimble - Simon (DK): 4 - 2
Aleimon Thimble - Burning Skull: 4 - 2
Aleimon Thimble - tufftaeh: 3 - 3
Simon (DK) - Burning Skull: 3 - 3
Simon (DK) - tufftaeh: 4 - 2
Burning Skull - tufftaeh: 2.5 - 3.5

D1 (100%)
rankname                                  averagepoints#played2nd3rd     iso      season18?
1.scotty2hotty4.51840.0187.541.1   Yes
2.Jimmmmm3.01240.0134.030.6   Yes
3.The Do-Operator2.911.540.0121.536.9   Yes
4.crlundy2.610.540.0126.525.1    ?
5.jamfamsam2.0840.096.029.3   Yes
scotty2hotty - Jimmmmm: 4 - 2
scotty2hotty - The Do-Operator: 5 - 1
scotty2hotty - crlundy: 4 - 2
scotty2hotty - jamfamsam: 5 - 1
Jimmmmm - The Do-Operator: 3 - 3
Jimmmmm - crlundy: 3 - 3
Jimmmmm - jamfamsam: 4 - 2
The Do-Operator - crlundy: 3 - 3
The Do-Operator - jamfamsam: 4.5 - 1.5
crlundy - jamfamsam: 2.5 - 3.5

D2 (100%)
rankname                                  averagepoints#played2nd3rd     iso      season18?
1.Orange3.718.550.0260.837.0   Yes
2.Petrovic3.21650.0237.030.5   Yes
3.Chris is me3.115.550.0222.841.0   Yes
4.MtMagus3.01550.0220.531.7   Yes
5.Jeb2.713.550.0204.338.4   Yes
6.Water Polo DMo2.311.550.0176.820.5   Yes
Orange - Petrovic: 2 - 4
Orange - Chris is me: 5 - 1
Orange - MtMagus: 4 - 2
Orange - Jeb: 2.5 - 3.5
Orange - Water Polo DMo: 5 - 1
Petrovic - Chris is me: 3 - 3
Petrovic - MtMagus: 2 - 4
Petrovic - Jeb: 3 - 3
Petrovic - Water Polo DMo: 4 - 2
Chris is me - MtMagus: 4 - 2
Chris is me - Jeb: 5 - 1
Chris is me - Water Polo DMo: 2.5 - 3.5
MtMagus - Jeb: 4 - 2
MtMagus - Water Polo DMo: 3 - 3
Jeb - Water Polo DMo: 4 - 2

D3 (100%)
rankname                                  averagepoints#played2nd3rd     iso      season18?
1.Emeric3.614.540.0165.345.6   Yes
2.Calamitas3.31344.0154.039.0   Yes
3.Dunduks3.31342.0142.043.5   Yes
4.Haddock2.610.540.0122.837.7   No
5.Harley_Beckett2.3940.0116.531.5   Yes
Emeric - Calamitas: 3 - 3
Emeric - Dunduks: 4 - 2
Emeric - Haddock: 4.5 - 1.5
Emeric - Harley_Beckett: 3 - 3
Calamitas - Dunduks: 4 - 2
Calamitas - Haddock: 3 - 3
Calamitas - Harley_Beckett: 3 - 3
Dunduks - Haddock: 4 - 2
Dunduks - Harley_Beckett: 5 - 1
Haddock - Harley_Beckett: 4 - 2

E1 (100%)
rankname                                  averagepoints#played2nd3rd     iso      season18?
1.rchandra4.31330.088.033.3   Yes
2.kumarpr2283.71130.094.021.1   Yes
3.maximator2.0634.048.0-17.2    ?
4.idontplaythisgame2.0632.056.024.0   Yes
rchandra - kumarpr228: 2 - 4
rchandra - maximator: 5 - 1
rchandra - idontplaythisgame: 6 - 0
kumarpr228 - maximator: 5 - 1
kumarpr228 - idontplaythisgame: 2 - 4
maximator - idontplaythisgame: 4 - 2

average: average points/match
points = 1st criterium = total number of games won
2nd = number of games won amongst players with equal score
3rd = for each won game, sum opponents score
iso = Isotropish rating, irrelevant for the league
season18? = Please post a message after your last match in the results thread stating whether you'll be back

Puzzles and Challenges / Can Dingan Win?
« on: August 09, 2016, 10:40:11 am »
Inspired by this post... also by Dingan.  I watched this a long time ago and it felt like there was a win, but I haven't had the energy to try working it out.

At 11:05 of this game against Wandering Winder

At the start of this turn, Dingan had in his deck:
4 Coppersmith
1 Hermit
3 Storeroom
5 Madman
5 Pawn
7 Copper

Prior to that point in the turn, he played 1 Madman, then 1 Storeroom (0 coins), then 1 Madman.
He plays a Storeroom at this point, but I think that may be a mistake. He cycles no cards and plays a Madman, so I think he could have played the Madman first and drawn his deck at that point.

The question is, can you generate 46 coins and 8 buys from this position to win the game?  How about 44 coins and 7 buys for a tie? (WW went first).

My gut says at least the tie was possible, but I haven't worked it out.  Can anyone find a line to do it?

Game Reports / Deadlock's Empires games
« on: July 12, 2016, 10:10:17 am »
I'm going to try to post the Empires games I play here.  I probably won't say much about them, because that takes work, but if others are enticed to talk about a board, I'll pitch in as much as I can remember about what happened when it was played.

Anyway. First Board:

Deadlock vs. IguanaIguana:

I used Sacrifice and Plan on Patrician/Emporium for thinning, Iguana2 opened Plan/Monument, later moving Plan to Patrician/Emporium.

+Buy is only Farmers' Market and Fortune here (Cities did not reach max level), and terminal space was limited (plus managing your Farmers' Market buys when they self trash), so we were both running with less +Buy than we probably wanted.

I think the main deciding points here were that I was able to thin a bit faster and won the City Split 6/4.

Dominion League / Season 16 - Standings
« on: July 09, 2016, 07:07:28 pm »
A (100%)
rankname                                  averagepoints#played2nd3rd     iso      season17?
1.Stef4.321.550.0292.064.8   Yes
2.gamesou3.316.550.0231.054.7   Yes
3.A Drowned Kernel2.81450.0203.049.4   Yes
4.vsiewnar2.61353.0197.556.7   Yes
5.Mic Qsenoch2.61353.0195.567.3   Yes
6.SCSN2.41250.0168.563.0   Yes
Stef - gamesou: 4 - 2
Stef - A Drowned Kernel: 4 - 2
Stef - vsiewnar: 4 - 2
Stef - Mic Qsenoch: 4 - 2
Stef - SCSN: 5.5 - 0.5
gamesou - A Drowned Kernel: 4 - 2
gamesou - vsiewnar: 3 - 3
gamesou - Mic Qsenoch: 3 - 3
gamesou - SCSN: 4.5 - 1.5
A Drowned Kernel - vsiewnar: 3 - 3
A Drowned Kernel - Mic Qsenoch: 4 - 2
A Drowned Kernel - SCSN: 3 - 3
vsiewnar - Mic Qsenoch: 3 - 3
vsiewnar - SCSN: 2 - 4
Mic Qsenoch - SCSN: 3 - 3

B1 (100%)
rankname                                  averagepoints#played2nd3rd     iso      season17?
1.Derg173.517.550.0255.354.7   Yes
2.Polk54403.115.550.0227.346.8   Yes
3.Dingan3.01553.0225.052.7   Yes
4.singletee3.01553.0221.044.9   Yes
5.MVP2.914.550.0212.840.8   Yes
6.gkrieg2.512.550.0195.844.4   Yes
Derg17 - Polk5440: 4.5 - 1.5
Derg17 - Dingan: 2 - 4
Derg17 - singletee: 4 - 2
Derg17 - MVP: 4 - 2
Derg17 - gkrieg: 3 - 3
Polk5440 - Dingan: 4 - 2
Polk5440 - singletee: 4 - 2
Polk5440 - MVP: 3 - 3
Polk5440 - gkrieg: 3 - 3
Dingan - singletee: 3 - 3
Dingan - MVP: 2 - 4
Dingan - gkrieg: 4 - 2
singletee - MVP: 5 - 1
singletee - gkrieg: 3 - 3
MVP - gkrieg: 4.5 - 1.5

B2 (100%)
rankname                                  averagepoints#played2nd3rd     iso      season17?
1.Qvist4.02050.0278.049.6   Yes
2.ced3.21650.0234.042.5   No
3.Rabid2.914.550.0209.854.9   Yes
4.DG2.81450.0205.538.7   Yes
5.Mikey the great2.61350.0199.051.0   Yes
6.Burning Skull2.512.550.0186.343.9   Yes
Qvist - ced: 3 - 3
Qvist - Rabid: 5 - 1
Qvist - DG: 4 - 2
Qvist - Mikey the great: 3 - 3
Qvist - Burning Skull: 5 - 1
ced - Rabid: 1 - 5
ced - DG: 5 - 1
ced - Mikey the great: 4 - 2
ced - Burning Skull: 3 - 3
Rabid - DG: 1 - 5
Rabid - Mikey the great: 4 - 2
Rabid - Burning Skull: 3.5 - 2.5
DG - Mikey the great: 4 - 2
DG - Burning Skull: 2 - 4
Mikey the great - Burning Skull: 4 - 2

C1 (100%)
rankname                                  averagepoints#played2nd3rd     iso      season17?
1.Beyond Awesome3.61850.0253.545.9   Yes
2.2.71828.....3.41750.0251.550.1   No
3.funkdoc2.914.555.5199.853.2   No
4.joey122.914.550.5226.348.7   No
5.scotty2hotty2.81450.0209.040.1   Yes
6.The Do-Operator2.41250.0186.533.7   Yes
Beyond Awesome - 2.71828.....: 2 - 4
Beyond Awesome - funkdoc: 5 - 1
Beyond Awesome - joey12: 2 - 4
Beyond Awesome - scotty2hotty: 5 - 1
Beyond Awesome - The Do-Operator: 4 - 2
2.71828..... - funkdoc: 6 - 0
2.71828..... - joey12: 1 - 5
2.71828..... - scotty2hotty: 3 - 3
2.71828..... - The Do-Operator: 3 - 3
funkdoc - joey12: 5.5 - 0.5
funkdoc - scotty2hotty: 3 - 3
funkdoc - The Do-Operator: 5 - 1
joey12 - scotty2hotty: 1 - 5
joey12 - The Do-Operator: 4 - 2
scotty2hotty - The Do-Operator: 2 - 4

C2 (100%)
rankname                                  averagepoints#played2nd3rd     iso      season17?
1.aku chi3.41750.0243.034.7   Yes
2.schadd3.316.550.0242.550.9   Yes
3.Seprix3.01550.0227.549.3   Yes
4.Aleimon Thimble2.914.550.0218.042.6   Yes
5.Chris is me2.81450.0212.341.4   Yes
6.Jimmmmm2.61350.0195.331.5   Yes
aku chi - schadd: 2 - 4
aku chi - Seprix: 3 - 3
aku chi - Aleimon Thimble: 4 - 2
aku chi - Chris is me: 3 - 3
aku chi - Jimmmmm: 5 - 1
schadd - Seprix: 3 - 3
schadd - Aleimon Thimble: 2 - 4
schadd - Chris is me: 3 - 3
schadd - Jimmmmm: 4.5 - 1.5
Seprix - Aleimon Thimble: 4 - 2
Seprix - Chris is me: 4 - 2
Seprix - Jimmmmm: 1 - 5
Aleimon Thimble - Chris is me: 3.5 - 2.5
Aleimon Thimble - Jimmmmm: 3 - 3
Chris is me - Jimmmmm: 3.5 - 2.5

C3 (100%)
rankname                                  averagepoints#played2nd3rd     iso      season17?
1.Jean-Michel3.51443.0159.047.5   Yes
1.markus3.51443.0159.054.4   Yes
3.E.Honda3.31340.0143.052.7   Yes
4.tufftaeh2.81140.0129.050.2   Yes
5.Haddock2.0840.0104.037.3   Yes
Jean-Michel - markus: 3 - 3
Jean-Michel - E.Honda: 4 - 2
Jean-Michel - tufftaeh: 3 - 3
Jean-Michel - Haddock: 4 - 2
markus - E.Honda: 4 - 2
markus - tufftaeh: 3 - 3
markus - Haddock: 4 - 2
E.Honda - tufftaeh: 5 - 1
E.Honda - Haddock: 4 - 2
tufftaeh - Haddock: 4 - 2

D1 (100%)
rankname                                  averagepoints#played2nd3rd     iso      season17?
1.tracer4.02050.0274.039.0   Yes
2.Horist3.61850.0258.053.3   Yes
3.microman3.115.550.0210.831.4   Yes
4.jamfamsam2.713.550.0198.330.2   Yes
5.MtMagus2.41250.0176.030.6   Yes
6.crlundy2.21150.0171.525.6   Yes
tracer - Horist: 3 - 3
tracer - microman: 4 - 2
tracer - jamfamsam: 4 - 2
tracer - MtMagus: 5 - 1
tracer - crlundy: 4 - 2
Horist - microman: 5 - 1
Horist - jamfamsam: 3 - 3
Horist - MtMagus: 3 - 3
Horist - crlundy: 4 - 2
microman - jamfamsam: 4.5 - 1.5
microman - MtMagus: 4 - 2
microman - crlundy: 4 - 2
jamfamsam - MtMagus: 4 - 2
jamfamsam - crlundy: 3 - 3
MtMagus - crlundy: 4 - 2

D2 (100%)
rankname                                  averagepoints#played2nd3rd     iso      season17?
1.SearingSpear923.81950.0272.049.0   Yes
2.amoffett113.718.550.0246.345.7   Yes
3.zporiri3.21650.0221.534.9   No
4.Infthitbox3.01550.0213.042.5   No
5.Jeb2.41250.0183.539.0   Yes
6.Petrovic1.99.550.0145.330.2   Yes
SearingSpear92 - amoffett11: 4 - 2
SearingSpear92 - zporiri: 4 - 2
SearingSpear92 - Infthitbox: 4 - 2
SearingSpear92 - Jeb: 3 - 3
SearingSpear92 - Petrovic: 4 - 2
amoffett11 - zporiri: 3 - 3
amoffett11 - Infthitbox: 4 - 2
amoffett11 - Jeb: 4 - 2
amoffett11 - Petrovic: 5.5 - 0.5
zporiri - Infthitbox: 2 - 4
zporiri - Jeb: 5 - 1
zporiri - Petrovic: 4 - 2
Infthitbox - Jeb: 3 - 3
Infthitbox - Petrovic: 4 - 2
Jeb - Petrovic: 3 - 3

D3 (100%)
rankname                                  averagepoints#played2nd3rd     iso      season17?
1.diedre913.51440.0158.032.6   No
2.Calamitas3.01248.0144.038.5   Yes
3.gloures3.01246.0144.044.3   No
4.Joseph23023.01244.0144.027.2   No
5.Harley_Beckett2.51040.0122.029.2   Yes
diedre91 - Calamitas: 4 - 2
diedre91 - gloures: 3 - 3
diedre91 - Joseph2302: 2 - 4
diedre91 - Harley_Beckett: 5 - 1
Calamitas - gloures: 4 - 2
Calamitas - Joseph2302: 4 - 2
Calamitas - Harley_Beckett: 2 - 4
gloures - Joseph2302: 4 - 2
gloures - Harley_Beckett: 3 - 3
Joseph2302 - Harley_Beckett: 4 - 2

D4 (90%)
rankname                                  averagepoints#played2nd3rd     iso      season17?
1.Sciserr3.51444.0140.032.3   Yes
2.Micha19803.51442.0125.541.7   Yes
4.Ravi Vasudevan2.911.540.098.834.2   No
Sciserr - Micha1980: 4 - 2
Sciserr - Dunduks: 1 - 5
Sciserr - Ravi Vasudevan: 5 - 1
Sciserr - Mort: 4 - 2
Micha1980 - Dunduks: 3 - 3
Micha1980 - Ravi Vasudevan: 4 - 2
Micha1980 - Mort: 5 - 1
Dunduks - Ravi Vasudevan: 2.5 - 3.5
Ravi Vasudevan - Mort: 5 - 1
Remaining: Dunduks-Mort

E1 (100%)
rankname                                  averagepoints#played2nd3rd     iso      season17?
1.Orange4.5920.040.030.1   Yes
2.mail-mi2.5520.030.022.7   No
3.Water Polo DMo2.0420.024.018.5   Yes
Orange - mail-mi: 4 - 2
Orange - Water Polo DMo: 5 - 1
mail-mi - Water Polo DMo: 3 - 3

E2 (100%)
rankname                                  averagepoints#played2nd3rd     iso      season17?
1.levymealone3.87.520.036.826.9    ?
2.KkuririnN3.5720.036.523.3   No
3.maximator1.83.520.025.3-22.7   Yes
levymealone - KkuririnN: 3 - 3
levymealone - maximator: 4.5 - 1.5
KkuririnN - maximator: 4 - 2

average: average points/match
points = 1st criterium = total number of games won
2nd = number of games won amongst players with equal score
3rd = for each won game, sum opponents score
iso = Isotropish rating, irrelevant for the league
season17? = Please post a message after your last match in the results thread stating whether you'll be back

Game Reports / A board with Donate
« on: July 01, 2016, 04:35:45 pm »

I played this board a few nights ago.  My opponent and I both opened Wharf/Fishing Village. I added a Gladiator, and then hit $6, buying Forum and using the free buy to pick up Donate. I kept 1 Copper to be able to pay off Debt and buy Tunnel in the next two turns. I ended up a couple of turns ahead on building, and got to pick up the entire stack of Provinces and place it in my discard because Fortune is a pretty good card.

The engine you build here is pretty straight forward, but the question I have for discussion is: What would you do before buying Donate?  After my first couple turns, I found myself thinking I would have gotten rolling faster by going directly for a Forum/Tunnel opening followed by Donating on Turn 3.  How would you go about getting this thing rolling?

Another question... if the game is close, how do you deal with Wall. I was definitely over the limit by a bit.

Variants and Fan Cards / Change cards to use Debt
« on: June 20, 2016, 11:35:11 pm »
I was thinking about whether any of the official cards might be interesting with Debt costs.  The only real idea that came to my mind, based on Donate's cost, was: What if Chapel cost ~ instead of ? It keeps it's accessibility, but has a cost that is more aligned with it's strength. Is that better or is it just stupid? 

That's pretty much all I thought of, but I figured I'd post it because there might be other cards that be interesting to restrict gaining or remodeling on.

I'm sure this has been talked about before, but I want to add such an option to the randomizer I am building, so I am interested in everyone's opinions.

We all know full random is great, but as more and more Dominion cards are released, we get less and less games with Colony/Platinum and Shelters. There's no reason to think that the original odds were somehow perfectly tuned, but something higher than where we are now seems better to me.  I am interested in any ideas people might have about ways to adjust the rates other than just rolling the same odds each game. 

I currently don't have any great ideas for Shelters because they don't seem particularly tied to the Dark Ages cards in a strong way. I might be happy with just a flat percentage for them.  Perhaps biasing based on trashers or alt-VP would make since for interaction with Overgrown Estate/Hovel.

For choosing Colony/Platinum, the most obvious thing to do is to bias around powerful cards since this is basically what the default rules did when Prosperity was released. My current plan is to pick out cards that are strong, or might be made more interesting by the presence of Colony from other sets (e.g. Prince, Chapel, Wharf, Masquerade, Tournament) to add into the list of cards that are counted when determining the odds to include Colony/Platinum.  The goal would be to push the overall odds back up to around 20%. (Odds were 22% when Prosperity released.) I also thought removing some weak cards from Prosperity might make sense too (Loan?, Talisman?)

I'm interested in any ideas about how to do this, or arguments against a particular method.

Dominion General Discussion / I made a randomizer
« on: May 26, 2016, 11:01:50 pm »
I'm sure this is the millionth randomizer or so, but I wanted something that could bias like Dominion Online does, and didn't find anything.

It's just on the web.

It includes all the cards. (Including Empires)

Use the new UI.  Hooray, it is easier to use now!

Alternate Colony/Shelter bias options
Way to show cards in split piles
Permanent links for Kingdoms
Add input option for requiring specific cards
Add input option for custom cards.

You can still do the manual stuff.  Here it is for posterity:
Code: [Select]
It can bias sets. This makes cards from those sets 3x more likely to be chosen

It can excludes sets, because maybe you don't have something...

You can adjust the bias multiplier

You can exclude or bias individual cards

You can bias or exclude based on card types

You can bias or exclude based on cost (not sure this is very useful, but why not)

You can change the limit for events/landmarks.
If you provide a one number, it sets the limit for total events/landmarks:,adventures&el-limit=3
If you provide 2 numbers, the first is the max for each type individually, and the second is the total limit:,landmark&el-limit=2,3
If you provide 3 numbers, the first is the max number of events, the second is the max number of landmarks, and the third is the total limit:,landmark.5&el-limit=4,3,6
Use 0 for no limit (if you actually want 0, use exclude=event,landmark):,landmark.10&el-limit=0

Dominion League / [DEPRECATED] Rules & Regulations
« on: May 21, 2016, 05:27:59 pm »
This page is no longer up-to-date or represent the official Dominion League Rules.
Please see here for the updated rules:

(This thread is locked. If you have comments please post them in the #league channel of the Dominion Discord server.)

I. League Structure

Each League season lasts 6 weeks, and is followed by a 2-week break. Players are divided into groups of approximately 6 players. Groups are arranged in tiered divisions. There is a single division in tier A; 2 divisions in tier B; 4 divisions in each of tiers C and D; 8 divisions in each of tiers E, F, and G; and 16 divisions in tier H. Divisions are determined by a seeding algorithm depending on previous performance in the League, taking into account time zone in the lower tiers (D and below) and Dominion Online level for new players. At the end of each season, some players promote or demote based on the standings (see section III).

II. Match Structure and Policies

Each player will play one match with each other player in their division. Matches consist of 6 games, with each player going first 3 times. The League recommends playing the first game with random starting players, and then alternating starting players manually. Each player receives 1 point for each game they won, and 0.5 points for each tie for that match.

The League standard is to play matches on Dominion Online, though you may play in-person. For games played online, spectators must be allowed for matches in tiers A, B, C, and D, and players cannot request to disallow spectators. Spectators are encouraged in other tiers, but a request by any player to disallow spectators must be honored. Players in all tiers are encouraged to turn the option to allow spectators to see their cards on and the option for players to see spectator chat off.

For games played online, the table should have the following settings by default, any of which both players can mutually agree to change before the game:
  • The disliked cards lists and banned cards lists should be respected, and the liked cards lists should not be. Except for the foregoing, Kingdoms should be generated randomly with all cards either player owns, from zero to two landscapes, and no specific cards or landscapes required.
  • The game should be unrated.
  • The victory point counter should be used.

A playing session is a series of one or more games between the same two players. A match may be played over one or more playing sessions. During an individual session, players may not adjust their cardlists unless mutually agreed upon. For the purpose of this rule, any consecutive games played between the same two players with less than 24 hours between them are considered to be part of the same session.

The League suggests completing all 6 games of a match on the same day, but this is not required. When scheduling, keep in mind that a matches typically take 1.5–2 hours. After completing a match one of the players should post the result (via Google forms sent to each player at the start of the season) as soon as possible. If less than 6 games are played, the result of those games just played should be submitted in the same fashion. Multiple reports between the same two players will add to the full score.

We recognize that players from different backgrounds have different opinions on which undos, if any, should be allowed when playing Dominion. Therefore, players can choose any policy on what undos they will allow, as long as they announce it to their opponent ahead of time. In the absence of such an announcement, they will be expected to follow the default policy for the League, which is to grant undos of small numbers of non-information-revealing steps.

III. Standings

During the season, the standings for each group will be automatically updated as players complete matches. The players in each group will be ranked based on the average number of points they have received in each match.

In the case of a tie within a division, the player with the total number of points from the matches between the tied players wins. If there is still a tie:
  • If the tie is between two players, they play a 2-game match with each player starting one of the games. If the players are tied after those 2 games, they play one final game with a random player starting. If there is still a tie, the player that went second in the last game wins. A player who does not wish to play this match may concede. If one player fails to respond promptly or is unable to play, that player concedes by default. If neither player responds promptly or both respond but cannot arrange the match in the required time, the moderators will randomly break the tie.
  • If the tie is between three or more players, the moderators will randomly break the tie.

At the end of the season, players may earn a spot in a different tier by promoting to the next higher tier or demoting to the next lower tier, based on their place in their division:
  • Players who finish in first place in tiers B, C, and E promote.
  • Players who finish in first or second place in tiers D, F, G, and H promote.
  • Players who finish in fifth or sixth place in tiers A, B, C, D, E, F, and G demote.

In addition, the top two finishers in the A1 division will play a second 6-game match to determine the Champion for the Dominion League for that season. For the purposes of determining the Champion (and only those purposes), the results of this match will be added to the results of the season, including updates to tiebreakers. The match date and time should be determined by the two players well in advance to allow for the moderator team to find a commentator team. Even if the outcome of the match is settled before the sixth game, all six should be played out for the purpose of spectator entertainment.

IV. Joining and Leaving

To join the League, you must join the Dominion (Card Game) Discord server: Once you have joined the Discord Server you may sign up to join the League by filling out the Google form embedded in the latest Signups post: You may only participate in the League once per season. You may switch your Dominion Online or Discord account at any time by letting your moderator know, but you may not join the League additional times using other accounts. You do not need to purchase a subscription to Dominion Online, and Dominion Online subscriptions have no bearing on players’ tiers, divisions, or seeding.

At the end of each season, players who want to return for the following season must fill out the Returning form linked in their division’s Discord channel, otherwise by default they will leave the League. The following priorities are used, in order, to fill the open spots created by players who leave:
  • Players returning to the League after playing in one of the past 6 seasons are placed into the tiers they would have most recently returned to, starting with the players that played most recently and with ties broken by seeding. For purposes of this priority only, divisions may have up to 7 players each.
  • Players returning from before the past 6 seasons, or joining for the first time, are placed into tiers based on their Dominion Online level.
  • Players who finished in second place with a high score in the previous season are offered a free promotion up to the next higher tier.
  • Players who finished in fifth place with a high score in the previous season are offered a free promotion to not demote to the next lower tier.

When multiple players are offered free promotions (as described above) to a tier with not enough open spots for all of them, that tier determines how players are chosen: For tiers A, B, and C, the moderators arrange play-in matches between those players. For all other tiers, the moderators choose the players at their discretion, taking into account time zones.

During a season, the moderators may, at their discretion, fill new open spots from a waiting list.

V. Scheduling

A suggested schedule will be posted in your group's Discord channel with a specific player to play each week. There is no requirement to follow the suggested schedule, but it is recommended not to fall behind the one match per week pace. Each group will be assigned a League moderator. If you have any scheduling issues, or if your opponent does not show up for a scheduled match, please inform your moderator.

If you are placed in a group with a player you are close friends with, please schedule your match as early as possible in the season to eliminate any temptation for collusion. You can also inform a League moderator if you anticipate this type of issue and the League will make an effort to place you in separate groups.

VI. Playing Competitively

All players in the League are expected to complete all of their matches as competitively as possible. There are times when it may appear that your remaining games cannot affect your standings, but this is very seldom the case. The average points per player in a full group each season is 15, and 6 points are at stake in each match. In some groups, the difference between 1st and 6th place has been less than 2 points at the end of the season. Even if your personal promotion/demotion status is guaranteed, it is still not acceptable to complete games non-competitively. It is possible for the result of any match to determine the fate of another player by way of the tiebreaker points. It is unfair to other players in your group if you do not complete your matches properly. Players who are found to have forfeited games or matches, colluded with other players, or posted results that were non-competitive in other ways may be banned from the League for up to 4 Seasons depending on the severity of the offense. Repeat offenders may receive a longer ban period or be permanently banned from the League. If anyone suggests recording a result that you feel is in violation of this policy, please report it to your League moderator immediately.

VII. Respectfulness

Players are expected to treat one another with respect at all times. Examples of poor conduct include swearing at another player or otherwise harassing them, excessively complaining about luck, rage-quitting and leaving a scheduled match, intentional slow-playing, or unexpectedly changing pre-match arrangements (such as undo usage). Player usernames also must not be offensive.

If another player acts disrespectfully towards you, you should contact your moderator as soon as possible. You are encouraged to provide screenshots of game chats or forum/Discord messages as evidence. If you find a username to be offensive, contact your moderator.

Violations of this rule will be adjudicated by a majority decision of the moderators. Depending on the severity of the offense, violating this rule may result in a warning, a ban of one or more seasons, or a permanent ban from the League. If your username is offensive, you will be told to change it prior to joining the League or before the next season begins.

VIII. Late Finishes

The official deadline to report your match results is the day after the official deadline (a Monday) at 15:00 UTC, so that people from the western-most time zones can easily finish and report matches which they started playing on Sunday night.

If players are unable to finish their matches by the deadline, they must contact their moderator to request an extension for up to a week with information about when the late matches will take place. If such communication does not take place or late game results are not reported within a week of the deadline, the responsible players are considered to have dropped out mid-season, with penalties as described in the following section.

IX. Dropping Players Mid-Season

Players dropping out during the season have a significant negative impact on their group. Unfortunately, some must drop out, or become inactive and have to be removed by the moderators. It is difficult to deal with matches that have been played by a player who has dropped because the matches they played and failed to play can have a significant impact on the group standings. The following rules are used for dropped players:
  • If the removed player played no games, they are simply removed and the remaining players play one fewer match. If possible, the moderators will replace them with a player from the waiting list.
  • If the removed player played fewer than 3 complete matches (each match being 6 games), the games they played are voided, and the remaining players play one fewer match.
  • If the removed player played 3 or more complete matches (each match being 6 games), the games they played are retained and the games they did not play are simulated by averaging the average winning percentage of the dropped player and the average losing percentage of their opponent in all games they did play.

Players who drop mid-season will be banned from participation in the next 2 League seasons. Dropped players finish last place in their division and will demote, which may affect their placement in subsequent seasons they return to. If a player drops out within the first week of the season or is in good standing with the League (i.e. has played in prior seasons without drops or late finishes), the ban period and demotion penalty may be reduced or eliminated at the moderators’ discretion.

X. League Moderation

The League is moderated by a group of players whose role is to ensure the League runs smoothly. Moderators are allowed, but not required, to play in the League. Moderators are assigned divisions (never a division in the same tier they play in) to be the primary point of contact for those divisions. Their responsibilities include checking up on players who have fallen behind and removing those who are non-responsive for a considerable period of time. However, all moderators are able to assist players with any issues they face. When new or additional moderators are needed, there will be an open call posted to the forum. New moderators are chosen by a vote of the current moderator team.

League moderators are also responsible for adjudicating any disputed rules infractions. If a moderator decision needs to be made that affects the outcome of a game, the players should finish the game and the player who requested the decision may protest the game by contacting their moderator with a description of what occurred and the game number. The moderator team will review the game and make a ruling by a majority vote whether the game results stand or that the game must be replayed.

Whenever the moderators gather for an official meeting at which rules may change (at least once per season), the agenda of the meeting and the outcome of any votes, including the number dissenting, will be made public within a week of the meeting.

XI. Amendments

These rules can be amended for future seasons by a majority vote of the moderators. All such changes will be posted to the Changelog with an explanation of the change taking place. Exceptions to rules for the current season may be granted if and only if the moderators and all directly affected players agree to the exception.

The F.DS League moderating team is interested in feedback from players that would like to play in League Season 15 starting in ~2.5 weeks and in the Reddit tournament starting next week. We are considering options for providing players with extra time to complete league matches next season if necessary. If you are planning to participate in both competitions, please post your thoughts here.  You can also send comments to me via PM, and I will share them with the moderating team if you prefer not to post them publicly.


Dominion League / US Daylight Savings time change
« on: March 15, 2016, 12:11:07 pm »
Just a heads up to any players in a group that has US timezones mixed with non-US timezones that US times moved forward 1 hour 2 days ago on Sunday the 13th.  When you are scheduling your matches this last week, note that any US timezones (other than Arizona) are +1 from what you see in your group thread.

Goko Dominion Online / MAKiNG MORE FUN: Graverobber plugin
« on: November 08, 2015, 04:06:17 pm »
Graverobber is a plugin designed to run with the MAKiNG MORE FUN extension (requires MMF version 0.44.2c or later). It runs in your web browser, and reads the data file output by MMF to display the GameLog in a style that will be familiar to anyone who used GokoSalvager. It also tracks your wins and losses for the duration of your session, and can show bits of information that may be inconveniently covered up by the Dominion Online UI.

To use Graverobber, all you need to do is navigate to, open the file dialog, and point it at the graverobber.dat file located in the MMF folder.

On Windows the MMF folder should be found at C:\Users\<username>\Documents\MMF.

On Mac the MMF folder is created in your home directory found at /Users/<username>. If you do not have the home directory in your Favorites sidebar in Finder, the easiest way open it is to press command+shift+h.

If you encounter a bug, feel free to report it in this thread.  Also, if possible, make a copy of the graverobber.dat file at the time you saw the bug, and provide that with the report.

Known Issues:
  • Supply in Info-Bar does not track Ruins and Knights properly

Planned Features:
  • Add Info-Bar item for Black Market deck contents
  • Add Pirate Ship Tokens to Tokens Info-Bar item
  • Add Info-Bar item for Actions/Buys/Coins
  • Add Info-Bar item count of cards in opponents draw pile
  • More log enhancements

Goko Dominion Online / Can't add bots
« on: October 02, 2015, 07:48:08 pm »
This evening I was unable to add bots to my game on the old client. I tried a couple of browsers and they both had the same issue. Clicking on "add bot" brought up the list, but clicking on the bots after that did nothing.

Just curious if anyone else is seeing this.

Puzzles and Challenges / Draw your (randomizer) deck
« on: April 11, 2015, 01:01:24 am »
I was just putting sleeves on my randomizer decks and thought of a fun puzzle.  I don't think these will be too hard.

Your deck is the randomizers from one set. Can you stack your deck in a way that allows you to draw it?

Your draw pile and discard pile need to be empty.

I know the Base set it possible, but didn't try any of the others. (Alchemy is of course going to be trivial...)

For sets that it isn't possible find minimum number of cards left in deck/discard I guess, because those are boring otherwise.

If you are still bored, find the minimum cards left in deck to also empty your entire hand of cards.

Cases that may or may not be needed:
There is no supply so cards that gain won't add anything to your discard.
There are no supply piles so City is level 1 (or 0 or whatever... it is just Village)
(Edit... I'm indecisive and changed City back to regular Village because there are full solutions for both parts even without a strong City)
The randomizer Knight is just a dead card.

Best solutions (number of cards remaining in deck/discard):
Base set: 0 werothegreat
Intrigue: 0 werothegreat
Seaside: 0 AJD
Alchemy: 0 werothegreat
Prosperity: 0 AJD
Cor­nu­co­pi­a: 0 ADK
Hinterlands: 0 ADK
Dark Ages: 0 werothegreat
Guilds: 0 Chris is me

Lowest number of cards left in deck with no cards left in hand:
Base set: 8
Alchemy: 0
Prosperity: 0 AJD
Cor­nu­co­pi­a: 2
Dark Ages: 0 werothegreat

Game Reports / Complex JoaT board
« on: October 19, 2014, 08:09:30 pm »
I thought this was a board that was interesting enough people would like to see it.

Code: [Select]
Hamlet, Develop, Tunnel, Woodcutter, Feodum, JackOfAllTrades, Treasure Map, Cartographer, Inn, Hoard

I managed to get the win here, but I am sure my play was far from perfect.  I am interested in what people think about the board.

Jack has one of it's best friends, Hamlet, which plays nicely into Feodum, and Tunnel has support from Hamlet, Inn, and Cartographer.

Help! / Smugglers?
« on: October 02, 2014, 11:34:16 am »

Code: [Select]
Transmute, Lighthouse, Smugglers, Wishing Well, Militia, Silk Road, Junk Dealer, Laboratory, Mystic, Nobles

I got dominated by Smugglers on this board.  In hindsight, it seems like it is just a good card here, but who knows, I'm sure I played badly in several ways here.  My hopeless last ditch effort was to buy lots of VP and hope Silk Road could save me, but all of that just got Smuggled too...

Is Smugglers a key card here?
If so, any pointers on how to identify what type of board vaults it out of the trash tier and into relevance?  (No key terminals to compete with it?)

Goko Dominion Online / Need help with matchmaking
« on: September 20, 2014, 11:24:49 am »
Hey f.ds, I finally decided to give Goko another chance recently.  I spent some time trying to get tokens to buy some promo cards and playing some casual games with my family.  This week, I finally decided to jump back on the real-game horse and play some pro matches.

On Isotropic, I would always just use auto-match, usually without restrictions, and got pretty reasonably competitive games, but hosting games against just anyone on Goko doesn't seem to be working the same way.  With a little luck, and a lot of very confusing play from my opponents, I won 14 games in a row (after 1 loss) and my rating is certainly higher than it should be. (Isotropish is a reasonable lv 25, but with only 15 games, my μ is certainly out of whack).

I see some people hosting games at 4000 or 4500+ rating, but I've peeked at most of my opponents ratings before starting, and I think many of them would have qualified for that type of restriction (but maybe not, I didn't always check).  How do you guys go about finding more competitive matches on Goko?

Game Reports / Interesting Goons Board. What would you do?
« on: February 18, 2012, 02:57:25 pm »
I just played this game, and thought the board was really interesting, but ended up going in random directions due to confusing play by my opponent.  I wanted to see what others thought.

This is the board:
Apprentice, Fishing Village, Ghost Ship, Goons, Ill-Gotten Gains, Jack of All Trades, Lookout, Remodel, Treasure Map, and Wishing Well

My thoughts when the game started were this:  Start with 1 Jack and buy Fishing Villages on 3 or 4.  Get a Goons or two while Massing Apprentices that can feed on free silvers from Jack.  Then use extra Goons buys to build up to super Goons turns. 

Ultimately I got to my target, but the path was very different than expected.  This is how things played out:
My opponent opens Treasure Map, which makes me feel good about my chances, but I was already a little bit unsure of my Goons plan, so seeing such a weak opening makes me decide to go for something more boring.  I decided to start driving into the IGGs to make his Treasure Map decision an even worse one.  On turn 6, he grabs an IGG too, and I decide a second Jack is a good idea to clean up Curses and make my strategy even more boring.  On Turn 7... he hits his Maps.  At that point, I decided my money strategy is probably back to being an underdog, and head back towards the Goons plan knowing that the IGGs I picked up will be excellent Apprentice fodder.  From there on, I pretty much followed the plan outlined at the top here, and it ended up working out really well.  I was worried again when my opponent bought 3 more Maps on turns 7, 9, and 10 and hit them on turn 12, but I was able to get multiple Goons in play a few times and managed to play 5 and buy out the last 3 Provinces to finish with a decisive victory.

Ultimately, I guess I am interested in everyone's thoughts, and curious if Apprentice/Fishing Village/Goons is the right play here, or if it would be too disrupted and slow if it were up against something like Jack/IGG. 

Game Reports / Getting lucky with Possession
« on: June 19, 2011, 12:40:29 pm »
I had a recent game with Possession on the board, which allowed me to pull off a miraculous come from behind victory.  Looking back on the game, I realized that it exemplifies the reason some people hate this card.  When I first experienced it, I was definitely on the side of hating it.  Over time, I have come to see it as a interesting challenge that changes up the game, and don't usually mind seeing it on the board.

My opponent and I both saw the obvious Chapel+Festival+Smithy route on this board.  Right from the gate, I knew I was in trouble when my opponent got the 5/2 start, and then I made it even worse on myself by making the idiotic move of opening Chapel/Smithy.  My mistake became painfully obvious to me when I drew EECCC on turn three and Smithy+ECCC on turn 4.  I knew that my Chapel was in the last two cards and I would draw it dead with my Smithy, so I settled for two Silvers on turn 3 and 4.  Had I opened Chapel/Silver, I would have gotten a Festival on turn 4. 

By the end of turn 8, I have 1 Festival, and 1 Smithy to my opponents 4 and 2.  As would be expected things only got worse and when turn 10 is over he was up to 6 and 3 and I was still at 1 each.  I did pick up a Harems on turn 9 and 11 because I knew hope was lost for a draw engine. 

On turn 12 his engine goes off for the first time, and I realize the game is all but over.  Then I took a look at the board, saw Possession, and thought, "Why the heck not, what have I got to lose".  That was where my luck took off.  I used Haven on a Festival, bought a potion on turn 12, and reshuffled.  At this point, I have 15 cards in my deck, and 2 (Haven/Festival) on the table.  My turn 13 draw managed to pull my Smithy at 5/13(38%) odds and my Potion I just bought at 7/13(54%) odds (could have been in one of the cards drawn by Smithy).  I also drew my second Haven at 7/13(54%) odds.  Playing my Festival from Haven, and then my Smithy and Haven drew me 3 Silvers and a Harem, the Harem going to the Haven.  This left me with 9+P to spend, and exactly 4 cards in my draw pile(Chapel, Silver, Harem, Copper).  I bought a Possession and another Haven.  This put 11 cards in my discard pile.  I don't know if the statistics work out perfectly this way, but for simplicity sake, I am pretending the Havens just don't count.  This gives me 1/9(11%) odds to pull the Possession I just bought along with the 4 remaining cards in my draw pile.  As you might guess by this point, my turn 14 hand was Chapel/Silver/Harem/Copper/Possession.

As if that whole string of events wasn't enough, with him up 2 Provinces to none, I went on to possess his first hand capable of buying 2 Provinces, his next hand only managed 1.  I managed to snag a Duchy on my turn.  Turn 16 he had another 1 Province hand, and got my only Festival and Smithy together again and picked up 2 Duchies as per the PPR.  Turn 17 was another single Province turn for him, and for me, my Possession came back around and I picked up an Estate.  I proceeded to possess his second hand that would have been capable of buying 2 Provinces.  Since there was only one left, I picked up Province/Duchy/Estate, and made out with a 3 point victory.

As I mentioned at the start of this post, I thought this was worth sharing because I think it highlights one of the main reasons people come to hate Possession.  I used it to mount a huge come from behind victory in a game where my inferior starting split, and boneheaded choice of opening cards should have guaranteed a loss.  The outcome of this game should be attributed mainly to the unbelievably lucky (~1% chance) sequence I had of buying, Potion, then Possession, and then playing it in consecutive turns, but the player on the receiving end is more likely to notice the luck that caused me to possess the only two monster hands that were generated by the engine they built.

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