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Game Reports / A most Tactical Jester (my tale of woe).
« on: September 19, 2012, 04:52:32 pm »
cards in supply: Bridge, Develop, Forge, Inn, Jester, King's Court, Pearl Diver, Tactician, Tournament, and Treasure Map

We both open Tournament / Silver.

Opponent hits $5 on turns 3 & 4 and takes 2 Jesters.
I only get $4 on turn 3 for another Tournament and go Tactician with my first $5 on turn 4 ... and it's immediately flipped by his Jester (and he buys an Inn to boot).  Then it gets flipped on the next shuffle as well, so I resign.

Help! / Wharf + Fishing Village
« on: September 17, 2012, 08:16:32 am »

cards in supply: Fishing Village, Hamlet, Haven, Lookout, Moat, Salvager, Shanty Town, Smithy, Spy, and Wharf

Opponent took a Lookout and I didn't.  My opinion was that the coppers help the economy more than get in the way of drawing.

Did I misplay this, or was it just my horrible shuffle luck.  In particular:

    SpaceSquirrel's turn 9
   SpaceSquirrel gets +1 action and +$1 from the Fishing Village.
   SpaceSquirrel plays a Gold and 4 Coppers.
   SpaceSquirrel buys a Province.
   (SpaceSquirrel draws: 3 Wharves, a Gold, and a Copper.)

Those were the last 5 cards in the deck, so rather than have them all miss the shuffle, I didn't play any.  Does that seem like the right move?

The following shuffle also saw no Wharves in the 1st 2 hands.

On turn 13 my 2nd Wharf drew my Salvager and the 3rd Wharf.  Might have been better to Salvage the Wharf or Gold for Double Duchy or maybe Duchy + Prov.

Help! / Goons game ... bad luck or bad play?
« on: September 06, 2012, 02:16:55 am »
Really frustrating game.  Feels like it was mostly bad luck / 1st player advantage, but was hoping to get some input:
cards in supply: Caravan, Farming Village, Forge, Goons, Loan, Market, Menagerie, Secret Chamber, Trade Route, and Worker's Village

I started 2/5 and didn't get a $3 hand until turn 8.  Maybe I should have bought a silver or loan rather than 1 of my 1st 2 Caravans?

Looking at it now, it seems like his shuffles were quite good and 4/3 might be the better start on this board.  I would think buying 1 silver would be better than hoping to get to $6 while trashing coppers with the loan, but hard to say I suppose.

Game Reports / Witch & Sea Hag in Love
« on: August 30, 2012, 06:06:42 pm »
So Frustrating ... (I play as SpaceSquirrel on Isotropic)

SpaceSquirrel's turn 5
(SpaceSquirrel draws: a Witch, a Sea Hag, and 3 Coppers.)

SpaceSquirrel's turn 7
(SpaceSquirrel draws: a Witch, a Sea Hag, and 3 Coppers.)

SpaceSquirrel's turn 10
(SpaceSquirrel draws: a Witch, a Sea Hag, a Curse, a Gold, and a Copper.)

For much of the game my Terminal actions seemed to be afraid of the Native Villages in general.

The real key to the game was probably this though:
    TheRealBenny's turn 8
   TheRealBenny plays a Black Market.
   ... getting +$2.
   ... drawing a Governor, a Chapel, and a Torturer from the Black Market deck.
   ... playing a Silver and a Copper.
   ... TheRealBenny buys a Chapel.
   ... returning a Governor and a Torturer to the bottom of the Black Market deck.
   TheRealBenny buys a Silver.
   (TheRealBenny draws: a Lookout, a Courtyard, a Vault, a Silver, and a Copper.)

The 1st Black market play by either of us.  He had to chose between playing his Hag and Black Market, and chose right.

Goko Dominion Online / Will Dominion Disappear from BSW?
« on: July 27, 2012, 06:15:35 am »

I looked a bit and haven't found any [semi]-official statements on whether Dominion will be removed from BSW when the FunSockets version becomes available.  Anyone have any "inside info" here?

Game Reports / lucky Pirate Ships vs. or mis-played Grand Markets?
« on: July 14, 2012, 10:42:41 pm »

board is:
Adventurer, Chancellor, City, Grand Market, Menagerie, Oasis, Pirate Ship, Shanty Town, Stables, and Village with me going first.

I enjoy defeating Pirate Ships, so decide not to buy any myself.  His ships hit copper 6 straight times.  Good for me because he didn't get lucky to hit a silver or gold I needed to get my first GM.  Good for him because he never missed entirely despite me only buying 3 treasures.  In his defense he was smart enough to buy 3 almost as fast as possible rather than just 1 or 2.

Turn 4 I wasn't sure what to buy with $5.  Went with a city thinking the GM and City piles might ultimately run down.  Now I'm thinking a 2nd Stables may have been the way to go (silver, 2nd chancellor, or shift into pirate ships seem main other options ... maybe shanty town or oasis, but both seem a stretch)?

For turn 5 I caught the worst possible ... (SpaceSquirrel draws: a Chancellor, a Stables, and 3 Estates.) is the mere possibility of that draw an argument for silver over chancellor on turn 3?  At any rate it lead to nothing on turn 5 and another "wasted" $5 on turn 6 which went to silver (is 2nd Stables, chancellor, or city any better?)

I think I did OK on turn 7,8, & 9 (gold, 2nd Chancellor, 2nd gold).  Turn 10 gave me $6 with copper.  My opponent had just bought his 3rd Pirate Ship, so I was reluctant to buy a 3rd gold, so I went with a 2nd City.  Similar case on turn 11 with $5+2coppers.  Thinking now I should have "committed" to cities by buying a 3rd.  risking a 3rd gold doesn't feel right at all, but in retrospect, Adventurer feels like a mistake as well (possibly an even bigger one especially since his ships were already at $5, so he probably won't attack with them much more).

12 and 13 brought obvious Grand Markets.  14 could have been Province + city/duchy, but pretty sure 2 Grand Markets makes sense.  15 is kind of similar.  Could have been Province + $3, but went with my 5th GM + 1st Menagerie.

I'm thinking turn 16 may have been the key.  There were 2 Grand Markets left at this point (my 5 to his 3).  I had $18 with no copper or $19 with copper.  My opponent had bought his 1st Province on his turn 14 on 2nd City (4th overall) on turn 15.  I went with 2xProvince+2nd Menagerie, but now am thinking 2xGM + City would be better (and even better still if I had bought City rather Adventurer on turn 11).  I don't think I noticed at the time that I was about to reshuffle.

After turn 17 I have another horrible ... (SpaceSquirrel draws: a Copper, 3 Estates, and a Province.)

Turn 19 is another potentially interesting one.  Started with:
(SpaceSquirrel draws: 4 Grand Markets and a Menagerie.)
1 of the 1st 3 Grand Markets drew another.  I can't remember exaclty what the other 3 "1st 4 of 5" Grand Markets drew (the logs show exactly what you drew at the end of a turn, why don't they show exactly what you draw during a turn?).  I'm pretty sure it was 2 Chancellors and the Stables, so let's go with that.  I play the 5th GM, hoping for a city (and wishing I had bought a village or shanty rather then the 2nd menagerie on turn 16) and draw a gold.  At that point I could Chancellor for $15, but instead I Stable the gold, again hoping to be able to fully activate the menagerie, and knowing at least I have some hope of Adventurer re-drawing the gold which is what happened). 

I end up with $19 and 6 buys.  Looking back, it seems opponent has 3 Provinces, 3 Estates, 0 Duchies, and I have 2 Provinces, 0 Duchies, and 0 Estates.  I was afraid he was likely to be able to double Province or Province + Duchy (which would beat my Province + Estate).  Maybe 2xProvince+Estate (hoping he can't Prov+Duchy) or Province+2Duchy(hoping he can't double Province) and pray are best.  Even if I don't want to "risk" those, now I'm thinking 2xDuchy+City+$3 may be better than 3xDuchy+$3?  I'm pretty sure I didn't realize at the time I was about to shuffle (which may have influenced my choice).  Is 2xCity + duchy or even 3xCity worth considering?

After committing to the greening, I really blew it on the final turn 22.  Glanced at the log and thought (incorrectly) it indicated he went first, so i thought "I'll take a tie" and bought the last Province to lose.

I welcome any comments or suggestions (and apologize for any typos or confusing bits ... re-wrote sections, but am too inebriated to to bother with a careful proofread ;)

Game Reports / University gains .... FEASTS!!
« on: July 02, 2012, 07:34:04 pm »
Here's something you won't see every day:
SpaceSquirrel's turn 20
SpaceSquirrel plays a King's Court.
... and plays a University.
... ... getting +2 actions.
... ... gaining a Feast.
... and plays the University again.
... ... getting +2 actions.
... ... gaining a Feast.
... and plays the University a third time.
... ... getting +2 actions.
... ... gaining a Feast.
(SpaceSquirrel draws: a Cartographer, a Copper, a Wharf, an Estate, and a Silver.)

Naturally, it was a 3 pile ending.  Pretty sure we both played horribly in this game.  Some kind of weird University group think or something.

Game Reports / Governor vs Vineyards
« on: July 02, 2012, 05:51:26 pm »
I thought this was a potentially really interesting setup:

The 12 chosen cards are Caravan, Develop, Festival, Governor, Margrave, Minion, Pearl Diver, Royal Seal, Spy, Swindler, Village, and Vineyard.
SpaceSquirrel vetoes Swindler.
Hampuse1 vetoes Margrave.
(SpaceSquirrel's first hand: 2 Estates and 3 Coppers.)
(Hampuse1's first hand: 3 Estates and 2 Coppers.)

I opt for a fairly formulaic Governor approach with Caravans to help with drawing.  At first I don't fully understand his strategy with no many Festivals and am don't notice a couple of his Pearl Diver buys.  His real plan with Vineyards doesn't occur to me until he buys his 1st potion on turn 11.

I managed to win on turn 17 despite being stuck with a Duchy on turn 16 ($7 hand with no Governor / draw). 

I remodeled an Estate into a Potion on turn 12 because I was afraid his strategy might be appreciably better than mine and wanted to deny him some Vineyards.  Now I'm thinking that may have been a mistake.  Sticking to my guns by gaining a gold and buying a province may be better.

Any opinions on whether the Vineyards approach "should" have a shot here?

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