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Dominion Isotropic / Question about optimal strategy
« on: October 02, 2012, 12:17:08 pm »
I just had a game on Isotropic with the following cards: City, Colony, Courtyard, Fishing Village, Hoard, Moneylender, Pearl Diver, Platinum, Potion, Quarry, Stables, University, and Witch.

Opening 4/3 i bought a moneylender and fishing village thinking the moneylender would help me get a witch pretty quickly and more importantly get rid of my coppers. The midgame plan was to get a potion and some universities that would ultimately allow me to gain many cities and win the game. At the end of my turn 9 my opponent made the following remark and resigned thereafter: "I'm sick of playing luckers that don't actually know how to play optimally, please, go fuck yourself, Quarry was a way better option to moneylender"

I don't think he was very happy with my play. I would like to hear some opinions. I preferred moneylender because it would also get rid of all the coppers during the midgame where I would be low on money anyway (considering my opponent opened witch) and pretty much just gaining cards with universities. But with stables on the board the coppers might not matter that much and quarry might be the better choice.

Here's the log of the game (I'm InASlump):

Anyway I believe the key was not so much luck, but the decision to go for universities. In the absence of +buy that's the only way to grab all those cities.
What do you think, was I lucky? And also how would you have played this kingdom?

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