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Variants and Fan Cards / A card at any cost
« on: September 02, 2013, 07:15:59 am »
Is it possible to have a (not absurdly contrived) card which would be balanced at any one of a wide range of costs?

My entry for Dominion_contests' contest was an attempt at this:

$? - Action
While this is in play, when you buy a card costing at most what this card costs, gain a copy of it.
Setup: Choose a card at random from the remaining kingdom cards in the game; its cost is this card's cost.

It's clearly strong at 5 (and 4?) and the consensus so far seems to be that it is too strong.

Of the official cards Border Village come closest. How would this variant thereon work:

Randomised Border Village
$? - Action
+1 Card; +2 Actions
When you gain this, gain a card costing less than this.
Setup: Before the game roll a die and add one to the outcome. The result is this card's cost.

I guess it's not ridiculous but probably weak at $5 and a bit strong at $3 or $4.

Maybe either or both of these could be fixed with a bit of tinkering. More generally, I'd be interested to hear other peoples ideas on making a card that would work at any cost.

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