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Dominion World Masters / Re: Finals order
« on: July 03, 2012, 02:34:38 am »
It does seem like the least Kirian could do is install the addon and see for himself what type of advantage it provides before labeling 20% of the community cheaters with such strong language.  I'm saying 20% because the addon has 1500 users and there's 8000 on the leaderboard.  Wouldn't shock me if that 1500 skewed towards the higher end of rankings and towards those players who played more games, so the game-weighted average might even be higher than 20%.

The add-on just doesn't matter in the majority of everyday (2 player) dominion.  I sometimes sign in on firefox by mistake, and might not notice for a full game that I don't have the addon available.  If you play a lot of dominion, you are going to remember all your important cards, and as tim said earlier in the thread, by subtraction, you know what your opponent holds.

I suppose how much it really matters varies from person to person, but for me personally, it really only helps with vineyards, silk roads, sabateur, or swindler on the board.

The recent 4 person qualifier is a different story, however.  I found it extremely helpful, because I cannot remember what 4 different people are buying, particularly when people are playing slowly and the game drags out and approaches 30 minutes in length.  So I can understand the opposition to using it in that format.

And to agree with what blueblimp just said, its baffling to see such surprised indignation at the use of the addon, considering that if you play a lot, you see the link to the addon spammed in your chat window several times a day.  The reaction we're seeing suggests that all this cheating was going on behind everyone's back, when in fact we link the addon at the start of every match and its only a 1-click install.

Dominion World Masters / Re: DominionStrategy Qualifying Day Results
« on: July 01, 2012, 12:05:35 pm »
Yes, Ed's group was the Day 4 group.

Very nice playing, Ed.  A couple comments:

Its kind of you to say I was unlucky on the Goons game, but I dont think so.  I went for upgrades, which was a big mistake in a game where we were all constantly playing with only 3 cards.  I had way too many discards where I had to decide whether to keep upgrade+copper in hand, or farming+margrave.  With margrave on the board i should have just went margrave and hoped to hit an early platinum like the 2 of you did.  Because once there were so many goons and margraves out there, I never had a chance to hit $9.   I also could have gone a bit more for points towards the end and potentially try to sneak into 3rd, but I actually didn't expect the game to end when it did.  You had done so many estate-estate-copper buys that I figured your deck was too junky for you to ever hit $12.

On the fool's gold game, I think you made the right call.  You trashed two fool's golds and bought an estate, then lost by 3.  You could have kept the golds, bought a duchy, but you still would have lost by 1.

I am quite surprised you won the last one though.  I was so pleased when I saw you open Mining Village/Courtyard, because I figured Silver/Courtyard was a much better opening.  And then I spiked a gold on turn 3.  I may have erred in buying a 2nd courtyard on turn 4 rather than a 2nd silver though.  I hit $11 on turn 7, which was a waste of money.  Hard to say beyond that in what way I got unlucky.  I didn't have any $7 hands thanks to the courtyards.  I would blame it on your extra turn, but you beat me by 9.

Fun games (quick ones too).  Good luck you in the final.

Tournaments and Events / Re: One day Cup / Feed back
« on: May 06, 2012, 07:46:37 am »
Many thanks to Rabid for setting this up.  For a first time event, I think it went quite well.  Especially with Rabid both playing and running the thing, I'd have thought it either would be a huge disaster or else Rabid would have been distracted and knocked out early, but neither was the case.

I would second what MrEevee said - my biggest complaint would be an iso-interface one, in that it is difficult to know the progress of the games you are waiting on.  It might be nice if everyone, as a courtesy, said "Soandso up 2-1", during the 5 seconds when they return to the lobby but before starting the next game.

I would probably be against limiting to 16 people.  I think structural changes could cut down on the time taken as much as cutting down on the number of players.  These things have all been mentioned already by others, but 1) having the loser's bracket play fewer games, 2) not allowing latecomers, 3) having a dedicated admin who would move things along more quickly, or 4) playing the final (and possibly also the loser's final) the next day.  The people who had the longest waits were ednever waiting on his finals opponent, and qmech after he got dropped down to the loser's final.

I'd definitely play again.  And I'd be all for USA vs. Europe if it meant we could get a later starting time for the US.

Solo Challenges / Re: allfail's solo challenge: I like VPs!
« on: April 23, 2012, 10:53:10 pm »
I enjoyed it.  Just submitted my entry.

Solo Challenges / Re: Solo Challenge 10 - A uadbaoS telleB Tribute
« on: April 06, 2012, 02:26:43 pm »
Yeah Giga, i thought about continuing to try to get better luck.  There's no reason I couldn't have drawn my turn 17 hand on turn 16 and ended it then.  I'm not sure I could have gotten 15 turns though without changing some strategy.  I had one attempt where I pulled the trigger on my big turn in turn 15 but fell $4-$5 or so short of the last province.  But there was only so many times I was willing to replay the game.  Ozle seems to like torturing us with games where we have to have to good fortune of pulling our whole hands using 2 card draws =).  This game felt a lot like the Festival/Oracle game from last week to me.

I liked double haggler better than one.  And the earlier you start greening, the better the haggler is.  I would have thought DG and fate would benefit more from the second haggler than I did since they started on provinces a few turns earlier.  It would clog the deck as DG said, but my guess is that to hit 15 turns you'd have to go double haggler, start greening earlier than I did, and hope for some good luck.

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