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Dominion General Discussion / Re: Menagerie Previews 1: 5 Cards
« on: March 02, 2020, 11:31:25 am »
So kiln does not interact with that because it is not in the supply or (the lose track rule)?

This is my listing right now all though I am thinking of downgrading some of the band to dislike

Banned List
Haunted Woods

Disliked List
Black Market

My Reasoning:
Lurker and Ambassador are game warping cards very rarely in a good way, if one player takes one, the other players need to follow suit - in most matches.

Catapult and Sauna are more often than their fair share tilt cards.  Catapult degrades quickly and isnt much fun to fight against.  There are matches where the lone Sauna player will be too slow or can be caught with a depleted deck and exploited but in most matches this is the dominant strategy.

Haunted Woods - I like this card, but the Haunted Woods lock isnt worth playing with this card all that often.

Donate - I have abused this card way too often.  Donate/Robin Hood among the worse.  (Possibly should just be dislike - but for now a rest is warranted)

Chapel, Remake, and Rebuild  - In most games these cards are super under costed.

Black Market - I think this is a weak card, but in paper I ban it as it is too slow.  Online it can be fun, but seems a feel bad for my opponents when they desperately cling to a multi-action or multi-buy game instead of occasionally enjoying the single action/buy game.

Governor- A somewhat interesting card, but it is a promo on the super strong side.  Im kind of tired of the choice to quick race or Gold/Rebuild-to-6xProvinces.

I am considering Tax as it is often unfair to the starting player.

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