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I get that's what it's supposed to be, but wording doesn't make sense.

How does it not make sense? You discard the Coppers, revealed. And then you draw that many cards.

You discard the coppers, revealed? But no coppers were revealed. There's nothing that says to reveal your hand. It doesn't say to reveal the coppers like it's supposed to. The syntax is messed up. How does that make sense?

It doesn't say "discard the revealed coppers", it says "discard the coppers, [in such a way that they become] revealed".

It made sense to me, but a better wording might be "At the beginning of your turn, you may reveal and discard any number of coppers. Draw as many cards as coppers you revealed and discarded."

Is Innovation working properly in the preview? If I gain a Witch, it will draw two cards and deal a curse, but then - even if I have extra actions and buys - I can't play actions or treasures that I draw.

That seems to make some amount of sense, but it's far more limited of an effect than I guessed for $6.

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