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Forum Games / Re: F.DS Among Us?
« on: November 07, 2020, 09:21:37 pm »
Dominion Discord have been doing these for quite a while. Would be fun to see how y'all forumers do it.

/in (times past 5pm EST being best)

vote: father-brother-continent


0 games played, so there's that

Mafia Game Threads / Re: Civility Pledge
« on: August 13, 2018, 07:58:17 pm »

just got into this and am super hyped

Tournaments and Events / Re: Cage Match Tournament 1: Nocturne
« on: March 02, 2018, 10:10:28 pm »

Dominion General Discussion / $3 Cost Card Rankings Bottom Half
« on: January 10, 2018, 03:52:53 pm »
Disclaimer: this is my first time doing this, so there may be errors. I also a not very good so these can be slightly off.

Anyway, here are the cards, starting with Loan, the #29 card.

29. Loan A situational treasure card. Despite the fact that it often will skip your good cards, Loan can be a good early-game buy because it can help thin your deck by trashing coppers. A good use of Loan can be in a situation where one really needs the trashing, for example Mountebank. If there is a trash for benefit card it can be better, as one can get something good after trashing Loan once it becomes unneeded. However, one (usually) should only buy Loan if there are no cards which can do its tasks better in the Kingdom.

30. Expedition This event is good, as a larger hand size usually leads to a better turn, such as spiking a high amount of coins to buy an important card, such as KC, Prince, Altar or Province (to activate Tournament). It can also help set up a megaturn or add extra cards to an Outpost turn. However, this event is not good with handsize attacks in the Kingdom, because it draws cards during clean-up, and if one gets attacked before their turn, they lose the cards that Expedition gave them.

31. Wishing Well A decent card, but other cards have better effects while still being a $3 cantrip. This card encourages deck tracking, something which is not easy to do unless oneís deck is really thin or one knows the cards on oneís deck because of another card such as Navigator. Sometimes itís better to fail at oneís wish, so that one can know oneís deck if one would like to play a Native Village/Lookout and not trash or set aside a good card.

32. Shanty Town Shanty Town is usually not worth it. In some cases, however, there can be things that make it better. One is attack cards being in the Kingdom. If a discard attack is in the Kingdom, it can cause one to have smaller hand sizes which may not have other Action cards in them, making Shanty Town to draw more than normal. Cursers also do this by giving one dead cards and decreasing the action density of oneís deck. Another situation is if Shanty Town is the only village, and there are important terminal cards which one needs to play several times a turn. Lastly, if one just has non-terminal cards, one can play their actions before Shanty Town, and draw cards that way.

33. Night Watchman This is a pretty good card, but only in certain cases. When one buys Night Watchman, it goes to oneís hand, so one can play it the turn one buys it Ė this makes it so that you can make your hand for next turn better. This also makes it a not that good but not terrible counter to attacks such as Sea Hag and Ghost Ship, which mess with oneís deck. However, the main idea of Night Watchman is that one can cycle oneís deck to get their buys faster.

34. Smugglers Not too much to say, it does exactly what it says it does: if oneís opponent is gaining cards that one also wants, one can use Smugglers to gain extra of that card. If one and oneís opponent are both trying to get the most cards out of one pile, Smugglers can speed that up. However, it cannot gain Potion-costs such as Familiar or Scrying Pool. Also, if one and oneís opponent are pursuing different strategies Smuggler will more often than not be a bad card to get.

35. Guide Not an interesting card, but Guide can be a pretty useful card in certain situations. One is when oneís opponent played a handsize attack, as it draws you 5 cards. Another is when one needs to draw a certain card. Multiple Guides can stack, so one could draw a new hand multiple times.

36. Merchant An OK card in the right circumstances. If one has multiple Merchants in play, then one can get a lot of coins. Most of the time, however, Merchant doesnít do too much, as one doesnít have Silver/has few Merchants.

37. Workshop An old card, but it can be great in certain games. Itís a really simple gainer, so there is not much to say about interactions. Useful in games where one wants many cards of $4 or less, or with cost-reducing cards such as Highway. Not very good because in most games one needs cards costing $5 or more, and Workshop cannot gain these cards.

38. Develop A quirky card. Most of the time this is a bad card, as it is terminal and slows cycling. There are many up- and even more downsides, so if you are really into this card, just read the wiki. The main parts are that itís a terminal topdecking trash-for-benefit. It goes well with cards $2 apart, as it can gain them from a middle costing card.

39. Oracle A sifter which also has a Spy-like attack. It draws cards also, despite not having a clear +2 Cards at the top. It can be used to sift, as well as hurt oneís opponentís deck. The best way to use Oracle is to make sure that one is drawing the best possible cards, as otherwise Oracle is a waste and you couldíve just as well gotten Silver.

40. Leprechaun This is just a fun card. If one wants to set up to get 7 cards, go ahead. However, one can only gain 1 Wish each turn, and most of the time itíll just Hex the person playing it, making it like an Attack on themself. It also gains Gold, but thatís not really important in most games.

41. Farmers' Market This is a slow card, but it can be an amazing way of getting VP on certain boards. First off, it gives a buy, which can be great if there are no other cards that do that. More importantly, it gets VP. Every fifth time it is played, the person playing it gets 4VP. This make Kingís Court and other cards like that good, as they enable one to get VP more often. It also can cause micro-management, where one wants to keep the VP on the pile just right, so they get it and their opponent doesnít.

42. Oasis Oasis is not a power card. Nor is it weak. It gives $1 while reducing your handsize by 1 and not taking an Action. Oasis is better when the discard is good and worse when it is bad. For example, someone using a Double Tactician deck or draw-to-X will like Oasis, same when someone has Curses and no trashing. Likewise, when playing Big Money, one wouldnít like to discard, as cycling is not important and theyíre losing economy.

43. Gladiator Not much to say, as this is a new card. Basically if one has a card in oneís hand while oneís opponent doesnít, trash this and get $1 more. The point of this card is to get to Fortune, which doubles oneís coins once a turn if they play it.

44. Storeroom A terminal sifter. It gives 1 Buy and has a Cellar-like action, then a Secret Chamber-like one. Itís good in decks with cards that like discarding, and it will also give at least $4 if one has a dead hand.

45. Vassal An interesting card, Vassal gives $2 and plays an Action card off of oneís deck. This rewards high action density. In some cases, you can choose to not play the card, eg. a Trade Route with no bad cards in hand.

46. Secret Cave Not much to say here. It is a cantrip, but if one discards 3 cards, they get $3 at the beginning of their next turn. The main part of this card is its Heirloom, Magic Lamp. Magic Lamp can gain Wishes, which in turn can gain cards costing up to $6. However, many players think that Magic Lamp makes games too swingy and so avoid playing with Secret Cave.

47. Trade Route A decent trasher, but only when there are no other trashers on the board. Occasionally it can be a good source of $, when Victory cards are being bought more than usual. This is usually Victory cards in the Kingdom or rarely Hoard, which can incentivize Duchies and Estates.

48. Caravan Guard A pretty bad card. Itís just a cantrip that gives $1 the next turn. It also has a reaction, which is that it can be played when one is attacked to get +1 Card and $1 the next turn.

49. Harbinger Harbinger is a cantrip, which usually favors engine-y types of decks. However, the ability to put something from your discard on top of your deck is not that strong in engines which can draw most of the deck. It is best in weak engines or Big Money without Terminal Draw. Also, it is stronger with cards that need many actions, mainly Conspirator or Vineyard.

50. Tunnel A cool card, but itís rarely useful in most Kingdoms. It has neat interactions with discarding cards but other than that not a lot happens here.

51. Sage A card that seeks and plays Action cards. Overshadowed by other cards that do things such as trash or gain $ or help with an engine.

52. Fool A new card, but again, not very good. It gets Boons, but those arenít very good. It comes with a Lucky Coin, which can be used to gain some Silvers, but those arenít any good nowadays.

53. Banquet In one sentence: a $5 card is good, but the 2 Coppers are really bad.

54. Fortune Teller Terminal Silver that cycles oneís opponents deck most of the time.

55. Masterpiece A Copper for $3 that lets one overpay to gain Silver. Not good as Silver is usually bad, and can be bought directly instead of Masterpiece.

EDIT: A bit of formatting and grammar.


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