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Dominion Articles / Re: Donate + Windfall
« on: January 24, 2018, 03:45:22 pm »
I simulated plain Big Money + Donate, comparing donating twice (Don2) to donating once (Don1) in average time to buy N Provinces, opening $3/$4 or $4/$3. Don2' is a variant of Don2 that buys Gold rather than Province on Turn 9.

N   Don2   Don2'  Don1
4   10.7   11.3   11.9
5   13.1   12.9   13.9
6   15.6   15.0   16.1
7   18.1   17.3   18.2
8   20.6   19.6   20.4

Donating twice averages 10.7 turns to get 4 Provinces. This is faster than donating once, and keeps its edge except for all getting 8 Provinces as you might need versus alt VP.  In 2P, Don2 has 60% win rate over Don1 with both sides doing basic Duchy dancing.

Don2' is Don2 but getting Gold over Province turn 9, making it slower to 4 Provinces but faster for 5+ with better econ. I'm not sure which is better in a mirror, as they're very close with Duchy dancing enabled and it's hard to play optimally. Drawing less than $8 on turn 6 forces you into an equivalent to Don2'.

Dominion Articles / Re: Donate + Windfall
« on: January 24, 2018, 01:26:20 am »
What's the baseline for just plain Big Money + Donate?  Has anyone figured that out?

Donating twice is fast at rushing for the Province split, getting the 4th Province on turn 10, 11, or (rarely) 12. Compared to donating once as per aku_chi, you probably have an extra Province after turn 9 but two fewer Silver.

Turn 1: Buy Silver *
Turn 2: Donate down to Silver + 4 Coppers
Turn 3: Pay off debt
Turn 4: Buy Gold
Turn 5: Buy Gold
Turn 6: Donate down to Gold, Gold, Silver, paying off debt **
Turn 7: Buy Province
Turn 8: Buy Province
Turn 9: Buy Province
Turn 10+: Buy Province or Gold or Silver ***

* Of course opening $2/$5 doesn't allow this. Anything else is fine, even $5/$2 repaying 6 debt on turn 3.
** You need 8 coin in hand to have no debt left over. The 1/7 of the time that you don't, you can only afford Gold next turn.
*** Before turn 10, your deck is 3 Provinces, 2 Golds, and a Silver, so a fourth Province is a 1/2 chance of a treasure being bottom-decked. If you miss, you have a 4/5 chance of Province on turn 11.

Puzzles and Challenges / Re: Turn 1 Win (No Mission/Outpost/Possession)
« on: November 19, 2017, 11:24:39 am »
With the now-released Nocturne Heirlooms, just 2 events suffice for a Turn 1 win with no extra turns.

Travelling fair

Border Village
Death Cart
Pixie (for Goat)
Pooka (for Cursed Gold)
Tracker (for Pouch)

Starting hand
Cursed Gold
Overgrown Estate

Play Cursed Gold (gaining Curse), Pouch
($4, 2 buys)
Buy Travelling Fair
Buy Lurker (topdeck with Travelling Fair)
Buy Advance for Necropolis into Villa
($0, 1 buy)
Play Goat, trashing Overgrown Estate, drawing topdecked Lurker
Buy Advance for Villa into Border Village + Villa
Play Villa
($2, 1 buy)
Play Lurker, trashing Fortress into hand
(Hand now only has Fortress. From here, we drain 3 piles. It doesn't matter whether we topdeck.)

Do this 8 times: Buy Advance for Fortress into Border Village + Villa, play Villa
(Villa pile empty, 1 Border Village left in Supply)
($10, 1 buy)
Buy 5 Travelling Fairs.
($0, 6 buys)
Do this 5 times: Buy Advance for Fortress into Death Cart + 2 Ruins
Buy Advance for Fortress into Border Village + Duchy

Game ends (empty piles: Border Village, Ruins, Villa)
You have 2vp (Duchy, Curse)

The luck to pull this off is just the opening hand (1 of 252), so with some patience this could be done on Shuffle IT. There's 3 Kingdom piles to spare, including possibly Baker. Don't know if that's enough to set up also emptying the supply.

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