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Wow the bridge troll art is amazing when it isn't on the card.

Is that the Lannister sigil on the Bridge Troll art?

Just got my copy from Miniature Market today. Looks like I got a bad print. Most of the first stack (Archive-Forum) are off-centered front and back. Some are quite noticeable e.g. Charm, Crown. Some are quite subtle e.g. Archive. Groundskeeper pack has some subtly off-centered cards too. The other pack seems fine.

Sorry about the poor lighting.

I ordered my copy from Miniature Market. Since last weekend, my order had the status of "Pending Release".  Tuesday I called them to ask what that meant. They had not yet received their copies. So it meant they would release it for shipment after they got their copies some time this week. On Wednesday or Thursday, they finally received their copies.  The status has now been changed to shipped.  It's only a 5 hour drive between St. Louis and Lexington, but I didn't receive it today. Hopefully I will get it by Monday.

Mine shipped out yesterday. I got a shipping notice and tracking number from FedEx in the evening.

I got Empires yesterday! I got out the set, and I set up a new game. Imagine my surprise when I pulled out the Base Cards, that all of my Silver and Gold were missing! As it turned out, I had a friend over from another state who brought Dominion, and he somehow took both my Gold and Silver while keeping his when he went back to wherever he lived, so I cannot play Empires. Like, FML!

Ugh, that's terrible. Way more than my wait. Just curious, don't you have a backup from the base game or Intrigue?

My order from Miniature Market has been shipped finally. Should get it by next Friday.

I am getting it tomorrow. I canceled my Miniature Market order.

They finally got their copies! No shipping notice yet though. :(

Edited: Called them and was told it wouldn't be shipped till tomorrow.

Still waiting to get an update from Miniature Market. Don't know what takes them so long.

I'm never preordering from them again. All of the other places have shipped Dominion: Empires by now. They don't even have it. In fact, I'm probably going to go cancel my order now.

With a friend ordering a game which helps me reach the free shipping threshold and some discount from rewards points, it's quite a saving for me. I will stick with them for a bit longer. But yeah other places have been selling the game since last Friday but they still don't have it, really?

Still waiting to get an update from Miniature Market. Don't know what takes them so long.

Miniature Market: Our copies will be arriving early this coming week. :(

Ordered with Amazon 2-day yesterday. Originally expecting the delivery on Monday. It's now shipped, arriving Friday.

Empires Previews / Re: Release date
« on: June 07, 2016, 07:30:31 pm »
Available on Amazon!!

In stock but may require an extra 1-2 days to process.
Ships from and sold by Gift-wrap available.

Empires Previews / Re: Empires Previews #3: VP Tokens
« on: May 11, 2016, 05:31:54 pm »
If the Temple pile is empty, you still continue adding VP tokens to it, right?  But there's no way to get those tokens without Ambassador shenanigans (or something unrevealed)?

How about Graverobber and Rogue? Ambassador Temple would be in favor of your left-hand-side opponent.

Empires Previews / Re: Empires Previews #1: Debt
« on: May 09, 2016, 01:44:58 pm »
So, I assume Debt, VP and Coin Tokens work this way, then. What about Pirate Ship tokens?
Yes, you also get those tokens.

I assume the gained Coin tokens go to the Possessor's pool immediately. This means Possessor can't use Coin tokens from Bakers played that turn; he/she can still use the Coin tokens the Possessed has accumulated up until the previous turn. Is this correct?

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Promo Event card in Germany
« on: November 05, 2015, 10:22:20 am »
Cannot place order, conditions not met:

Must have at least $4 in total.


Hope a local game store in the Bay Area has it.

You could just add some other stuff to the order?  Dominion blank cards, any other Dominion promos you might be missing, promos for other games you have, actual new games, or even just some metal cubes or something?

haha. yeah, now that wero. mentioned Kingdom Builder promo, I might get it. I already have all Dominion promos.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Promo Event card in Germany
« on: November 05, 2015, 02:00:15 am »
Cannot place order, conditions not met:

Must have at least $4 in total.


Hope a local game store in the Bay Area has it.

Thank you for the heads-up! I've never tried carrying the case like a briefcase. In fact, I haven't moved it away from my usual gaming area. There seems to be some space for cards to move sideways if the case is held like that. I'm afraid I will ruin the organization or worse, the cards themselves. Do you also have that problem? My friend suggested putting a foam-like material on top so that the cards don't move around.

Thank you guys!

DLloyd, awesome! I also use an app and Mayday regular sleeves! I'll go ahead and order the rest. Just got the Hobby Lobby wooden case I ordered last week.   :D


I was wondering if Hobby Lobby Wooden Case can hold all cards with the plastic dividers from SpielGeek. (especially with Broken Token's Card Organizer)

I'm not a DIY kinda guy and I find this combination perfect for my storage solution. Just want to make sure they can hold Adventures cards and the promos. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. :)

Adventures Previews / Re: I just Pre-Ordered Adventures
« on: April 22, 2015, 06:58:33 pm »
A third party fulfilled by Amazon now offers Prime. I would still wait for more competitive pricing with Prime.

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