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Dominion Articles / Underrated Cards in 2018
« on: Today at 11:50:34 am »
Here is a short list of what I think have been underrated cards. Some of them are Nocturnes, others are old past favorites. Feel free to add or dispute anything on this list.


This pile has seen a continuous rise over the years, but it still isn't high enough. Knights are devastating when uncontested, and the person who loses the Knight split is racing against the clock. With Lurker, Graverobber, Necromancer and Rogue, games with Knights are more centralizing and degenerate than ever. Don't forget Throne Room variants either.


I know, I know looks crazy. Just start buying it. You are going to be surprised how useful and consistent it is.

Fool's Gold

Yeah, mass FG is bad. But you know what isn't bad? Great payload at the cheap. This is one people are coming around to as well, and I almost didn't put it on the list.


Events in general are still underrated. They absolutely dominate games and Borrow is no exception. Think of a game where Borrow is on the board and you never used it. Exactly.

Traveling Fair

Why in the hell is this dropping in rank? It should be going up! If you are not using this Event, you are going to lose every time to someone who does.


This one is understandable, because Druid by itself sucks. Just more of a PSA that Wisps are the most broken thing ever, and that you should basically open Druid any time there is Swamp's Gift set aside. Yes, even forgo trashing if Flames is included.


People have gotten too annoyed at Doctor's bullshit to realize just how fast of a trasher Doctor is. I have won games getting Doctor over say, Steward. Not joking. (Speaking of which, if there's an Overrated list ever, throw Steward on there, please.)


Continuing the theme of misaligned Events. Draw is good, handsize increase at start of turn is good, Den of Sin and Wharf demonstrate this, why is this dropping?


Yeah it's bad, but not basically at the very bottom of the list bad!


This is a must open on so many boards, and it gives you payload too. It is higher than where it is.


Placed horribly, yeah it's Nocturne but it should see an incredible rise.


It's actually really good draw on the cheap. Just start buying them en mass. I know I know you lose your best card but soon you stop caring because you're drawing it all.


This has not risen nearly fast enough. Being able to trash your hand and pick up an Engineer is such a HUGE boost to tempo.


And this has continued to drop because.. why exactly? There also seems to be this pretend rule that you are not allowed to open Bishop. Bullshit, you absolutely can sometimes.


Not high enough on the list. I dare you to never buy Groundskeeper and see what happens. I dare you. Top 15 Card.

Royal Carriage

Dropped for some reason. No idea why.

Den of Sin

New Card Syndrome, should rise a lot. A LOT.


Man, have engines somehow gotten worse in 2018? Why is this dropping? Jsh wrote an article and everything!


I think this one will be forever underrated honestly. I know, it looks like it sucks. Just start picking it up on $5 if you have nothing immediately better to do. You will start winning tons of games like you couldn't believe. It is a consistency machine. Nothing like Warehouse. It's basically draw.


It's a terminal Gold that has one of the most brutal attacks in the game. It's dropping for some dumb reason. I see people skipping it on boards they shouldn't maybe that is why.

Council Room

It's just a slightly worse Margrave. Please, start buying this thing...


Overrated for so long, the worm has turned and now it is finally underrated. Basically don't ever fall behind, because Jester favors the player who is ahead. If you are behind, don't pick it up and keep building, although you're probably sunk in the long term.

And that is all that came immediately to my mind. Let's stir this controversy pot and see what we get.

Dominion General Discussion / The Dominion Cards 2017 Edition: Boons
« on: January 22, 2018, 08:26:41 am »
It's the list you've all been waiting for. Boons. The thing you get when you play Fate cards, or as I like to call them, Boonies. This list wasn't too surprising, and a lot of the Boons can be moved around without too much complaint.

My current list for the Boons, in order from best to worst: Swamp, Flame, Earth, Forest, River, Mountain, Sun, Wind, Field, Sea, Sky, Moon.

The Boons

#1 Flame's Gift Weighted Average: 94.75% / Unweighted Average: 89.39% / Median: 90.91% / Standard Deviation: 17.93%

Widely considered to be the overall top Boon by the community, Flameís Gift gives a free trash upon reveal. The inconsistency and randomness of the trashing effect leads me to conclude that it is overrated, although not by much. Flameís Gift will probably retain itís status as the top Boon in the future due to the communityís love for trashing, and frankly there isnít much wrong with that.

#2 Swampís Gift Weighted Average: 83.92% / Unweighted Average: 80.68% / Median: 81.82% / Standard Deviation: 18.43%

My personal pick for best Boon, Swampís Gift gives out a Will-O-Wisp, which is a slightly worse Magpie (only because you cannot spam gain it usually). Also like Magpie, if you get a ton of them into your deck (hint: Druid) you will quickly be put into a great position to win. Wisps draw themselves, and the more you have the better. Without Druid, Wisp is more of an early game Lab which accelerates the deck and is a harmless cantrip with a scouting effect in the late game.

#3 Earthís Gift Weighted Average: 73.87% / Unweighted Average: 72.73% / Median: 81.82% / Standard Deviation: 26.11%

While this Boon only has one guaranteed good target in Blessed Village and one great enabler in Pixie, there is usually some good gaining to do in the Kingdom. At the virtual cost of $1 it is a very potent Boon. It is less consistent than Flameís Gift, so #3 is the probable perfect spot. From here on out, the Boon strength drops off considerably.

#4 Riverís Gift Weighted Average: 68.3% / Unweighted Average: 67.8% / Median: 72.73% / Standard Deviation: 15.96%

Riverís Gift is a guaranteed non-dead draw, albeit delayed until the start of the next turn. Riverís Gift is nice consistency and is virtually never bad to get. Itís not spectacular, but it gets the job done. I am happy to see it with every Boonie, a good sign.

#5 Forestís Gift Weighted Average: 62.5% / Unweighted Average: 60.98% / Median: 63.64% / Standard Deviation: 17.7%

Even with a no +buy board, it is hard to line up Forestís Gift in an engine without the astute help of many Pixies. (The moral of the story seems to be get Pixies whenever you are able, they are very good and flexible) That being said, landing this Boon at the right time just adds a nice potential advantage. Come on, itís +Buy. You fought for Ruined Markets, youíll fight for these too.

#6 Fieldís Gift Weighted Average: 57.91% / Unweighted Average: 57.58% / Median: 54.55% / Standard Deviation: 18.86%

Starting to notice a trend? Generally the further down this list, the more situational the Boon. Fieldís Gift is probably over ranked at #6. Itís only very nice with Druid and Pixie. The randomness lends itself to somewhat suck with the rest of the Boonies due to lack of control. Sometimes a Pixie can be popped for a village effect and sometimes it lets you play a second terminal, but usually it never does more than give a free +coin. Sometimes that is all you really want.

#7 Sunís Gift Weighted Average: 44.01% / Unweighted Average: 45.83% / Median: 45.45% / Standard Deviation: 20.74%

Sunís Gift is a solid Boon to get, increasing consistency with the top of the deck manipulation. I am never really sad to see it (unless it triggers a bad shuffle), but usually doesnít do a whole lot either. You probably wouldnít pop a Pixie for this without a very good reason, but otherwise itís mostly fine.

#8 Seaís Gift Weighted Average: 33.58% / Unweighted Average: 35.23% / Median: 36.36% / Standard Deviation: 22.01%

Could be ranked lower. Seaís Gift is just a second Riverís Gift with Blessed Village, a potential 2 Labs with Pixie, and meh with everything else besides Idol. Sea's Gift is not a bad Boon, but within the context of the Boonies it is really not that good at all. Seaís Gift is mostly mediocre for the same reason that Ruined Library is mediocre, only youíre usually spending your Action on a terminal Boonie instead.

#9 Windís Gift Weighted Average: 32.91% / Unweighted Average: 35.23% / Median: 36.36% / Standard Deviation: 21.53%

Could be a little higher. Ignore all the times you played a Boonie at the end of a shuffle and landed this. It can happen. Itís usually a bit awkward in the same manner that Seaís Gift is, but it also lets you see more cards so itís just better overall.

#10 Skyís Gift Weighted Average: 24.05% / Unweighted Average: 25.76% / Median: 18.18% / Standard Deviation: 19.58%

Probably the second worst Boon, and third worst isnít much better for Skyís Gift. Discarding three cards for a singular Gold is a giant ask, and the sporadic uncontrollable nature of Boons makes it even harder to land at the right time. And the reward is.. a Gold. At least Mountainís Gift just outright gives you a Silver. Skyís Gift is usually and rightly ignored.

#11 Mountainís Gift Weighted Average: 12.81% / Unweighted Average: 12.5% / Median: 9.09% / Standard Deviation: 12.81%

Probably the most criminal under ranking on this list, Mountainís Gift is actually one of the better Boons in the game (I have it at #6). I will fight you on this. Silver hate has gotten out of control. New rule: Buying Silver is bad, but getting free ones is usually fine. It generally gets worse the later the game goes on, but arenít all of the Boons situational? And early game extra economy for free? Yes please. Stop with the Silver hate. Silver isnít Curse+. Mountainís Gift is not the second worst Boon, and I expect itís position to rise in the coming year.

(pssst, popping a Pixie on Mountain's Gift is actually really good, give it a try)

#12 Moonís Gift Weighted Average: 16.29% / Unweighted Average: 12.06% / Median: 9.09% / Standard Deviation: 23.17%

While there is a nice combo with Moonís Gift and Blessed Village, otherwise you are usually sad to reveal this Boon. Remember how inconsequential Harbinger is the majority of the time it is played? Donít expect anything better from Moonís Gift. Dream about all of the times youíll top deck a Goons in a thick deck, Boons just donít work like that with their sporadic nature.

Dominion General Discussion / The Dominion Cards 2017 Edition: Hexes
« on: January 22, 2018, 07:43:32 am »
Here it is, the thing everyone has been waiting for. Hexes. Those bad things your opponent gets when you play Hexers. There were some legitimate surprises on this list, although I now mostly agree with them.

This is my current list for the Hexes, from best to worst: Delusion, Locusts, War, Envy, Poverty, Plague, Misery, Greed, Haunting, Bad Omens, Fear, Famine.

The Hexes

#1 Delusion Weighted Average: 84.56% / Unweighted Average: 81.82% / Median: 100% / Standard Deviation: 22.27%

In a not very close contest, Delusion nabs first place with the vast majority of first place votes. Delusion is a nasty Hex, forcing your opponent to not be able to buy Actions for an entire turn. This can put the opponent into a hole he cannot dig himself out of, and at the right time is absolutely devastating to get hit by.

#2 Locusts Weighted Average: 78.94% / Unweighted Average: 79.22% / Median: 81.82% / Standard Deviation: 16.15%

I had Locusts much lower than this (but seemingly nobody else, I gave it the lowest ranking out of everyone). However, after a discussion Locusts does indeed belong around this spot. Locusts fiddles with your deck in very annoying ways, either trashing a useful card like a Village or giving out a Curse in much the same way as Swindler, but better. Sometimes it can hit Province, and then the tears really start to flow. Locusts is a very swingy hex, so is Swindler or Saboteur.

#3 War Weighted Average: 69.62% / Unweighted Average: 63.64% / Median: 63.64% / Standard Deviation: 23.97%

Another counter-intuitive pick (I had it very low), I find it to be a very situational Hex. Sometimes it will hit a Village and that is very hard to come back from, but then sometimes it will just bounce off a Silver, and that is quite friendly! Overall though, this is a very swingy Hex that can land on the wrong side for one guy, and then it's a tough pitch.

#4 Plague Weighted Average: 66.45% / Unweighted Average: 66.23% / Median: 63.64% / Standard Deviation: 20.45%

Plague is simple. Curse the opponent. Nothing terribly fancy. Sometimes the in hand stuff hurts and sometimes it helps if anything, but overall itís just a Curser in Hex format. Quite good, although maybe not as good as Envy. Probably a bit overranked. Nothing left to say.

#5 Envy Weighted Average: 66.2% / Unweighted Average: 69.7% / Median: 81.82% / Standard Deviation: 28.1%

Envy is a more situational version of Delusion. Either it is quite strong or barely noticeable, and it entirely depends on the choice of payload. With Golds and Silvers, Envy can block an entire turn out and that hurts with the Gains Race most engines are. With Conspirators and other kinds of virtual coin or payload, not so much. Heck, alt Treasures or Platinum are not touched by Envy. Also, if a theoretical card existed where upon playing it Copper gave an extra $1, that would also work. Speaking of that theoretical card, it must feel pretty envious of the cards that still exist.

#6 Poverty Weighted Average: 65.69% / Unweighted Average: 69.26% / Median: 72.73% / Standard Deviation: 14.44%

Poverty is the Militia attack, and the Militia attack is hard to deal with. I am almost always happy to give this attack out to someone. Probably a bit underranked, but people still seem to underestimate just how good of an attack Militia is so it's not terribly surprising. You could also justify this position since it is only played once every twelve times.

#7 Haunting Weighted Average: 42.8% / Unweighted Average: 44.16% / Median: 36.36% / Standard Deviation: 24.98%

Haunting is not very good and is pretty overranked here at #7. Without an Urchin or Fear being played first, this attack is mostly ignorable except in money games, but in breaking news everyone knows to not just play money when attacks are on the board.

#8 Greed Weighted Average: 37.48% / Unweighted Average: 37.23% / Median: 36.36% / Standard Deviation: 19.42%

Probably slightly underranked, Greed is a weak junker attack. Greed doesnít really stop turns from happening unless the turn was pretty much a dud already, and the attack is slow enough that itís not much of a problem to deal with. Plague is miles better because it simply hands out a Curse.

#9 Misery Weighted Average: 35.6% / Unweighted Average: 38.53% / Median: 36.36% / Standard Deviation: 22.95%

Misery is an interesting Hex, albeit mostly on the weaker side. What ends up happening is either Misery means very little to the state of the game unless you get hit twice, or it is absolutely crucial in a single Province game and then you sob. But mostly it is okay to be hit with and isnít nearly as game changing as getting slammed by a Delusion. Despite this, it is still pretty underranked, I would still rather be hit by Haunting or Greed before Misery.

#10 Bad Omens Weighted Average: 26.68% / Unweighted Average: 23.38% / Median: 18.18% / Standard Deviation: 16.5%

Bad Omens is mostly bad. Itís a cute attack in theory but in execution I never really seem to end up caring, again unless my turn was going to be a dud anyways. And if it was, I really donít mind drawing two Coppers with my Smithy instead of some dead Actions, and the Coppers even skip the shuffle if it's not a Moat variant draw card. Fears about triggering bad shuffles are not nearly as bad as I thought they would be.

#11 Fear Weighted Average: 22.89% / Unweighted Average: 23.38% / Median: 18.18% / Standard Deviation: 16.01%

If it wasnít for good olí #12, Fear would easily be the worst Hex. It so rarely hurts to be forced to discard a Copper. The only time this attack really seems to hurt is when it is played before (but not even after, 5 card minimum) Haunting, (which is thematic) or if all you have in hand are Action and Victory cards (afraid of these parentheticals yet?). Well even then youíre mostly not going to care, there is probably still a ton of drawing to be done with the four cards left in hand.

#12 Famine Weighted Average: 3.09% / Unweighted Average: 3.46% / Median: 0% / Standard Deviation: 5.23%

In a not even close contest, Famine is almost universally considered to be the worst Hex, earning the vast majority of 0 ratings. Not only does it barely hurt, it is even kind enough to shuffle the rest of your deck afterwards! Famine is just a much much much worse Rabble.

...Library, Cursed Village, Jack, Watchtower...

...There's also magic lamp, conspirator, shanty town, horn of plenty, diplomat, enemy Haunted Woods etc... it's not remotely close to 4 cards or only basic draw-to-X cards in the slightest.

And because of those interactions, a card that does nothing but decrease your handsize on play is as high as the second best Ruin? Am I reading this right?

Ruined Library combos with every village in the game (a lot more "combos"), Magic Lamp, Horn of Plenty,etc. Does Ruined Village do all of that?

Or maybe all of this is silly, Ruined Village is objectively the worst Ruin no matter how you look at it, and the list is wrong because Ruined Library is second worst behind Ruined Village.

I didn't vote in these rankings but I think I would have been one of the madmen who voted ruined village somewhere other than last -- even as high as second.

~80% of games RV is the worst. But for probably 75% of those 80%, the impact of the other ruins not named ruined market amounts to something like "I played survivors once and discarded an estate".

In 20% of games RV thru one way or another becomes a cantrip. That's a hell of a lot better than any of the others (except ruined market, again) realistic optimal scenarios.

A surprising amount of ruins games don't become money slogs in my experience, too, which ups the odds of those scenarios slightly.

You must be confusing Ruined Village with Ruined Library.

Dominion League / Re: Season 25 - Results
« on: January 20, 2018, 01:37:21 pm »
C2 Mikechike 2 Seprix 4

I will be back for next season.


You're wrong, everyone can't wait for that Boons and Hexes list!  ;D

General Discussion / Re: Random Stuff Part IV
« on: January 13, 2018, 06:35:41 pm »
New Random Stuff thread. Woohoo.

Whoa whoa whoa hold the phone. I get that it's not exactly new and exciting, but there are absolutely not 24 $4cards better than jack of all trades. This card is like playing the game on easy mode. It minimizes the effect of every attack that I can think of, and allows you to empty provinces really really quick. It's a slightly boring strategy, but do you want to win or not? Getting 2 jacks wins you games. That's it. Get 2 of this card and your chance of winning is pretty darn good. I mean obviously going for a jack strategy won't always be best, especially with some landmarks, but going for a rebuild strategy isn't always best either and that's the reigning champ of $5 cards. Jack is at least a top 10 card. Don't overthink it.

You. Me. Dominion Online. Be there or be square.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: The more I read the worse I get?
« on: January 07, 2018, 06:17:45 pm »
I would laugh if Loan became a bannable topic.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: The more I read the worse I get?
« on: January 07, 2018, 05:36:31 pm »
What has happened: Awaclus has been pedantic and annoying on purpose when it comes to certain opinions to the detriment of any conversation on this forum. He does not appear to be even entertaining the thought of not being correct, or of trying to not be annoying on purpose with his actions. Yeah, that's clearly going to grind some gears. And yet it's okay because unlike Adam Horton or Tristan Awaclus doesn't blow up or insult people (with the exception of calling an opinion "retarded" once).

The trouble here is there is clearly toxic behavior, but nothing is being done because it isn't extreme enough. And then if you do something about Awaclus, then suddenly that puts a target on potentially anyone for being "annoying". It's a scary precedent. And yet I am fully willing to endorse something being done.

Chris is me is absolutely right, even if he overreacts and uses inflammatory words. Something needs to be done. I don't know what, but there needs to be some sort of discussion about this.

What is not essential is ranting about how you hate a particular poster for posting. It's, I'm going to call it "toxic, draining behavior." Try not doing that? Man.

I seem to recall times where you have done the same thing. The article in question isn't "hating someone for posting", but "hating someone for what they post". Awaclus could be posting things that are not clearly designed to aggravate everybody on the planet.

I don't know, the "ignore it" strategy isn't working anymore, and this is going to keep popping up over and over, and ruin many more threads.

Dominion League / Re: Season 25 - Results
« on: January 06, 2018, 09:52:28 am »
C2: Seprix 4 Jimmmmy 2

Dominion General Discussion / Re: The more I read the worse I get?
« on: January 05, 2018, 08:23:07 am »
And yet another thread ruined by the Chris is me vs Awaclus debate club.  :-\

Dominion League / Re: Season 25 - Results
« on: January 04, 2018, 09:29:06 pm »
C2: Seprix 5 - Chris is me 1

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Dominion jokes/pick-up lines
« on: January 03, 2018, 09:57:14 am »
What does a laboratory do best?

Draw to conclusions.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Christmas Kingdoms 2017
« on: December 29, 2017, 08:09:41 am »

But Moat is strictly better than Socks ...

That's the point, any time you got socks as a Christmas gift you had to bs to your parents that you very much enjoyed the gift.

So many insane hot takes in this thread.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Really bad card ideas
« on: December 18, 2017, 10:11:53 pm »
Action - $3

+1 Card
+1 Action

You may come up for an alternate name for a Village. If you do, +1 Action.

Scheduling / Re: Season 25 - C2
« on: December 18, 2017, 10:04:01 am »
I'll be able to play all of today and tomorrow. Otherwise I am available at night pretty much every day. (CST) I might be exhausted though, it depends.

Let's Discuss ... / Re: Let's Discuss Adventures Cards: Wine Merchant
« on: December 18, 2017, 09:59:56 am »
Sorry for necro and being maybe more a rules question:

But with thronies and KC its kinda strong, isn't it?!
Will you get the +4 twice / thrice (?) with just the need of leaving (2) left,
it may be not as strong as KC'ed Bridge - but not bad either

It's pretty alright. Yeah, you get the extra stuff. Just don't try it with Royal Carriage, since the card has to be in play for that to work.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Homage to the Best Card
« on: December 17, 2017, 06:21:19 pm »
Code: [Select]
[img width=800][/img] is a thing. Let me demonstrate.

Much smaller and not spammy at all. Also Preview button is your friend. Experiment until you find the pixel width right for you! I get so bothered by the giant giant images, it takes away from the joke when I have to scroll around to try and read the joke in parts instead of all at once.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Forced Wins Training Sessions
« on: December 17, 2017, 06:12:09 pm »
You could alternatively

play the Mill to draw the Bridge Troll, Stonemason the Bridge Troll into two Wandering Minstrels, play the other Mill to draw a WM and discard WM+Estate for $2, then you can buy a Messenger to empty the Bridge Trolls and a WM to empty the WMs.

Play Mill to draw Bridge Troll, play Stonemason trashing Bridge Troll for Wandering Minstrel and Stonemason, play Mill discarding Estate + drawn card to get you to $1, play 3 Copper and 1 Silver to get you to $6.
Buy Stonemason overpaying 3 for 2 Wandering Minstrels, Stonemason overpaying 1 for 2 Stonemasons.

Drawing the Bridge Troll is not guaranteed and thus not a solution. I apologize, there's way more cards than one in the discard.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Forced Wins Training Sessions
« on: December 17, 2017, 05:50:50 am »
This is a slightly harder one. Put on your thinking caps.

General Discussion / Re: STAR WARS
« on: December 17, 2017, 04:54:03 am »
Everything you just said in that sentence is wrong.

okay nice movie quote, so don't watch the movie is your recommendation?

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