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Other Games / Re: New Paper Mario announced!
« on: August 03, 2020, 09:26:05 am »
Finished The Origami King 2-3 days ago. I think it's a good game but not anything exceptional. It has a charming world and characters as mentioned before, that continues throughout. The boss fights are a lot of fun. The regular battles somewhat less so - the puzzle is quite enjoyable, mostly, but often battles after that are just a case of selecting something strong enough to OHKO and you're done. The story is basically non-existent, which is a shame, especially compared to TTYD and SPM which had fairly good stories. There isn't anything in the game now I've completed it which really draws me back and makes me want to replay it at all, or continue searching for 100%.

Overall a fun game, I give it maybe 7.5/10. Took me around 25-30 hours to complete.

Other Games / Re: New Paper Mario announced!
« on: July 25, 2020, 05:51:47 pm »
I've been playing the game over the last week, though have been playing more of Civ 6 the last few days. Currently in chapter 3. I have to say I'm enjoying it a fair bit, though it's definitely nowhere near the original 3 Paper Mario games. The world is charming and fun to explore, but not anything too breathtaking or amazing. The battle system is honestly more of a puzzle than a battle system (heck they even call it a puzzle bonus when you line everything up right), it can be pretty fun and challenging at times. Though my main issue with the battle system is it sort of feels like it plays itself beyond solving the puzzle, just attack with the right thing and you win. Though fortunately enemies now are beefy enough that I have to actually think about using weapons to kill in one hit, which is something I guess.

Other Games / Re: Pandemic Legacy (probably will have spoilers)
« on: July 19, 2020, 02:26:40 pm »
Season 0 got announced recently, looks pretty exciting to me. I feel like the new mechanics could be really interesting

Other Games / Re: New Paper Mario announced!
« on: July 18, 2020, 04:38:27 pm »
I ordered Origami King today. Reviews I've seen suggest it's pretty good, better than Sticker Star and Colour Splash, which is kind of half of what I want. I'm not in love with the battle system from what I've seen but it looks like it's a fun world to explore at least.

I probably should clarify - each Wonder can only be built once per game. Like Wonders in games like Civ or TtA or similar. Hence the compensation mechanic idea - if someone else finishes a wonder you've invested slightly towards, you get a little bit back, but less than what you put in. In Civ for example you get half of the invested production back, so if you've spend 100 production towards the Pyramids and someone else finishes it, you get +50 production extra next turn. 1 coin token per 2 coins invested seems reasonable at first thought, but might actually be a little too much compensation, if so it could maybe be dropped to 1 token per 3 coins invested or similar.

I like the idea of having the wonder have cost stages, so instead of spending random spare buys+coins, you have to actually invest a specific amount.

As said, I dreamed this one up, so likely it would need heavy tweaking to be playable - and you'd probably just end up with Projects once you're done balancing and playtesting it anyway - but it seemed at least interesting enough to think about so I thought I'd post it. It seems kind of like a cross between how wonders work in Civilisation or Through the Ages, and Dominion projects anyway.

Wonders are a new kind of Horizontal card that can be built. They tend to be very expensive (think 15+ coins), but unlike regular cards you do not have to pay in one go. Instead everyone has their own supply towards building the wonder, and you can use a buy to put any amount of money towards the wonder. Once someone has spent equal to the wonder cost, they build it and gain its benefits for the remainder of the game. Everyone else who had partially built it gets compensation, probably Coin Tokens equal to half of what they had spent.

As for Wonder effects... I didn't dream up any. I expect they would be worth some reasonable number of VPs, as well as some permanent ongoing benefit that's likely stronger than a typical project. So for example, maybe something like a double Bridge effect (cards cost $2 less on your turn, but not less than $0). Or something like "at the start of each turn, +1 card, you may discard any number of cards, then draw that many." Basically, strong effects that might be worth investing into and racing to complete, strong enough that you have a chance to catch up once you complete them but also not so strong that you can just instant-win by completing them.

Feel free to suggest ideas, or to point out all of the less obvious reasons of why it just wouldn't work (which is probably the reality - if my conscious brain is bad at games design I can't imagine my subconscious is any better)

Other Games / Re: New Paper Mario announced!
« on: May 16, 2020, 05:11:17 pm »
I want to replay TTYD at some point, I have my Wii with some GCN memory cards, and a copy of the game, so I could easily do it. I expect the game to be easy, but still fun.

Other Games / Re: New Paper Mario announced!
« on: May 16, 2020, 04:51:35 am »
Poor Sticker Star, it's existence entirely forgotten. Probably as it should be.

Having watched what exists so far, it's hard for me to tell what the combat system is like. There's clearly a big stage rotation mechanic, which... no idea if that will be fun. Asides from that, hard to say.

Personally I loved TTYD and PM, and thought SPM was good although a little annoying to control at times - it had a surprisingly dark and enjoyable story for a game aimed at kids. Never even played Sticker Star or Colour Splash.

General Discussion / Re: Random Stuff Part IV
« on: April 26, 2020, 04:54:58 pm »
In my dream last night I somehow created a Pandemic role that almost seems plausible as a real card.

When you treat disease, you may first place a supply token in this city, or move a supply token from another city into this city.
When any player treats disease in a city with at least one supply token, they treat one additional cube of any colour.

I assume there would be something like 8 supply tokens.

Asides from the absurd name, I feel like it would be a weak but actually viable role. It would work similar to the Medic, but with less immediate benefit in exchange for a bit of extra long term power. Unless dreams count, I have not playtested the role.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy VII Remake
« on: April 12, 2020, 05:37:32 pm »
Annoyed that they arenít putting it on Switch; instead I just recently bought regular FF7 for the Switch. Iíve actually never played it before.

Definitely considering doing this myself. I know little about it other than it's extremely highly regarded. So far I've only played FF4 and FF10, and both were decent but neither really grabbed my attention like many others RPGs have done.

Other Games / Re: Slay the Spire
« on: February 26, 2020, 05:53:08 am »
As I've been playing more, and watching a lot more (think I've probably watched over twice as many hours as I've played at this point), I'm starting to feel that my earlier thoughts on deck building aren't really accurate. Trying to build a specific deck to do a specific thing I think is often a bad idea. Instead I think you want to be taking cards that help you win against fights your deck might struggle against. For example if I've got several good powers in my deck, that's great, but my turn 1 may be pretty weak and also if I can't play those powers I could be in trouble. So Reptomancer and Awakened One could be issues - so I may want to add ways to deal some quick AoE damage or else scale up without powers for those fights (if I don't already have them). Sometimes, you can see that you deck can achieve something that wins for basically all fights, e.g. an infinite combo or similar (which is probably only stopped by Time Eater and the Heart), but otherwise I think you should typically end up with a deck that works coherently, but doesn't just focus on one way to win.

General Discussion / Re: Maths thread.
« on: January 24, 2020, 07:18:02 pm »
2. Similar to the previous problem, but there are 127 players. Furthermore, each player simultaneously guesses their hat color OR abstains. The players win if all guesses are correct and there was at least one guess, and otherwise, they all lose. What is the maximum probability of victory that they can achieve?

This one... I think this is the answer.


With the distribution being completely random, there's no way any single person can have more than a 50% chance to guess their own hat colour. No amount of planning a way a person might decide to guess or not guess will give them a better than 50% chance when they actually make their guess. Therefore, one person is designated to guess at random, while everyone else abstains. The person making a guess then has a 50% chance to guess correctly, making everyone win.

Other Games / Re: Slay the Spire
« on: January 17, 2020, 03:40:22 pm »
Regular floor fights can usually be cleared without taking any damage even if you're "missing" a relic so Slaver's Collar seems like it's rather easily  the best energy Relic.  I'm surprised it's not "1 Energy each turn against bosses".

Not sure I agree with this. Act 2 especially has a number of fairly tough regular fights, like Snake Plant (8x3 damage constantly can be hard to keep up with, especially as you'll be frail for most of the fight) and both Chosen + other enemy fights (Hex is really tricky to deal with - get flooded with dazed, or stop playing skills which includes most of your block and tank damage, or somewhere awkward in between). Act 3 a bit less so, although the Maw and Spire Growth I do find somewhat tricky at times. And Darklings or Jaw Worms can sometimes just all attack at once and be threatening 50+ damage on a turn, which sometimes is dangerous.

You definitely take less damage on average from the regular encounters, but you also do a lot more of them. Having only 3 energy instead of 4 in the majority of fights, even if they're somewhat easier ones, can lead to you taking a fair bit more damage in those random encounters. Still overall I do agree it's probably one of the stronger boss relics, but I don't think it's easily the best.

Edit: Just lost a run in act 3, having taken about 50-60 damage in regular encounters, before getting finished off in an Elite fight. Granted my deck was kinda bleh and I didn't pick up too many good relics, but really, I just want to highlight that no, you don't get through regular fights damage free every time. Even watching the youtuber Jorbs, who seems very skilled at the game (pretty good win rate on ascension 20), he's often taking a lot of damage from those regular encounters.

Other Games / Re: Slay the Spire
« on: December 07, 2019, 05:43:28 pm »
Just beat the Corrupt Heart for the first time, Silent on Ascension 1. Got +250 gold from Neow, 2nd floor was a shop, bought Prismatic Shard because it sounded fun (also weak, but fun). Ended up with a deck that basically just outlasted enemies and could flood itself with low energy cost cards, which it could play thanks to lots of good card draw.

Other Games / Re: Slay the Spire
« on: November 22, 2019, 02:38:16 am »
I guess part of what I'm saying is that I'm starting to realise that adding cards that don't fit exactly what your deck is trying to do is not helpful from much earlier in the game than I first thought.

Other Games / Re: Slay the Spire
« on: November 21, 2019, 05:15:09 pm »
Now completed a run with every character once. Definitely still don't feel like I understand how the characters can play in general but I've at least found something that works for everyone. For Ironclad, as mentioned above I did a huge defence stack thing. For Silent, I had a rapid poison deck (adding about +5-6 poison to all at the start of each turn, and two "triple one targets poison" cards). For Defect, I managed to build a Frozen core, lots of 0 cost card Claw deck with a number of cards to draw up those 0 costs like Scrape and All For One, felt really effective. Even with Time Eater being the worst final boss for this deck, I still destroyed it fairly easily, and I think never fell more than 10 HP below max in act 3.

It feels to me like I've had the most success seeing what my first few cards are, and then basically just going "I want to build a deck around this particular strategy" and then focusing on stuff for that. When I've tried to instead flow a bit more naturally and just seen where the rewards lead, I've found that I don't usually end up leading into anything that works. Like, in this winning run I'd picked up an All For One (I think from transforming a card) and only had one 0 cost card, I think it was late in act 1 or even early act 2 I decided to just start focusing on 0 cost cards and seeing what happened. I'm sure with more experience I'll be able to play in a bit more of an open minded way, ready to adjust based on rewards and relics and stuff, but for now I'm finding that tricky. Maybe I should focus on a character at a time for a little bit to get used to what they can do.

General Discussion / Re: Brag Board
« on: November 17, 2019, 12:51:26 pm »
I know like 90% of people have played Undertale now, but should you not be spoiler tagging Sans, really? It's a fairly unexpected boss I would say.

Other Games / Re: Slay the Spire
« on: November 10, 2019, 06:47:25 am »
Currently had two failed runs with The Silent. First time I felt like my deck was garbage, didn't really know what to focus on and had a hodgepodge deck as a result. Somehow made it to the final boss anyway. Second attempt, I decided to take a risk with Neow's options and traded my starting relic (which feels a little underwhelming for the Silent to me, compared to the Ironclad and Defect), for a random boss relic. Got the +1 energy, only get 1 card choice Relic, which... yeah, not great for deck construction. Decided I might try and rely on merchants to get the cards I want, then ended up with really lame Merchant spawns, usually only one per route, or if it was two it was an otherwise bad path. So yeah, didn't go too well in the end.

Other Games / Re: Slay the Spire
« on: November 08, 2019, 05:17:21 pm »
Won my second attempt at the spire, with Ironclad. Dealt about 260 damage in a single 1 cost attack in the final fight, using Body Slam + Vulnerable + the card that makes your block permanent. Now I'm no expert but I feel like this is probably not something I should get used to doing.

Other Games / Re: Slay the Spire
« on: November 07, 2019, 05:22:03 pm »
Recently saw a Youtuber playing this, it reminded me it was on my wishlist. Watched a bit more and decided yep, I need this game.

Currently 0-1, so I'm doing well! But it's fun so whatever.

Other Games / Re: Baba Is You
« on: October 18, 2019, 08:15:04 am »
I made moderate use of a guide, but have now finally completed the True Ending. I'm definitely not going for 100%, this game is absurdly hard. Still, even if I had to check guides several times when stumped, especially in Meta, I'm happy to have reached the end.

General Discussion / Re: Random Stuff Part IV
« on: October 11, 2019, 12:43:19 pm »
Having finished both Pandemic Legacy games I got thinking about what game or genre could be awesome with a legacy style game. And I feel like a Civilisation style game is the ideal fit. Through the Ages Legacy could work, I'm certain - each game advances through a few ages, starting very early with like ancient and classical era stuff but based on what people research, everyone starts with more and more techs until you're playing a modern era game. You could have civilisations who have special abilities, and the civilisations that win (not the players) gain bonuses each game, but also some civs die out every now and then so there's no super monster Rome with 10 win bonuses in the late game.

Anyway, just my random thought. I feel like a civ builder is the ideal format for a legacy game and I'm kind of surprised there isn't one (at least there isn't one that's well known)

General Discussion / Re: Random Stuff Part IV
« on: October 05, 2019, 06:08:57 pm »
Experiment: Can I post here to make the Verification thing go away?

People do it all the time.

By which I mean, like, you're maybe the 5th in the several years these random stuff threads have been up. All the time.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Dominion 2019 Errata and Rules Tweaks
« on: September 24, 2019, 04:43:11 pm »
oops, left off the +$2 on Embargo.

Don't worry, we've all forgotten about Embargo's +$2 at one point or another...

Other Games / Re: Pandemic Legacy (probably will have spoilers)
« on: September 16, 2019, 05:42:39 pm »
Today my partner and I finished Season 1. Yes, we played after season 2. Here are some of our thoughts and results. Major gameplay and plot spoilers for both seasons - you have been warned:

A few notes that might be useful to know: We won with a record of 11-3 W-L, that being 10 early month wins, 1 late month win, and 1 month lost. Our final score was IIRC 637, but really it should have been low-mid 800's (see the complaints below about Team Bravo). Black was the CoDA colour, it ended up spreading to I think 15 or 16 cities in total - all black cities plus Khartoum, Moscow and I think 1-2 other blue edge cities. Riyadh was City Zero. The main characters we used throughout the game were Valerie the Scientist, Pikachu the Quarantine Specialist, Guy the Operations Expert (traitor), and later we added Shivali the Virologist. In the final game, Hank the Soldier made his first appearance, and though it was just one game he was so critical I'm listing him anyway. He close to single-handedly found the hidden CoDA stockpiles and blew them up, thanks to his equipment grabbing powers.

Firstly, the story and objectives feel much more forced in S1 compared to S2. Where S2 gave you exploration and freedom to do things in different orders, and lots of possible things to discover - or not - S1 is much more rigid in its structure. There's advantages to that in S1 I suppose, while you can't know exactly where a player will be at and have to account for all kinds of skill levels, you've got perfect knowledge of what tools they have available at any given point, and can introduce things based on that. I think this makes sense - S1 the designers were of course less experienced, but by S2 they'd done a whole game and gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback, they knew they could push the boat out a little bit.

I think the story in S1 has a better high point, in the betrayal and reveal of what's really going on. I knew that was coming but managed to keep it quiet, and it totally blindsided my partner as our best character, the Operations Expert, turned traitor and fled. S2 on the other hand I think has better world building thanks to all the different searches, the slow reveal of information and so on.

Probably my biggest gripe in S1 was the pacing towards the end, and the scoring mechanics feeling a bit... unfair in places. In particular, the searches. The first three searches, we nail game 1 as soon as they're available, we're all over this info and working towards our prize. October rolls around, the search for that month is to discard CoDA cards in City Zero (Black and Riyadh respectively in our case), +2 if it has a military base. Well, that's awkward - our Operations Expert just went traitor, and looking at our starting hands that seems tough. Our lack of drawing black quickly makes it clear we're not going to complete that objective this game, in fact I think the trail probably went cold before we could even draw the Riyadh card or get enough black cards between us to complete the search - meaning it was an impossible task in that game. But we win anyway by completing other objectives, deciding hey, completing three searches immediately and one just one month late is totally fine.

WRONG. We go into our next game, November, and immediately get hit with the "you failed, team Bravo picks up the scraps and does your job for you" card. Okay, that's a bit surprising, only one chance to do that search? Well, whatever, we press on with the game and things go okay. We win November and then December first try... and then we tally up final scoring. Okay, so Team Bravo helped us, I tell my partner I know that's like -40 points in scoring - which sucks but eh, it's a reasonable penalty in most cases. Nope. It's -200 points. The same penalty as losing 10 games, and twice the penalty of losing 4 times in a row, to give a bit of context. We drop down from what would have been about 830 points, putting us solidly in the top scoring bracket, into the third bracket. It felt very unfair, even if it's ultimately meaningless. Had we known in advance, not completing that search in October would be really bad for our points, we may have tried something different, but as it was, this really feels like a kick in the teeth on top of it throwing the pacing a bit off.

We also lost 80 points for not destroying all military bases because, well, it just wasn't necessary. There were two left on the board at the end, one harmless in Chicago, the other was slightly annoying in Lagos, but it was easier to leave it and eat the +1 action cost for vaccinating in the two cities left it affected for us. I dunno if we could have actually won that final game while also destroying the military bases, mind - but we definitely could have done in late december if we decided to do so. Admittedly, we probably could have guessed that clearing military bases would be worth points so I'm not so upset about this one.

Anyway, ranting over, I feel like season 2 for the most part handled that better. Yeah, there's times where things felt slightly rushed in S2, but there were dozens of things throughout the game that you could do at any time there, and they needed deadlines for, and most of it felt quite fair. In S1, it's just these searches, and especially that one October search which you can not do.

To the best of my knowledge, we made just a single rules mistake, which was using Self-Sacrifice as a free action and not an actual action on two occasions. We decided that the overall benefit we got from this was probably small enough that we simply moved on.

I think the main issue that faces Season 2 compared to Season 1 is how volatile and varied it can be, and how much the game can swing one way or the other based on how you're doing - if you get some useful searches done and make good connections early, and use box 6 well, you stay on top of everything, and the game stays easy going forward. If you get a rough string of luck early you can fall behind, miss out on box 6 for a while, feel so pressured trying to survive that you don't even think to go over there, and can end up in a horrible situation. Season 1 isn't perfect in that way either - if you do well, you keep winning and stay at 0 events but the game can't become any harder from there, so the better you do, the fewer CoDA cities you'll have, the fewer riots to deal with, the more research stations and so on, making things easier and easier - no extra challenge. But if you're just doing okay, winning some and losing some, the game is pretty well balanced I feel, the extra events and upgrades balance out the losses in the world. In Season 2 it doesn't feel like it flows that way if you're doing badly - yes you get more upgrades, but it can't undo the major issues, and while you still get extra rationing, it makes less and less difference as your player deck bloats, and if you're not doing well you're probably not trimming it down frequently either. So basically the balance mechanisms in season 2 to me don't feel as effective.

Anyway, overall though, I very much enjoyed season 1, but of the two I prefer Season 2. Both were great games, and I'm really looking forward to Season 3. And I really hope the entire trilogy eventually gets a digital release.

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