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Post by: Kirian on April 12, 2013, 11:46:53 pm
What the heck is GokoDom, anyway?

GokoDom is a periodic tournament with no sponsorship or official status.  It originated on Isotropic as IsoDom, run by Mean Mr. Mustard, and taken over in its last two seasons by Kirian.

Why do I want to play?

Fabulous prizes!

OK, there are no fabulous prizes.  Perhaps you want some organized play against forumites rather than dealing with Goko's leaderboard.  Perhaps you want to set up a bunch of games against the same people every so often.  Perhaps you're a masochist.

How do I play?

GokoDom is open to everyone, though players who were absent during a season may be unwelcome during the following season.  Signups run for 2 or 3 weeks prior to each season, usually in a lull between seasons.

How is the tournament run?

The tournament is a Swiss tournament, which means everyone plays the first several rounds, usually five or six.  After the Swiss rounds, the top 8 players play a three-round playoff, seeded by their position after the Swiss rounds.  Each round is a six-game two-player match.

I think the tournament should be run differently!

That's not a question.

Why don't you run it differently?

Because in this tournament, I'm a benevolent dictator.  However, the tournament is completely unsanctioned by anyone.  I fully support anyone running a separate tournament, and in fact several ( people ( have (!
Post by: Kirian on February 16, 2014, 11:38:09 pm
Man, what are all these crazy columns in the spreadsheet?

I'm glad you asked!  You... may or may not be.  Here's a rundown:

Name and Current Opponent:  These had better be self-explanatory.

ID:  This is just an ID used for coordinating some calculations.  It is, in fact, the row number you're on, and is assigned alphbetically.

Col:  This is your "color," i.e. do you own sets or not?  If you do, this is a 2, otherwise it's a 1.

Seed:  A d1000 roll used for randomization.  It is the last determiner of pairing if there are no other criteria.

Order:  OK, yeah, this is a crazy one.  Essentially each group of decimal places corresponds to some piece of information about your current pairing status, using these powers of ten:

8, 7: Your total score
5, 4: Your Solkoff score, that is, the sum of the scores of your opponents
2, 1: Your cumulative score, which is the sum of the sums of your scores after each round.  Early wins count for more for this tiebreaker.
-1: Your color
-2, -3, -4: Your seed

Tot:  This is just your total score, the first digit (or two) of your order number

Each round has several columns:

O:  Your opponent's ID
SC: Your score for the round (2, 1, or 0 for W, D, L)
T:  Your total score up through that round
SR:  Your Solkoff score for that round, i.e., the (current) total score of your opponent in that round
S:  Your total Solkoff score after that round
C:  Your total cumulative score after that round
Post by: Kirian on March 07, 2014, 11:30:35 am
That last question was about a spreadsheet.  Um... where's the spreadsheet??

Excellent question!  It's posted in the results thread for each week, and is also found here:

Edit:  Now with the correct link even!!