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Title: BGG tournament round 3
Post by: Geronimoo on September 03, 2012, 04:33:24 pm
Rabid wins vs Geronimoo 3 to 1 (and 1 draw)

Game 1 ( Geronimoo resigns. Rabid opens Baron/Silver and gets Provinces turn 5, 7, 8 and 10. I opened Potion/Silver for Alchemists (there was Herbalist). I can't build a big Alchemist stack and just hope to get lucky draws as I race for VPs. He starts to stall a bit, but then he plays Tactician and gets more than half of the VP in play so I concede.

Game 2 ( Geronimoo 7 - Rabid 4. A Torturer game. We both open Potion/Smugglers for Universities and Hamlets. Our strats are pretty much the same except I got a Lookout turn 3. Rabid gets most of the Peddlers, but in the end game I make the brilliant move of Universiting a second Smugglers so I can smuggle a Duchy and buy a Duchy. He gets a lousy turn so I can three pile him with the lead.

Game 3 ( draw (27/27). We both open Embassy on a dead board (dead = no engine). Since I'm second player I decide I'll need to get lucky so I buy a Duchess. Does that make sense? ....Nope!  Anyway, the game is over in 9 turns and I can miraculously make it a draw.

Game 4 ( Rabid 47 - Geronimoo 46. The most interesting game of the lot. It's a Minion board. He opens Shanty Town/Silver and I open Remodel/Silver. I think my opening is better because of the presence of Native Village and Vineyard. We both get a Haggler before racing the Minions which we split. I feel a bit lost in the mid game where I don't know if I want to try to get to $8 for Provinces or just buy a Vineyard. I should have probably focused on the Vineyards because I got them to 7 VP in the end (which I didn't realize until the very end). Rabid doesn't give me the time to correct my error and three piles me before I can sprint ahead with my huge Vineyards. Sad about this one, but hey that's why I'm not level 50.

Game 5 ( Rabid 60 - Geronimoo 42. This game was all luck and I'm sure Rabid will admit it. We both open Masquerade/Silver on yet another dead board. He gets Gold and Platinum while I'm stuck in $5-land. I get a second Masquerade to try to get lucky, but they collide a few times and I can't really make up his early lead.

I feel like Rabid got a bit more help from lady luck, but I definitely misplayed the Vineyard game tactically despite having the best strategy.

Thx for playing Rabid and gl in the next rounds.
Title: Re: BGG tournament round 3
Post by: Rabid on September 03, 2012, 04:59:56 pm
Luck was most certainly on my side.

Game 1: Best Baron luck I have had in a while, & every time I played Tactician it was discarding poor hands. I think Potion was always going to be a bit slow here.

Game 2: I didn't like your turn 3 lookout here, I think my hamlet was better for both torturer and peddler. Very nice play at the end, when you took the 2nd smugglers I was confused but it worked out really well.

Game 3: Kind of a cool game, don't think I have managed a province drawn game on turn 9 before.

Game 4: Your strategy was definitely better here, I needed some lucky draws over the last few turns, while leaving me open to the 3 pile if it went wrong.

Game 5: Pure luck in the masq mirror.
Turn 4 I got passed a copper letting me buy a gold.

Thanks for the match.
Title: Re: BGG tournament round 3
Post by: Mergus on September 03, 2012, 06:58:50 pm
Mergus wins against DG  3-2

Game 1
DG 47 - 20 Mergus (
With the 5/2 split DG goes for Tactician and Steward whereas I decide for a Torturer. That does not work out and his early Hoards lead to a lot of gold for him and I have no chance to catch up.

Game 2
Mergus 46 - 18 DG (
I go for Alchemists, he for Universities. One key card is Fortune Teller, which cycles his universities so he can't use them as much in the start. This leads to a Nobels+Peddler advantage for me to win the game.

Game 3
DG 37 - 45 Mergus (
It's a Duchy/Duke game with Horsetraders, where we have a 5/2 start though. He quickly has a 4/2 Horse Trader lead and I start buying Duchies, hoping that I can tie them. At one point he gets a Duke instead of a Duchy, which probably costs him the game.

Game 4
DG 75 - 61 Mergus (
In this one I decide to use Masquerade and he goes Hunting Party straight away. I have Platinums earlier and begin buying green earlier. But then I can't break PPR (with colonies) and we go for provinces. Then I can't break those and start buying duchies. Then my deck is so slowed down that I hope for a lucky Masquerade trade, which doesn't happen. His hunting parties allow him to buy higher value victory points more consistently in the end which ties the score for 2-2.

Game 5
Mergus 76 - 66 DG (
This is the most interesting deck of the game. In a 5/2 two opening he goes for Ghost Ship immediately where I start with a Festival and we both get Chapel. He gets way more villages and Ghost Ships early, I get money faster and buy the first Colony. He nicely uses Horn of plenty and takes the lead, when I decide to buy out the Ghost Ships and get more villages. In the end, Hoard probably made a difference as well, as the game takes 28 turns and both of our decks are pretty green by then.

Thanks for the matches DG. I like playing competitive like this, it requires an extra amount of concentration and provides an extra amount of fun and tension in exchange.
Title: Re: BGG tournament round 3
Post by: DG on September 03, 2012, 07:11:56 pm
Good series here from Mergus.

Game 1 - Straightforward game.
Game 2 - This is one of those games where the fortune teller attack turns out not to be minor and Mergus drives the deck round well with alchemists.
Game 3 - I misclick on a duke when it should have been a duchy and that was pretty fatal.
Game 4 - This is one of the longest PPR sequences you'll probably find. Mergus makes his quality deck with a royal seal and masquerade while I try to skimp down on everything and and use the crossroads to draw through green cards. Strangely enough my deck sustains for longer as we bought out colonies, then PPR took us on to provinces, then PPR took us onto duchies. At one stage I have to pass him (by masquerade) one of my estates that was keeping a 2 point advantage, but luckily for me that was the turn his deck crashed.
Game 5 - I tried to make a lighter deck here and use better drawing to force an advantage. Instead I get a shuffle which puts all four of my ghost ships on bottom of my deck and all the weaknesses in my deck were exposed once he got a lead. I perhaps could have built more with horns of plenty before burying the deck green cards but it wasn't so easy to judge at the time.
Title: Re: BGG tournament round 3
Post by: zporiri on September 04, 2012, 01:56:29 pm
zporiri 3 - Young Nick 2

thanks to Young Nick for the good games and for playing today as opposed to next week. i was afraid i was going to blow my early 2-0 lead

pretty similar match in which i come out on top. we both ignore chapel because of thief+NB. plus JoaT is quick enough on it's own.

he goes for apothecary while i try to get to bazaars+torturer as quick as possible, and an able to hurt enough of his turns on way to victory.

we both choose to go for familiar over sea hag. my potion doesnt show up til turn 5 which hurts, but i feel like i was outplayed regardless.

mirror match with militia+wharf+money. skipping militia probably wouldve been better, we both collided a few times (i dont like playing big money+X though). i bought 2nd to last province even though he had a wharf in play since i had played my militia. wrong decision haha.

we both open silver remake, but he goes for traders (not sure why) and i pick up some libraries and the rest money and come out on top.

thanks again to Young Nick for the good games!
Title: Re: BGG tournament round 3
Post by: Young Nick on September 04, 2012, 02:09:09 pm
So here are my thoughts:

In game 1, I really feel like you are following me. It was really just going to be shuffle luck. I also skipped Chapel just because there was no engine that could compete with Jack. I'm not scared of Thief or NB considering Jack just plows right through, though I did consider picking up a lone NB of my own.

Game 2: I knew Apothecaries were going to be rough, but I don't think my opponent's strategy was optimal either. It is too difficult to get a Torturer engine running when the Village that is available costs $5, as well.

Game 3: We both should have gone Sea Hag. I opened Potion by accident and he followed suit. It wasn't looking good for him when his Potion hit turn 5.

Game 4: I think that Militia is the proper move here.

Game 5: Trader is good here. Especially if I double-Embargo Provinces, which I never got around to doing. I had a better deck, if you look at our final deck contents. I bought Duchies with $8+ several times when I should have broken PPR. When I do break PPR he gets his first good hand in a long, long time and wins. I feel like I deserved this one more than any of the other four.

Good games, indeed zporiri!
Title: Re: BGG tournament round 3
Post by: jonts26 on September 04, 2012, 02:49:36 pm
Young Nick, the least you could do after knocking me out is last more than 1 day. Disappointing.
Title: Re: BGG tournament round 3
Post by: Young Nick on September 04, 2012, 03:01:13 pm
Preaching to the choir! Now zporiri was a great opponent and all, but I hope with all my heart that Rabid beats him via KC-Goons-Masquerade pin in three straight games. I want he who defeated me to die a cruel and painful death.

Best of luck zporiri!