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Title: Season 36 - Newsletter: Responding to Your Feedback
Post by: samath on October 04, 2019, 02:08:35 am
Hello everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed the long break! Best of luck to the players still alive in the championship; there will continue to be plenty of exciting championship matches to watch over the first half of the League season.

We are releasing this newsletter a bit earlier than usual in order to announce any changes to the rules prior to the signup deadline, in case these rules affect whether you would like to play. This will be the pattern going forward: Newsletters will now go out during the first week of the usual League breaks, along with announcements of any rules changes for the following season.

The other notable change is that we've held two very successful Town Halls, on the important topics of Cardlists and Seeding. These Town Halls have introduced a number of rules changes starting in the upcoming season. Going forward, we will aim to hold about one town hall per season, likely around the middle of the season. While they're obviously very worthwhile for gathering community feedback, they also tend to be very long and not something we can afford to do more frequently than that.

Summary of Rules Changes
See the Rules and Regulations Changelog ( and the minutes below for the full details.

Moderator Churn
We say goodbye for now to IrrationalE, our longest-tenured moderator, who is expecting his first child soon -- congratulations! We also welcome back volfied, who took the last three seasons off for health reasons and is also moderating the championship. Glad to have you back, volfied!

Moderator Rules Meeting Full Minutes
Title: Re: Season 36 - Newsletter: Responding to Your Feedback
Post by: samath on October 13, 2019, 02:51:19 pm
And the season has now officially begun! Head on over to Discord, greet your opponents, and start to schedule your matches! I know it's been a while (the longest break the League has ever taken), so you're probably eager to jump right in!

Waiting list folks: Some of you will hear from one of us today about a spot. For the rest, we'll be waiting to see if there are any early-season dropouts or players who do not check in. Late Signups are now open for another week so if anyone wants to join (particularly F-level players in Europe or Asia), please feel free to sign up!

As you can see from the meeting minutes below, we've decided to add three more questions to the returning form. We'll be drafting the language for these questions today and tomorrow and will hopefully be able to get that released shortly. Meanwhile, our November Town Hall will be on big picture questions like League size, scale, length, and coordination of breaks with other tournaments. Stay tuned for more details come November!

More minutes from our setup mod meeting today: