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Title: Festival updated
Post by: Minotaur on March 04, 2019, 08:55:09 pm
Well, I added a section to Festival.  Maybe some of the old stuff could be edited down or something, idk.  The last time I mentioned some ideas for a wiki update, I was told that it's a wiki and I should just go for it.  But it could probably be better still.  idk.

Let me know what you think I guess.
Title: Re: Festival updated
Post by: Minotaur on March 04, 2019, 09:08:04 pm
In particular, I left alone "it's more reliable than Village + Silver", but that line felt questionable.  Festival could be either better or worse, but lower in variance overall.

Village + Smithy in hand:  Yay!
Festival + Smithy in hand:  Ok, good
Silver + Smithy in hand:  Uh, ok, hope I don't draw dead Actions...

So there's less variance, but it's not actually better, because the best-best case is not as good.  If the villages and Smithies are on top of your deck, you get more chances to keep playing Actions than if your Village and Silver were glued together.  But if Silver-Smithy is at the top of your deck, you're just playing Smithy-money.

With sifting, you would say, "yes, please!" to those villages, where you might only want just barely enough Festivals to keep playing your next terminal draw.  "Oh, hmmm.  A Festival."  With Village-Silver, you can discard those Silvers with extreme prejudice until you draw them again later.  You can't do that if they're glued together.