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Title: New Players - Welcome! Read this first
Post by: assemble_me on August 05, 2017, 06:39:23 am
Welcome to the Dominion League!
We're delighted that you are interested in joining us.  In this post you'll find all the basics you need to know, along with many links to help you find more information.

About the League: The Dominion League is probably the most long-living Dominion online tournament out there. It started mid 2014 and hasn't stopped since. You can join and leave after each season of 6 weeks. Everyone is welcome, players at all levels play in the League. You're going to play nice opponents from all around the world. The League is a great place if you enjoy competitive playing or want to dive deeper into Dominion and develop your own play! You don't even need to own cards on the online client.

To Join the League:  All you have to do is sign up!  Check out the pinned thread in the Dominion League subforum ( titled "Season XX - Signups" and follow the instructions there.
Title: Re: New Players - Welcome! Read this first
Post by: assemble_me on August 05, 2017, 06:39:37 am
If you're about to join or already signed up, you should read on:

Start of the Season: When the season starts, greet your fellow group members. Head to the pinned thread named: "Season XX - Standings" to find your group (division letter and group number), and your opponents for the season.  Once you know who is in your group, start contacting them on Discord to begin scheduling matches.  The perfect way to start the scheduling process is to greet your opponents by posting in your group's Discord channel. Check out the rules thread paragraph "I. League Structure" for more information regarding league structure (

Scheduling Matches: You will be responsible for scheduling your matches with your opponents. The primary means of scheduling matches will be on the Dominion Discord server, but different players have different approaches for this such as utilizing the Direct Messages or group chat.  Utilizing Personal Messages on this forum can also be very helpful.  You can find a list of suggestions in this post (  Please don't leave lots of matches to the end of the season. If you do, a mod will be prodding you to make sure all the matches get finished in time.

Discord: Before signing up, you need to join the Dominion Discord ( It's a more direct form of communication than forum posts or PMs and perfect for scheduling - or just to hang out and get in touch with other Dominion enthusiasts. There's no obligation to use it outside of scheduling your matches and you are able to easily mute any chat rooms you do not want to see. (Note that this is not the official Shuffle IT Discord)

Play Dominion: Play six games against each opponent, making sure each player starts three times. Traditionally, players play on the Shuffle IT online client ( Once your match is complete, count up the number of wins for each player (ties count 1/2 each).  Then report the score using a Google form you'll be sent at the start of the season.  We'll need both players' usernames and the number of wins for each player.  Check out the rules thread paragraph "II. Match Structure" for more information regarding match structure (

End of the Season: Once you've played all of your matches, make sure to let your group's moderator know whether or not you'll be back for the next season.  Between each season, the #1 player in each group will promote one division, and the bottom 2 may drop down one division. Then within each division level the groups will again be seeded by user rating on the Shuffle IT client to have more or less evenly skilled groups for each division.  Check out the rules thread paragraph "III - Standings" for more information regarding promotion (

Comprehensive rules: This is only a brief intro, and although the thread has been linked a couple of times already, here it is again: You should take your time and read through our rules thread ( If you have any questions, we highly recommend reading the FAQ (

Championship: At the end of each season, the top two players in the A division play a championship match.  You can watch the match live with commentary.  Pay attention to the Dominion League section of the forum for information about the scheduling of this match. Check out our livestreams and announced matches in the "Season XX - Announcing Matches/Streams" thread, too!