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Title: Sometimes you gotta bid $1
Post by: drsteelhammer on June 29, 2017, 12:27:52 am
Just had this amusing game; Kingdom was:

Vineyard, Crossroads, Scheme, Ironworks, Sacrifice, Highway, Trading Post, Treasury, Wharf, Forge, Scouting Party and Mountain Pass

Pretty good support for Vineyard, which my opponent went for, but I felt the engine was good enough to get 8 Provinces. I opened 5/2 and decided to skip Trading Post, trying to thin with Forge. Well, things didn't go that well for me, I didn't really get a lot of Wharfs into play (or in my deck) and my turns where quite mediocre while my opponent almost emptied the piles. Fortunately, they decided to empty Schemes, Crossroads and Vineyards instead of Ironworks so that got me a bit of time, but it was still quite hopeless. So my last hope was Mountain Pass, allowing my opponent to make a mistake. I was ready to pass to a ( bid, but I got even got $12. I think my opponent thought he could still by Vineyards with debt, but oh well. Friendly reminder not to overbid :)

Also, how was my build order? Surely I should have gotten more Wharfs after the first 1-2 Highways, right?