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Title: 11 Fool's Gold, -1 Hamlets
Post by: Titandrake on December 20, 2011, 04:40:16 am

Not really any major issues, just thought it was funny. From what I see, the -1 Hamlet comes from buying it from Black Market, because Council Room doesn't track what's in the Black Market deck. And 11 Fool's Gold comes because one of them was Theived and gained. So, because the Fool's Gold is gained, the amount in Supply drops by 1, so supply is -1 and there must be 10 - (-1) = 11 in play.

Unless my guesswork is wrong, in which case I'd like to know how I spawned a card out of nowhere.
Title: Re: 11 Fool's Gold, -1 Hamlets
Post by: Brando Commando on December 20, 2011, 08:18:05 am
Per the game log, there were 5 FGs in your deck, 2 in the other guy's, and 3 in the trash, adding up to 10, no?

The CouncilRoom stats are just confused, probably -- maybe you should follow up with rrenaud.

IIRC, Thief doesn't take anything from the supply; the treasure you "gain" is the one the other guy "trashed" (admittedly, not the best wording...).

Maybe the Possession screwed up the FG count, though I'm not sure why that would happen and it's really just a random guess.
Title: Re: 11 Fool's Gold, -1 Hamlets
Post by: Elyv on December 20, 2011, 12:02:24 pm
I think CR just tracks the number of gain events vs the number initially in the supply. Initially there were 0 hamlets in the supply, and then you bought one, so -1. You see it all the time with Black Market and tournament. As for FG, I think what happens is that 11 FG were gained over the course of the game because of the one stolen by thief. I've had a game where 11 hunting parties were gained thanks to ambassador/possession; sounds like the same idea.
Title: Re: 11 Fool's Gold, -1 Hamlets
Post by: rrenaud on December 22, 2011, 02:03:39 am
Thanks for the bug report.

I dislike special cases :(.

Donald, why did you ever let anything be gained from the trash?

Black market is a cluster****, I am not going to fix that. Maybe I'll get around to adding special parsing for the thief sometime.