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Title: Invent your own cards
Post by: ChocophileBenj on March 23, 2014, 01:48:38 pm
Inspirated by some promo cards (though I never played with them, the only games I played were on BrettSpielWelt and a bit IRL), I give some ones.

Card : "Black market".
It has a number 25. If both this and the 25 plant are present, it is ranked on the higher side (closer to future market than actual market).
During the resource buy phase, if you have it, you can buy stuff from the supply, each unit for $2 less than its actual cost (by cost I mean the lowest cost on the board) but not less than $1. For example, if you have a plant that can store 6 coal and minimal cost of coal is $4, you can buy 6 coals at $2 each. You can buy independently from regular market or black market.

When it is available during the auction phase, you may bid it, regardless it's on the actual or future market. At the end of the  bid-phase it is available, it is automatically removed from the game if it hasn't been purchased.
It doesn't count in the limit of plants you can have.

Card : "Illegal plant"
Let's assume a plant that is really strong, but that is far too polluting, or something else...
It is a plant numbered 20 (coming after the regular 20 plant), produces 6 for nothing just like the 50 plant... BUT : it is banned, as it doesn't respect the norms. And when step 3 starts, you must discard this plant AND pay a $100 (for instance) fee if you have it (or everything if you don't have enough), because you don't want to have problems with authorities ! During bureaucracy phase, you can choose to discard it and benefit of 3 supplied cities for this turn only instead of the usual 6.
If it should be put to bottom of deck during steps 1 and 2 as the highest plant on the board, it is removed from the game instead, and this counts as a "card put to bottom" for this turn.
If the game ends while in step 2, this still counts for providing 6 cities.
AAAND I forgot : at start of step 3, if it is present on the board, it is imediatly removed and replaced. If step 3 card is revealed during bid phase, this means nobody should buy this, and it will remain until end of phase, when step 3 starts.

Thoughts, anybody ?
Title: Re: Invent your own cards
Post by: AdamH on March 24, 2014, 10:00:33 am
I've always felt that using your plant buying phase for things that aren't plants was a little wonky, but if you want to change up the game in some way that isn't a new map/new resources, then new power plants is definitely a design space to be explored. I just wish that it could operate independently of buying power plants if what you were buying wasn't a power plant. I don't have a good answer for this, I'm just saying this because I thought it.

Both of these seem sort of interesting conceptually -- with the illegal plant I think it would only be useful in the beginning of the game (turn 3 or maybe 4), maybe have it just blow up in the market if it's step 2, so it's not taking up space? I would think you want a pretty low number for it as well so it has a good shot of showing up early.

I also like the penalty for keeping it around for too long, but $100 seems a bit much. Maybe start it at like $25 or something and playtest that? Or maybe just have a fee you have to pay (like $25) for every turn you keep it around?
Title: Re: Invent your own cards
Post by: Shiroiken on March 26, 2014, 03:20:54 am
Rather than have them work as Plants, I would suggest treating them like the Event promo cards. When they come up, the trigger an automatic bid, starting with the 1st Player. They do not count as power plants for maximum number of plants, and they don't take up your power plant purchase for the turn.
Title: Re: Invent your own cards
Post by: ipofanes on March 26, 2014, 05:05:35 am
When playing with the German map I sometimes play with the house rule "nuclear power phase out" which says that in Stage 3, if you have to trash a plant and you have a nuke, you have to trash a nuke.
Title: Re: Invent your own cards
Post by: ChocophileBenj on April 05, 2014, 03:49:17 pm
(i didn't read for a while, sorry)
ipofanes : could be a nice idea, especially if the 39 (nuke -> 6 cities, love that one) is derping around...
Title: Re: Invent your own cards
Post by: ChocophileBenj on May 05, 2014, 05:42:59 pm
New idea : buy the "Step 3" card.

At end of phase it is revealed, trash the two lowest plants of the market instead of the first one. Then, any player can put it on auction for a minimal cost of $50. It is ranked behind the 50 plant in the market (but not for turn order, as it doesn't count in a plant for your limit, only as a plant that you buy for that turn.)

What does it do ?
When you have this card, you gain control of the step 3.
In the bureaucracy phase, after resources are ressuplied as usual, you can choose to add either any combination of 2 ressources in coal/oil/garbage OR 1 nuke. If you do, remove either 1 nuke or any 2 coal/oil/garbage and, instead of trashing the lowest plant, you choose which plant is trashed.